oceano mattress

Luxury mattresses command a higher price point but they also need to be able to justify the extra cost. These mattresses feel great and are a bit more substantial in terms of build and feel than some of the other basic foam and spring mattresses in the market. I am especially fond of Brentwood Home and Nest Bedding for their quality. Both of these companies are vertically integrated which means they make their mattresses in their own factory. This means they can create well built mattresses and a lower cost than many competitors.

Although these mattresses are a little more expensive compared to others on this site, they are nowhere near the astronomical prices of other brands such as Duxiana and Kluft and Aireloom which can easily exceed, $10,000 for a mattress. I have tried some of these mattresses and although they are well made, the markups are astronomical and I think you will find some of these mattresses just as comfortable.