Mattress Startups Go Global

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The online mattress craze isn’t just happening in the USA. The trend has grown to other countries with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Here is a list of mattress startups in other Countries:


Koala Mattress You can get a full review of the Koala mattress along with other mattresses available for purchase in Australia at the Sleep Sherpa Australia site.

Sleeping Duck You can get a full Sleeping Duck Mattress Review on the Sleep Sherpa Australia Site.





Sleeping Duck




Sunday Rest

As you can see the online mattress craze is in full effect across the pond. I will be reviewing these mattresses as time allows. It is expensive to ship them overseas so I may not be able to get to all of them but I want to make readers from other countries aware that they have alternatives to the traditional mattress store model and may get a very good bargain. There’s no doubt that this list will grow and some may fall off the list as well.



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