Luft Mattress Hybrid Review

Luft Mattress Review



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I was recently given a Luft mattress for review. This mattress is a high quality hybrid mattress that has just the right amount of sink and support to make it a true “medium firm” mattress. A queen size retails for $850 and for that price you get quite a lot of mattress. The Luft mattress was made by mattress makers, not mattress marketers. This means they know mattresses and how to make a mattress that feels great, looks great and will hold up over time.

Overview of the Luft

The Luft mattress can be purchased exclusively through their website. If spring isn’t your thing, they also make an all foam mattress which retails for a hundred less coming in at $750 for a queen. Both of these mattresses will come compressed and shipped in a box. Below is the queen size foam/spring hybrid Luft out of the box.

Luft Mattress Wrapped

This mattress can be slept on right after opening. I didn’t notice much off gassing with it either. Below is a picture of the mattress about an hour after unboxing. Notice the nice quilted top. This gives it an nice cushy feel while still being very supportive.

luft mattress out of the box

Construction of the Luft Mattress

I was lucky enough to tour the factory where the Luft is made. Here’s a picture of the inside of the Luft as it is being constructed.

Luft Mattress Inside

Here are the specifications of the Luft mattress according to their website.

Top layer

2 inches of gel infused cooling foam quilted to 1 inch of high loft fiber enhances breathability while emphasizing the comfort of a plush top panel.

Below that…

1 inch of cooling graphite infused memory foam that evenly distributes body weight.

Below that…

2 inch, 1.8 pound high density polyurethane foam creates an incredible support layer.

Below that…

Individually wrapped coils are engineered with enhanced perimeter support prevents partner disturbance.

Below that…

1 inch high density polyurethane support foam provides structural support and enhanced durability.

How Much Does the Luft Bed Cost?

Below are the Current Prices of the Luft Bed

Twin $749
Twin XL $799
Full $949
Queen $1,249
King $1,499
Cal King $1,499

My Luft Mattress Findings

Like I said, this mattress has a true medium feel to it. As you can see from the picture below my 16 lb. bowling ball will sink in a fair amount but that is largely due to the thick quilted cover.

Luft Mattress Firmness

The Luft mattress will have some bounce to it. Although since there are more foam layers above it than a traditional spring mattress your partner will not feel your movements as much. Check out the video below to get an idea of how this handles motion transfer and how much bounce you can expect.

The Luft also handles heat fairly well. It’s not quite as cool as others I have tested but definitely does not trap heat as much as some of the denser foam mattresses. Check out the video below shot with my infrared camera to illustrate how quickly heat dissipates of the top layer of the mattress.

My Luft Recommendations

The Luft mattress is an exceptional value given its construction and the fact that it is made in the USA. The feel shouls appeal to most people although if you know you want a very firm or very soft mattress, you may want to look elsewhere. The coil system is designed so that you get superior edge support, something that most mattress in a box companies have a hard time acheiving. The coils along the perimiter of the mattress are actually firmer than the inside to keep you in bed and prevent you from feeling like you will roll off.

Luft incorporates all the newest foams inlcuding a cooling foam and graphite infused foam for superior comfort. They aren’t a typical 3 layer mattress company. They have 5 layers to make a great quality mattress and a 100 day trial to boot. If you are not happy with the mattress within this time frame they will take it. Free shipping to  you and free returns so you aren’t out a dime.

Learn more about Luft.

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16 thoughts on “Luft Mattress Review”

  1. We just recently purchased a Luft Hybrid mattress, and all I can say is WOW. It is extremely comfortable, we fall asleep almost instantly. I used to have problems with insomnia, but no more! Also, I have always felt like I was rolling downhill towards my husband’s side of the bed, as he weighs 2 1/2 times as much as me. Now I can lie right next to him and be completely level! We highly recommend this mattress!

  2. I’ve heard that this is very comparable to the Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid. What would be the biggest difference between the Nest’s Medium and the Luft’s Medium besides price?

  3. I noticed the coils on the Helix are closer to the top than the Luft. Between the two which would you recommend for side sleepers at 190 lbs and 125 lbs?

  4. I’ve spent a week on the LUFT Hybrid mattress and unfortunately will be returning it. I’ve read here and on other sites, that felt that mattress firmness was in the 6 range… I then went to mattress stores and asked them to show me a hybrid mattress that was firm. The LUFT hybrid mattress is rock solid firm, much firmer than any store I went to. I’m 250lbs and I feel no pressure relief. I wake up in shoulder pain every morning, I’m a side sleeper. I really wanted this mattress to be the one. I researched the crap out of this. I do believe the construction of the mattress is top of the line, it’s very well made. But the amount of firmness is just way to firm for me. I’d put the firmness way above a 7. It’s not close to a medium firm at all.

  5. Im a side sleeper… i ordered the nolah. Great company and service but the bed was too soft. I like the cradling but it was too much and caused lower back pain. I realize the luft is firmrer, but does it still sink in a little? Is it at all soft on top?

    1. Motion Transfer






      Off Gassing


      Sleeps Cool


      Hi Jodi,

      I’m a actually a Luft owner and have been considering sending this one back for another mattress, potentially even the Nolah? Though I think I need to avoid foam topped mattresses since I sleep so hot (I am getting a little hot with the Luft as well which is surprising). I’m also a side sleeper and the Luft is a nice mattress, and yes, it does have softness on top (almost a pillow-top like feeling) that cradles you just enough but not really sinking in. It more hugs your heavier parts and allows your lighter parts to float a bit more. So it is a really nice mix. My only complaint so far (aside from sleeping hotter than expected) is that I feel like beyond the comfort levels, I’m not quite getting the support from the coils which is leading to back pain. Overall the Luft is a nice mattress. Hopefully I get around to writing a full review. It’s not working for me just yet (though it’s only been a few short weeks), maybe I come around to it but my experience is personal (my wife likes it so far but does complain about sleeping a bit hot too). I’m sure this mattress is great for a whole lot of people I just may not be one of them. Hope this helps. Let me know of any questions.

  6. I am in the market for another mattress. I am sending back my Nectar mattress. I don’t like the “stuck in the mud” feeling. It is too much work to turn from side to side. I sleep on my side and back. I am torn between the Luft and the Wink Beds mattresses. I want something that is firm, but that will accommodate side sleeping. I’m also looking for a thick mattress, as I will be eliminating my box springs for a Zinus metal slat support. Would love to have your opinions.

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