Lineal Adjustable Base Review

Lineal Adjustable Bed Base Review

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Lineal Adjustable Bed


The Lineal Adjustable base by Saatva is an adjustable bed that has a motor built in for massage. You can purchase it via the Saatva website or the Loom and Leaf or Zen Haven website. It has separate settings to incline the head and feet. Other highlights include a wall hugging design that keeps the base and mattress closer to the headboard or wall so you don’t lose pillows or other things under the bed when you are in an incline.

Overview of the Lineal Adjustable Bed

Setting up the Lineal adjustable base is a breeze. The queen size adjustable base comes in a box the size of the bed itself. Here’s a picture below.

Lineal adjustable bed saatva loom and leaf zen haven

All the parts to the Lineal can be found underneath the bed.

Bottom of Lineal adjustable bed saatva

Here’s a video highlighting some of the main features of the Lineal adjustable bed.

My Lineal Findings

Setup of the Lineal base is included in the cost so there’s no need for you to put anything together. All the basic features are ready to go out of the box. You can program the remote to save specific positions but with most of the adjustable beds I have reviewed, it often just manually adjust each time.

The remote is very straight forward. There’s even a “TV” setting which puts the head part of the base up and adjust the feet up a little bit but not too much so that you can’t see over your knees.  As you can see there’s also a wave function for the massage. This have the motor move the massage from your feet to your head and then back down.

Lineal adjustable bed remote control

Here’s a picture of the clear retainer bar. To install this you just screw the pegs into the cover. You won’t see any holes, instead just poke the screw right through the fabric.

lineal by saatva

Here’s a side view of the Lineal in the “TV” position.

lineal by Saatva

Belos is a chart that gives the weight of the Lineal Adjustable Bed.

SIzes Weight
Twin 140-lbs
Twin XL 147-lbs
Full 175-lbs
Queen 184-lbs
King (Split) 147-lbs per piece (2-pieces)
Cal King (Split) 140-lbs per piece (2 pieces)

A queen size retails for $1399. I am not sure what the other sizes retail for as the prices aren’t called out on the Saatva website.

The Lineal comes with a 25 year warranty where parts and and repairs are covered during the first 5 years.

My Lineal Recommendation

The Lineal has good features and a quiet massage motor. The extra touches such as the under bed lighting and the LED light at the end of the remote to use as a flashlight is a nice touch.

An adjustable base is a great way to get more use out of your mattress. In this era of Netflix binge watching, having a “TV” mode for your bed is a great idea.

The Lineal is a great option if you want some of the extra features such as massage and the ability to save settings. If you want a no frills option, I have found that the Leggett & Platt Falcon 2.0 is a good entry level adjustable bed.

Lear more about the Lineal adjustable bed.



11 thoughts on “Lineal Adjustable Base Review”

  1. Can this bed be moved easily to place rug? Can it be placed on furniture pads that make it easy to move on hardwood floor?

  2. I purchased my Lineal Adjustable bed from the Saatva website with the Saavta Luxury Firm Mattress. I just woke up after my second night on the new bed. I feel like I am in heaven. I have many medical issues (acid reflux, arthritis, previous lumber back surgery, on CPAP and nighttime oxygen, etc.). I normally wake up very stiff and have to more and walk very carefully initially until the stiffness eases up which normally takes at least one hour. The first night my “stiffness” was 70% improved. This morning I woke up with NO stiffness. It has only been two nights. I slept in the Zero gravity position. I still have to program my remote for “one touch” settings. I didn’t think I would use the under-the-bed light but it is a very nice feature. so far VERY happy with this big investment. Dealing with the Saatva people via messages on the website and on the phone was excellent. Also the delivery was right on time . . . excellent service and very polite team of 3.

    1. How is the bed now wendy after a year?

  3. Does the massage only stay on for approximately ten minutes and then automatically turn off? I got mine today and it doesn’t massage very long. Thank you.

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      It will turn off automatically if you leave it on too long. The automatic turn off will prevent the motor from burning out.

  4. The Sleep Nerd says:

    The base is not for watching TV. This is a side benefit.

    Google “Neutral Body Position.”

    In micorgravity the human body naturally assumed the NBP.

    You buy an adjustable for 1 reason. To sleep as deep as possible in a position, unique to you, with your feet raised and your upper body raised as well. Your back muscles will be completely relaxed and there will be 0 compression on your discs as your spine will be resting in its S shape.

  5. Just Hunting says:

    1. Will the split King lineal adjustable bed comes with 2 separate remotes and adjust them independent of each others bed?
    2. How easy will it be – to put an upholstered headboard to lineal bed. I was informed that this lineal comes with headboard attachment.

  6. Beverly johnson says:

    I need the remote control Lineal saatva how can I order one and how much does it cost please answer me back my name is Beverly Johnson thank you

    1. Hi Beverly, I think the bed ranges from $1,199 to $ 2,498 depending on the size.
      have a great day Megan 🙂

  7. Our remote now flashes all buttons a few times and then shuts off. We tried new batteries and unplugging. What else? All is well underneath.
    Thank you

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