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The Hullo Pillow is the second buckwheat pillow that I have reviewed. The first buckwheat pillow I slept on was the Bucky. While both of these pillows are basically the same, there are some significant differences that may sway you in a particular direction.

The Hullo Pillow is as the name implies is made with a buckwheat hull fill. Sleeping on a buckwheat pillow is a completely different sensation than any traditional or memory foam pillow. The main advantage is that you can easily mold it to the perfect position and it will stay there the whole night as opposed to a traditional pillow that will sink or shift throughout the night requiring some readjustment.

Buckwheat pillows are ideal for side sleepers, stomach and back sleepers probably won’t get much benefit from them but are always worth a try if you are looking for a pillow that can give you adequate neck support.

Here’s a quick clip of the inside of the Hullo pillow and the buckwheat hulls.

As you can see they are tiny enough to be conforming. One of the biggest complaints about buckwheat pillows is that they make noise. This is true, whenever you adjust the pillow you will hear the hulls settling into place. It takes some getting used to so give it a few days before making a judgement. After about 5 days sleeping on one, became acclimated.

Buckwheat has a nice smell to it. You can also add other scents such as lavender to the pillow as well. Since it has a zipper and the hulls don’t absorb odor and breathe well, they are the perfect vessel for all sorts of different fragrances.

I really like the case for the Hullo pillow. It is made of organic cotton, it’s thick, nice stark white color and has a quality zipper. You can also get a Bucky pillow with an organic cover but I just think the Hullo is a bit more substantial.

One advantage the Bucky pillow has over the Hullo is that the Bucky comes with extra buckwheat to adjust the level of firmness. However, I think most of it may be unnecessary since when it came i didn’t need to add any to get my level of firmness.

Both of these pillows are fair priced. It’s a bit hard to compare them since they vary in dimensions. You can save money getting a smaller Hullo pillow.

In conclusion the Hullow pillow is so far my favorite buckwheat pillow. You can get a Hullo pillow from Amazon.