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Pacifica Pillow






Neck Support




Off Gassing


Sleeps Cool



  • Great temperature regulation
  • Super Cuddly
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Great Price
  • Optimal for stomach and back sleepers


  • Off Gassing

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The Pacifica pillow from Brentwood Home is an amazing value. A standard size is $50. It also comes in Queen ($55) and King ($65) sizes.

Standard 19” x 25” 3 lbs
Queen 19” x 29” 4 lbs
King 19” x 35” 5 lbs

This is a 4LB density memory foam pillow, made in the USA that uses gel infused particles to keep you cool. Instead of a solid piece of foam there are tiny memory foam noodles as seen below.

gel particles


You can purchase direct from Brentwood Home via their website. I first came across this company while scanning for new mattresses on Amazon. Their mattresses are very highly rated on Amazon which drove me to review their products. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed, believe the hype!

Brentwood Home has a brick & mortar store in Los Angeles as well where you can try out the products first hand.  However ordering online is easy and fast. I had two pillows and a mattress shipped to my address from Brentwood to see how well the pillows and mattresses compliment each other.


The two pillows I ordered arrived in a cool bag that was neatly tied. Inside the cloth bad they were sealed in plastic to keep them from getting dirty.


Aside from the Pacifica pillow I also ordered the Lucent pillow which has a natural kapok fill. Both of them come with an organic cotton cover as seen below.

brentwood pillows

The Pacifica pillow had a fair amount of off gassing which is to be expected for a memory foam product. I recommend letting it air out for a day before sleeping on it which is too bad because after testing dozens of pillows I knew this was a great pillow.

What makes the Pacifica pillow especially nice is the fact that it is not overstuffed. Many memory foam pillows on the market are stuffed too full which puts your neck in an unnatural position, especially if you are a back or stomach sleeper. The majority of shredded memory foam pillows you find on the market are designed for side sleepers which is also the majority of sleepers.

Since this pillow uses pieces of foam instead of one solid piece, it breathes much better. The added cooling gel particles also enhance the temperature regulation.

I recommend this pillow to back and stomach sleepers. I often sleep on my arm so am looking for a pillow that malleable and not too thick. I like that I can fluff up this mattress or move some of the memory foam pieces away from my head and down to my neck to get just the right amount of support.

I can tell that Brentwood did their homework when making their line of pillows. They understand that when it comes to comfort bigger isn’t better. Customization is king.

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9 thoughts on “Pacifica Pillow | Brentwood Home”

    1. The Lucent pillow pushes back a little more. It’s very similar in feel but it’s just a bit firmer. It’s also all natural hence the price premium.

    2. The Lucent pillow is great too. It is not as conforming as the Luminous pillow though. However the Lucent is all natural hence the price premium.

  1. There are no washing instructions for this and some of the other pillows on here or the sites that sell them. Since you’ve tested the pillows on your site, they must have come with care instructions. Thanks!

  2. I just received my luminous pillow. No nice bag, just in a plain plastic bag. time to try the pillow out. Off gassing not nearly as bad as the Coop pillow.

  3. Firmness




    Neck Support




    Off Gassing


    Sleeps Cool


    I did not find the cooling to be that noticeable and the pillow does have a lumpy feel to it.

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