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UPDATE! Get the full Live and Sleep Mattress Review HERE.


I will be conducting a full Live and Sleep Mattress Reviews soon. In the meantime I want to make readers aware of this really cool company. They are one of the newest online mattress start-ups to join the ranks of  Tuft and Needle, YogaBed and Leesa.

The Live and Sleep Mattress uses a proprietary memory foam blend. I don’t know how it stacks up against the others but I’m sure it feels great.

Here’s a pic

Live and Sleep Mattress comparison

Another interesting thing about the Live and Sleep mattress is that it is very modestly priced. Prices range from $399 for a twin to $599 for a King! This beats the Tuft and Needle mattress which was the cheapest I have seen so far.

Trial / Warranty

Like the other mattress start-ups, the Live and Sleep mattress comes with a 100 night guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied within that time frame they will take it back, hassle free. I was also shocked to see that they have a 20 year warranty on their mattress! I have never seen a warranty that long before so they really stand by their product.

This mattress also comes with 2 free pillows, similar to the YogaBed. Shipping is free and they give back a portion of the profit from each mattress to charity.

The mattress looks similar to the Tuft and Needle in that it has an all white removable washable cover.

Live and sleep mattress cover


I will be providing more updates as I get a chance to actually sleep on this mattress. You can check out reviews of similar, highly rated mattresses. All have their strengths and one will definitely be right for you. Click Here for more info on the Live and Sleep mattress

To see how all of these mattresses stack up against each other CLICK HERE

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