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I received a free SmartHouse Beds Cool sleeper for review. The SmartHouse Cool Sleeper is the latest offering in from Nest Bedding. The Cool Sleeper was designed for maximum air flow using a blend of foam and more traditional/natural materials such as wool to create a unique sleep surface that sets it apart from the all foam mattresses I have reviewed.

This mattress was developed with Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse. Carter is known most recently for his work on the show, Home Grown Makeover on the FYI network.


You can order the SmartHome Cool Sleeper direct from Nest Bedding. It comes shipped in a UPS box and has the same 100 day trial that all Nest Bedding mattresses come with. You can also finance this bed directly through Nest through their partnership with Affirm. If you have good credit you can get a very competitive rate.

This is a heavier mattress compared to a traditional bed in a box mattress. It weighs around 110 lbs. and you will probably need a couple people to get it up stairs or make use of a hand truck.

As you can see below the box is about the width of my king size bed.

Honest BedsUnboxing



I slept on the plush version of the Cool Sleeper. A firm is also available although I found the plush to be very supportive while still providing good pressure relief. The Cool Sleeper is different from other foam mattresses in that there are multiple convoluted layers. This helps to draw heat out of the mattress. Additionally, there’s a top layer of wool that also helps with temperature regulation. The wool also interacts with the memory foam in that it makes this mattress feel more like a traditional mattress. You body won’t make any impressions and its easy to move around on.

Here’s an illustration showing motion transfer

Notice that the mattress springs back into shape very quickly. I think this is because the top layer of wool acts a sort of a mesh that keeps you from sinking in too much.

Cool Sleeper

As I said before this bed is heavier than most of the mattresses I have reviewed. So, as a nice touch, this mattress comes with stitched handles on all four sides making it easy to transport once out of the box.



I did notice that it has a little more motion transfer than some of the other mattresses I have tested but I think that may be the top wool layer. During my testing period I also used a mattress protector I purchased from Target as I lent my Protect A Bed protector out to someone else to try. I woke up sweating a few nights and was worried it was the mattress. I tried it without the protector and noticed that it made a world of difference. The Target protector felt like sleeping on a plastic bag because it didn’t breathe and therefore I didn’t get the benefits of the Cool Sleeper. So, if you’re going to invest in a quality mattress, make sure you have a quality protector to go with it.


The SmartHouse Cool Sleeper is a great choice for people looking for a high quality, durable mattress that has superior temperature regulation. The wool top layer will keep you cool but won’t make you cold. I have been sleeping on this bed for most of December in Minnesota and I wear a lot of wool in the winter because it keeps you insulated against temperature extremes. It’s sort of like nature’s thermostat. As a bonus, the wool serves as a natural fire barrier so there is no chemical fire barrier on this mattress. To top it off you also get an organic cotton cover.  I recommend this bed for anyone looking for great pressure relief and a bed that will keep you comfortable in any climate.

If you want a mattress that feels like a traditional memory foam mattress you will want to look elsewhere. This mattress is more suited to people who like a traditional mattress feel with all the benefits of memory foam and the natural temperature regulation of wool. The construction of this mattress it top notch and I expect it to have a longer lifespan than other mattresses I have reviewed.

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6 thoughts on “SmartHouse Cool Sleeper Review”

  1. Hello Sleep Sherpa,

    After trying tons of mattresses, my favorite has been the Cool Sleeper (haven’t bought yet). I actually like the Firm and the Plush. Just like you wrote… it’s a memory foam that feels more like a traditional mattress.

    Question: Since your review, are you happy with it? Anything you might prefer at a lower price point?

    Please let me know.



    1. It’s a wonderful mattress. The only thing close to it that I’ve found was the Coronado and Sequioa mattresses from Brentwood Home.

  2. I am a side sleeper, age 59, weight 220, height 5’10”, with some minor lower back issues. I tried plush and firm versions of the SmartHouse Cool Sleeper in the Nest Store and I prefer the firm a little more than the plush. I have a 9 near old inner spring mattress that is causing me some lower back pain when I get out of bed in the morning. I’m not sure if it is my mattress or my age/back causing the problem. My wife is also a side sleeper and she weighs in at 130lbs.

    We tried a $4,000 sleep number 8i bed recently and we liked it. It just seems very expensive to me. We also liked a luxury Stearns and Foster firm which also runs about $4,200.

    Would you recommend the Cool Sleeper, or the Oceano or another bed for an aging fella like me?

    1. Definitely give the Cool Sleeper a try. It will be firmer than the Oceano in which case, the Cool Sleeper would be more to your liking.

  3. Thanks for the review. Not a lot of reviews for the Smarthouse cool sleeper. I actually tried it at a Nest store and loved it. Overall, would you reccomend it over the Alexander Signature? I going back and forth between these two. They both feel great but debating if the wool layer of the Smarthouse is worth the extra $700. I also want to put it on an adjustable bed set up. Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. I still prefer the Alexander Signature and I think the Signature (all foam version) works better on an adjustable bed.

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