Modway Aveline Mattress Review

Modway Aveline Mattress Review

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A video overview of the Modway Aveline Mattress is included below. The mattress is constructed from three layers of high-quality foam, which is known for its contouring abilities.


Modway strives to make the most of a competitive market by directly sourcing a select collection of trending products. The company’s bedding products have been featured on home decor outlets such as HGTV, Traditional Home, Dwell Magazine and Houzz.


You can order Aveline directly from Amazon. It is Prime eligible so will arrive quickly at your doorstep.


Vacuum-packed, the Aveline fits into a small box, which lends both convenience and affordability to the shipping process. During the unboxing process, the mattress is removed from its box and plastic wrapping, and placed on a box spring, platform, or slatted base. It then should be left to sit for at least four hours, during which time it will decompress naturally. Full expansion of the mattress requires an entire day, but most of the expansion is complete within a few hours of unboxing. In my experience it took a full day to expand. Most mattresses I review expand full within 3-4 hours. There are many reasons why this could be usually the longer a mattress has been in the compressed state the longer it takes to recover. This mattress was manufactured in China so it has probably been compressed much longer than a mattress made in the USA.


What are the mattress dimensions and weights?

Three different options are available for thickness and height: 6, 8, and 10 inches. The dimensions detailed below are for the Aveline’s 10-inch mattresses:

Twin: 75 x 39 x 10 inches – 37 pounds

Full:  54 X 75 X 10 inches – 50 pounds

Queen: 80 X 60 X 10 inches – 58 pounds

King: 80 X 76 X 10 inches – 76 pounds

The Aveline features three layers of memory foam, all of which are certified by CertiPur-US. The mattress is topped by a layer of premium foam, which offers the ultimate in core support. It also has a gel-infused layer of memory foam, which is specifically designed to adapt to your body’s contours and sleeping position, while also dissipating body heat. This allows for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep, as well as the precise support your body needs. Further comfort is delivered by the Aveline’s layer of high-density polyurethane memory foam, which minimizes aches and pains. The mattress also comes with a removable woven stretch cover, which features a diamond pattern.


Below is a video clip showing how the layers perform. There are only 2 layers to this mattress which is similar to the Tuft and Needle. This mattress is a soft one and so is great for pressure relief. Although I wouldn’t recommend it for heavier people. Someone above 222 lbs might want to look elsewhere as I found when you jump into bed there can be a bottoming out effect.

There’s really no bounce with this mattress either because it is all foam that reacts quickly. Here’s a video to show bounce.

You will sink into this mattress a fair amount which makes it kind of cozy. People who are looking for pressure relief as the primary function of their mattress will appreciate the Aveline.


As far as heat retention goes, it is average for a foam mattress. The cooling gel definitely helps but because it conforms well, you will get more hug which means that you will be more enveloped by the mattress. Below is a video show with my thermal cam to show heat dissipation.


As I write this, the Aveline is on sale for $227.82 for a queen. I don’t think it gets any more affordable than that. This is a good no nonsense mattress that would be perfect for the college student. I think it would be a great choice for a budget minded shopper that may not be in any one place for a long time that doesn’t want to commit to a higher end mattress.

I can’t speak to the longevity of this mattress since I have only had it for about 3 weeks. However even if you get 3-4 years out of it, the value is still there given the price. The only major drawback I can see is that it can bottom out if you are a heavier person and the fact that it is made in China.

You can buy the Aveline direct from Amazon. Shop Here


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  1. Hi I just bought a new Aveline 8”so far very happy about it.
    I haven’t seen any thing about the duration of this product , I have been wondering what this mattress would last for occasional use as pop out guest

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