hotel pillow reviews

If you stayed at a great hotel and fell in love with one of their pillows, chances are that you can now buy them. But, before you do, see how they compare against other hotel pillows. You may also want to consider what pillows are offered at your next hotel stay before you book. A growing trend among hotels is a pillow menu where you can select a pillow with just the right amount of loft. Hotels strive to give you a memorable experience and the better you sleep the more you will come back. They also know that if you sleep really well, they can now sell you their pillows, mattresses, and bedding. Just remember the halo effect hotels have. Often you think that you sleep well in a hotel but you are often confusing that with nice surroundings or a happy experience, especially when you are on vacation.

People often remark how soft the sheets at a particular hotel are but in reality, they can’t be that soft because they need to withstand lots of washings with bleach. I spoke to companies that supply bedding for hotels all over the world and they agree that the vast majority of hotels both mid and upper priced, cannot offer sheets of the same caliber that you can purchase for your house. Keep that in mind when choosing your pillow!


Ritz Carlton Pillow

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Hilton Hotel Pillow

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Hampton Inn PIllow

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Marriot Hotel Pillow

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