Dreamcloud Mattress Review (Worlds Most Affordable Luxury Mattress?)

DreamCloud Mattress Review

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Motion Transfer






Off Gassing


Trial Period


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The Dreamcloud mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress that breaks the mold. A few highlights of this mattress are stitched handles along the side, cashmere blend and flax yarns and a price of $1,399 for a queen size. Normally to get all these features in a mattress you can expect to pay north of $5,000. If you are tired of memory foam the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is for you. In this DreamCloud mattress review, we cover all three DreamCloud models and recommend which is best for you. 

DreamCloud is often rated as the best mattress among major publications and mattress reviewers. 

To top it all off Dreamcloud offers a 365 night trial period where if at any point you want to return it, Dreamcloud will pick it up at your house for free. No need to put it back in the box or pay return shipping. After your year trial period expired, you are protected by Dreamcloud’s “Forever Warranty” which is one of the strongest and longest in the industry.

Ordering and Unboxing the Dreamcloud

When you order your DreamCloud or even pick one up in store, it will come in a box like the ones below. These are king-size Dreamcloud Mattresses in the box.  The box on the left is the DreamCloud Premier, the middle box is the DreamCloud original aka DreamCloud Tight Top and the largest box on the right is the DreamCloud Premier Rest. These boxes are considerably larger than boxes from memory foam mattresses because the coil systems can only be compressed so much. The coils won’t get damaged though because they are individually wrapped coils and are not tied together. 

Dreamcloud Boxes

The DreamCloud Accessories Sleep Bundle

DreamCloud will throw in 2 pillows, a set of sheets and a mattress protector to sweeten the deal. They value it at $599 which is a stretch but hey, if you need some bedding for your new mattress, it’s nice to have.

Your sheets, pillows and mattress protector all come in a box like this and it will ship separately from your mattress order so one may arrive before the other. 

Sleep Bundle

It will take some time for the pillows to get to their normal size. You can put them in the dryer on no heat to get them fluffed up. 

DreamCloud Pillows

Here’s the DreamCloud pillow in the packaging.

DreamCloud Pillow

Overview of the Dreamcloud Mattress

The DreamCloud now comes in 3 different models. Here’s what’s common among them. They all are made with individually wrapped coils, aka, pocket coils to reduce motion transfer which is key in a hybrid mattress. They also all have a memory foam layer with the Premier and Premier Rest having more layers than the original. All have a cashmere blend cover, how much cashmere, I’m not sure.

The DreamCloud


This is the base DreamCloud model and the least expensive. It’s perfect for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. It’s also a good choice for hot sleepers

The DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud Premier

This is the upgraded version of the original DreamCloud and comes with extra foam layering without sacrificing support. It is my favorite of the DreamCloud lineup due to its feel and features. It is ideal for any sleep position but I recommend it most for back and stomach sleepers that want superior pressure relief without losing support. 

The DreamCloud Premier Rest

DreamCloud Premier Rest

This is the most expensive DreamCloud and the only one that comes with a knife edge pillowtop, a rarity to find in a mattress in a box. This is by far the softest of the DreamCloud lineup and is better suited towards side sleepers and will give you the most pressure relief but stomach sleepers and hot sleepers should stay away. It’s also my least favorite of the DreamCloud line because it seems to lack support in key areas.

Below is an unboxing video of the Dreamcloud. As you can see it comes compressed in a box but that doesn’t mean it is any less quality than other luxury hybrid memory foam mattress. New pocket coil technology allows for roll packing which saves on shipping costs and the savings are passed directly to the consumer.

Below is a video of me on the Dreamcloud. You will see that it has nice bounce and contains motion really well for having springs. It feels as good as it looks.

How Much Does a Dreamcloud Mattress Cost?

Here are the current prices of the Dreamcloud bed. These prices include the 365 night trial period code Sherpa200

You can pay for the mattress in full or you can now finance it through Affirm.

How much does the Dreamcloud Mattress Weigh?

The Dreamcloud is a heavier mattress which is a good indicator of quality. Below are the dimensions and weights for each size.

TWIN 39” x 75” x 15” and 55 lbs
TWIN XL 39” x 80” x 15” and 68 lbs
FULL 54” x 75” x 15” and 88 lbs
QUEEN 60” x 80” x 15” and 94 lbs
KING 76” x 80” x 15” and 109 lbs
CAL KING 72” x 84” x 15” and 109 lbs

Construction of the Dreamcloud Mattress

Dreamcloud Layers


Introducing your dreamiest sleep ever. Our durable Quilted Euro Top offers unparalleled comfort and premium softness for maximum rest potential.


With an ultra-plush feel, our Comfort Layer is made of a gel-infused memory foam to help relax the body and provide relief for pressure points.


With all this plush comfort, our essential Support Layer helps provide resistance and a stable foundation for better body alignment and a deep, restful sleep.


This layer helps promote breathability and temperature regulation for cool comfort. It’s designed with edge support stability and helps reduce motion transfer for an unadulterated slumber.


This Base Support Layer provides extra stability to the much-loved Pocketed Innerspring Coil layer.


While much overlooked, the Bottom Mattress Cover has the important job of ensuring your mattress stays in the correct place and doesn’t move around while you dream.

My Dreamcloud Mattress Findings

This mattress feels wonderful. It is a hybrid mattress which means springs and foam but it is so much more. Every layer contributes to the overall feel.  The quilted foam on the top layer really allows you to sink into the mattress without feeling like you are lying on a flat piece of foam.

You will also notice other quality details like handles stitched into the side of the mattress. This makes it easy to move and easy to rotate.

Dreamcloud Handles

This mattress feels plush and supportive. This is hard to achieve but I think Dreamcloud pulled it off by quilting foam into the top layer and then adding springs underneath. This allows you to sink somewhat into the mattress before being lifted up again by the responsive foam and spring system.

Here’s a picture that illustrates how much my 14 lb. bowling ball sinks into the mattress.

Dreamcloud Sinkage

What is the Dreamcloud Everlong Warranty?

Below are the highlights of the warranty as listed on their website”


  1. For the first 10 years of ownership, we will replace your mattress with a brand new DreamCloud at absolutely no charge to you if defective in workmanship and materials. In years 10+ DreamCloud will completely repair and re-cover your DreamCloud, or replace your DreamCloud. All transportation charges will be waived if a manufacturing defect(s) or a materials failure is confirmed to exist.
  2. Your mattress must be used on an appropriate base such as a platform bed or other suitable bed frame.
  3. The warranty applies only as long as the original owner of the DreamCloud mattress owns the DreamCloud.
  4. The warranty does not apply if mattress has been burned or otherwise abused, damaged, misused, or neglected.
  5. In order to provide the most optimum sleeping surface the DreamCloud mattress contains only the finest quality materials. As with all premium sleep products, certain adaptations will take place as your mattress adjusts to your body shape. This is to be expected and is part of the performance of your mattress. Normal body impressions (not greater than 1.5”) are not defects and are not covered by the warranty. Excessive body impressions of greater than 1.5” are covered by the Everlong Warranty, well, Everlong.

When is the Best Time to Buy A DreamCloud?

DreamCloud has held flash sales in the past. Recently they had a 25% off sale which is the best Dreamcloud deal I have seen. These flash sales happen close to big sales holidays like Black Friday, Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. 

Where is the DreamCloud Mattress Made?

Right now according to the law tags on the back of the DreamCloud models I received, it is currently made in Turkey. I’m not sure why they chose Turkey, but it must be less expensive to make there than in the USA. Regardless, these mattresses are CertiPur-US certified meaning they are free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other toxic ingredients. 

My Dreamcloud Mattress Recommendation

The Dreamcloud is hands down one of the best values out there for a mattress. I haven’t come across a mattress that is built better than the Dreamcloud at this price point. I recommend the Dreamcloud to people that want a traditional mattress feel will all the benefits of newer generation foams and a quality spring sytem.

In terms of firmness, I would say it is about a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale with 10 being the firmest. If you want a mattress with foam layers that recovers quickly, is breathable and contours well, this would be the ideal mattress for you.

People looking for a firm mattress or a dense foam feel mattress will want to look elsewhere.

At the Sleep Sherpa showrooms in Chicago and Minneapolis, customers are really enjoying the feel of this mattress and it is resonating well and definitely worth a try for people looking for a mattress with a more substantial feel that is going to last a while.

Learn more about the Dreamcloud

Want to try the Dreamcloud in Person? Visit our San Diego Showroom. Click Here for more information. We have all 3 models of the DreamCloud in our store and nothing beats trying it out yourself. 

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65 thoughts on “Dreamcloud Mattress Review (Worlds Most Affordable Luxury Mattress?)”

  1. Do you know where the mattress is manufactured? Is it packaged on order and shipped or do they sit around boxed in a warehouse in Washington?

      1. Anonymous says:

        That is not true, these are manufactured in Washington state. Nectar mattresses (which produces the dream cloud) are manufactured in China

        1. Anonymous says:

          I emailed Dreamcloud, they confirmed to me it is made in CHINA.

        2. Wrong. The FTC just sued them for misleading customers about the country of origin. They come from China.

          1. Blueotter says:

            Thanks for the clarification… that’s a deal breaker for me. The mattress sounds good but I’d prefer one made in the USA.

      2. China??? WHY can’t you make them her in the USA??? Sorry but this made my decision, NOT buying this mattress.

        1. Anonymous says:

          What’s the big deal about USA made

        2. Andy Wilkes says:

          that’s pretty racist to be fair

  2. Hi!
    How does the DreamCloud mattress sleep in terms of coolness and edge support? Thanks!

    1. The Dreamcloud sleeps fairly cool since it has a spring system for breathability. The edge support is also good because of the springs which seem firmer around the perimeter. The tufting also helps a bit with breathability because it creates little valleys for air to channel through.

  3. How would you compare this mattress to the Alexander Hybrid by Nest Bedding and the Voila?

    Thank you for the review!

  4. Hi, I liked the mattress in your store. Is this mattress a Nectar mattress? If so I would be interested in purchasing one if you stocked them in your store, but I am still nervous about ordering one and then not knowing when it will be delivered due to Nectar often having long delays in shipping.

    1. Motion Transfer






      Off Gassing


      Trial Period


      We ordered the Dreamcloud mattress Monday evening (2/5/18) and received it on Thursday (2/8/18). We’ve been sleeping great from the first night we received it. Will definitely purchase again for our other mattress needs and will recommend to others.

  5. Patricia Barker says:

    Does delivery include carrying it to the bedroom?

    1. No, delivery would be to your door then you would need to bring it to your bedroom.

    2. It took our breath away – My wife and I with our Adult son took us lot of effort to take the 94 LB matters from basement to the bedroom

  6. Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    I received my Dreamcloud mattress a few days ago and the shipping was less than a week. The mattress feels amazing after sleeping on an innerspring for 10+ years. My roommate has the Alexander Hybrid and the Dreamcloud is a little firmer but just as comfortable for me as a side sleeper. I slept on his mattress several times and loved it but I am liking the Dreamcloud a bit more because of the cashmere cover and the firmness of it. We will see how it holds up and if I start to have problems I always have a year to send it back.

  7. Do you have one of these at your showroom in Edina?

  8. I’m a 6’7” male around 260lbs. I have a nectar and have to change sides frequently as I caused a ditch on the one side. Do you think the dreamcloud will be able to handle my stature? I’ve had my nectar since July… and it surely cannot…

  9. Hello, Is there any locations in Massachusetts or New Hampshire that carry these?

  10. What is the recommended weight limit per person for this mattress?

    1. I just asked this from DreamCloud live chat, and this is the response I got: “The DreamCloud actually does not have a weight limit thanks to the handtufted construction and use of medical grade foam.”

  11. Can you place the dreamcloud mattress on a set of box springs?

    1. Absolutely. As long as its a modern box spring which is firm and doesn’t have any “give” to it.

      1. Can you define “modern” box spring? Ours is 10 years old. When I talked to customer service at Dreamcloud, he said as long as the wooden slats are 3” apart, the mattress would work as designed. I assumed that meant the wooden slats that the box springs sit on? We added some to make sure they were all 3” or less apart. We have been sleeping on it a little over a week, and while it is super comfortable and I’m sleeping great, I am still waking up with back pain, in fact it seems worse now than before we got the mattress. Typically firm mattresses help with my lower back pain. So now I’m wondering if it’s the box springs.

        1. Sleep Sherpa says:

          Basically, it needs to be on a firm surface. Old box springs actually had springs in them which made them bounce. I don’t think that is the case with your box spring though. I would try it on the floor if possible to see if that makes a difference.

  12. What about sheets? Do you need special ones? Will deep pocket sheets fit?

    1. Most sheets will accommodate this mattress. Deep pocket sheets will work fine but even most sheets you find at Target or Walmart will work on this mattress.

  13. Martine St John says:

    It bothers me to find out that it’s made in China instead of the U.S.

  14. Thanks so much for keeping up this site! Great resource.

    Have you heard of any customer service issues with Nectar/Dreamcloud? They have a B- rating with the BBB, seemingly due to shipping issues.

    Also, I echo the question about about comparison to the Nest hybrids, and wonder how easy it is to change positions without a lot of bouncing.

    Thank you!

  15. Jerry Fisher says:

    The materials used are manufactured in China and assembled here in Washington state. Soo, boyh are right.

    1. Carol Kaye says:

      Thanks for clarifying. That means they provide American jobs but all profits goes to China…..Just like Kia.

  16. How does the Dreamcloud compare to the Wink mattress?

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      The Dreamcloud feels sort of similar to the plush version of the Winkbed. However, the Dreamcloud is tufted and has more foam at the top layers. The extra foam makes you sink into it a bit more and is less bouncy given the tufting.

  17. Robert Witkowski says:

    Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    I like how it is shipped in such a small package for such a large mattress when it expands.

  18. How does this Dreamcloud mattress compare to Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Who would handle the white glove delivery if I ordered that? I wouldn’t want to have to assemble this by myself. We are older and could not handle all of that. Would the white glove delivery also remove our old mattress?

      1. Sleep Sherpa says:

        Yes, for an extra fee they can setup and remove your old mattress.

  19. I’m between the Dreamcloud and the Saatva, any major differences and or pros or cons for either?

    1. Anonymous says:

      We bought the Saatva after funding the WinkBed too firm. I love Saatva’s customer service, but we plan to return the bed for the DreamCloud. I’m waking up with more back pain, and since we added the topper they sent when we expressed concern about pressure points, it sleeps too hot for me.

  20. Anonymous says:

    How does the Dreamcloud compare to Helix?

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      Dreamcloud is considerably softer since it has more foam on the top and it has pocked coils for a base as opposed to the Helix which uses micro coils.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can this mattress be used on an adjustable base

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      It’s not recommended for an adjustable base

      1. David Nathan says:

        Why not? I was hoping to purchase and use with an adjustable base. The manufacturers of adjustable bases claim they can be used with any mattress that can bend.

      2. They sell an adjustable base on the website for it. I also saw it mentioned a few times when describing foundations for their mattress.

  22. do you have to rotate it?

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      Yes, you can rotate it to prolong the life of the mattress.

    2. My instructions tell me it does not need to be rotated.

  23. Why do you say not recommended for adjustable base when they sell an adjustable base? How does it compare softness wise to Beautyrest Hybrid Black Alcove or Gladney?

  24. Joe Clark says:

    Box springs or not?

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      Either way is fine. Just make sure it’s a newer box spring that doesn’t bend in the middle.

  25. Bill Diller says:

    Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    I still haven’t made up my mind about the mattress. It seems a little too firm for my liking. I guess I would have to say it has good support but it certainly doesn’t seem to conform to my body. I thought it would with the memory foam at the top of the layers. We slept on it for a couple of months before we went to our winter home in florida. We will have more time on it when we get back in April. I was disappointed that it didn’t help me resolve my back pain. I am mostly a back sleeper. The verdict is still out.

  26. I am considering this mattress in addition to the Purple 3 or 4.

    I’m 6’4″, 325 and a stomach sleeper. I currently have a sleep number, which is a great bed, but I’m on my second air bladder and it’s also deflating, which causes back pain.
    My sleep number is 40 and am wondering if either would offer good support without being too firm.
    I travel a good bit and many hotel mattresses are WAY too firm giving me terrible back pain. (Cough, cough, Staybridge suites)

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      I think the Purple 3 would be the way to go.

  27. Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    We bought our dreamcloud 3 weeks ago and love it. I have never slept on a more comfortable mattress. I move a lot at night and it is great no matter what position I lay in. One of my biggest concerns was motion transfer and this has resolved that issue. I like a mattress to feel soft but I like to lay on top, this describes the dreamcloud. Also my husband does not like a memory foam mattress due to the lack of bounce. This hybrid is perfect. We are larger people and so far it is holding up great.It does off gas and kind of reminds me of a new paint or glue smell, it does not bother us.

  28. Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    We recently purchased a Dreamcloud. I do not find it very soft at all. It seems like a luxury bed and looks very nice but I really want something softer. Can anyone make a side sleeper that doesn’t want to sleep hot a recommendation. It would be for myself and husband 110 and 180 lbs.

  29. Kenneth SHirk says:

    Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    We bought a DreamCloud six months ago. We found it to be high quality but far too soft for our liking. We began the return process 6 or 7 weeks ago. What a lack of service. I did everything they asked but I’m not getting my refund. Trying to get to talk to someone is extremely difficult. My advice is STAY AWAY from Dreamcloud. It’s a case of SALES and NO SERVICE.

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