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  • Little motion transfer
  • Very Soft Top Layer
  • Excellent balance of support and softness

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Their main goal is to help the consumer achieve a great nights sleep at a great price and offer a 100-night trial plus a 20-year limited warranty. So you can essentially try it risk-free. If you have ever wondered where you could buy that luxurious hotel bed you’ve always loved, wonder no more, you can buy them at, where affordable luxury exists.

Overview of the Lytton Mattress

In this video, I go over what sets Lytton apart from mattresses with similar construction.

Construction of the Lytton Mattress

The Lytton mattress isn’t put together with random components so they can make as much money as possible. Lytton is constructed with only the finest materials and each bed is individually crafted for optimal feel and performance.

  • The top layer of the mattress starts with a beautiful hand-tufted organic cotton euro top which helps provide a nice plush feel.
  • The second layer you have a 1” layer of Gel Foam pillow top. Gel foam is a light foam that helps keep the Lytton mattress cool throughout the night.
  • The third layer you have a 3” layer of Serene Foam. Serene foam is a more natural foam and an alternative to memory foam. Serene Foam helps provide great support, reduces motion transfer, provides more response than memory foam so you don’t have that nasty sinking feeling and it keeps cool throughout the night.
  • The last layer you have 8” Quantum pocket coils. These coils help provide a great base to the mattress and help provide nice pressure relief. The 8” Quantum pocket coil do provide a slight bounce to the mattress, but not too much. They also have excellent recovery time which helps the mattress stay even throughout the night.

My findings were that the Lytton mattress provides great edge support, coolness, and had very low motion transfer. I weigh roughly 200 pounds and the comfort plush dealt with my weight just fine and surprisingly I didn’t sink in too much.

Considering the makeup of the Lytton mattress and the superior and durable materials used, the mattress is expected to last for a minimum of 10-12 years. You can also increase the mattress’s lifespan by rotating it 180 degrees every 6 months. If you have any hesitations on whether or not the Lytton mattress is right for you, they offer 100 night trial on the mattress so you can try it out yourself.

Apart from the trial period and the great pricing, the feel of the mattress is absolutely amazing. It is not a typical hybrid mattress; Lytton offers great benefits over the competitors like pressure-relieving temperature Serene foam and a European hand-tufted organic breathable cotton cover.

The Lytton mattresses are ideal for any sleeping position. If you are a stomach or side sleeper we recommend the comfort firm, if you are a back sleeper and someone who prefers softer edge support we recommend the comfort plush. The main difference between the two mattresses is the higher ILD serene foam. The comfort plush has 12 ILD where the comfort firm has a 22 ILD.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Complete motion isolation
  • Made using CertiPUR-US gel memory foam
  • Pressure-relieving comfort
  • Ideal for every sleeping position
  • Excellent sleep trial
  • Free shipping and returns in the United States
  • Generous 20-year warranty


  • The only contact is via email

Review on Construction and Specification

Each Lytton mattress is crafted with care and individually made. Their factory has been making beds for more than 70 years, so they probably have any idea as to what they are doing.

  • The top layer is made using European hand-tufted organic cotton, making it soft, breathable and comfortable.
  • The next layer is the pillow top made using gel memory foam, which dissipates heat and helps the mattress stay cool.
  • The layer under the gel memory foam is made using Serene foam, which is pressure relieving and temperature regulating.
  • The base layer is what makes the Lytton unique. It is the 8” Quantum Edge Pocket Coil which provides the right support to every type of sleeper.


Do They Offer a Sleep Trial?

 Lytton Sleep offers a 100-night sleep trial, making your purchase risk-free. They do recommend you try out the mattress for at least 30 days to have the mattress fully break in nicely.

 What is Covered in the 20 -year Limited Warranty?

 A 20-year limited warranty covers your new Lytton mattress. Lytton sleep will replace the mattresses sold in the US if it has any material or manufacturing defects.

The limited warranty applies to only mattresses purchased from their official website. If you buy the Lytton mattress from a third-party vendor the warranty and trial period are not applicable to you.

The warranty does not cover:

Damage to the structure or the materials of the bed, which includes tears, burns, cuts, and liquid damage to the mattress.

Increase in softness due to regular usage. (The brand recommends you to rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 6 months for excellent performance).

Lytton does not guarantee the feel preference of its mattress. The comfort level provided is only a suggestion and guidelines and not a guarantee.

Molds, discoloration, or odors due to abnormal care, which also includes liquid and food spills.

Is the Mattress Compatible With All Types of bases?

 One of the best parts of the Lytton mattress is that it is compatible with all types of bases like a solid platform, slatted bed frame, box spring base, and also adjustable bed frame. Some hybrids are too large and won’t bend when used on adjustable bases, but the Lytton mattress is durable and nimble enough to do so.

How Much Does the Lytton Mattress Cost?

 The high quality and luxurious Lytton mattresses come with an affordable price tag. If you are not sure of which variant to buy out of the two available, check out the chart below:

 Serene Mattress – Comfort Plush  

Twin XL$999
Cal King$1,399

Serene Plus – Comfort Firm

Twin XL$1,199
Cal King$1,699

Is the Lytton Mattress Certified? 

The Lytton Sleep mattresses are crafted with the finest materials, with 100% CertiPUR-US certification.

How to Set Up the Mattress?

It is effortless to set up the mattress. All you need to do is unbox the packaging from the top, flip the box sideways to remove the mattress, cut the plastic around it and let it expand. We recommend giving the mattress 24 hours to expand before sleeping on it.

How to Return the Product?

Lytton offers a 100-night sleep trial. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it within the trial period.

You need to contact their customer support, and they will send someone to pick up the bed. After the mattress is delivered to their warehouse, they will issue a full refund.

The brand only offers refunds if the mattress is purchased through their website.

Does it have any Off-gassing Smell?

No, off-gassing is virtually not noticeable because of the springs and more natural materials used.

Differences between the 2 Lytton mattresses

Serene Mattress Comfort PlushSerene Plus Comfort Firm
Super breathability with hand-tufted organic cotton coverSuper breathability with hand-tufted organic cotton cover
Plush cooling gel memory foam topPlush cooling gel memory foam top
Pressure relief with temperature regulation Serene foamPressure relief with temperature regulation Serene foam (higher ILD)
Extra support with 8” Quantum edge pocket coilExtra support with 8” Quantum edge pocket coil
Ideal for all sleepersIdeal for the heavier body type
Advanced dense foam for extra edge support and firmness


My Lytton Sleep Mattress Recommendation

Lytton Sleep provides incredible value by offering mattresses which not only use great materials, but they have made luxury very affordable. Lytton Sleep’s factory has been around for more than 70 years, so you know they know how to make a great mattress.

The Lytton Sleep mattresses are also a top pick among customers in the Sleep Sherpa Mattress Showroom in Minneapolis.

Learn more about Lytton

5 thoughts on “Lytton Mattress Review”

  1. How would you compare the Lytton Cushion Firm and Cushion Plush to the Oceano in terms of pressure relief, support and general comfort for side or combo sleepers of average/light size?

    1. I just visited the showroom in chicago. We have the oceano at home and it felt great in the beginning then more middle back sag discomfort 2 years later. The comfort firm felt just a tad firmer than oceano but I felt better support in midback. I’m a 180 pound side sleeper. My wife says the oceano is too soft and she preferred the Lytton comfort firm.

  2. Dennis A Moore


    I have ordered two twins for use on an adjustable base. What size fitted sheets should I get for this bed. I know they need to be extra long. What about the thickness of the mattress?

  3. Mary Brandstetter


    Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Sleeps Cool


    I bought a king sized Lytton mattress a couple of months ago and I could not be more pleased with my purchase. During COVID, I was able to make an appointment to visit the Sleep Sherpa showroom and test mattresses with the help of the staff. I had been there before, but it was much easier to make a decision with the help of the woman who worked there. She grouped the mattresses in small groups, encouraged me to identify a favorite among a small group, then compare the favorites. She helped me order the mattress while I was there. It was delivered much sooner than I was told to expect (1 week!). I wasn’t able to get help delivering it up my stairs but managed to get it set up OK with a friend. I’m sleeping much better these days and could not recommend Lytton and the Sleep Sherpa more strongly!

  4. How does the comfort plush compare to the winkbed softer? I have the wink and the numbers and specs looks comparable to the comfort plush (eg, ILD number, zoned coils, layer types). And likewise, how does the comfort firm compare to the winkbed luxury firm?

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