Endy Mattress Review 5



Motion Transfer






Off Gassing



  • Cradles your body
  • Little motion transfer
  • Great for side sleepers
  • Free Shipping to Canada


  • Sleeps a little warm
  • Foam does not recover quickly

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There’s a new player in the start-up mattress space called Endy.  According to their website, Endy mattresses are 95 percent made in Canada and are available with free delivery to the United States.  The Endy mattress is comparable to a YogaBed or Leesa mattress in terms of construction but softer than the YogaBed and has less motion transfer than the Leesa.

From the information on the website, what sets the Endy mattress apart from the aforementioned mattresses, is that the top layer is a gel layer. This leads to a cool sleeping experience, literally. Here’s a graphic from the Endy website:

Endy mattress review 2

Here’s an actual picture of the inside of the Endy Mattress, notice the top layer which is a cooling gel infused layer.
endy inside

The ordering process is super easy and once you place your order it ships within 3-5 days via UPS Ground Shipping so you can track it and know what time of day to expect your new Endy Mattress.

Endy has a generous trial period of 100 days where if you aren’t satisfied for whatever reason, they will arrange to pick it up for you! One thing I hated about buying a mattress in a traditional store is that if you want to return a product you’re either stuck exchanging it for another crappy mattress in the store or have to personally return the mattress and haggle with salespeople who are on commission and really don’t want to deal with you. With Endy, there are no questions asked and you don’t feel guilty for not liking it. It’s totally OK!

Unboxing the Endy Mattress

My Endy Findings

The Endy Sleep mattress company is so new that it may be a while before the public is aware that this is a real alternative to traditional memory foam mattresses that cost 5 times as much.  This mattress has extreme contouring. I highly recommend it to people that wake up with any kind of soreness.

Below is a video of what you can expect for feel for the Endy Mattress.

Shop Endy

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