Miracle Bamboo Cushion : Not a Miracle, Not a Good Cushion

Miracle Bamboo Cushion Review

Recently updated on December 24th, 2018 at 09:26 am

The Miracle Bamboo Cushion is a cheap piece of foam that retails for $19.95 plus shipping and handling and some random web service fee. Oh, and if you want to buy “two for 1”? It will cost you a total of $46.85. That’s because they charge you a separate processing and handling fee even though they arrive to your door in the same bag.

I don’t think it really costs much extra to ship 1 more cushion since they are very light and made with cheap foam.  Below is my order total.

Miraclel bamboo cushion

Below is my shipping confirmation for the Miracle Bamboo Cushion. As you can see they have a customer service line that says it is open from 8am-5pm PST but when I called them at 4 PST a robot voice just said they were closed. Hmm…

Most people will probably just relent and not go through the hassle of trying to return this thing. Not me, I’m going to be persistent and document along the way.

Miracle Bamboo Cushion

If you still want to buy the Miracle Bamboo  Cushion or Miracle Bamboo anything after this point, keep reading.

Despite steep price for this thing, it fails on all levels. Yes, it was preferable to sitting on the floor but not by much. Below is a clip of me squishing the foam in the cushion. As you can see it responds immediately. You wont get much contouring or pressure relief with this. Might be better just to sit on a folded towel.

What irks me about companies like this is that they are all hype with nothing to back them up. They aren’t a scam because they do give you seat cushion. Calling something a miracle is in my opinion an exaggeration but some people who see Jesus on burnt toast also call that a miracle.

They even have a chiropractor, Dr. Lincoln Clifford who endorses the cushion but it seems to be a very weak endorsement:

“When you are in the seated position there is more load on your lumbar discs than when you are standing. The Miracle Bamboo® Cushion is so important because it allows more optimal support so you have less impact on your body over time.”

So he is basically saying that sitting with a cushion allow more optimal support vs not having one. Also sitting can be hard on your lumbar. OK. Great, thanks for the revelation.

The seat cushion will arrive in packaging like this. It’s like they aren’t even trying. Once they get your money it seems like the do as little as possible to fulfill their end of the bargain. Even a FedEx package looks nicer than this.

seat cushion

Here’s a picture of the inside of the cushion:

miracle seat cushion

The Miracle Bamboo Cushion is made in China as the tag below shows. Also, the product description has bamboo in it but in the label it says rayon derived from bamboo. It sells on Amazon currently for $25.85 plus free shipping. Plus you get the Amazon customer service.

The tag inside the cushion lists that it was made for Ontel Products Corp. I love that it says “Visco From Bamoo” So shouldn’t it be the miracle visco seat cushion?

ontel products corp

Here’s a Google Business review of Ontel Products Corp. Apparently they are really bad at making other things too.

Ontel Products Corp

So in conclusion. I do not like the Miracle Bamboo  Cushion or the Miracle Bamboo Pillow. Please consider an old towel or even a throw pillow before buying this seat cushion.








7 thoughts on “Miracle Bamboo Cushion : Not a Miracle, Not a Good Cushion”

  1. Ben, yours is a great review, and well written. I’m glad I saw it, because I was just getting ready to go down to Walmart (who, btw, sells them for only $19.88) and buy one of these cushions.

    Like you, I so hate it when people try to rip me off.

    I am certainly sorry you had to go through what you did with this—but, thank you for writing the review for the rest of us!

  2. dpalen@msn.com says:

    Have you tried the Purple seat cushion? They make the purple mattress. https://onpurple.com/seatcushions
    If you have, let me know where I can read your review of it. I want to buy SOMETHING as I sit a LOT on my job.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, I have tried the Purple seat cushion. It has an interesting feel but in the end it wasn’t for me.

  3. Dolores Reardon says:

    I need a number to call to return my bamboo pillowa, can anyone help me. No return letter or bill that I paid by credit card. Is this a scam? The pillows are horrible and you get tricked about the price.

  4. Ed Theaderman says:

    I’m a disabled Nam Vet and I also hate getting ripped off. I needed a more comfortable cushion for this chair I’m stuck in, due to health issues. I had my wife check out Miracle bamboo Cushion, but she decided not to get one. However, WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION, Miracle Bamboo Cushion placed the order, upgraded(?) and DOUBLED it, billing us for $112 and ran our credit card! Four cushions were delivered today, held together by two straps, two per bag. In my mind, this is nothing short of a rip-off, especially running our card without permission. Someone needs to look into this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Was gonna get the 2 for one deal, but $46 hit too much for “a cheap piece of foam”. The design is duplicated but effective. Problem is the foam on these cushions is usually low quality and is ineffective. Thanks for the info, if you come across a really good seat cushion please fill me in.

  6. Dennis Fucci says:

    I have your Miracle Bamboo Cushion which I like very much. But its coming apart under normal circumstances. How can I show you some pictures of it? Thanks

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