Melatonin Shades

Melatonin Shades

Recently updated on June 9th, 2016 at 10:02 am

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It’s 8:21 in Minneapolis, Minnesota right now and the sun has set. I am posting this review from my laptop in my bedroom with the lights on. What makes tonight different is that I’m wearing my new Melatonin Shades. These glasses are designed to block out blue light that suppresses natural melatonin production. It is now well documented that screen time at night before bed is bad for quality sleep. Staring at a screen, no matter how small, will emit blue light that tells your body to stay awake. Wearing the Melatonin Shades, my body does not get that message which makes it that much easier to sleep.

So why not just take a melatonin pill instead? I do use melatonin pills on an occasional basis but the effects of long term usage aren’t really known and I am hesitant to use sleeping supplements habitually.

The Melatonin Shades should provide the same benefits. As a plus, it’s a one time cost as opposed to pills that you consume.

The Melatonin Shades themselves are very comfortable and they make everything have a yellow tinge to it. They are perfectly appropriate for using your laptop or phone but I probably wouldn’t want to watch TV for an extended period of time with them.

I can see these glasses being very useful for people who work overnight shifts and need to start their sleep routine during daylight hours.

So far I am very happy with the Melatonin Shades and recommend them to people who just can’t part with their electronics in the bedroom.


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  1. more sleep lost than gained says:

    Upon reading your review, I ordered Melatonin Shades from the company website. When I looked at my credit card statement, I noticed the charge was almost 50% higher than my invoice total. I contacted the company to inquire and they told me they had charged me in US dollars, even though they are a Canadian company. They have since updated their website to reflect USD in the price, but at the time of my order, the currency was not shown. Upon receiving the package, I returned it to the company for a refund. Tracking info shows the company refused the package upon delivery. While I know you are not responsible for company complaints, I feel you should be aware of the practices of this company if you are going to recommend their product to your loyal readers.

    1. Thanks for letting me know.

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