Eight Sleep Hybrid Mattress (Mars) Review

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Eight Sleep is well known for their smart mattress pad but the also make great mattresses. I was recently given their new Eight Sleep Mars hybrid mattress for review. It is a spring and foam mattress that feels a little softer than their all foam version. This mattress comes in a box even though it has springs. It is made in the USA and has a 100 day trial.

Overview of the Eight Sleep Mars Mattress Hybrid

You can order the Eight Hybrid mattress direct from the Eight website. After placing your order it should arrive in about a week. Shipping is also free so are returns. Your mattress will come delivered by a courier such as UPS or Fedex. No need to wait for a delivery driver either, if you’re not home, it will be left at the door, waiting for you to unbox it.

People that live in older houses with tight corners or small apartments will appreciate the convenience a mattress in a box provides. Instead of wrestling the mattress into your bedroom, just bring the compressed mattress in the box into the room and open it there. This opens possibilities for people to upgrade to a kings size mattres who once had space constraints.


Specifications of the Eight Sleep Hybrid

Here’s a cross section of the mattress to show you what’s inside:

This mattress is designed with four layers of high density foam and pocketed spring coils.

11 inches
• 2” Reactive Foam

• 2” Comfort Transition Foam
• 4” Sleeved Coils, surrounded by a Polyfoam Layer that provides edge support
• 3” High Density Support Foam

As I mentioned in the video, this mattress has really been a hit in the Sleep Sherpa showroom. Customers have tried it out without knowing what it was and really enjoyed the feel. I think what people appreciate is that it sinks in faster than a foam mattress and is bouncy too. The mattress isn’t over engineered. It’s a relatively simple construction but just feels great.

The picture below illustrates sinkage on the mattress. The cover is a knit fabric so it has some give to it which helps you sink into the mattress a bit. You’ll notice that it isn’t all that thick either, this gives you a more feel of the memory foam underneath.

Eight Sleep Sinkage

In terms of heat retention, I found this mattress to sleep a little cooler than their all memory foam offering. The coils inside the mattress create a space for air to move.

Here’s a video illustrating heat retention taken with my infrared camera.

If you are looking for a little more bounce in your mattress, but still like the feel of a memory foam, this would be a good choice. The foam recovers fairly quickly on its own but then when you add the springs, you get even more bounce. Some hybrid mattresses have denser top layers of foam which dampen the bounce that their springs provide making them still feel like a traditional foam mattress.

My Eight Sleep Recommendation

I think the Eight Hybrid would be a great choice for people new to memory foamt that still want a little bounce. At first glance this looks like a no frills mattress but the mix of foam densities and pocket coils makes for a very comfortable experience. But don’t take just my word for it. This mattress has been a hit at our showroom among customers.

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  1. How would you compare this to the Nest Alexander Hybrid, and the WinkBed hybrid?

    1. This mattress will feel more like a foam mattress overall. The pocket coils are embedded betweeen the layers of foam. The Winkbed and Alexander Hybrid use the coils as a base layer. Also the coils aren’t as big so it’s a more subtle effect and there is less motion transfer with the Eight Sleep Hybrid.

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