Dream Skin Pillowcase Review

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Ben Trapskin

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reduce your wrinkles while sleeping? I have reviewed a pillow that will get rid of sleep wrinkles called the JuveRest Pillow and now there’s a product out called the Dream Skin Pillowcase.  The benefits of the Dream Skin Pillowcase are as follows:


list-check Reduces wrinkles and sleep lines
list-check Moisturizes without creams or chemicals
list-check Natural Moisture Balance for your Hair
list-check Luxurious 22,000 filaments per inch
list-check Retains more moisture than cotton, satin or silk pillowcases
list-check Cushioning action for your delicate face
list-check Moisturizing capabilities never wash out
list-check Safe for sensitive or acne prone skin
list-check Eco-Friendly. No fragrances or dyes
list-check Keeps your night cream in your skin
list-check Renews and Protects
list-check Works All Night Long

I have conducted a Dream Skin Pillowcase review and found that it is indeed a great choice for people that want to reduce and prevent sleep lines.

dream skin pillowcase


The pillowcase is very soft and silky but. It has a quality zipper on one end so that your pillow won’t fall out. It is constructed with a blend of cellulose and microfibers that is designed to channel moisture away from the surface of the skin.

I appreciate the fact that there’s no dyes, fragrances or chemicals in the fabric. It can be cleaned in a normal washer which makes care easy.


The Dream Skin Pillowcase is extremely soft and has a nice thickness to it. I would use this pillowcase even if it didn’t have the added benefit of reducing my wrinkles. I provides an extra layer of softness to your pillow which I didn’t think was possible. It works great for both women and men to reduce wrinkles. The best part is that you can proactively fight wrinkles just by falling asleep on a comfortable pillow! So even if you forget to wash your face and apply night cream, you are still benefiting from this product.


I spent my first night on the Dream Skin Pillowcase and it felt great. It’s too early to tell if I have any reduction in wrinkles but will report back my findings. My skin tends to get oily fast so I was worried that this pillowcase would exacerbate the problem but it didn’t.  My wife wants to use it tonight to see how it feels and she thinks it would benefit her hair since she has long curly hair that can be hard to manage at times. My Dream Skin Pillowcase review is not completed yet. I am going to use it for 30 days to give it a full test and post back my findings.

You can purchase the Dream Skin PIllowcase on their website or through Amazon.


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