Happsy Mattress Review : An Affordable, Natural Mattress in a Box

Happsy Mattress

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The Happsy Mattress is a mattress that uses primarily organic materials such at GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Cotton and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) latex in addition to a spring system. A queen size Happsy retails for $1,399 which puts it at a very competitive price point for an all-natural mattress. What really sets this apart from the competition is just how many certifications and accolades this mattress has.

Overview of the Happsy Mattress

The Happsy mattress can be ordered direct from their website and will arrive about a week after placing your order. Unlike most online mattress companies, the Happsy will come in multiple boxes That’s because the latex layer cannot be compressed like foam and so will come in a separate box. Below is a photo of what I received for my Happsy mattress plus topper. The mattress will ship to your door though so there’s no need to schedule a delivery.

The Happsy comes with a 120 night trial where if you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund. This is still rare with natural mattresses. There aren’t many brands that offer a trial period. Additionally, this mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.

Below is a video overview of the Happsy. I’m sitting on it with the optional latex topper.


Construction of the Happsy Mattress

The Happsy Mattress is made with the following materials:

Organic cotton fabric cover
Organic wool batting
2″ organic latex
8″ pocketed springs
organic cotton batting

Happsy Mattress Construction

How Much Does the Happsy Mattress Cost?

Below are the prices of the Happsy mattress as listed on their website.

Mattress Only

  • King: $1,699
  • California King: $1,699
  • Queen: $1,399
  • Full: $1,199
  • Twin XL: $999
  • Twin: $899

Mattress Plus Topper

Twin $998
Twin XL $1,078
Full $1,448
Queen $1,598
King $1998
Cal King $1,998

Happsy Accessories

Happsy just doesn’t stop with a mattress. They also offer a mattress protector, pillows and even a natural crib mattress.

My Happsy Mattress Findings

The Happsy comes with or without a topper. If you go with the topper option just note that it fits on top of the mattress and is not integrated. This shouldn’t be an issue though when you put sheets over everything.

Happsy Mattress Topper

Below is a photo of how much sinkage you can expect with the mattress topper option. I like a more plush feel and if you do too, then I strongly recommend getting the topper.

Happsy Mattress with Topper

Below you can see how much sinkage you get without the topper. There is a very pronounced difference here.

Happsy Mattress Sinkage

The Happsy is a bouncy mattress because it is springs and latex. Here’s  video showing motion transfer on the mattress.


Is the Happsy Mattress right for you?

People seeking out a firm natural mattress will want to go with the Happsy. If you want a plush feel, I strongly recommend adding the latex topper. Latex has a unique feel and is instantly responsive, unlike memory foam which lags. Latex is a more resilient material in that it will last longer than foam so it is a worthwhile investment assuming you like the feel.

The field of online organic / natural mattresses is still limited so it’s welcoming to see the Happsy come in at such a competitive price point.

For reference, a queen Avocado Mattress retails for $1,399 and $1,799 for the pillow top option whereas a queen Happsy is $1,199 and $1,598 for the pillow top.

If you are looking for a softer natural mattress, check out the Cedar Mattress from Brentwood Home.


24 thoughts on “Happsy Mattress Review : An Affordable, Natural Mattress in a Box”

  1. Thank you for your very informative website. I am hesitating between the Happsy and the Avocado as I need a firmer mattress because of lower back pain but my husband (side sleeper) is concerned about comfort. How does the Happsy compare to the Avocado comfort and support-wise?

    1. They are about the same. I would say the Avocado is slightly better for support but they are both great.

  2. Hello, did you notice any smell from the happsy? Thanks!

    1. There is a latex smell but it’s not that bad. It goes away after it’s been opened for a few days.

  3. How would you compare the Happsy to the Naturepedic Essentials? From what I can find, they are both produced at the same facility and seem very similar, other than the Naturepedic can be customized?

  4. Jamie L Lewis says:

    We just received our Avocado Green with pillowtop last week, but I am finding it still too firm for side sleeping, especially in my hips and shoulders. Would you recommend Happsy, My Green Mattress Natural Escape, or another? thanks!

    1. Jamie L Lewis says:

      or Brentwood Cedar?

      1. JAMIE L LEWIS says:

        Thank you, your website is really helpful!

  5. Natalie McCann says:

    Sorry, I just saw your answer above about the Brentwood Cedar. Would you say it is quite a bit softer feel than the Avocado? I’m trying to find a medium-soft feel as I am a light side sleeper, but with all natural materials. Wondering if that exists? Hoping to stay away from memory foam if I can. Thanks for your thoughts!

  6. Sleepless in Sleeplessville says:

    Hello! SO appreciate your site and your balanced reviews and expertise! We are REALLY stuck between the Avocado and the Happsy. The folks at Brentwood actually steered us away from Cedar, saying it might be too soft. We are a 6’2″ 240 pound back/side sleeper who likes firm, and a 5’2″ side sleeper who sleeps side. Spouse likes firm. I like pillow top, but have been fine on a firm coil mattress without the pillow top for a long time. Motion/movement is an issue, as one of us is a roller. We want a green/non-toxic mattress. Our old bed is dead, and we are hurting. One of these can ship to us a LOT faster (as in three weeks faster) and that is a pull, as our old bed is killing us. Advice?

    1. I would go with the Happsy without the pillow top option as it will have less motion transfer than the Avocado. If you find it is too firm you can always add the pillow top layer.

      1. Thank you so much! We had a great night’s sleep on our new Happsy! In fact, sleepy in sleepyville is presently happily napping. For your readers: great customer service and easy set up. We bought without the pillow top. It’s firm, but still feels plush enough for me. Got the latex pillow and waterproof mattress pad, too. Absolutely zero smells! Virtually no motion transfer. Sooooo happ(s)y! Thanks a million for your site and your expertise. Tremendously helpful!

  7. Amanda Baraldi says:

    Does anyone know if the Happsy will work well for a plus sized person? Will it hold up?

  8. Margaret Wells says:

    We are torn between Happsy with pillow top and Brentwood Cedar – which is plusher? So appreciate your advice!

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      The new Cedar Luxe is now considerably softer than the Happsy.

  9. Rachel Joynes says:

    Is there any bounce to the Happsy? I prefer less bounce and have been looking at Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme and Nolah and other all foam mattresses. But would prefer more natural materials and being made in the USA. I got an Eco Terra but it’s too soft and is sagging in the middle. Thanks so much!

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      There is since it has a spring system and latex on top.

  10. Rachel Joynes says:

    Also have you ever reviewed any all wool mattresses? I just got back France and really enjoyed sleeping on some. Thanks for all your insights!

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      I haven’t reviewed an all-wool mattress yet.

  11. Looking for a Twin mattress for my 2 year old. Debating between Natutepedic, Avocado and Happsy. Can you offer any input?

    I’m told firmer is best for a toddler.

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      Of these, the Happsy is the best value for the money and has the most certifications. I would go with the Happsy.

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