Love is in the air. This Valentine’s, Sleep Sherpa gives you a chance to win the exquisitely crafted, high-quality hybrid mattress by Luft. This mattress is engineered to adapt to varying sleeping position. Its breathable stretch fabric is designed to facilitate ease of movement. The gel infused cooling foam helps the user sleep peacefully throughout the night. In a nutshell, a luxury mattress with all the bells and whistles. And we are giving it away for FREE!

Enter below to win Luft Mattress of your required size. Don’t forget to read the in-depth Luft Mattress Review  or watch the video.

Luft Mattress Giveaway

57 thoughts on “Luft Mattress Giveaway”

  1. Minta Boggs


    Sounds like a great mattress

  2. Walter G. Van Tine


    Time for a new mattress!

  3. I like that the Luft Mattress is good for side sleepers like me, and has good edge support.

  4. Geena O'Banion


    Wow, love the mattress. Sounds great. I know the technology for mattresses has changed and I need an upgrade,

  5. Sonya Allstun


    OH my this sounds so comfy

  6. Beth Hern


    I so need a new mattress and this one seems to be just perfect.

  7. Debra DuBois


    Sounds amazing I need a new mattress ours is 17 years old a terrible on our spine

  8. I’d love to know if they have a mattress that is NOT sprayed with poisonous ‘flame resistant’ chemicals. I’d definitely get one of those.

  9. Mattress are very comfortable

  10. I would enjoy the gel infused cooling foam.

  11. debbie smith


    would so love and much needed new mattress. thank you for the chance !!

  12. Tracy Watson


    Thank you for the chance to win a mattress!!

  13. Our bed is older than my kids…It would be awesome to have a new one.

  14. This mattress seems like a such a smart way to get a good night’s sleep!

  15. Anne-Marie Dubeau


    What a beautiful, stylish, healthy mattress. Thank you for the opportunity to take a chance on winning it!

  16. Linda Meranda


    So comfy! Would be perfect for chronic pain issues. Great giveaway!

  17. Jennifer Raska


    I want and need this so baaad!!

  18. Marilyn Foerster


    We need a new mattress and this one sounds great

  19. Would love to win this

  20. avigale Deguzman


    love the mattress… looks so comfy

  21. Kim Bakos


    I’d love to try this – anything is better than the one I have now!

  22. Kim Bakos


    Sure would beat the mattress I have now

  23. Alexis Anne Gray


    This mattress sounds wonderful. I would love to give this to my son, he is growing so fast.

  24. Alexis Anne Gray


    Great Mattress!

  25. Dolores Miranda


    Looks amazingly comfortable!

  26. It looks perfect! I can’t wait to try it out for myself 😉

  27. Breanna Clewley


    I bet this bed is so comfortable. I need to replace my old one.

  28. Breanna Clewley


    I would love to replace my old bed. I bet it’s so comfy.

  29. Beautiful and luxurious mattress!

  30. Alicia Killen


    i really need a new bed

  31. Thank you, looks amazingly

  32. What can I say… our matttr s needs replacement soon. I’m starting to slide into a hole each night

  33. Rajee Pandi


    It looks so comfy. Love to try it

  34. I had 2 back surgeries a few months ago. I’m searching for the right mattress. Could this be the one?

  35. Deborah Wilcox


    I definitely need a new mattress, I’m a side sleeper and it hurts so very bad…. This one looks so comfy!!

  36. Stephen Tenyak


    Sounds like a great and comfortable mattress

  37. This looks like a truly amazing mattress for a side sleeper who needs relief.

  38. Laurie Arnheim


    Love that the Luft Mattress has different firmness available for the type of sleeper you are. Looks and sounds really comfy! Plus, it’s a pretty mattress! We’re both side sleepers, and I think we’d love the softer side-sleeper mattress. It would be great to have a comfortable mattress! Thanks for the great review!!!

  39. Jacqueline Parker


    Was just gonna go mattress shopping. Maybe I should wait!

  40. Cheryl Everitt


    This is the mattress for me! Thanks for the review.

  41. Mary Rike


    This mattress looks high quality and luxurious.

  42. david gula


    I would love to try this mattress. I have constant back pain and I’m certain it’s from my old mattress.

  43. Nick Scardino


    Looking at mattresses and this would be a nice one to get with a new place

  44. Mr. S. J. BARMAN


    Like the fact the mattress has a coil spring base layer and enhanced side/edge support

  45. It looks like a great mattress. I will consider the Luft when I am ready to buy.

  46. This looks so plush and comfortable. My back and neck would love it!

  47. Jerry Marquardt


    I don’t have any questions, but I loved reading the awesome review.

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