GhostBed Mattress Review: A Frighteningly Good Value

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Ben Trapskin

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I received a free GhostBed to review. GhostBed wasn’t the first on the scene in the mattress in a box space but being first doesn’t always mean being the best. Often, the first one out of the gate becomes the benchmark to rise above, and that’s just what GhostBed has done.

Overview of the GhostBed

Here’s my updated findings from my original review a few years back and my thoughts on the mattress now.

Ordering the Ghostbed Mattress

Ordering the GhostBed is just as simple and straightforward as the other mattresses in a box that I have ordered. What makes them unique is that you can also add a box spring foundation for an extra $200 and have it shipped along with your mattress.

My mom needed a new bed for her guest room. The bed she currently has in there is over 30 years old and so is the box spring! So both had to be replaced. I ordered a full size mattress and box spring.

The mattress will come in a box that looks like this.

GhostBed Unboxing

Ghostbed wrappedThe GhostBed comes compressed and wrapped in plastic like the other bed in a box brands. It expands fairly quickly though and you could sleep on it after just a few hours.

A nice surprise is a free t-shirt found when the mattress expands.

Ghostbed tshirt

Here’s what it looks like a few minutes after opening.

opened ghostbed

The Ghost Bed Foundation

I put together the box spring with a Philips screwdriver. I didn’t have a drill at my mom’s house so this was all done by hand. It took about an hour but just goes to show that it can be done.

box spring

The slats stay connected with a piece of cloth stapled to them to ensure adequate spacing.

box spring

You also get a cover for your box spring that matches your mattress.

box spring cover


My GhostBed Findings

The GhostBed comes in at 11 inches high while many others come in at 10 inches and you can feel the difference. The GhostBed just feels more substantial and doesn’t bottom out like a cheaper mattress can. Both of these mattresses have a top layer of latex.

GhostBed Mattress Construction

Below is the inside of the GhostBed. Like most of the mattresses I have reviewed, there are 3 layers. The base layer is 7.5 inches, followed by a 2-inch gel memory foam layer that helps with cooling and finally the 1.5 latex foam top.

Here’s a look at the top layer of latex

top layer of ghostbed

Here’s how the layers of the GhostBed react

You’ll also get a little bounce with this mattress.

The GhostBed offers great support but also sinks a little more than some of the latex/foam mattresses I have tested which helps with pressure relief.

ghostbed sinkageHere’s a look at how it handles edge support.

ghostbed edge supportThe accelerometer reading below shows that the bed will have some residual bounce/motion. More than other mattresses I have tested which makes it better bouncing around!


My GhostBed Mattress Recommendation

The GhostBed is a solid choice for people who want some bounce in their mattress but also want the advantages of a memory foam bed. The Ghost Bed will keep you cool too. The combination of cooling gel foam below ventilated latex is a nice touch.  It comes with a 101-night trial so you can get a full refund if not completely satisfied.


Sherpa DealSleep Sherpa readers get the best deal on the GhostBed  Activate Here

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