Layla Hybrid Mattress Review – Not What I Expected

Layla Hybrid Mattress

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Layla is a mattress brand that is known for flippable mattresses. Their all-foam version was a big hit because it gave people the option for a firmer and softer side so chances are they would like one of the firmnesses. It makes sense to build in this versatility into the mattress because it adds value and reduces returns. Yes, it costs more to make mattresses like this but I think mattresses should be built to last so that we aren’t throwing these into landfills every 5 years. Layla recently sent me their new hybrid mattress for review that is also flippable and is made with quality materials. It is a great choice for people that want a bit more of a traditional feel with the ability to change firmnesses if need be.

Overview of the Layla Hybrid

Here’s a quick video overview of the Layla. It includes my first impression when opening it all the way through trying it out and how it compares to the growing competition.

Construction of the Layla Hybrid Mattress

I really like that Layla gets specific about construction details. There’s nothing to hide here because it is quality throughout and they are proud of it.  Below are the specs taken from their website.

inside the layla mattress

Fabric: 66% Polyester, 30% viscose, 4% poly lycra
Branded Black Belt: 100% Nylon
Branded Handles: 100% Vinyl

Copper Infused Memory Foam (Soft Side)
2.5” of 3.5 lbs copper infused viscoelastic polyurethane open-cell foam with an IFD (indentation force deflection) of 12 lbs.

Layla Tri-Zone-Airflow™ Transition Layer (Soft Side)
2” of 1.65 lbs polyurethane open-cell foam with an IFD (indentation force deflection) of 23 lbs. Surface Modification Technology (SMT) shapes are cut .5” deep for added support, airflow, and pressure relief.
Layla Infinity Edge™ Spring System
6” of individually wrapped 14 gauge pocketed coil springs with dual row 16 gauge springs around the parameter for edge support.
Layla Tri-Zone-Airflow™ Transition Layer (Firm Side)
1.5” of 1.65 lbs polyurethane open-cell foam with an IFD (indentation force deflection) of 40 lbs. Surface Modification Technology (SMT) shapes are cut .25” deep for added support, airflow, and pressure relief.
Copper Infused Memory Foam (Firm Side)
1” of 3.5 lbs copper infused viscoelastic polyurethane open-cell foam with an IFD (indentation force deflection) of 12 lbs.

How Much Does the Layla Hybrid Cost?

Below are the latest prices that include the discount.

Twin XL$1,099
California King$1,599

My Layla Hybrid Findings

What first struck me about the mattress is the charcoal cover. It is soft and stretchy which means you will feel the mattress conform better to your body. This cover is also washable which is good if you don’t have a mattress protector although I would strongly recommend one anyway.

layla hybrid stretch

The cover has a zipper in the middle of the mattress which makes it easy to remove. Even the zipper is quality and has a nice orange pull that goes along with the overall design of the mattress.

layla zipper

You also have the soft and firm side labeled so there is no guessing which is which. Most people will pick a firmness and stick with it but if you use this in a guest room, your guests can choose for themselves easily. The mattress also has a set of well-made handles on each side for easy flipping. In the video you will see that I was able to flip it by myself easily.

layla firm soft

Below I have my 14 lb. bowling ball on the firm side of the mattress. There isn’t much sinkage here. In the video you can see me dropping the ball on both sides. Both sides do a good job of containing motion transfer but the firm side actually had more bounce because there was less foam for the ball to sink into.

The soft side of the mattress is great for side sleepers and some back sleepers. I recommend the firm side for stomach sleepers. I really like how the soft side of this mattress felt. My shoulders didn’t hurt from sleeping on my side and neither did my hips. I attribute that to the quality foam. Good quality foam will contour so much better than cheap foam no matter how much cheap foam you use.

layla hybrid sink

Here’s another shot of pushing on the firm side of the mattress. Both sides recover quickly.

layla push

My Layla Recommendation

Layla consistently ranks high for all their products but the Layla Hybrid impressed me the most. After reviewing mattresses for years you start to get a good sense right away if a mattress is going to be a winner or just another in a long line of knock offs and the Layla Hybrid delivers. The whole experience from the unboxing to opening the inside was a treat. I recommend the hybrid for sleepers that want a mattress that will provide excellent pressure relief but is still easy to change positions on. The soft side is going to be soft, softer than most that I have reviewed but in a good way. The firm side is going to be firmer but not too firm and will feel similar to the soft side but just offer more support towards your lower back.

If you are someone who may need to change firmnesses from time to time, this is also a great choice. It is also perfect for the guest room where your guests will inevitably have different firmness preferences and you can easily accommodate. Layla offers free shipping, a 120 night trial period and free returns. The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty which is standard.

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One thought on “Layla Hybrid Mattress Review – Not What I Expected”

  1. Horrible for chronic pain..all those little stitched octogons .. Don’t go the Affirm way .. Horrible .. Returned bed and kept getting threatening emails and text msgs .. 120 day trial period but Affirm expects to keep all your payments.

    Bed is half soft and hard .. Not more soft, original bed.

    They want u to be happy w your bed but they want gone happy w your money.

    They tell u they’ll have the bed picked up .. Actually, u can have the Entire order picked up! I learned that too late!

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