Coyuchi Sheets Review : Breathable and Light

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I purchased a twin fitted Coyuchi sheets to see how they compare to other sheets I have reviewed. I was delighted to find out that these sheets have a unique feel that is different than anything I have reviewed before. Overall they are light and very breathable. This is a hard combination to find but that’s exactly what you get with Coyuchi. Some sheets can be overly crisp which makes them feel cold and they don’t warm up very quickly. With Coyuci you get some crispiness but they warm up when you need them to.

Coyuchi was recently featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things list for their Organic Women’s Linen Terry Robe which you can purchase through Amazon.

Ordering your Coyuchi Sheets

You can buy these sheets direct from their website. It took about a week for my sheet to arrive. I purchased a twin fitted sheet. I was thinking of getting an entire sheet set for my king bed but these are on the more expensive end.  the 300 thread percale sheet was $88 alone. A king set would be $288.

Coyuchi has an interesting return policy that is very generous. According to their site, you can return an item within 30 days for a full refund if you’re not happy with it. beyond that, you get a whole year where if you aren’t satisfied you can exchange what you have for store credit! I’ve never come across that before and they must really stand by their product.

Unboxing My Coyuchi Sheets

Here’s a video of me unboxing the Coyuchi sheets. As you can see they put a lot of care into their packaging:

My Coyuchi Findings

As with any set of sheets I strongly believe you should buy them for the feel over look. Just like mattresses, there’s no one perfect sheet for everyone despite what companies might want you to believe. The 300 thread count Coyuchi sheets are very light and breathable. They are a bit crisper but still soft.

Here’s a close up picture of the Coyuchi sheets after the first wash. This level of thread count allows the sheets to breathe while still feeling soft and light.

Coyuchi sheets review

The packaging is really nice and they provide detailed care information.

Coyuchi instructions

It should also be noted that in addition to being organic they are also GOTS certified which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. Here’s a neat video that explains what this means.

GOTS certified sheets should be made of 100% organic materials and free of harmful dyes and other chemicals that may be found in non-organic sheets.

My Coyuchi Recommendation

Coyuchi sheets are certainly an investment but they are very breathable.  They would be great to have in the Spring and Summer months and especially if you live in a perennially warm climate.

Shop Coyuchi.

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