Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress Review

brentwood home cedar natural luxe

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  • Zoned Latex
  • All Natural
  • Plush Feel

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The Brentwood Home Cedar Luxe Mattress is a natural latex mattress with a pocket coil system that gives you the ultimate in comfort and support. This mattress proves that natural mattresses can be affordable and comfortable. The construction is in keeping with the Brentwood Home reputation in that the consistently overdeliver in terms of quality and feel. Natural mattresses are becoming more popular and it’s nice to see that consumers now have more options.

Overview of the Brentwood Home Cedar Luxe Mattress

You can order the Cedar mattress direct from the Brentwood Home website. It should arrive in approximately 1-2 weeks after your place your order. It comes compressed in a box so it’s really easy to get upstairs and into your bedroom. No need to wait for delivery either as it will be placed at your doorstep if you aren’t home. The Cedar mattress comes with a 120 free trial where you can test it in the comfort of your home and if you aren’t happy with it for whatever reason, Brentwood Home will work with you to find a charity to donate it to.  A queen size currently retails for $1,799.

Below is a video of me on the mattress. As you can see it is fairly plush. It is important to note that this mattress can be used on an adjustable base.

Construction of the Brentwood Home Cedar Luxe Mattress

Below are the construction details of the mattress as provided by Brentwood Home.  As you can see from the picture below that there is a lot that goes into this mattress.


Organic Cotton Cover
Our organic cotton cover is eco-friendly and quilted with a natural fire barrier of hydrated silica sand, the same compound as the gemstone Opal.

New Zealand Wool
Untreated 100% New Zealand Joma wool wicks away moisture, allows for air circulation, and regulates temperature for comfortable sleep through every season.
Wool Volume: 400 grams/m2

Organic Cotton Batting
For the Cedar Natural Luxe we utilize 100% certified organic cotton fibers in its quilted panels and borders. Our cotton is sourced from Texas. Wool Volume: 400 grams/m2

2-Inch 100% GOLS Certified Organic Latex Layer
Available in a medium plush feel (firm without the topper), made with 100% GOLS organic certified latex (D65) and free of synthetic latex or blends. Our latex is made with the Dunlop process, which is the original process for latex and is more eco-conscious and more energy efficient.



Organic Cotton Cover
Our organic cotton cover is hand-tufted (with 100% wool rosettes) to secure all of the layers without the of use chemical adhesives. It’s eco-conscious and quilted with a natural fire barrier of hydrated silica sand, which is a compound as the Opal gemstone.

Organic Cotton Fiber Quilting
For the Cedar Natural Luxe, we utilize GOTS organic certified cotton fibers in the quilted panels and borders.

Two Layers of New Zealand Wool
Untreated JOMA New Zealand wool wicks away moisture, allows for air circulation, and regulates temperature for comfortable sleep through every season.
Wool Volume: 800 grams/m2

Natural Fire Retardant
A natural fire barrier of hydrated silica sand, the same compound as the gemstone Opal.

1-inch of Alpaca Wool
We use Alpaca Wool from the Netherlands because it is a lustrous and silky natural fiber. It is not only soft and luxurious but also naturally hypoallergenic and flame resistant.

Organic Cotton Batting
For the Cedar Natural Luxe we utilize 100% GOTS organic certified cotton fibers, sourced from India, in the quilted panels and borders.
Volume: 400 grams/m2

1.5-inch of Articulated & Zoned 100% GOLS Organic Certified Latex
Our 100% GOLS organic certified latex layer is computer designed and cut into 3 targeted zones. These zones increase the surface area and allow for greater heat dissipation, as well as precise comfort for your lower back, legs, and shoulders. Our latex (D65) is made with the Dunlop process, which is the original process for latex and is more eco-conscious and more energy efficient.

8-inch Individually Wrapped Support Coils
A layer of individually wrapped coils allows precise body contouring for optimal support. Reinforced coils in the lumbar region give your lower back the support it needs, and edge retention coils allow you to sit or sleep at the edges without rolling off. We choose isolated springs to reduce noise, motion transfer, and partner disturbance.
Coil counts: Queen: 1130, King: 1414, Cal King: 1384

1/2-inch of Coconut Husk Support Layer
An eco-friendly and sustainable layer coconut husk is bonded with GOLS® certified natural latex by hand-tufting and without the use of glue. Coco fiber is usually discarded as waste, but we repurpose it for its air circulation and antimicrobial properties.

My Brentwood Home Cedar Luxe Mattress Findings

Here’s a picture that illustrates how much the mattress sinks using my 16 lb. bowling ball. What I found is that this mattress doesn’t necessarily feel like a latex mattress. That’s because of the organic cotton fiber quilting used near the top which give the mattress some more hug and makes it cozier. An all latex mattress will give you more push back and won’t have quite the cozy factor that this one does.

Cedar Mattress Sink

Here’s a video that illustrates bounce on the Cedar. As you can see it behaves like a traditional mattress. The coil system used in this mattress is an 8-inch QuantumEdge Combi-Zone Individually Wrapped Coil System. The coils are individually wrapped and work independently reducing motion transfer. The Quantum Edge system is designed so that the perimeter coils are firmer to give you better edge support.

Here’s another video illustrating heat retention on the Cedar Mattress. This mattress sleeps very temperature neutral. I found it to sleep just as cool as a traditional mattress. The wool used inside the mattress helps to regulate temperature.


My Cedar Mattress Recommendation

Among the Brentwood line, the Cedar plush is just a bit firmer than the Oceano. That’s because natural latex will have a subtle pushback that memory foam doesn’t.

This mattress comes with the Brentwood Home 25 year warranty. Most of the online brands haven’t even been around a tenth of this time. More importantly, you can take advantage of the 120-night trial although I think the vast majority of people will end up liking it. It is hard to get firmness levels right with natural mattresses and the plush feels plush but not overly soft.

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57 thoughts on “Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress Review”

  1. How do you compare the Cedar to the Avocado (with the pillow top)? We have had traditional mattresses for years, and have tried but didn’t like the heat and deeper sinking in the memory foam beds, so I think these two sound like great options for us. How do they compare in general, and specifically in firmness and edge support?

    1. I found the plush version of the Cedar mattress to be be considerably softer than the pillow top version of the Avocado mattress. They are both about the same in terms of edge support although I found the Avocdao to have a bit better edge support probably because it is also firmer.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Thank you for running this site and your business, it has been truly helpful. We’ve been looking at mattresses to replace our 10 yr old, firm euro top Original Mattress Factory bed this fall. We’d 95% settled on the Oceano by Brentwood but with the release of this Cedar it’s now in the running. Question we have: I’m a stomach/side sleeper, husband is a side/back sleeper and both of us sleep hot. We do need support for his back and hip issues. Would you recommend one over the other? Would size of bed make a difference in your recommendation (looking to replace a Queen with a King)?

    Thank you!

    1. The Cedar (plush) will be a bit firmer than the Oceano. I think either would be a good choice but in this case I would give the Cedar a try first.

  3. Hi Ben, your site is priceless. Thank you much for what you do and the information you provide! I was ready to purchase the Brentwood Mirador when I saw that the Cedar Mattress was released. Do you mind describing the difference between the two in terms of feel, motion transfer, did you like one better? I originally went the memory foam route (started with Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm -too hot and hips sunk in so much causing lower back strain, then Nest Bedding’s Smarthouse Bed in Plush – same issues) and then switched to Latex (Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Firm – too firm that I wake up stiff and in pain) I am truly hoping I can be done with the mattress search! Are there other latex beds I should consider other than these? Looking forward to hearing from you and can’t thank you enough!

    1. From what you have tried before I thin the Oceano would be a better choice. While the plush version of the Cedar is certainly soft it is still primarily a latex mattress whereas the Oceano incorporates foam which does a better job with pressure relief and will have less motion transfer.

      1. Caitlin Hawley says:

        Hi Ben,

        Unfortunately I am trying to stay away from foam because of the heat and problems with sinking in too much. Do you have a recommendation between the Mirador or Cedar mattress, or any other latex bed? Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you! Will be ordering the bed very soon hopefully and using your links 🙂

  4. Deborah Jennings says:

    Love your website. I got the Oceano based on your review and my experience with memory foam and a latex bed. I spent over $9,000.00 on 2 beds and the box store would not return/refund my money. That’s when I found your website. I love the quality of the Oceano. It is definitely gorgeous and luxurious. I sleep on my side and although the Oceano has definitely addressed my pressure point numbness issue I wake up with lower back stiffness. I feel like perhaps the Oceano is just a bit too soft and that my hips sink putting strain on my lower back. I’ve been communicating with Brentwood Home reps regarding the Cedar asking if it would be ‘just a bit’ firmer. They don’t seem to want to commit to an opinion. I know softness is subjective but in your experience do you think the Cedar would be a good choice to give me the softness I need for pressure points but a ‘tad’ more supportive (slightly less sinkage) to alleviate the lower back stiffness?

    1. Yes, absolutely. The plush version of the Cedar will be a bit firmer than the Oceano.

  5. How would the cedar mattress compare in firmness to the Nest Hybrid Latex medium ot the My Green Mattress natural escape?

    1. The Cedar is the most plush out of the Nest Hybrid latex and the Natural Escape.

      1. Which mattress do you prefer overall between the Cedar, Nest Owl, and My Green Mattress Natural Escape? I’m looking for a firm king, good for light to medium weight sleepers, one with allergies. Thanks!

  6. Wondering if this would be a good option for someone with low back issues? My husband has a bad back and prefers a firm mattress but we are both primarily side sleepers. I like would like something with excellent support but some cushioning too. We tried the Brentwood Sierra but ended up returning as it seemed to really soften up as we broke it in and was kind of warm. Not really sure where to go next?? I don’t really want to have to go through the hassle of a return again. Also, I see that they are only offering the Cedar in a medium firmness now instead of the options of medium-plush or medium-firm. Would “medium” be too soft compared to medium-firm?

    1. Yes, this would be a good. It will be a bit on the plush side but the zoned latex system and zoned spring system will give good support.

      1. Ben,

        Your site is great. I’ve been considering purchasing the Oceano ever since I saw it on your site 4 months ago. It looks so luxurious.
        I prefer softer plush mattresses. I like the sinking in cradle feel, but then with solid substantial support underneath. The mattresses of that caliber ,with that feel, all seem to “retail” for upwards of $3k. Heat is also a concern, so the cooler the better. I think innerspring is the way to go if you sleep hot. The Oceano looks perfect in that regard. Of Course I haven’t tried it. What Mattress would you recommend?

        1. I would definitely give the Oceano a try first. I think you will really enjoy it.

  7. Hi!
    I’m really struggling with finding the right mattress! Tried the sleep number (awful) and currently the zen haven. I thought the zen was good at first as it helped with my pressure point issues on my hips and also helped my lower back issues but after 2 months I’m having extreme neck and shoulder issues. I am a side and stomach sleeper. In feeling very discouraged. Now looking at the avocado, cedar and oceano. Recommendation???

    1. Also, only have a little over a week left in my trial period for the zen haven so I’m feeling the pressure of making a decision. Not being able to try before ordering makes it such a difficult and costly process.

    2. The Cedar will be much softer than the soft side of the Zen Haven. It also has a zone coil system for good support. If you want to stay with a natural mattress, I thin the Cedar would be a great choice.

      1. Thank you for your quick rely! I did neglect to say I started with the firm side of zen and at 2 months switched to the softer side which did not improve my neck and shoulder issue and added lower back pain.

  8. Motion Transfer






    Trial Period


    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the reviews and comments, they have been very helpful. We are looking for a firm mattress. You compared the plush cedar to the Avocado in a comment above but do you know how the Cedar medium compares to the Avocado with and without pillow top? Would be interested in the most firm option between Cedar and Avocado. Thanks!

    1. If you want to go with a firm option then the Avocado is the way to go. The Cedar is more on the plush side. Even with the pillow top option the Avocdao is still considerably firmer than the Cedar.

  9. Julie Miller says:

    I’m trying to decide if I want to buy the Oceano or the Cedar. I’m worried the Oceano won’t have the durability the Cedar has because of the gel foam. But I like a plush bed and I’m disappointed the Cedar no longer comes in plush. I sleep HOT! What do you recommend? (Most comfy bed I’ve tried is Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze).

    1. The Cedar was recently made just a little more plush than the original model. However I still find the Ocean to contour a bit better. Going from a Tempur, I think you will like the Oceano more.

  10. Hi, great website.
    I am wondering between Avocado, my green mattress or the Cedar. I used to have a beautyrest medium, but now I don’t. I have low back pain especially on soft beds and I get too hot on a foam. I am a side sleeper, but I am not very heavy as most people on the reviews, so I am afraid of getting a too soft or too firm of a mattress. Which one would you recommend?
    Thank you

  11. Happy Holidays!

    Me: 6’6″, 320#; wife 5’3″, 140#. Both side sleepers; wife tends to roll on back and stomach as well. I have leg, hip and shoulder issues; wife has shoulder and back issues. She can sleep through most any distraction (worked nights for years but not now) except heat; I get disturbed easily by light, sound, and overheating. We both prefer a softer feel but not a memory foam kind of sink and “caress”, and my wife finds a lot of mattresses too firm. We both need a cooler sleep environment. Our current mattress is a 13 year old Sleep Number.

    Right now the Cedar is at the top of our list and we prefer to not spend more for a Cal King (did I mention I’m 6’6″?). Any other worthy contenders? I’ve been relentlessly scouring reviews and review sites for weeks. Based on most sources I’m thinking the Avocado – even with plush top – isn’t soft enough for my wife. Will the Cedar have enough support for me? Oh yes, one more thing – my wife tends to hog the middle so edge support is important to me. I’m guessing that both Cedar and Avocado will be better than our Sleep Number for edge support.

  12. Mike Mattox says:

    Motion Transfer






    Trial Period


    Great site! My wife is concerned about off-gassing. We are considering Oceano vs Cedar. She seems to think the Cedar would be better. Thoughts?

    1. The Cedar is a natural mattress so there is no memory foam and hence no off gassing. That said, the Oceano is still a great choice and the off gassing smell is not permanent and goes away after a few days.

  13. Hi!
    Thank you for all your research! I have been reading reviews for more than 6 months and think maybe the Oceano is the best choice— I am petite, at 5’3” and 100 pounds. Chronic hip and lower back pain due to serious injury in car accident, most beds are too firm for me. I need support and comfort- I am a side & back sleeper. I totally relate to the tale of the Princess and the Pea. Oh! And I have a severe Dust Mite Allergy. I would love your thoughts and advice… do you think the Oceano would be the best choice for me?
    Thank you!!

  14. Hi Ben. Thanks for all the info! I have visited your site frequently. My wife and I had the Oceano a few months back and slept excellent on it. No tossing and turning and no back pain. We really liked it, But we were expecting it to be a bit more “plush” than it was. We need excellent support but also like a softer plush feeling. So even though we slept excellent on it and really love Brentwood home quality and materials, we decided to return it and went with a Signature Alexander soft, which is way to soft and giving us both back pain when sleeping on our stomachs, also very hot at we did not order the change phase fabric. I really want to try the current MEDIUM version of the Cedar because of the natural latex qualities (no chemicals and wont sleep hot like memory foam, and the hybrid support but I’m told by BWH that it is firmer than the Oceano. So I’m trying to decide between the current Medium Cedar (as the plush cedar is no longer offered ) and the Zenhaven, to stay away from synthetic foam. Which one will give us a more cradling plush feeling but also excellent support? Can you best explain the differences between the two and the differences in feel of each one?? Thank you very much! Greatly appreciated!

    1. I think you will be better off with the Cedar over the Zenhaven. The Cedar is also tufted and will have a more plush feel than the soft side of the Zen Haven

    2. Hi Matt, we just got a Cedar recently, and it is definitely a little too firm for me (petite side sleeper) but just about right for my husband (average size stomach/side sleeper). Brentwood Home makes a plush latex topper to add to the Cedar, if you feel like it’s too firm. They will send it for free during the trial period. I just requested mine and am hoping it’s going to make the mattress “just right.” I really like the construction and materials and overall feel, but I need a little more pressure relief. Incidentally, my parents have the Zenhaven in their guest room, which I also felt was too firm and firmer than the latest version of the Cedar, but I do like the full-latex construction of the Zenhaven. Additionally, Zenhaven also has a complimentary plush topper that they will send during the trial period. My parents just received theirs and it definitely adds some additional plushness, but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet. The customer service of both companies seems top notch.

      1. Hey Sarah,

        Did you get your topper and did it work? I am also a petite side sleeper trying to decide between the Oceano and the Cedar Lux. Would much rather have the all organic vs foam which I have come to dislike greatly in my current TemperPedic. Hate the stuck feeling and the heat. Thanks so much!

    3. Both Brentwood Home and Zenhaven offer a free plush topper, if you need a comfort adjustment. We recently purchased the Cedar, and it was too firm for me (petite side sleeper), but now with the addition of the plush topper, it’s perfect. The Zenhaven was also slightly too firm for me, but I haven’t had the chance to try the soft topper yet.

      1. Thanks for commenting Sarah! How does your spouse like the plush topper? I’m in the market for an organic hybrid. I’m petite side sleeper, husband is 100 lbs heavier and a stomach sleeper. I think I may get something firm enough for him and then add a latex topper (Twin XL trimmed to fit half queen) if I need it. My top two are Cedar and Avocado Green. Your comments are helpful.

  15. Hi! I’ve been shopping for a chemical free mattress and am currently looking at the Cedar (or possibly Oceano) or My Green Mattress. My husband likes firm support but I need something I can sink into a bit because I side sleep and have issues with limbs falling asleep. How would you compare the BH to MGM?
    Thank you!

    1. The Brentwood Home Cedar is more plush but still very supportive. I think it would be a better fit over My Green Mattress.

      1. I’m still stuck between the Cedar and the Oceano. I like the all natural elements of the Cedar but I’m concerned it might be a bit too firm, even though it’s listed as “medium.” A Brentwood CS reps told me that the Oceano has been a better fit for side sleepers – just worried it’s too plush for my husband as they list it as a 7 out of 10 (10 being the softest). Of the two which do you think might be the best fit?
        Also looking for low motion transfer and cool sleeping.

  16. Considering a split king versus the regular king. Any thoughts on why you’d pick one over the other?

    1. I would go with a regular king unless you and your parnter have significantly different preferences and need to buy two different mattresses to put side by side.

  17. We ended up getting the Cedar (and used your link). It arrived last week and I noticed the mattress tag says manufactured by Springfield Mattress in Fullerton. I thought in your video you mentioned being at the LA manufacturing warehouse. Is it Springfield Mattress or Brentwood?

    1. Interesting. It could be that they make the Cedar in Fullerton since it is a Latex mattress but the Oceano that I received is made in LA

  18. Tom Russell says:

    I am enjoying my Oceano from Brentwood Home. The jury is still out within ear shot ( unfortunately ) because of a little bit of lower back slippage that always happens with a too soft mattress. But I really like this mattress, and in the two and a half weeks I’ve been sleeping on it I’ve had real comfort and great sleep. Thanks Ben for your site. Your knowledgeable, comprehensive and thoughtful advise is is very much and always appreciated !

  19. Tom Russell says:

    The lower back discomfort has only happened once or twice. I don’t think it will be a long term problem.

  20. Jennifer J Fahey says:

    Motion Transfer






    Trial Period


    Thank you for your site – mattress buying is confusing and scary! Looking for the best for a female side/back sleeper 5’5″ 130lbs and male 5’11” 190lbs back/side sleeper. We havent had temperature issues. I experience pretty bad low back pain. Our current mattress is an Aireloom Rip VanWinkle (seriously!) and we desperately need a new one. I wish you had a showroom in Manhattan! Was thinking Purple but the reviews citing indentations arising early scared me. I sleep fine on my son’s TempurPedic and dont get hot (usually cold) but we would prefer a natural mattress if possible. Seems like Brentwood Home Cedar or Avocado? We have a King size bed. My husband is a restless sleeper, I sleep soundly mostly. Welcome your advice!

    1. If you are used to sleeping on memory foam like Tempurpedic, going to a latex mattress take some adjustment. The between the Avocado and Cedar, I found the Cedar to be softer and plusher since there is organic cotton batting in the cover. I think the Cedar would be the better choice. If for some reason that doesn’t work for you, I would then consider trying an all latex mattress like the Spindle.

  21. Jennifer J Fahey says:

    Thank you. No we sleep on the Aireloom from 2001 which is probably latex or coil? I have just tried my son’s Tempur pedic and liked it but would rather not have the VOC issue. (in retrospect wouldnt have bought for him if we’d known).

  22. Mary Hardt says:

    What gauge wire is used in the coils in the Cedar?

  23. My husband and I loved the Aireloom Firm Latex Luxury Mattress, but didn’t love the price tag. Do you think the cedar will have a comparable feel?


  24. Hi Ben,
    My husband and I bought The Real Bed. Overall we’re pleased and find it comfortable, but ideally I would prefer stronger edge support and for it to be a tad more plush to cushion my hips when I sleep on my side. I tried adding their topper, which made me more comfortable when sleeping on my side but sacrificed low back support. I’m wondering whether to give the Cedar Luxe a try. Do you know how the two mattresses compare with one another? For reference, I’m a side and back sleeper, 5″9, light weight, and suffer with low back and neck pain due to a couple of herniated discs. Thank you!

  25. How would you compare the Brentwood Home Cedar Luxe to the Wink EcoCloud in terms of softness/pressure relief, back support and durability? Would you give the edge to one for comfort for a side/back sleeper who is on the lighter side of average weight/height?

  26. Thank you for the incredible amount of information in your reviews! My husband and I are trying to decide on a new mattress, as we are currently on a “plush” Muse memory foam. To us it feels rock hard and we would prefer a more “sinking in” feeling as we both sleep on our sides. My husband does 100% but I flip flop around, mostly side, sometimes back, I would love to sleep on my stomach but our current mattress makes my lower back hurt too much, it feels as though my back is very arched when I try to lay on my stomach. We both wake up in pain every day, upper and lower back, hips, shoulders, you name it. We are deciding between this Cedar Luxe (probably with a topper) and the Oceano. I love the more natural materials used in the Cedar (and topper), but am wondering if the Oceano might actually be a better fit for us. We aren’t too heavy, 130 and 180 lbs. Your thoughts would be appreciated!!

  27. It seems like the Cedar has changed since you first reviewed this. It’s now 11″ and doesn’t come standard with a topper. That said, I’m comparing Avocado Green to the Cedar, both without toppers. For a back/stomach sleeper that prefers a firm mattress, is one of these a better choice? The specs seem so similar. The only real difference I see is the amount of latex used (3″ total for Avocado and 1.5″ for Cedar). (FWIW, I’m considered a light sleeper — 123 lbs.) It also seems like there might be issues with Avocado’s customer service and ability to deliver in a timely fashion, but it’s unclear if that was related to pandemic staffing and supply issues.

    1. Did you buy a mattress? If so, which one, and did you like it? Thanks.

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