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haven premier review

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The Haven Premier mattress is an all-foam mattress that promises a 5-star sleep with their proprietary 5 layer construction. While this mattress may not be for everyone, it will appeal to sleepers looking for superior pressure relief, minimal motion transfer, and the latest cooling technology all for an incredible price.

Overview of the Haven Premier Mattress

You can order the Haven exclusively through their website. My mattress a week after placing the order and arrived compressed in a box as seen in the video below. You will probably need 2 people to get this upstairs if you buy a queen-size or larger. When you open the mattress it will come to life relatively quickly. If you open it before 12pm you should be able to sleep on it that evening although there may be some lingering off-gassing but that should go away after a day or two.

How Much Does the Haven Premier Cost?

Below are the current retail prices of the Haven Premier before any current discounts.

Twin XL$849
California King$1,299

Construction of the Haven Premier

This mattress has 5 layers detailed below.

Quilted Cover – A high quality 450GSM washable quilted cover, this fabric is designed to work with the body’s natural thermal capabilities. It helps you to feel warm when you are cold and cool when you feel hot.

Fireproof Cloth – All Natural Organic Cotton is wrapped all the way around the Haven Premier. This fabric is eco-friendly, healthy and allows for exceptional airflow.

3″ Haven cooling buoyancy foam – Where the magic happens: Our custom blended foam with gel infusion, reacts faster than memory foam and has better support for more pressure relief, all while sleeping cooler.

2″ Supportive transition foam – Perforated holes that help the mattress breath and provide extra responsiveness.

7″ Haven high density foam – 7″ Haven High Density Foam Base – At 7″ our bases provide superior stability for every layer. It’s one reason our Haven foam gel mattresses have at least 1″ extra height compared to other brands And at 2.4lb of foam core density, this is at least 30% more than the market average, making it extra durable

Fireproof cloth – All Natural Organic Cotton is wrapped all the way around the Haven Premier. This fabric is eco-friendly, healthy and allows for exceptional airflow.

Base cover – A washable, durable and replaceable layer to keep your mattress clean. Just unzip at the side and it’s ready to be removed for cleaning.

Haven Premier Construction

My Haven Premier Mattress Findings

The Haven Premier has a quilted foam cover. As you can see in the picture below the quilting runs horizontally along the mattress. You can’t feel the ridges at all but it by stitching the mattress this way, it provides a more consistent feel across the mattress and prevents sagging. I put my 14 lb. bowling ball on the mattress to show how much it sinks. Most of the sinkage occurs from the quilted top layer and the top layer of comfort foam. This is also a thick fabric cover so it won’t wear down easily or tear but still stretches so that you get maximum contouring from the foam layers below. A typical 3 layer online foam mattress will have a stretch knit cover but it’s usually thin and is prone to tears.

haven mattress sinkage

This mattress really shines when you sleep on your side. It has great pressure relief for your hips and shoulders but not too much sink. I didn’t sleep hot on this mattress and was still able to change positions easily. That’s in large part to the 3 inches of buoyancy foam which is the top comfort layer of the mattress. It will contour and recover quickly and doesn’t trap as much heat compared to traditional memory foam.

haven side sleeping

I rarely sleep on my back but as you can see below even though you sink a fair amount into this mattress you are still getting good support. I wouldn’t recommend this for dedicated stomach sleeping but it is great for side and back sleeping.

haven back sleeping

Here you can see the different layers of the mattress. The blue layer is the buoyancy foam that gives this mattress its unique feel. When you pair that with the quilted foam in the cover, you get a more luxurious feel as opposed to a typical 3 layer mattress with a simple knit cover.

haven premier inside

Final Thoughts on the Haven Mattress

This mattress easily justifies its retail price but when you take into consideration the massive discount it’s a steal. On top of that, Haven offers an 18-month trial. This is one of the longest trials for any mattress brand. You can try it out in your house for a year and a half and if you still don’t like it within that time, you can return it for a full refund. They don’t charge any shipping fees to deliver or return it. If you decide to keep it, you are backed by their, “Everlasting Warranty”. What stood out with this warranty is that as long as you own the mattress they will warrant against any defects but also any impressions over 1″ which again is a leader in the industry.

Finally, if price is a concern, Haven offers great financing terms so you can break down the cost into small monthly payments so that you can start getting better sleep now and pay it off over time.

I highly recommend the Haven to sleepers that prefer a plush feeling mattress without the drawbacks of heat retention and lack of support. This mattress has zero motion transfer and is great for maximum pressure relief.

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  1. Elizabeth B says:

    Which mattress would you say is the most comfortable between the Haven Premier and Idle Gel Foam?

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      I would say the Haven Premier is more comfortable in that is has better pressure relief.

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