My Green Mattress: Crib Mattress 6

My Green Mattress: Crib Sized



  • Organic Cotton and Natural Wool
  • Springy
  • Highly durable
  • Can be used for many babies in a family over time


  • Heavy! Hard to maneuver by yourself!

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We were very impressed by the crib sized version My Green Mattress.  This crib mattress is extremely high-quality, and is quite a bit thicker and more substantial than the crib mattress Lucas was using before.  When I unboxed it, (which was tough… it’s heavy!) there was no chemical odor or off gassing at all.  It is about an inch thicker than my regular, run of the mill crib mattress.  Fitted crib sheets still fit it fine!


Here’s Lucas and I unboxing the product and telling you a bit about it!

The mattress is made of organic cotton and a natural wool that has not been treated with chemicals, but is naturally flame-resistant. There are 280 individually wrapped coil springs in this mattress, making it just as nice as what adults sleep on!  I am really impressed by the springiness of the mattress, and now that I have seen a high-quality, natural, organic mattress, I definitely won’t switch back to the old (only 7 months old!) basic mattress for Lucas’ crib.


Here’s a brief video comparing our basic crib mattress to the My Green Mattress.

After using this product for a few weeks, I do think Lucas has been waking up less.  He seems to go to sleep more easily as well, possibly since the My Green Mattress is so soft and cozy!   This is a totally high-quality product, through and through.

My Green Mattress doesn’t make any noise, so there’s no disturbance to a sleeping baby.  My old crib mattress was plastic-encased (so it was waterproof) but it made a lot of smooshing and crinkling noises when Lucas moved around which probably contributed to Lucas being a troubled sleeper.  Since I have a waterproof mattress pad, the waterproof mattress turns out to be unnecessary.

The price for a My Green Mattress crib mattress is $249, and shipping is free.  This is definitely more costly than your basic mattress, but after testing this mattress, I think it is worth the extra cost.  It is a top-quality product, made of organic cotton and natural wool and is manufactured here in the USA.  It is extremely well-made, and I know I will be able to use it for years and for future kids as we add to our little family!  I hope you give this product a try and enjoy it as much as Lucas does!

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