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Celliant Blanket


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Yaasa just introduced an awesome new blanket called the Infinity Blanket that is made with Celliant and I received a free one for review. This blanket is great for all seasons and would make a great accessory for your bedroom or living room. What makes this blanket unique is that it is made with organic cotton and celliant fibers woven in that have a therapeutic effect.

Overview of the Yaasa  Celliant Blanket

Here’s a picture of the blanket right out of the packaging. As you can see there’s a little brochure that has more information.

Celliant Blanket

I did a quick video overview of the blanket while sitting on the new Yaasa mattress. To my right is a candle, also by Yaasa.

My Yaasa InfinityBlanket Findings

The blanket comes in two sizes, a throw and travel size

Throw 57″ x 77″ $230
Travel Size 41″ x 55″ $149

Here’s a picture of the throw that I received. As you can see it almost completely covers a queen size mattress. This size is perfect for your couch.

This blanket has a dark size with a light border like below…

yaasa studios infinity blanket side 1

And a light side with dark border…

yaasa studios infinity blanket side 2

What are the Benefits of Celliant?

Celliant technology aside, this is a good looking blanket with neutral colors that go with just about anything. The blanket it made with organic cotton which is a great feature but that alone wouldn’t get me to pay over $200 for it. Instead, the real value is in the promised benefits of the celliant fibers.

Here’s a close up of the blanket so you can see it in more detail.


Infinity Blanket Close Up

I have been using this blanket for over a month now while watching TV and reading. It doesn’t feel any different than a regular blanket with similar construction and I certainly didn’t feel the Celliant technology working while using it, it did give me peace of mind knowing that I may be receiving some benefit while using the blanket.

I think that’s the best part of this blanket. We spend so much of our times sleeping and a lot of time resting given our sedentary lifestyles. Why not maximize that time with something as simple as a blanket that can promote recovery and improve sleep?

I expect more technological advances like this in the future that are passive upgrades to everyday items that cumulatively will lead to better well being.

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One thought on “Yaasa Infinity Blanket”

  1. I bought yaasa travel blanket first . I started to use it every night before the trip to Ecuador. I could sign under each word of promised benefits, easy fall asleep , deep sleeping and more rested , and sooo cozy and soft. I slept even in airplane ! I never slept before during annual long overseas trips neither short .
    Also , my skin is very sensitive . I buy bedding sets made of only high quality 100% cotton and 100% silk .
    I ordered a regular size yaasa blanket and it is my second skin now !
    I have to admit that I ordered cheaper travel blanket of different company for my son . And I ( my skin) could not tolerate it at all.
    Yaasa blanket worth every penny !
    Thank you, Yaasa for super product you created ; design , color , material , and the way it make me feel !
    Cannot wait to see new products you bring to us.

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