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If you are in search of a travel pillow and have an open mind, give the J Pillow a try. It’s sort of hard to describe, even with pictures. So, take a look below of the video of the J Pillow action.

What I like about the J Pillow is that it supports your front, back and side. Most travel pillows just have support around the neck and leave you vulnerable to your head falling forward leaving you with aches.

The J Pillow is also relatively inexpensive as far as travel pillows go. You can get one on Amazon for under $30 or buy direct through their website. It was the winner of the British Invention of the Year in 2013! The J Pillow is also the number 1 travel pillow on Amazon UK. It has a near perfect rating on Amazon with over 1,700 reviews.



While conducting my J Pillow review, I have received some comments on how this thing looks. So if anything it’s certainly a conversation piece if you’re the type that want’s to strike up some conversation on a trip.

Once you get over it’s look, you will really come to enjoy this pillow. It is perfect for a plane trip and for long car rides. There’s a clasp on the back which you can use to secure to your luggage.

The J Pillow has a soft fleece outer fabric and a typical foam (not memory foam) inner core. It’s easy to put on and off and is versatile enough to be a one size fits all product.

Since Amazon has such a great return policy, you should give this one a try. 1,700 Amazon reviewers can’t be wrong!

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