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Minocasa Mattress Review : A Great Budget Pick

Minocasa Mattress

Recently updated on January 23rd, 2023 at 11:12 pm

Top Budget Hybrid Mattress

Minocasa has one of the most affordable hybrid mattresses you can buy, the Mino Hybrid. This is a spring and foam mattress that comes roll packed in a box and shipped free to your door. Added to that you get a 180-night trial which is more generous than the typical 100-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty.  Below are my findings on the mattress as well as how it compares to similar hybrid mattresses of this construction in this price range. 

Overview of the Minocasa Hybrid

Ordering and Unboxing the Minocasa

Below is the queen size Mino mattress I received for review. It’s a tall box because they don’t fold the mattress when it is roll packed. This makes it less prone to indentations and damage. 

Minocasa Box

It is tightly wrapped in plastic to keep away moisture and dirt. Once you cut into the plastic it comes to life quickly. 

minocasa mino

Here’s a closeup of the fabric panel soon after unboxing. 


Construction of the Minocasa Mino Hybrid

Below are the construction details of the Mino mattress as listed on the Minocasa website. 

Minocasa Construction

My Minocasa Mino Hybrid Findings

As you can see below, this mattress doesnt sink much. This is mostly because there isn’t a lot of foam layering on top. There is a foam transition and comfort layer but much less than most mattresses I reviewed. However, it is adequate and you won’t feel the coil system underneath. 

Mino Sink

Here is a short clip of me dropping a 14lb. bowling ball on the Mino mattress. You can see from the impact that it bounces back right away and will bounce higher than a mattress with more foam at the top layers. 

Who is the Minocaso Mino Hybrid For?

If you’re on a budget, this is a great choice. It’s also great for people that want the contouring that springs provide with a little pressure relief. You won’t sink into this mattress much and they don’t over layer foam so it won’t trap as much heat as softer mattresses. 

Hot sleepers that want a firmer mattress will appreciate the Mino. It will also work for side sleepers that want a firmer feel but don’t expect the contouring you will find in mattresses with more foam.  

My Minocasa Mino Hybrid Recommendation

This is a top pick for budget mattress shoppers looking for a hybrid mattress that is OEKO-Tex Certified, and Certipur-US Certified it’s a great pick. This mattress is made in Malaysia so if you are looking for made in USA mattress, you may want to look elsewhere but given its certifications, this is a great mattress. 

Top Budget Hybrid Mattress

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