Eight Sleep Custom Mattress Review

Eight Sleep Customizable Mattress

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Eight Sleep now has a new customizable mattress where you can get the right firmness for your needs. All you need to do is fill out a short questionnaire on their site and Eight will ship you a mattress suited to your needs. Paired with their smart sleep tracking technology, you will be well on your way to tracking better sleep in no time.

Ordering your Eight Sleep Customizable Mattress

Ordering your mattress takes just a little longer than a standard mattress because you need to fill out a questionnaire, more on that later, but after you place the order it will arrive in about 5 business days to your doorstep in a box like the one below.  The sleep tracking technology is in the little brown box.

Eight Sleep Box

Customizing Your Mattress

This mattress is available exclusively through their website. You will start with a questionnaire to make sure you get a mattress suited to your exact needs.

Eight Sleep Custom Mattress

You first select your size. These mattresses come with the smart mattress technology so no need to add that.

Eight Sleep Two Sided mattress

When selecting your firmness you can choose between soft, medium and firm but you can also choose to have each side a different firmness. It will cost an extra $200 but worth it for the right comfort. I chose to do a split with one side soft and the other medium just to get a sense of their firmness range.

Eight Sleep Smart Mattress Choice

After choosing your mattress you can then select any accessories you may need.

Eight Sleep Mattress

You are then given a summary of what you selected so you can double check that everything is correct.

Eight Sleep Smart Mattress

Note that you can pay all at once or finance through Affirm where with this mattress the monthly payments would be just under $55.

How Much Does the Eight Sleep Custom Mattress Cost?

Cost depends on a few factors. If you purchase a queen size or larger, you have the option of splitting the mattress into dual firmness. So one side could be soft and the other firm. This is an extra $200 but again, money well spent if you and your partner have significantly different firmness preferences. You also have the option of adding accessories such as their pillow, mattress protector sheets and more.

Here are the current prices.

SizeOne FirmnessDifferent Firmnesses
California King$1,299$1,499

My Eight Sleep Custom Mattress Findings

Here’s a quick video overview of the mattress and the sleep tracker. In short, they are very accurate with my expectations of firmness. In other words, I expected a soft side and a medium side and that’s what I got.

Here’s a look at how much each side sinks. It’s sort of hard to tell but you will sink in more on the soft side than the medium.

Eight Sleep custom mattress medium

Here’s how much the soft side sinks.

Eight Sleep Soft Side

You really won’t get much motion transfer with this mattress so I just did this on the soft side of the mattress to show you how much it absorbs motion. This is a 14 lb. bowling ball that I’m dropping.

Below is the inside of the mattress. I cut open the soft side so you get an idea of the layering and how each layer reacts. The construction will vary for the medium and firm but they will have a common base layer.

The Eight Sleep Smart Technology

Along with the mattress you get the Eight Sleep smart technology that will track your sleep. Here’s the box that it comes in.

Eight sleep tracker box

There aren’t many parts. What you get is the tracker which looks like a mattress pad and a power source that has wifi access.

Eight Sleep BoxI originally reviewed it on this post but they have made some really nice improvements since my original review. One big improvement is that the cover is less noticeable on the mattress. To get started you put the tracker on the mattress just like you would a sheet.


Eight Sleep tracker

You then just plug the power source into an outlet and the plug into the pad and you’re then ready to install the app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Eight Sleep Power Source

Installing the app is also very easy. Just download it on iTunes or Google Play for free. You then create a free account with your information. Your partner can also create an account as the tracker is capable of recording sleep for each side of the bed.

Eight Sleep App

Other bonus features of the app include ambient sounds so it can be used as a sound machine and guided meditations to help you relax.

Eight Sleep App Features

If you really want to geek out you can have the sleep tracker work with other smart devices such as your Nest Thermostat or Hue Lights. An example would be to have your Nest turn up the heat when you get out of bed or have your lights turn off in your bedroom when you get into bed. Lots of options with this that will only expand as more gadgets become “smart”.

Eight Sleep Smart Home

This device tracks over 15 factors about your sleep and health such as heart rate, breathing, the amount of REM sleep you get and deep sleep. This makes it a much more sophisticated tracker than most on the market.

It is also completely passive which means you don’t have to remember to turn it on or off. The tracker senses when you get into bed and when you actually fall asleep for more accurate reporting. As time goes by you will get a more holistic view of your sleep habits.

This app has a built-in sleep coach to also give you suggestions on how to improve your seep. This is a one of a kind sleep tracker.

My Eight Sleep Custom Mattress Recommendation

With the ability to customize firmness on each side and the advanced sleep tracking technology, you get a lot for your money here. The firmness levels are spot on and I think most people will be happy with the medium firm option. All of this is backed by their 100-night trial so if it doesn’t happy to work out for you, returns are completely free. The Eight mattress gives great pressure relief without the slow recovery associated with traditional foam mattresses. This is all around an excellent buy and I highly recommend it.

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