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Hilton Hotel Pillow






Neck Support




Off Gassing



  • Good Support
  • Great for Back Sleepers
  • Great for Side Sleepers


  • Bad for Stomach Sleepers

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Have you recently slept at a Hilton Hotel and wish you could take the pillows with you? Well, there’s a way to legally do that through the Hilton website or at a discount through Pillows.com.

I had a chance to try the pillow that is found in Hilton Hotels all over the world. This pillow is actually manufactured by a company called, Down Dreams. It is a dual chamber pillow that has an inner core comprised of mostly feathers and an outer core mostly of down. This creates a firm but cushioning sensation at the same time. It’s why you feel so cozy in a hotel bed at a Hilton.

This pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers. It’s not the greatest for stomach sleepers. What’s nice about this pillow is that there’s no off gassing like a memory foam pillow has.

The Hilton Pillow ordered from Pillows.com comes in a nice zippered case.

Hilton Pillow review


Because its made of down and feathers, it has the old fashioned traditional pillow feel. If you’re going to buy one, you should really consider the whole set. I am not a fan of mixing different types of pillows on my bed, it just too confusing!


Here’s an overview of the Hilton Pillow as listed on Pillows.com

Down Dreams ® Classic Pillows – Soft and Firm: The Down Dreams ® Classic Pillows come in two different firmness levels – Soft and Firm. Both contain the same content with the inner chamber-87% duck feather, 13% down; outer chamber 75% (minimum) down, however, the firm version contains more ounces (10-12 more), making it a firmer pillow. The firm version is ideal for side and back sleepers and the soft is great for stomach sleepers or for those who crave super soft pillows. These pillows usually reference “Classic Firm” or “Classic Soft” on the tag.

If you’re a stomach sleeper like me you may want to gravitate towards a different type of pillow, however for side sleepers, this is it. I will be keeping mine for guests who are side sleepers so that they get that Hilton Hotel experience when they stay over.

A growing trend is the pillow bar or pillow menu at hotels. Hotels understand that guests have all sorts of sleep preferences and rather than trying to switch out mattresses for every guest it’s easier to give them a pillow that’s more suitable to their needs.

What I like about purchasing from Pillows.com is that they have a good return policy. Here’s the details of their return policy:


Return Policy:

    Any item can be returned for any reason to Pillows.com within 30 nights of the date that the order is received by the customer, providing that the item is in LIKE NEW condition. Pillows.com cannot accept items that have been washed, tags cut off, stained, or damaged. The original shipping charge will not be refunded. Sheets and duvets that come in retail packaging, must be returned with their original retail packaging, else it will be marked as damaged. Customer must contact Pillows.com via phone, email, or chat and request an RA (return authorization number) in order to return an order and must be returned within 2 weeks of requesting. Pillows.com is happy to offer $9.99 pre-paid return labels per box, which is deducted from the customer’s final refund amount, however, the customer has the option to return their order using any carrier they choose. We do not refund the original shipping charge and cannot refund the cost of return shipping if you use the carrier of your choosing.

If you want to see how this pillow stacks up against other popular popular hotel pillows, check out my Pillow Reviews Page.

So there’s little risk if you want to try and relive the great night you had at the Hilton with a set of these pillows.

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13 thoughts on “Hilton Pillow Review”

  1. I stayed at a Hilton for about a week while on vacation a little over a year ago and it was some of the best sleep I’ve had in a long time! The mattress especially was great and I remember the pillows being nice, too. The one question I have about this pillow is, will your head tend to sink down into the middle over time like the cheap down pillows I have now? In other words, all the down pushes to the sides. Or does the baffled design keep that from happening? I seem to remember the ones at the hotel holding their shape well, but I’m not completely certain.

    1. Hotels go through lots of pillows over the course of a year. Chances are your pillow is less than 6 months old. They need to keep the pillows fresh and new for guests to avoid complaints. That said, your pillow should last about 2 years. Beyond that, it may still hold up but you would probably want to get a new one by then.

  2. I purchased a Hilton king mattress and king feather and down pillows the pillows were excellent sleeping but when I took the protective cover off to wash last night one of the pillows looked like it had rust stains all over it. I sprayed it and washed it again it looks worse then the 10 year old pillows I bought at Kmart for 3.00 I do not recommend these pillows hilton would not do a thing about it

  3. Worse pillows to wash the stains would not come out of one of them they had a protective cover plus a pillowcase Hilton said too bad for me

      1. Firmness




        Neck Support




        Off Gassing


        Hi Lusa – Last night I had two pillows (Doubletree Hyde Park London) one thick and one thin so am assuming they use both. Our bed had three thick and one thin. ( I used the thin one and loved it.)

  4. Firmness




    Neck Support




    Off Gassing


    I dont sleep well due to body pain. When I sleep in a Hilton bed and pillow, I sleep much better. God bless my Hilton Grand Vacation membership. I will own a set sometime.

  5. Firmness




    Neck Support




    Off Gassing


    I love Hilton pillows. Are they soft or firm? I want to buy for my home!! Heavenly!!

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