Layla Mattress Review 1

Layla Mattress Review

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I received a free Layla mattress for review. Layla was created by mattress industry experts and silicon valley entrepreneurs. It’s a killer blend of industry expertise and technology disruptors. What you get is a quality mattress with a creative twist at a great price. Layla is the first mattress to come out with copper infused foam. This is a big deal because it offers a host of new advantages most importantly is cooling. This mattress can be flipped so you can have a soft and firmer layer depending on preferences.

Ordering and Unboxing

You can order the Layla mattress directly from their site at According to their site they have a 4 month trial period which is now standard in the online mattress world. However what is not standard is their new lifetime warranty that warrants against defects for the entire time you own the mattress. The details can be found on their warranty page. The mattress will arrive in about a week in a box and will be ready to sleep on in a matter of hours. I did notice this mattress had a significant amount of off gassing so you may want to let it air out for a day before sleeping on it.

Layla also offers financing through Affirm so that you don’t have to pay for it all at once.

Here’s a video of me unboxing the mattress. Since you can sleep on both sides you should note that out of the box it is configured as the soft version. If you want to make it firm, you just unzip and remove the cover, flip the mattress and put the cover back on. It’s a little time consuming so I don’t recommend doing this frequently.



The Layla mattress is constructed as follows:

Layer 1: 3 inches of high density copper infused memory foam. This is the comfort layer.

Layer 2: 6 inches of convoluted foam. This serves as the base layer or the core of the mattress. The convoluted foam helps with heat dissipation.

Layer 3: 1 inch of high density copper infused foam. Same as the top layer just not as much. This will prevent you from sinking into the mattress as much but still provide some pressure relief.

Here’s a picture of the inside of the mattress to show what each of the layers looks like:

layla layers
To get a sense of how each of the layers reacts and recovers, below is a video of me squishing the mattress:


Since this mattress has a firm and soft side I tested both to show you that while they do have a different feel it’s not a dramatic difference.

Here’s a video showing motion transfer and bounce on the soft side of the mattress. The Layla mattress has some decent bounce for an all foam mattress.

This is the readout from my accelerometer:

Layla acceleromoeter soft

Here’s a similar video but on the firm side of the mattress:

This is the accelerometer readout with the firm side:

accelerometer firm

To get a sense of how much you will sink into the mattress, I placed my bowling ball on each side. Below is the soft side:

Layla Soft

And here is the firm side:

Layla Firm

It’s hard to tell there is much of a difference but you will notice a difference when you lay on the mattress. Aside from the firm side having less of the comfort foam, the convoluted layer is also upside down so you have a solid piece of foam underneath the comfort foam which makes for a firmer feel as well.

Finally, I put the copper infused foam to the test to see how well it dissipates heat using my infrared camera. As a control, I put my and on the mattress for 10 seconds then record how quickly the temperature drops. I notice the most rapid decline in the first 15-20 seconds. Compared to the other all foam mattresses I have tested, the Layla performed better than most. I have no idea if that was from the copper, the convoluted layer or both but something is working.



I found the Layla mattress to be slightly on the softer end of the spectrum. It’s about the same level of firmness as the Leesa mattress but you get all the benefits of copper. There are claims that copper also aids in circulation and recovery. What I noticed was that it seems to keep me cool. But aside from this feature, it’s a well built mattress. The fact that you can flip it and go slightly firmer is a great feature.

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Motion Transfer




      Off Gassing


        Trial Period



          • Copper infused foam
          • 2 firmness options
          • sleeps cool


          • some off gassing

          Ben • April 5, 2016

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          1. Paul July 12, 2016 - 4:39 am Reply

            I bought this mattress and did not like it. The soft side was not really that soft. We flipped it which is really difficult with a king and zipping the cover is really hard to do. The firm side is just too firm and now I wake up with sore knees and hips every morning. I have to get rid of this mattress but I have to decide what to get first.

            • Mary February 12, 2017 - 3:13 pm Reply

              Paul, what did you get?

          2. Martin August 18, 2016 - 12:30 pm Reply

            Motion Transfer




            Off Gassing


            Trial Period


            Really? I had the exact opposite experience. I thought the soft side was really nice and soft. We flipped the mattress to try the firm side and found it to be pretty easy to do. My wife and I sleep on the firm side now and honestly it’s the best sleep either of us have ever had.

          3. Jack December 5, 2016 - 10:41 am Reply


            Considering purchasing this mattress for my wife and me, are you still pleased with it and would purchase it again? i want soft and cool mattress. Doesn’t sleep hot does it?

            • Ben December 5, 2016 - 10:26 pm Reply

              This is a great mattress. It sleeps cooler than most of the foam mattresses on market. I love that it has two firmness options as well. Definitely recommend it.

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