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Leesa Blanket


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The Leesa Blanket looks and feels just like the cover of the famous Leesa mattress. It currently retails for $149 and can be bought direct from the Leesa website. I recently received a free Leesa blanket for review and below are my findings.

Ordering and Unboxing

Right now you can only order the Leesa blanket from their website. My blanket arrived in under a week and comes in a box that looks like a mini Leesa mattress box. This blanket comes with a 30 day trial period where you can return for a full refund if not satisfied. Below is a video of me unboxing the blanket.


The blanket measures 60″x78″ which is close to the dimensions of a queen size mattress. A queen mattress measures 60″x80″ so it makes for a great blanket on the couch or a twin size bed. The material is the same material used to make the covers of a leesa mattress and it has the signature stripes as well. The edges have a whipstitch edging as seen below.


This is a 100% polyester blanket so it wont shrink. It is also machine washable but they do recommend drying either on low heat or line drying.


This is a great medium weight blanket that is very versatile for year round use. Its light enough to wear around the house on lazy days but heavy enough so that you feel it hugging you a little. The fabric is smooth since it’s made of polyester.


If you want to carry the Leesa look throughout your house or are just a die hard Leesa fan, this is the mattress for you. I think that blankets will be the next offering from the mattress startup companies as they look expand their reach from the bedroom into relaxation.

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