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Couches are the focal point of everyday living. They are the most used and favorite piece of furniture in the home. It is where you crash after the hectic schedule of the day, and it can also be your temporary “work from home” stations, aka a much more comfortable one. A couch allows you to lounge on it for bingeing TV sessions or to curl up with a good book. It invites a comfortable time and easily doubles up as a party seater for those “having friends over” times. Hence, it is no wonder then that a lot of thought and consideration goes into getting the perfect couch home.

Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. Couch shopping can be relentless with a large variety to choose from. Fortunately, we now have online shopping convenience and reviews to take the help of. You can now choose between brands, types, colors, materials, construction, and all the other things you want from the ease of your home. This review will take you through tone such online sofa shopping brand, the popular and high in demand Home Reserve Couch. After reading through the finer points, you will be better able to decide on whether this couch makes the cut or is better suited to be struck off your list.

How Does it Fare?

To say it succinctly, then the Home Reserve Couch is a wonderful product from a wonderful brand that gives you an awesome blend of homey and formal tones. If you want to be introduced to a fantastic brand that pretty much nails it all, then Home Reserve is the couch for you.

The couch is super comfy with good back support. You will not have to deal with painful neck cramps or upper body stiffness with this couch. It has a good shape to nicely hold up your upper body when seated. The couch also does not sink in, making it difficult to sit on it or get up but remain solidly firm, giving you a good comfortable seat. The shipping service is seamless with all the boxes arriving together, and the assembly process is nothing to be scared of either.

The sofa is a lovely product that will add to your lifestyle immensely. It does not sag and holds up well under constant use. With the pandemic still going strong, it is essential to get a sofa that does not shy from the constant rigors of the day, and this one from Home Reserve fits that bill perfectly.

Pros and Cons

home reserve couch


Good comfort and support

Tends to creak after a while of use

Budget price point

Early signs of fraying
High durability with low upkeep

Inside Out Picture

home reserve couch options

Design and Customization

Home Reserve couches are very high on customization options. You get to choose between 8 different types of sofa type. Each features a different design for arm styles, legs: seatback, cushion fillings, and overall curves. If you want the foam cushions, then you will have to choose between their Brook collection and the Ray collection. The rest of the sofa styles come with fiber-filled cushions. Similarly, the different sofa collections have different armrests with some curving and low and some straight and high. Just make up your mind which style suits you best and then process with the other choices of upholstery fabric and color.

Once you are done with the sofa style choice, the next that comes in choosing which fabric you want and whether you want one that is just machine washable or one that is both machines washable and stain-resistant, there are plenty of choices to keep you nice and busy in this segment. You have all types of colors in both the fabric choices ranging from neutral base colors like cream, beige, and gray tones to more bold statement types of colors like reds and yellows.

There is good news for those that love leather. This sofa is also available in leather fabric style, and it comes with color choices too. You can get the leather upholstery in 6 different styles and textures. Depending on which sofa style you pick and which color option you go in for, the sofa can be a formal-looking piece with curves and flair attached, or it can be a casual-looking piece that is endearing with its understated elegance.

Construction and Material

home reserve 2

The Home Reserve Couch is proud to be 100% made in the USA brand. It sources all the materials used in the construction of its products responsibly and from within America. They are very outspoken and proud of the fact that all their raw materials, the entire supply chain, as well as the manufacturing process and labor, are from the country itself.

The frames of the sofa are made from standard wood. These are processed from high yielding and fast-growing trees, thereby helping in reducing the damage to older and more environment precious forests. The wood comes under the “Sustainable Forest Initiative” and meets all the certification requirements of the same.

The cushions and seats are made from recycled foam whenever possible. The back cushions use recycled fiber made from used consumer plastic bottles. This makes the brand very sustainable in its production, and it is heartening to know that you are supporting an environmentally friendly endeavor.


This couch is a conventional three-seater from Home Reserve and good for the average American family size. It is also perfect for couples or singles looking for a nice lounging sofa to complete their popcorn with movie marathon nights. It features a dimension of 79″ (L)x 36″ (B)x 34″ (H).

The leg clearance space is ample with 18″, which makes the couch very comfortable even for an above-average tall person. The seat width of 21″ makes it a very comfortable deep-seated couch good enough to comfortably seat a wide girth.

On any good day, the couch can easily accommodate three adults seating with a kid or two crammed in. Or you can have two adults lounging on opposite ends. With kids, this space is a winner, and the couch can easily take on 5 to 6 kids.

If you want a bigger sofa, then you can go in for the sectional that is essentially the couch with added seats and in an L-shape.

Shipping and Assembly

The couch ships very promptly within 15 working days from the date of order. The delivery takes about 2 to 4 days from the shipment date.

It is shipped in corrugated cardboard packaging that contains 43% recycled fibers in its construction. The couch is shipped in 7 different boxes. The good thing is that they are all shipped together, so you get all the boxes in one go. The boxes individually don’t weigh too much, so moving them inside the house should not be an issue. If you need to carry them up a flight of stairs, then maybe try enlisting some help with friends or get your significant other involved.

The different pieces fit together easily with connectors in place, and you will require a screwdriver to assemble the pieces. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to get the couch straight and ready to use.

Upkeep and Maintenance

The upkeep of the couch is easy, especially if you opt for the stain-resistant fabric choice. All the fabric choices are machine washable, so you just have to unzip the covers from the cushions and throw them in the machine for a good clean. Spot cleaning is advised for those accidental spills that are inevitable in daily life.

The leather upholstery is spot clean only with soap, water, and some elbow grease. You can also vacuum the couch to get the sheen of a fresh out of the box couch.

Fine Print

Like other brands, Home Reserve also gives you 30 days trial period. However, their trial period is a little different. You need to opt for the trial, and you only get a one-seater segment of the couch to try. If you are satisfied with it, then you can order the complete set; if not, you can return it. This makes it both simple and convenient.

Apart from the trial period, you get a 10-year warranty on the frames of the couch. There is also a renewability option wherein you can easily refurbish the foam, fabric, and frame to make the couch as good as new.

Bottom Line

You will not be disappointed with the Home Reserve Couch. There is plenty to recommend about this couch and very little to criticize. The brand has kept up with environmental issues by manufacturing responsibly and churn out products that rank high on comfort and affordability. Their trial period option is a little lacking when you have other brands offering the full sofa trial, but it is also more convenient.

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MyPillow is one of the best bedding brands in the market. It comes with a price to match the quality it provides but don’t let that deter you from opting for its brand-new mattress topper. Whether you want to give new life to your old mattress or are looking for a serious bed overhaul, the MyPillow mattress topper is just the thing for you. It is the best value for money mattress topper out there and is guaranteed to change the way you sleep forever.

Good sleep begins with a good mattress. You need to have the perfect comfort and support balance to get that perfect night’s rest. Unfortunately, your mattress can play havoc to this since mattresses tend to get old pretty quickly. This is where a good mattress topper helps you by saving you from that extra budget stress of buying a brand-new mattress. This review shall take you through the all-new MyPillow mattress topper and why it should rank high in your to-buy checklist.

What is MyPillow Mattress Topper

my pillow mattress topper review

MyPillow started by manufacturing only pillows. Over the years, MyPillow has branched out to manufacturing mattresses, mattress toppers, and sheets along with their patented pillows. They use the same foam they use for their pillows in their mattresses. The mattress topper is made of foam and sports a multi-layer foam structure. This is coupled with phase changing cover designed to provide the optimal cooling experience and comfort right through the night. It also claims to help calm and ease any pain you might have through its pressure points and keeps your body temperature well-regulated during sleep. The main features of MyPillow mattress topper are:

Optimal Design for Optimal Comfort

my pillow mattress topper construction

MyPillow Mattress topper comes with a 3-layer design and sports a 3-inch depth. Each of these three layers is individually built, and they each play a different role. These layers are:

Top Layer: This layer is made of a dense yet thin foam structure and is responsible for even distribution of the body weight, which helps to ease the body pressure and provide good support to the body frame.

Middle Layer: The middle layer is made of firm foam. It supports the top layer structure and provides firmness to the mattress.

Lower Layer: This layer is responsible for the contouring of the mattress and is made of solid foam meant to give support.

Corner Straps

my pillow mattress topper straps

The good thing about MyPillow mattress topper is its eye for detailing and practicality. It is very difficult to keep a topper in place. Most toppers come with an array of wires and support things to keep them in place. MyPillow keeps it simple yet functional with four corner straps.

These straps are made of high-quality, durable materials that ensure that they do not easily succumb to wear and tear or breakages. They also secure the mattress properly, so there is no mattress slid and unexpected slips.

Zip Closure Cover with Temperature Regulation

The cover of the MyPillow mattress topper comes with zip closure. The material itself has temperature regulating properties that enable it to absorb the body heat keeping you nice, cool, and relaxed during the night. The zip ensures easy maintenance. You just have to unzip the cover of the mattress topper and throw it in the washing machine whenever you want to clean it. It is also recommended for tumble dry, or you can hang dry if as well.

Available in All Sizes

You will find that generally, mattress toppers are only available in any one size. With MyPillow mattress topper, you can be assured to get the size you want. Apart from the average mattress, they have the full range available for you to choose from, including RV Queen and California King.

Ease of Transport

The mattress toppers are vacuum sealed and can easily be folded. This makes for easy transport even when dealing with an RV queen-sized mattress topper.

Competitive Price Point

MyPillow mattress toppers are slightly on the expensive side, but they are highly competitive for the quality they provide. The good news about this is that they regularly feature on the seasonal sales where you can easily pick one out for a fraction of its original cost.

Attractive After Sales and Warranty Policy

The after-sales service provided by MyPillow mattresses is excellent. This is a company that believes in its products and like to stand by them. They offer you a 60-day hassle-free and easy return policy. It also features an attractive 10-year warranty.

The Good and the Bad

my pillow mattress topper findings

CEO of MyPillow guarantees that their foam mattress topper will transform your bed into the “most comfortable bed” you ever had. The only question that arises now is that does the MyPillow mattress topper justify the price point it sells at? Here is a list of the pros and cons that will help you get a clearer picture:


  • A perfect blend of firmness, comfort, and contouring
  • Effective in increasing shelf life of old mattresses
  • Highly durable
  • Simple and functional design
  • Known to ease joint pains and pressure points discomfort
  • Available in all sizes


  • The top layer is a little too firm
  • Expensive price point
  • Not suitable for hot sleepers

How Much Does It Cost?

MyPillow mattress topper price ranges between $284.99 for a twin size to $499.99 for a California King and Queen size. They come with two free standard pillows, and financing is available for over $200. Shipping costs are $29.95 and take 7 to 10 days from FedEx.

Last Thoughts

Mattresses toppers are an excellent way of extending the life of your mattress. Given how expensive mattresses are, they cannot be replaced frequently. In this scenario, it is always wise to help keep them in optimal condition for as long as you can. MyPillow mattress topper is a wonderful choice for this purpose. It is the best in its line, and the build quality makes it worth the extra money.

Shop the My Pillow Mattress Topper

Brentwood Home Tour 6

The Brentwood Home Tour

I recently visited the factory and headquarters for Brentwood Home in Los Angeles. This was my first tour of a real mattress factory and it didn’t disappoint. As I have stated in my reviews of their products, what I especially like about this company is that they make their own products in-house with natural materials and are very dedicated to quality craftsmanship. I put Brentwood Home on a different level than many of the “mattress in a box” companies because they go beyond just creating compressed foam mattresses. Concept, design, development, manufacturing; Brentwood Home controls the entire production process. With the expertise and technology at their disposal, they can create mattresses with a wider variety of natural, non-toxic materials and put them together with sharp attention to detail.

Recently, Brentwood Home transitioned to a new, bigger factory to keep up with demand. This factory is big, 180,000 square feet of mattress making awesomeness. I was able to shoot some photos and videos to give readers a sense of what it takes to make their mattresses. I was able to tour every part of the process and it runs very efficiently but also in a laid back California kind of way where you can tell the workers take pride in what they do.

brentwood home boxes

Brentwood Home makes its own mattress ticking, which is basically the outer cover of the mattress and has three machines dedicated to creating them. They just recently purchased a third machine which is more advanced.

stitching machine

Notice how thick these covers are compared to leading brands. This is a very high-quality cover that I haven’t seen in mattresses below $2,000 in retail stores. According to Brentwood Home’s CEO, Vy Nguyen, “Because we design, manufacture, and sell all of our own beds, we don’t spend any money on middlemen and can pass this savings on to our customers. That’s why we’re able to offer such premium products at affordable prices.”


There are also side panels stitched around the top ticking layer to hold it in place. Most mattresses in a box just have a “sock” that is wrapped around the foam and glued in the corners. Brentwood Home goes the extra mile and adds more durability to their mattresses by stitching their paneling into place.  Best of all, Brentwood Home makes this all in their factory with non toxic materials.



Below is a stitching machine that embroiders the Brentwood Home logo into the mattress side panel. Most mattress covers I have seen are created all as one piece and zipped over the mattress. These mattress covers are stitched all the way around.

They even stitch handles directly onto the mattresses which make them easy to move and rotate once they are unpacked. Notice that the fabric here is furniture grade fabric which means its extra durable, high quality fabric that is going to last a long time. It’s that kind of careful, artful detail that makes this company stand out.

While the covers are being made, there another section of the factory dedicating to making the foam mattresses. Large pieces of CertiPUR-US Certified foam arrive to the factory and are cut into the layers that will make up the mattresses. Once this happens, the layers are then glued together in the machine seen below. The advantage to using a machine like this is that it is more consistent in applying glue and uses less glue which ultimately enhances breathability, important for those that tend to sleep warmer. Some factories spray the glue by hand which can lead to over gluing, prohibiting the mattress from fully expanding and blocking airflow.

In the second part you can see how the machine heats the glue so that it speeds up drying time.

Some of the higher-end mattresses are hand-tufted. Large tufting needles are placed into the mattress along with string. Once everything is secured on the other side, the mattress is decompressed and you get the tufted look. Tufting not only creates that luxurious look but it’s also what holds the layers together without the need for glue.

This type of tufting can be found on the Sequioa, Mirador and Oceano

Here’s what the mattress looks like when it is decompressed

Finally, when the mattresses are done being made, they are compressed into a box to be shipped directly to the customer. Even their pocket coil mattresses are able to be compressed and shipped – Brentwood Home is currently the only “mattress in a box” company that can ship spring mattresses.

Brentwood Home recently launched their 2016 line of mattresses which are separated into 3 categories. Within each line they are listed in descending price points.



Del Mar

I will be writing more in-depth about each of the new mattress lines of mattresses in subsequent posts.

In conclusion, I feel even more confident in recommending Brentwood Home for mattresses. Their factory is top-notch, I could tell the employees enjoyed the fun work environment and they display true craftsmanship from start to finish.

The Laundress Review | The Chanel of Laundry Detergent 1

The Laundress Review | The Chanel of Laundry Detergent

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What is Laundress Laundry Detergent? Is it Any Good?

The Laundress is a luxury brand laundry detergent that will leave your linens smelling great. The Laundress is the brainchild of founders, Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd who discovered a need in the market for an eco-friendly, effective and affordable product that will not only clean garments but also keep them lasting longer.

I bought a 32 oz. bottle of their signature detergent along with the fabric conditioner and all-purpose bleach alternative. My test was throwing in some relatively new sheets along with a blanket that my wife and I had received for our wedding over 13 years ago.

I wasn’t expecting any miracles but I wanted to try a product for my most used textile, my bedding. The bottle recommends using 4 capfuls of the detergent for a conventional washing machine. I found that to actually be more than enough. I could have gotten by with just 3 or maybe even less. I also added the fabric conditioner and bleach alternative since I was doing whites. I normally just use a fabric softener sheet in the dryer so this was a different approach.

Laundress review

Below is a picture of the back of the bottles which have the instructions.

















Insructions for Laundress

My Laundress Laundry Detergent Findings

This laundry detergent smells amazing. It leaves your sheets with an unrivaled fresh scent that is long-lasting. according to their website, the scent is a, “blending lily of the valley and jasmine with sweet musk, sandalwood, and a touch of citrus”. To me, it is a scent you will never grow tired of.

I recommend setting your washing machine to “extra rinse” as I found the smell to be a bit overwhelming the first night sleeping on the sheets after washing them. An extra rinse would help with that or you may even want to do less than the recommended amount, especially if your sheets aren’t that dirty.

Given that the recommendation is to use 4 capfuls for a traditional washing machine, I will only be using this on my linens. It can get expensive if you plan on using their product with all your laundry. They also have a fabric fresh spray that you can use in between washes for an extra boost.

Despite the relatively high cost of this product, I find that it is well worth it. My linens look and smell wonderful. Think of it this way, would you want to hang around with someone who smells like cheap perfume all the time? I prefer Chanel No. 5 myself and that’s what this is, the Chanel No. 5 of laundry soap.

So, if you are expecting a romantic weekend ahead or just want to impress company or indulge yourself, invest in a set of The Laundress, your sheets will look and smell like a million bucks.

I bought my Laundress products through Amazon since they have such an easy and generous return policy and since I’m also an Amazon Prime member, delivery was free and received the product in two days.

Recently, The Laundress has created new scents including Le Labo Santal and Le Labo Rose. Both smell amazing but Le Labo Santal is by far my favorite scent among the lineup.

Laundress Le Labo

Shop Laundress

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Memorial Day Mattress Sales 2016 5

Best Time to Buy A Mattress

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When is the best time to buy a mattress? I have found that the best time to buy a mattress is when your body tells you it’s time. Don’t worry about missing sales or extra discounts in the stores. Most sale prices you can get year round if you just ask. Those sale prices are really just their actual prices.

Better yet, check out some of the online mattresses. The have excellent prices throughout the year and awesome free trial periods.  That’s something you don’t often get at a traditional mattress store. Typically brick and mortar stores will advertise sales around minor holidays such as President’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day and Black Friday. These sales often start a few weeks before and well after the actual holiday and given that these sales occur about every couple months, what you get is a perennial sale.

Instead of waiting for the best time to buy a mattress, you should instead focus on what type of mattress best suits your needs. Do you prefer a traditional spring mattress, foam or even latex? Once you have an idea of what material is most comfortable for you, you can then begin the hunt for your best mattress.

Aside from feel, the next biggest consideration is price. Having slept on and opening hundreds of mattresses, I have found that the materials inside don’t differ all that much. If you fall in love with a mattress that costs, $5,000, look around for less expensive alternatives or Contact Me and I’ll steer you to a much less expensive alternative.

Mattresses that Address Common Sleep Disturbances

When looking for a new mattress, you should have a conversation with your sleep partner to discuss the things that keep you up at night. For instance, motion transfer is a very common complaint among couples. If this is the case, a memory foam bed is your best bed. I would even advise against the hybrid mattresses and try out a dense foam mattress such as the Novosbed.

Sleeping hot is now a growing concern because of the increasing amounts of memory foam used in mattresses. I have compiled a list of my top mattresses for people that sleep hot. You can find it Here.  There some new textiles that help regulate temperature such as phase change fabrics, copper, graphite and gel infused foams and more. You shouldn’t have to choose between a comfortable memory foam mattress and a cool sleep surface.

Despite all the new types of mattresses now available, inner spring mattresses are still the most popular. They breathe well and have great bounce. With new advances in roll packing technology, you can now choose between dozens of online inner spring mattresses. They utilize pocket springs that operate independently and can be roll packed in a box and delivered right to your door step by the UPS driver. One of my favorite online inner spring mattresses is the Oceano Mattress from Brentwood Home. Below is a cross section of the mattress to show you how much quality you get for the price.

There’s no signs of the online mattress boom slowing down anytime soon. What this means to me is that competition will continue which means more competition for your business. You can expect better value and better customer service.

As always, contact me at [email protected] for any of your mattress or bedding questions.




Welcome to the World of Brentwood Home 1

Welcome to the World of Brentwood Home

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Over the 2 years I have been given multiple mattresses from Brentwood Home for review. I created this post to introduce readers to the Brentwood Home line. In every respect they have exceeded my expectations when it comes to quality, customer service and craftsmanship. Not only do they offer high end mattresses at an affordable price they also have sheets, pillows, blankets, candles, baby accessories and more that make your house a home.

First, the mattresses. Most people are introduced the the Brentwood Home brand through their mattresses. They offer mattresses for every type of sleeper and budget. One of the first mattresses I reviewed was the Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 which still ranks as an exceptionally comfortable mattress at a price.

A big reason why Brentwood is able to stand out from the pack is that they have their own factory. They make all their mattresses and pillows in house. This means they can test and refine their product quickly to make sure its the best it can be. Here’s a picture of their loom creating a cover from the factory floor during my visit.

stitching machine

To give you an idea of the quality, here’s a shot of a worker sewing the handles onto side fabric for a new mattress.


They also have a separate office that houses their creative department and other staff in LA. This is a peek at their offices which doubles as a studio space for photographing their products. It’s a great space that is very relaxing and has a California vibe.

showroom brentwood home

Now, on to the products. Like I said, with this company, there is something for everyone. My favorite mattress so far has been the Oceano which looks and feels like a mattress you would normally pay 5 times more for. For many people, latex mattresses are out of reach due to price. Brentwood offers some amazing mattresses with latex without the high price tag and an excellent 120 return policy which is one of the best in the business. Try out the Sequioa for that latex feel.

oceano mattress

For pillows, Brentwood has recently introduced two new options. The Aliso pillow is a shredded memory foam pillow with bamboo cover for $25! There are many shredded memory foam pillows on the market but they are often overstuffed making them too firm. This one is a great balance of softness and support where you can scrunch it up just right to keep you comfortable all night.

If you’re looking for a more natural option, check out the Helena pillow. It is made with latex ribbons and kapok. Kapok comes from a tree. It is the silky seed pods that make for great pillow stuffing. This mixed with natural latex give the pillow a nice loft that is soft, cushy and supportive.

helena pillow

Brentwood also has an emerging line for babies. Their crib mattresses are innovative and are made with natural materials that minimize environmental impact and create a healthier sleep environment for babies. The Wildfern crib mattress is made with coconut husk and natural latex.

Brentwood even has quality beds for your pet which are made with the same quality and care as their mattresses. These pet beds have furniture grade upholstery and look great in a living room to complement your existing furniture.

dog bed

To top it all off, Brentwood Home is expanding its line of bedding to make your bedroom complete. I expect to see more great products in 2017 for this company and it’s great to see that they are bringing quality to the mainstream at factory-direct prices and a laid back California style.

Update 2022

You can now try the Brentwood Home Oceano, Hybrid Latex and Crystal Cove mattresses at the new Sleep Sherpa Showroom in San Diego.

Go here to see how they stack up to all my best mattress reviews.



how to sleep with a cold
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/how-to-sleep-with-a-cold/" rel="bookmark">How to Sleep with a Cold?</a></h2>

The chilly winter months are known to breed flu, common cold, and other annoying infections and viruses. If you are one of those unlucky ones to contract one or more of these winter illnesses, you know how difficult it is to get some sound sleep while you are constantly getting those sniffles and coughs. Well, there are some simple solutions to get a peaceful night’s sleep while battling with common cold and cough.

Take a Steamy Hot Bath

Taking hot steam in the shower can prove to be effective in opening your nasal passages while loosening the dried mucous and cleaning the airways. It is also a good way to relax and wind down before hitting the bed. The body becomes cold when you have a cold, and a steamy shower can help you to energize and reduce the symptoms of a blocked nose and running sinuses while making the nasal muscles relaxed.

Sip Some Tea with Honey

Just like a bowl of hot soup, a hot beverage can also loosen the mucus from your sinuses. But not all hot beverages will give out the same results as some hot tea with honey. Adding honey to tea not only helps in soothing a sore throat but can also prove to be effective as a cough suppressant to help you get rid of that sore throat.

A Humidifier or Vaporizer Can Work Wonders

Dry air and the cold season go hand in hand. Under such weather conditions, a good vaporizer or humidifier can add the required moisture into the air and soothe the sinuses. But it is necessary to clean the humidifier regularly to avoid making it the breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Change the water daily and clean the tank every couple of days to keep it clean. If there is a child inside the room, use a cool-mist vaporizer as warm mist units can cause burns to children who get too close to it.

Maintain an Optimal Sleep Environment

Just because you have a cold, don’t be tempted to overheat the room. Keep the room temperature at normal levels and stack up blankets so that you can remove them if you begin to overheat. It is also important to maintain the humidity of the room. Combine that with a good humidifier and you are sure to get a problem-free sleep at night.

Reconsider Your Sleep Position

Some people think that stacking an extra pillow under their head can provide relief from the cold and flu and help them get better sleep. But this can make the situation even worse by causing the head to sag forward and worsening the breathing problem. Instead, you can use a foam wedge that will help to raise your upper body, letting the nasal packages drain. Don’t lay on your back as it may worsen postnasal drip. Sleep on the side opposite to that of your blocked nose.

Stay Hydrated

Depriving the body of adequate fluid can make your nasal cavities dry. It is necessary to keep the body well-hydrated so that the entire respiratory system stays wet and prevent any breathing problems. You can also sip a hot caffeine-free beverage to give your throat some relief during bedtime. It will provide you with a short relief period during which you can slip off to slumber.

Try Out Some Over-the-Counter Remedies

Whether you are feeling hot, stuffy, and achy or any uneasiness due to cough and cold, you can always reach out for some over-the-counter medications. If the condition is severe, consider seeking medical advice from a doctor or an ear and teeth specialist. Some medications can escalate the problem if not taken at the right dosage. You can also ask a pharmacist to get the right solution for your cough, cold, or sinus problem.

Prepare Yourself for the Night’s Sleep

If you find yourself maintaining a relaxed posture, tossing and turning in bed, get out of your bed, and engage in some other activity. You can read a book by dimming the room lights or listen to some soothing music. Get into some low-intensity activity unless you feel sleepy. Don’t go to bed until you are feeling sleepy to promote healthier sleep habits throughout the year.

Things to Avoid

Besides the effective tips for sleeping with a cold, there are some don’ts that you should keep in mind to avoid making the situation even more complicated.

  • Refrain from drinking alcohol as it will dry out your breathing passage and making it difficult for you to breathe. Also, it can swell up your sinuses and react adversely with your cold and flu problems.
  • Don’t engage in any high-intensity activity as it will interfere with your sleeping routine and make it difficult for you to sleep.
  • You cannot force yourself to sleep. So, don’t lie down forcefully expecting that sleep will come off naturally. Read a book or listen to some soothing music.
  • Don’t use any gadget or digital device that will impact the release of melatonin by the body. Devices that are known to emit blue light can severely interfere with your sleep routine.
  • Many people think that overheating the room will help them combat the common cold and get a better night’s sleep. But that is a complete myth as it might lead to night sweat and make you wake up in the middle of your sleep. Maintain normal room temperature to set the stage for a relaxed night’s sleep.


The good news is that common cold and flu will not last for more than a few days, or at most a week. Although they are irritating and uncomfortable, they are your on-and-off companion. Just make sure that you take some precautionary measures and necessary steps to help you combat the irritation when they occur. It will improve your health condition and help you to get rid of such problems quickly for a calm and relaxed night’s sleep.


Pink Noise - The Best Sound for Sleep
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/pink-noise/" rel="bookmark">Pink Noise – The Best Sound for Sleep</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

If you ever have trouble falling asleep at night, someone might have suggested the white noise technique to you. While such a method is quite familiar with the latest invention to help improve our sleep quality is through pink noise.

While it may sound counterintuitive to sleep under the guidance of more noise such as the buzz of a radio station or the static of a muted TV, these sounds are pleasant to the human ears and can do a lot in making you fall asleep. Then what is the “pink noise” all about?

In simple words, pink noise – the best sound for sleep is a natural-sounding mix of low and high frequencies that aids in a deeper sleep and better memory. The primary difference between white noise and pink noise is the intensity of the sound frequency that is intended to lull people to sleep. The pink noise is more balanced and soothing to the human ear than white noise.

The goal of playing such noise is to block out any external sounds like noisy neighbors, street traffic, and other noisy distractions that are sleep-disrupting.  Studies reveal that pink noise helps in reducing brain activity, thereby leading to a more stable sleep.

Before you plan to switch over to this mysterious shade of pink noise, you need to gain a more in-depth insight as to what distinguishes this unique sound from that of other sound-masking apps.

More Natural to The Human Ear

This statement has a different meaning than what most people interpret. It doesn’t mean that the “sound of the rainforest” breed of natural. Instead, it means that the pink noise sounds more balanced and soothing to the static white noise or similar other sounds.

The white noise is a mixture of different sounds of color that are combined to create a single giant sonic barrier. In contrast, the pink noise operates similarly, except that the sound present at the lower end of the spectrum are much louder and the sounds at the higher end are much softer. This produces a gentle and less jarring sound that seems more like a light rainstorm or waterfall.

Promotes Sound and Stable Sleep

Both pink and white noises act as sound barriers that can block out other outside noises while you are snoozing. Most people are not aware that sound itself does not make us aware. Instead, it is the alteration in the sound level that does the trick.

Therefore, producing a noise that is relatively more even and consistent and effectively masks the changes in external noise, helps the user to experience uninterrupted sleep.

While white, brown, and pink sound all operate with the same primary goal, the pink noise is more effective in steadying and slowing down brain waves for inducing a high-quality sleep.

Helps You with Memory Recall

In the sleep cycle, deep non-rapid eye movement happens when the brain goes into the process of memory consolidation. At that point, the input of pink noise can help with cognitive retention. Studies reveal that sleepers who are infused with pink noise acoustic stimulation are more successful in recalling memory up to three times than those without such noise.

However, there is a lot more research to be done on the cognitive abilities of pink noise. Nonetheless, it would be a wise decision to play some pink noise the night before any big presentation.

Aids Productivity in Your Waking Hours

Pairing pink noise with your busy daily schedule can enhance your productivity. Not only can it help in masking the chattering of coworkers but also help in sharpening the focus. One study reveals that pink noise minimizes distractions while talking and eliminates pauses while writing.

How Pink Noise Benefits Your Sleep Health

Some of the commonly experienced benefits of pink noise include –

  • Falling asleep more quickly by masking all distracting sounds.
  • Improving sleep quality by extending the amount of time spent in a deep sleep.
  • Improving memory retention.
  • Those having trouble drifting off can choose to listen to pink noise for improved sleep quality and getting up fresh in the morning.

Pink Noise FAQs

What Type of Noise Is Best For Sleep?

Relaxing and deep sleep is critical to maintaining a sharp and robust memory. Both of these decline with age and can be restored and revived with the help of effective sleep strategies like the use of pink noise – the best sound for sleep. A study by the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience reveals that listening to certain soothing sounds like the pink noise can promote deeper sleep and develop stronger memories among older adults.

What Is Pink Noise to Help You Sleep?

Pink noise is a combination of low and high frequencies that sounds more natural and balanced than similar other noise therapies such as “white noise” and “brown noise.” The noise aids in improved sleep, meditation, and masking of unwanted external sounds while sleeping.

What Is Pink Noise Sound Like?

The noise is often considered as superior to white noise and closely resembles sounds found in nature.  It sounds more like a combination of the sounds from the ocean and a TV set. Also, sometimes referred to as Flicker Noise, this sound emits equal energy as all sound frequency octaves. This means that noise or bass frequencies that sound more like the natural power of the ocean can be considered as pink noise.

What Does Pink Noise Do to Your Brain?

The pink noise is responsible for enhancing the activity of the brain that is associated with deep phases of sleep. This has the potential for increasing deep sleep while dramatically improving memory in older adults. However, research studies are yet to establish that pink noise is better than white noise.

A Final Word of Advice

While more researches are being conducted every day to support the contribution and effectiveness of pink noise as the best sound for sleep, you can always take the help of this specific sound therapy if you are looking for a sleep improvement strategy.

Check out the Lectro Fan which offers Pink Noise as well as other noises to choose from.

Essentia Mattress Review
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/essentia-tatami-hybrid-review/" rel="bookmark">Essentia Tatami Hybrid Review</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Sherpa DealGet the best price on your Essentia Tatami Mattress at checkout Activate Here


The Essentia Tatami Hybrid mattress is the first spring and latex mattress offered by Essentia. They label it their, Essentia Crossover™. There’s a reason that hybrid mattresses are trending and that’s because they give you the benefits of spring with the benefits of foam or in this case, latex. Essentia uses a patented natural memory foam formula that actually feels like foam instead of latex which gives it a completely different feel from the competition. What you get is a mattress that is lighter than their other offerings, comes shipped in a box and is relatively affordable for an Essentia mattress.

Overview of the Essentia Mattress

You can order your Essentia directly from their website. This mattress comes with free shipping and a 120 day trial period. Just keep in mind that Essential will charge you a transportation fee which according to their website is 9% of the cost of the mattress.

Here’s a video showing how the Essentia works Pay attention to how the latex reacts. It is slower to recover than typical latex which was unexpected.

Construction of the Essentia Tatami Hybrid Mattress

tatami c

Below are the construction specifications of the mattress from their website.

No Chemical Flame Retardants

Made in Essentia’s GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory, there are no chemical flame retardants used on any Essentia product.
  • Organic Cotton Cover

    This GOTS certified organic cover features a full zip making it easy to remove and washable.
  • Comfort Layer

    1.5” Essentia patented natural memory foam on top of 0.5″ natural support latex foam. This one of a kind comfort core offers contouring pressure relief and support as your body transitions to the pocketed coil support core.
  • Support

    8″ individually pocketed support coils made of recycled steel, on top of 0.5″ base cotton padding for zoned ergonomic support that offers reduced motion transfer and edge support that won’t bottom out.

What Makes Essentia different from other Latex Hybrid Mattresses?

Essentia is 1 of only 2 latex foaming companies in North America. That means they make the latex foam in America and have complete control over feel and quality. Essentia imports rubber tree sap and then make foam from that. It takes significantly less space than importing finished foam and therefore cuts down on fuel consumption during transportation.

How Much Does the Essentia Tatami Cost?

Here are the prices of the mattress as of this writing.

Twin XL$1,579
California King$2,299

My Essentia Tatami Findings

Unboxing the mattress was a little difficult. The mattress is not folded so it comes in a longer box. Instead of being able to simply pull it out of the box, I had to tear the box open from the side. It was a small inconvenience but did take extra time and effort. Once you get it out of the box and on your bed, you will notice that the mattress has an easily accessible cover that can be washed but I would recommend using a mattress protector.

tatami zipper

As you can see the natural memory foam layer is softer than traditional latex even though it is an all-natural material. This is what really sets the mattress apart from the competition.

tatami sink

The Tatami has adequate edge support because of the coil system underneath. This is a zoned coil system that has perimeter edge support.

tatami sitting

Here’s a shot with my 14 lb. bowling ball to further illustrate sinkage. There is just a little extra fabric in the cover to allow the material to fully conform to your body.

tatami sink2

Here you can see how it conforms for side sleepers. This mattress feels very similar to a foam and spring hybrid without all the chemicals. If I didn’t know this was latex I would have it pegged as foam.

Here you can see how the natural foam will leave an impression. I put my hand directly on the natural foam layer for about 5 seconds.


As you can see it leaves a distinct impression that recovers after about 4-5 seconds.


My Essentia Tatami Recommendation

Essentia is the only company that I know of that makes a natural memory foam. This is no gimmick. Out of the hundreds of mattresses I have reviewed, none have been able to achieve this feel with all-natural materials.  I highly recommend this mattress for side sleepers that want great contouring and excellent pressure relief without the drawbacks of foam which are primarily off-gassing and the environmental impact.

Learn more about the Essentia Tatami

Sherpa DealGet the best price on your Essentia Tatami Mattress at checkout Activate Here

Goodnyte Mattress
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/goodnyte-mattress-review/" rel="bookmark">Goodnyte Mattress Review</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

The Goodnyte mattress is a 3 layer foam mattress that has a unique feel that’s sure to please just about every sleeper. A queen size Goodnyte retails for $900. It is made in the USA and comes with a 100-night trial where you can try it out in the comfort of your home for 100 nights and if it’s not right for you, it’s a free return. I have now reviewed hundreds of foam mattresses and I think that the Goodnyte is a solid choice for sleepers looking for a slightly softer feel that really addresses pressure points.


Overview of the Goodnyte Mattress

Here’s a video overview of the Goodnyte mattress which includes a look inside where you can see how each layer reacts and some of my bowling ball tests where you can get an idea of how well it isolates motion.

Ordering and Unboxing your Goodnyte Mattress

As you can see below, this mattress comes compressed in a box and will ship directly to your doorstep. The mattress isn’t terribly heavy either so it is possible for one person to get everything setup.

Unboxing the Goodnyte Mattress

Here’s what it looks like roll packed in the box and compressed. To set up, you just pull it out of the box and careful cut open the plastic packaging and the mattress will begin to take in air and inflate.

Goodnyte 1

Here’s the Goodnyte out of the box ready to be opened. You can see the bottom of the mattress where there is the zipper system for the stretch knit cover.

Goodnyte 2

This is what the mattress looks like just minutes after opening. As you can see its fully expanded and ready to sleep on. While the look of the mattress won’t’ affect the feel, I do like how it looks and it is an indicator of quality construction overall.

goodnyte 22

Construction of the Goodnyte Mattress

The top 2” layer is Endure, a polyurethane foam with a density of 2.5 lb/cubic ft.  This layer contributes to the comfort and coolness of the Goodnyte mattress.  The middle 2″ layer is a high support polyurethane foam with a density of 3.75.  The bottom 6” core layer is conventional polyurethane foam with a density of 1.8.

How Much Does the Goodnyte Mattress Cost?

Below are the current prices of the mattress before any discounts.

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$650
Cal King$1,190

My Goodnyte Mattress Findings

Overall this mattress skews just slightly soft in comparison to similar 3 layer foam mattresses. What you get is great contouring, breathability and quick recovery. Here’s a picture of my 14 lb. bowling ball on the mattress to illustrate sinkage.

Goodnyte Sinkage

I found that this mattress recovers quickly for a foam mattress and doesn’t sleep hot. When it comes to pressure relief, it’s really hard to beat foam and this is where the Goodnyte shines.

My Goodnyte Mattress Recommendation

The Goodnyte is a great choice for people that are noticing more shoulder or hip soreness when they wake up. You should also consider this mattress is you find yourself frequently changing positions at night. You really have nothing to lose with giving the Goodnyte a try especially if you are still searching for a soft yet supportive mattress with no motion transfer.

Learn more about the Goodnyte Mattress



Brooklinen Down Alternative
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/brooklinen-down-alternative-pillow-review/" rel="bookmark">Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow Review</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Overview of the Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow

Brooklinen seeks to bring a sense of luxury to your life, or to be more specific, your bed. They’ve gained some popularity and after having a chance to try their pillows, I can see why. In addition to down pillows, they also sell down alternative pillows. They come in three different firmness levels and beautifully mimic down alternative pillows but what impresses me most is not what you would expect. 

brooklinen down alternative pillows unboxing

What impresses me most about their brand is not only the product but their lifetime warranty. A lot of companies of this type won’t offer a warranty so that’s the first thing but to then offer a lifetime warranty is a big deal. So Brooklinen, as awesome as your pillows are, it’s the warranty that blows my mind a little more than the pillows do.

Their return period is pretty great too. It’s certainly long enough for you to decide if these pillows are worth your time or not. You actually have one entire year, 365 days, to come to a decision. In this industry, it’s (incredibly) difficult to beat that.

The prices for a down alternative pillow from Brooklinen range from $59 to $79, depending on the size.

Construction of The Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow 

Brooklinen’s Down Alternative pillows are created with synthetic fibers that have been designed to mimic the warmth and texture of natural goose down. This makes them better suited to individuals with allergies.

  • Down Alternative Pillow Standard (20″ × 26″)
  • Down Alternative Pillow King  (20″ × 36″)
  • 400-Thread Pure Long-Staple Cotton Cover
  • 100% Shaved Microfibers
  • Antimicrobial
  • Hypoallergenic

My Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow Findings

My experience with the pillows from Brooklinen was positive overall. I enjoyed the unboxing experience and how straight forward it was. Each pillow having its own encasing was pleasing to see. The way everything was compartmentalized, in my eyes, shows attention to detail and it just felt clean and orderly. Clean freaks (such as myself) love that stuff. Companies should always consider their unboxing experiences. How a person reacts to a package is part of how they’ll react to the product that’s inside it.

brooklinen down alternative pillows packaging

The pillows themselves are wonderful, soft and oh, so comforting. I love down pillows and making good imitations of them is no easy task and these down alternative pillows by Brooklinen are well done. The density of each pillow, from the plush/soft to the medium-firm, and from the medium-firm to the firm, all seemed appropriate. I’m a side sleeper, so there was no way I was going to fall asleep on the softest pillow with the least filling; my neck would have never forgiven me but the moment my head hit the medium-firm pillow, I was sure ready for a nice, long nap. Described as luxury level, their crisp white color confirms that they are cooler than cool but what’s more? How luxurious are they? I’ve inspected hotel pillows in the past; I used to work at one. These pillows are just as good.

brooklinen down alternative pillows side by side comparison

In an industry saturated with custom pillows, regular pillows suddenly seem revolutionary but there’s something to be said for just keeping it simple. Not everyone has time to travel from one zipper to another. Some can never figure out just how they like their pillows; they want the manufacturer to decide for them. There’s freedom in being able to just grab a pillow and get our butts to bed, especially when there is zero thought required.

brooklinen down alternative pillow manufacturer tag

A customizable product is one that is still incomplete when it arrives at the customer’s door. The responsibility is then handed off to the consumer, who needs to add the finishing touches. Standard products like this, that are sold as they are, on the other hand, have zero deficiencies. We perceive them as being “whole” or “complete,” and therefore ready to use and that’s because they are.

Shop Brooklinen 

<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/endocannabinoid-system-and-sleep/" rel="bookmark">Endocannabinoid System and Sleep</a></h2>

The endocannabinoid system is present in humans as well as other mammals. This system comprises neurotransmitters, which are known as endocannabinoids, and protein receptors. It is these receptors that react with plant-based cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, which are present in hemp products. THC is responsible for the psychoactive high when you use cannabis while CBD does not produce a high; rather it has a soothing and calming effect.

The endocannabinoid system is quite complex, but researchers know that it regulates several physiological and cognitive processes, including sleep, mood, pain, and appetite. In fact, the endocannabinoid system is essential for homeostasis in humans. Research is still ongoing to find out how the endocannabinoid system affects sleep cycles.

The Function of the Endocannabinoid System

Homeostasis means that the body is in total equilibrium – the physiological and cognitive processes in the body are functioning the way they should and hence, the body is completely in balance. When one or more of the physiological and cognitive processes are not balanced, the endocannabinoid system comes into play. It helps to restore the balance.

Based on this function of the system, you can say that the endocannabinoid system works to regulate the physiological and cognitive processes that are associated with homeostasis. These processes include sleep cycle, circadian rhythm, appetite, digestion, pain, responses to stress, body temperature, thermoregulation, fertility, pregnancy and pre- and post-natal development. In addition, the endocannabinoid system also regulates mood and controls motor learning and skills, and memory.

It is prudent to remember that the endocannabinoid system can regulate one process without having an effect on other physiological and cognitive processes. As a result, it helps the body attain homeostasis quicker.

In order to restore homeostasis, the endocannabinoid system interacts with receptors, enzymes, and hormones. Once the body attains homeostasis, the resultant byproducts are metabolized and degraded in the body. Hence, these molecules (byproducts) cannot affect other processes occurring in the body.

Cannabinoids and Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system consists of endocannabinoids, receptors that these cannabinoids bind to and enzymes that break down the endocannabinoids after they restore homeostasis. The two primary endocannabinoids in the body are anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol. The former plays a role in the generation of nerve cells in the brain and can also enhance mood and minimize anxiety. That is why it is known as the bliss molecule. Anandamide is also found in copious amounts in the body after performing strenuous exercise. On the other hand, 2-arachidonoylglycerol helps to regulate the circulatory system.

These endocannabinoids are difficult to study as they quickly get broken down by the endocannabinoid enzymes unlike other neurotransmitters, which tend to last longer in the blood or are stored for use later on.

When it comes to cannabis, the two most common cannabinoids in this plant is CBD and THC. These phytocannabinoids react with the same receptors that endocannabinoids react with, but this interaction is different. For instance, THC and anandamide bind to the same endocannabinoid receptors and produce a feeling of calm and relaxation. But, THC does not get broken down by the enzyme that metabolizes anandamide. Hence, it stays longer in the bloodstream, causing persistent high in people who consume it.

Endocannabinoids cannot function without the presence of cannabinoid receptors, and the most common receptors within the endocannabinoid system are CB1 and CB2. These two receptors were first discovered in the 1990s. The CB1 receptors, although present across the body, are mainly found in the CNS and the brain. The CB2 receptors are found in the immune system, digestive system, and peripheral nervous system.

The phytocannabinoids react with CB1 and CB2 receptors, but in a different manner. Hence, they produce different effects. Scientific studies show the CBD tends to produce therapeutic effects without the high that is associated with THC. Hence, it promotes a feeling of calm and relaxation without the person feeling high. It is this reaction to CBD that treats sleep issues, including insomnia.

Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase is the enzyme that breaks down anandamide. However, the enzyme decomposes quickly in the body to prevent over-activity from high levels of anandamide. When you consume CBD, it inhibits the Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase enzyme. As a result, the breakdown of anandamide occurs slowly. This increases the levels of endocannabinoids in the body, allowing the body to get relaxed. When the body is calm, without any feeling of anxiety and stress, a person can go to sleep more easily.

Anandamide is not the only receptor that the CBD binds with. According to researchers, it binds with receptors that are not even part of the endocannabinoid system. So, if you take full-spectrum CBD tincture or oil, it will contain many more cannabinoids other than CBD. Each of these cannabinoids will have their own reaction and health benefits.

Researchers are still trying to ascertain how the endocannabinoid system affects sleep and circadian rhythm. At the moment, do know that the system has a profound effect on different parts of the brain and the body which are essential to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Researchers also know that if a person has a deficiency of endocannabinoids in the body, it has an adverse effect on the person’s sleep and circadian rhythm.

The Bottom Line

The endocannabinoid system is relatively new to researchers and studies are ongoing to find out how it affects biological processes in the body. Nonetheless, researchers already know that the endocannabinoid system does impact sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia or you do not get a good night’s sleep, it may be prudent to use CBD oil that is organically grown and does not show signs of contaminants and pollutants. It will enable you to ensure that the CBD binds to the right receptors and promote a feeling of calm. When the biological processes are in the right balance, you will enjoy good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. You may want to consult your physician if you are taking any other medication before you begin using CBD oil, as it may have contraindications.


The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.


coop topper sinkage
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/flip-mattress-topper-from-coop/" rel="bookmark">Flip Mattress Topper from Coop</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Coop is best known for its line of adjustable loft pillows. I was recently given a free sample of their new mattress topper for review. This topper can be flipped for a soft or firm feel making it more versatile than your typical topper. A queen size retails for $269.95 so it is certainly more expensive than most but since you get two feels in one topper there’s a lot of value there too.

Overview of the Flip Mattress Topper

You can get the best price on your Coop topper through their website. Most mattress toppers do not come with a trial period but Coop gives you 100 nights to try it out to see if it is a good solution for your needs. If you don’t like it you can contact Coop and they will give you a prepaid return label so it is also free return shipping. You also get a 5 year warranty but that only covers you against a manufacturer defect under normal use. Since it’s a topper, there’s really not much that can go wrong with it, and if there is, you will usually know it right away and can just return or exchange it.

The topper comes packaged in a small container.

coop flip topper

Here’s a video overview of the Coop Flip Mattress topper.

How Much Does the Coop Mattress Topper Cost?

Below are the most recent prices from the Coop website.  Currently, they only offer the topper in a queen and king size.

SizeRetail Price

Construction of the Copp Flip Mattress Topper

Below are the construction details of the topper. The darker foam is the soft foam and the light foam is the firmer foam.

coop firmness

  • Includes our top-rated Mattress Protector for 100% waterproof protection
  • Elastic bands on each corner ensure a secure fit to your mattress
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • 100-night sleep trial


Queen: 57″ (W) x 78″ (L) x 4″ (H)
King: 74″ (W) x 78″ (L) x 4″ (H)


Mattress Topper: CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam
Cover: polyester
Mattress Protector: bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester, with waterproof backing

My Coop Mattress Topper Findings

Although this topper is pricey, there are some added features that make it worth the expense. First, you get their waterproof cover included. This is a machine washable cover with elastic bands that will keep the topper in place and keep it clean.

coop band

The topper is 4 inches thick which means it’s going to substantially change the feel of your current mattress. The soft side will really cradle your body and provide substantial pressure relief for even the firmest of mattresses.

The firm side is still going to provide quite a bit of pressure relief but with less sinking. Most toppers are only 2-3 inches thick and so having a 4 inch topper is truly getting 2 toppers in one.

The elastic bands are designed to be flexible enough to work with thick mattresses. In the picture above it is attached to a 14-inch thick mattress.

Here’s a picture illustrating sinkage with my 14 lb. bowling ball on the topper. This is the soft side of the topper on top.

I highly recommend this topper for guest beds that are structurally sound, meaning they still support sleepers well but are a bit too firm. Having the ability to adjust firmnesses ensures your guests will get the optimal firmness without having to buy and store two separate toppers.

Learn more about the Coop Flip Mattress Topper

labor day mattress sale
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/labor-day-mattress-sale-2/" rel="bookmark">Labor Day Mattress Sale – Deals and Buying Guide</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Summer is the best time to buy a new mattress. If you have missed the 4th July sale, do not worry, Labor Day mattress sale is another chance to buy a new bed at jaw-dropping discounts before the sale comes to an end.

This is another day when retailers slash their prices on the beds. You would not want to miss this chance, but if you have no clue about the deals, this guide will help you. We have covered everything that helps you make the right decision like

  • When is the Labor Day mattress sale?
  • Why shop for a mattress during the Labor Day offers on mattresses?
  • How to find the right deal?
  • What to know before buying?
  • Mattress shopping tips

All these answers are coming up ahead in the article. If you are here just for the best deals, SleepSherpa has compiled a long list of offers exclusively for its readers. Lets dive into it right away –

Click on Image or Links to Grab the Deals

Tempur-Pedic Labor Day Mattress Sale

Labor Day Mattress Sale - Tempur Pedic

TEMPUR-Breeze – Save $300!

TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt – Save $300!

TEMPUR-ProAdapt, TEMPUR-Adapt – Save $100!

TEMPUR-Ergo Extend – Save $200!

TEMPUR-Ergo – Save $100!


Read Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review

GhostBed Labor Day Mattress Sale


Save up to $200 on a Mattress + 2 Free GhostPillows ($370 Total Value)

Save up to $200 on GhostBed Flex + 2 Free GhostPillows ($370 Total Value)

Save up to $200 on GhostBed Luxe + 2 Free GhostPillows ($370 Total Value)

Save up to $100 on The GhostBed + 2 Free GhostPillows ($270 Total Value)

Save up to $799 when you Bundle GhostBed Products

50% Off Adjustable Base when you purchase the GhostBed Luxe or GhostBed – Save up to $799


Read GhostBed Review 

IDLE Sleep Labor Day Mattress Sale

Get $300 OFF + 2 Free Memory Foam Pillows with code LABORDAY

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Eight Sleep Labor Day Mattress Sale


Free Gravity Blankets Cooling Weighted blanket + free shipping with the purchase of The Pod (a $300 value)

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Purple Mattress Labor Day Mattress Sale



Free Sheets + 2 Pillows (Savings Worth $327)

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Avocado Labor Day Mattress Sale


Labor Day Sale - Avocado Mattress

$175 off Mattresses (Code LABORDAY175)

2 Pillows Free with Mattress Purchase (Code 2FREEPILLOWS)

$150 off Bed Frame with Mattress Purchase (Code BED150) 

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Tuft & Needle Labor Day Mattress Sale


Labor Day Sale - Tuft and Needle


$100 Off Mint Mattress

Up to 40% Off Sheets

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Cocoon Labor Day Mattress Sale


Labor Day Sale - Cocoon

25% Off on Cocoon Chill

Free Dreamfit Sheet Set & 2 Free Dremafit Pillows

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Layla Labor Day Mattress Sale


Labor Day Sale - Layla


Mattress: $125 OFF/ + 2 Free premium Pillows!

Pillow: Buy One Get One 1/2 OFF

Foundation: $30 OFF

Topper: $30 OFF

Sheets: $25 OFF 

Weighted Blanket: $10 OFF


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Molecule Labor Day Mattress Sale


20% off Sitewide 

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Nectar Labor Day Mattress Sale


20% Off + Free Delivery & Two Premium Pillows

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Puffy Mattress Labor Day Mattress Sale


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When is Labor Day Mattress Sale?

Before we delve into the information of buying a mattress on Labor Day, let’s cover the basics first. The sale starts a few days before the Labor Day and ends a couple of days later. This depends on the retailer to retailer.

To make the most of the mattress sale, we have put together a guide of the best deals just above.

Why Shop during the Labor Day Mattress Sale? 

During the Labor Day sale, retailers are looking to clear the summer stock. They are also aware that most people are free during the long weekend and would consider shopping for a new bed if that’s been in their mind for some time. This is why prices slash at this time of the year, and you can get some fantastic deals.

Labor Day is the best time to buy a new mattress because you do not have to deal with the Black Friday chaos, which can be hectic sometimes. You can get an excellent deal on the new bed without any hassles at the Labor Day mattress sale.

Avoid missing out on a deal by following the tips mentioned in this guide.

How to find the Best Deal?

Want to shop like an expert? Here are some tips that you wouldn’t want to miss. Consider these and we are sure these will save you a lot of money.

Search in Advance

You would not want to rush while shopping, particularly while shopping for a new bed. Thus, give yourself enough time to research through the promos and analyze them. Getting started a week before time should be helpful.

Thorough Research

Just starting out early does not help, ensure to carry out thorough research on mattresses and also the sale day. Not all offers are worth going for. Consider the hidden costs by reading the fine print thoroughly.

You can even chat with the brand’s customer executive online or contact them for any questions. Make the most of these resources.

Set a Budget and Stick to it

Buying a bed is a huge investment for your health and wellness. Before you go shopping for the mattress, set a budget, and stick to it. If you find a mattress above your budget, look for more promotional offers while some retailers also offer financing options.

Don’t Buy the First Mattress

While shopping for the mattress, ensure not to pick the first mattress you come across under your budget. Give yourself some time to do comparison shopping.

Look for deals at as many websites as possible. Make sure to not wait for too long as well because you might miss good deals.

Shop Online

More and more shoppers are shopping for beds online. There are many reasons why you should also consider shopping the bed online like:

  • Shopping online is convenient and less time-consuming. Relax on your armchair, turn on Netflix, and start your research at any time of the day.
  • You get to choose from a variety of options of brands and types which is not possible in stores.
  • Also, all websites give you complete details about the product specifications. It is difficult to find this information in the stores.
  • Mattress stores online offer FREE DELIVERY while most brick and mortar stores charge you for delivery.
  • Almost every mattress you buy online comes with a sleep trial. The trial period depends on brands to brands, but it ranges from 30 days to 365 days. If you are not happy with the bed, you can return it for a full refund. Studies have shown that people buying a mattress from the stores by laying on it for a few minutes often end up making wrong decisions. You would not want to compromise on your health by choosing the wrong mattress.
  • You get mattresses are lower prices compared to brick and mortar stores because they eliminate middlemen and deliver straight to you. Thus, you can buy a mattress online at better prices.

What to Know Before Buying a Mattress Online?

Not all kinds of beds are created equal, and each one has its own positive and negative points. Before you make a purchase decision, consider the different types available at the Labor Day mattress sale.

You need to choose a mattress based on your needs. Arya Nick Shamie, Professor of orthopedic and neurosurgery at UCLA Medical Center says, the bed should contour to your body in the neutral position.

Types of Mattresses

Foam Mattresses

These are popular for its comfort, right spine alignment, and pressure point relief. These are the three common types of foam mattresses:

  • Memory foam is petroleum-based foams which are not odor-free. They are known for their comfort and durability but are temperature sensitive.
  • Gel memory foam is also a petroleum-based foam, infused with cooling gel to reduce heat retention. You may feel slightly cool on its initial touch.
  • Organic foam has natural foam derived from plants that reduce odor. A few types emit VOCs and exhibit neutral temperature for quick responsiveness.

Latex Mattresses

This mattress is on the firmer side. It is made using the sap of Talalay trees. It is anti-allergic because of its natural cell structure.

Latex mattress conforms to your body and provides a sufficient amount of pressure relief and does not let the sleeper sink in. Back and side sleepers are recommended this type of mattress.

Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring and foam mattresses with the right amount of contour as well as support. Foam provides contouring abilities while innerspring provides support. This type is recommended to side sleepers and heavier people.

Innerspring Mattresses

The support layer of this mattress consists of a metal frame with coils as a cushion between the two frames. It provides the right amount of comfort and support. It also regulates how much your body should sink in.

The costlier models have a pillow top, which provides more comfort and cushion. It is recommended to heavier people and back sleepers.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position can determine the type of mattress you should purchase. The material from which the mattress is made determines the firmness it offers. People sleeping in a particular position requires a specific type. Know your sleeping position before shopping to narrow down your options.


Even though you know the type of mattress you wish to buy and the kind the sleeper you are, another aspect to decide before purchasing is the firmness preference.

The ideal firmness for a back sleeper is anything between a medium-firm and soft. Stomach sleepers prefer a firmer mattress and are comfortable on a mattress that is medium-firm to firm. Medium-firm to soft mattresses is ideal for side sleepers.

So, based on the type of sleeper you are, decide the firmness level. You may not know the right firmness level unless you sleep on it for a few days. This is why sleep trials play an important role.

Shopping Tips

Buying a mattress is a huge investment decision, and it could be difficult to pick the right one during the Labor Day mattress sale due to several options available. These shopping tips will ease off the burden, thus making it easier to make a purchase decision.

Discount vs. Real Price

This is the most important shopping tip to consider. Some retailers hike the price during the sale and then sell at a discounted price. This is known as price anchoring. Retailers try to anchor the perception of value, making the discounts seem huge to the shopper so that they purchase the mattress.

You need to compare the details of the mattress on various websites, look at the value and the discount to understand if there is any price anchoring. Warranty

Another point you need to watch out for is the warranty. A few brands may change their policy during the same period. You would not want to buy a bed without a warranty.


Just like some brands raise their prices and then give discounts on the bed, some even change their return policies. They may offer free return but not during the sale period

It is wise to check the policies to ensure you are not liable for any hidden charges after making the purchase.

Fine Print

Always check the fine print of deals because some terms and conditions may not be clear. For instance, some discounts can be only in the form of gift cards or you may have to mail them for the rebate offers within a specific time.

Promotional Quality

Most stores offer the least expensive beds during the sale to grab shopper’s attention, and this can be a good deal as well. But the mattresses can be of low quality and not appropriate for regular use or may not last long.

Lack of Details

Be careful of retailers that do not provide complete specification details. Ask them as many questions as you like and be sure of the things that matter to you the most.

Now, you know everything about the Labor Day mattress sale. We understand buying a bed is a big investment and should not be confusing. So, we have put together this guide to help you make an informed decision.


lytton mattress review
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/lytton-mattress/" rel="bookmark">Lytton Mattress Review</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.


Construction of the Lytton Mattress



The Lytton mattresses is a mattress. Check out the reddit reviews: https://www.reddit.com/r/Mattress/comments/ip61mj/lytton_sleep_experiences/


How Much Does the Lytton Mattress Cost?


 Serene Mattress – Comfort Plush  

Twin XL$999
Cal King$1,399

Serene Plus – Comfort Firm

Twin XL$1,199
Cal King$1,699


sweetnight 12 inch plush hybrid pillow top
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/sweetnight-12-inch-pillow-top-hybrid-mattress-review/" rel="bookmark">Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress Review 2022</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Sherpa DealGet 20% off your Sweetnight Mattress with coupon code Sherpa at checkout Activate Here


The Sweetnight 12-inch plush pillow top hybrid mattress, also known as the Sweetnight Island mattress, is loaded with features you’d find in an expensive mattress from a fancy showroom but at a fraction of the cost. The Sweetnight mattress features memory foam, motion-isolating individually-wrapped coils and it is CeriPUR-US Certified. I’m always amazed that a mattress like this can fit in a box. The Sweetnight was shipped for free via Amazon.


Overview of the Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress

I’m an avid online shopper for just about everything. Despite my online shopping habit, until recently I had never purchased a mattress without laying down on it first. When Sweetnight sent me this mattress to review I jumped at the chance. This was only my second experience with unboxing a vacuum-packed mattress. Watch the video below for my experience.

I’ve spent most of my life sleeping on standard coil spring mattresses. My sleep was often easily disturbed by my partner tossing and turning. The motion transfer was enough to disrupt my sleep. I am thoroughly impressed with the stability of the Sweetnight mattress and the minimal movement felt when my partner moved around. Not to mention, those individually wrapped coils support your body and help maintain proper back alignment and support.

Overall the mattress firmness of the Sweentnight is in the low to mid-range based on how it felt to me. This is what I would expect with a pillow-top and memory foam mattress.

How much does the Sweetnight 12-inch Mattress Cost?

I tested the King size of this mattress which is currently unavailable on Amazon. The queen and full sizes are reasonably priced for such a great night’s sleep.


Construction of the Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress

At the base of the mattress are the individually wrapped steel coils. On top of the coils is a layer of egg-crate style foam that promotes airflow. The gel memory foam sits on top of the foam and is topped with another layer of the egg-crate style foam. The mattress has a cooling and soft cover made from knitted fabric. The mattress is plush yet motion stable. For those who run hot, the cooling foam is an added benefit.

sweetnight 12 inch plush hybrid pillow top inside

My Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress Recommendation

It’s still early in my regular use of the Sweetnight 12-inch plush pillow top hybrid mattress but I see no evidence that the quality and comfort won’t hold up. There is virtually no outgassing from the mattress and the motion isolation coils surrounded by cooling and memory foam make this hard to beat. It’s a great value and the comfort rivals more expensive high-end mattresses. I am gifting this mattress to a friend, but I am giving it up with mixed emotions. I haven’t slept this well in weeks, so I might need to buy another for myself. Keep in mind you also get a 100 night trial with this mattress and a 10-year warranty so you have nothing to lose.

Check out the Sweetnight website

Sherpa DealGet 20% off your Sweetnight Mattress with coupon code Sherpa at checkout Activate Here


beddr device
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/beddr-sleep-tuner-review/" rel="bookmark">Beddr Sleep Tuner Review</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

The Beddr SleepTuner is a step above your average sleep tracking device. It monitors your nighttime breathing and sleep position (among other things) to give you insights on how to improve the quality of your sleep. It also helps identify your risk of sleep apnea. Or if you’re being treated for sleep apnea, how that treatment is improving the quality of your sleep.
Their website says “like a sleep lab that fits in your pocket” and I found that to be true. After using the Beddr SleepTuner for five nights, I came away with valuable insights on how to improve the quality of my sleep. 
For a full review and unboxing, check out the video below.

Quality of the Beddr

The quality of the device is great. It feels expensive. The quality extends to the case and charger that’s included. You can tell they paid attention to the details.


Beddr 1

Beddr 2

Beddr 3


The device comfortable attaches to your forehead using a hypoallergenic adhesive. At first, it seemed a bit silly to stick this thing to my forehead but once it was on I didn’t even notice it.
Beddr Comfort
It’s so small and light that it allows you to sleep comfortably in any position.
I found the device stayed on all night as long as I provided a bit of pressure while sticking it to my forehead.  
Removing the device from your forehead is easy as well. The first time I pulled it off my forehead I expected it to be a bit difficult but it came off with ease.  

The Technology

The Beddr SleepTuner packs an impressive amount of technology into a device weighing only 5.3 grams. It has a 3-axis accelerometer for tracking your head position and a photoplethysmography (red and infrared light) sensor to track oxygen levels, stopped breathing events and heart rate.
The device connects to your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Battery Life

Their website says 20 hours of use (i.e. testing your sleep). I used the Beddr SleepTuner two nights in a row without charging and saw no signs of the battery getting low. I can’t confirm the 20 hour use time but can say it lasted around 16 hours without any problems. 

The App

The Beddr app is well designed and easy to use. The main screen is a big “start” button you use to start tracking your sleep. You also have to “stop” tracking in the morning when you wake up (there is no auto-sleep detection). 
Beddr App
The “Sleep History” tab displays the stats for each night you’ve tracked your sleep. It includes a bunch of details along with a “Sleep Quality Rating” and “Insights”. Insights suggest how you can adjust your sleep position for better sleep quality. 
The Beddr SleepTuner tracks:
  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep position
  • Heart rate
  • Stopped Breathing Events (SBEs)
  • Oxygen saturation level
The Beddr app is free on the Apple App Store. It’s currently only available for iOS devices. 
Beddr App 2


The Beddr Sleep Tuner is currently priced at $149.00. This is a pretty fair price for the insights it can deliver. 


The experience of using the Beddr SleepTuner was simple and insightful. I now have more knowledge about what goes on with my breathing while I’m sleeping. That information can help me improve the quality of my sleep. To me, that’s priceless. 
If you want to understand your own nighttime breathing and how to improve the quality of your sleep, I’d recommend checking this product out.
Visit https://www.beddrsleep.com to learn more about the Beddr SleepTuner.  
BedStory 12 Inch Mattress
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/bedstory-hybrid-mattress-review-pocket-coils-at-a-bargain-price/" rel="bookmark">BedStory Hybrid Mattress Review – Pocket Coils at a Bargain Price</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

The BedStory 12-inch hybrid mattress is a unique mattress that offers a ton of value at a low price. The BedStory includes 100s of individual 7-inch long pocket coil springs as well as several layers of foam and memory foam on top. It’s pretty amazing to find a hybrid mattress that ships via Amazon Prime at such a low price. Was I impressed? I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Amazon Mattress?

It seems like you can get everything from Amazon these days. Ben recently reviewed the Revel mattress ($239 – $375), which is also available on Amazon. The Revel has a similar construction for the top layers as the BedStory but uses a 7-inch foam bottom layer instead of springs. That allows the Revel’s price to be even lower than the BedStory. For a small increase in price at some sizes, the BedSory offers springs but not the “Made in America” label.

Overview of the BedStory 12-inch Mattress

Full disclosure. This is my first mattress review. That said, this obviously is not my first mattress! For over a year I have been sleeping comfortably on a multi-layer foam mattress that Ben (the Sleep Sherpa) recommended. So this isn’t my first rodeo. This was my first experience unboxing a vacuum-packed mattress. Watch the video below for that experience and some additional overview.

Overall the mattress firmness of the BedStory is in the low to mid-range based on how it felt to me and my wife. The mattress felt much softer with a lot of pressure placed in one location in the middle of the bed, so heavier sleepers might experience this as a soft mattress.

How much does the BedStory 12-inch Mattress Cost?

The Amazon listing includes three different mattress constructions and four different sizes. I tested the queen size of the “12 inch” mattress. I have definitely paid a lot more for a mattress than the sub-$400 price tag of the queen that BedStory sent me.


Construction of the BedStory 12-inch Mattress

The edge around the mattress includes two rings of stiffer and stronger springs. This is a feature common on high-end mattresses but maybe not on a mattress that starts at under $230. On top of the springs are a support layer and two layers of egg-crate style foam. Topping off the mattress is a 1-inch layer of cooling gel memory foam. The overall feel is of a standard pillow top spring mattress but with a mild memory effect in the top layers.

BedStory 12 Inch Mattress construction

My BedStory Recommendation

Only time can tell if the BedStory 12-inch hybrid mattress holds up like a more expensive mattress that you can buy elsewhere. There is nothing I see in the construction or feel that indicates any lack of quality. The outgassing from the mattress is almost non-existent, which is another great bonus. The springs combined with the cooling foam and egg-crate foam indicates that this mattress will continue to be a cool breathable mattress all summer long. For me, it is a keeper. And the price is hard to beat!

Shop the BedSory mattress on Amazon

Check out the BedStory website

Clout Ten Sheets
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/cloudten-amora-sateen-sheet-set-review/" rel="bookmark">Cloudten Amora Sateen Sheet Set Review</a></h2>

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Cloudten Profile

Cloudten doesn’t provide much information about the history of their company on their website, but they do provide quite a bit of information regarding their mission, materials, and process. Their goal is to provide the most comfortable and relaxing sheets to the busy bee in all of us—the bed should be a place of the utmost restful relaxation. They believe that since we spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping, one should invest in the place where they spend that time—the bed should get just as much attention to detail as any other aspect of our lives; cloudten will give you the opportunity to experience luxury at a fraction of the cost. They mainly produce their sheets using sustainable, world-class, long staple Egyptian cotton, which are assembled using either a percale or sateen weave (which designates the thread pattern and orientation). Their name seems to come from the idea that being on “cloud nine” is exhibiting/feeling extreme satisfaction and happiness, therefore being on “cloud ten” would be a step beyond that.

Cloudten Amora Construction

Cloudten sent me their Amora Sateen Sheet Set to review. The sheets came in a white shipping box with “cloudten” printed on the narrow sides. When I opened the parcel, I was met with a box that matched the blinding white of the outer cardboard. At first glance, the sheet box looked like any other old cardboard box, but upon closer inspection—at a slight angle—raised letters spelled out “c l o u d t e n” across the front.

One of the edges sported a “Cten” logo, a plain white seal, and a white ribbon pull tab—under the flap were concealed magnets that held the package closed.

Inside, the sheets were neatly wrapped in tissue paper with a nice sticker, a postcard, and a non-personalized letter with nothing but the word “hello.” on the front—period and all.

The sheets themselves feel very similar to the Gryphon sheets I reviewed last, but they have that stiffness that cotton sheets often exhibit. The sheets have a sateen weave, so they’re a bit reflective—a bit more than the Gryphon set.

The seams are strong and the fabric doesn’t give when pulled. Overall, the build of the sheets is very solid and impressive.

I followed the instructions on the tag to run the sheets through a cold wash and a low heat tumble dry.

My Cloudten Amora Findings

The fitted sheet only shrunk by 0.75 inches (measured from pocket corner to pocket edge) which is pretty insignificant considering how prone cotton is to shrinkage—the same shrinkage seen in my Gryphon review. Cloudten is kind enough to sew “short top side” into the fitted sheet seam, which honestly might be one of the best—and simplest—ideas I’ve seen from a bedding company, yet.

Fitted sheets are like USB cords: you’ll never get them oriented the correct way on the first go—that’s a proven fact. So say goodbye to spinning fitted sheets around and around trying to figure out which side is the long side and which goes on the bottom.

The sheets were pretty wrinkly coming out of the wash and after over a week of sleeping on them, they still retained the distinct wrinkling.

The flat sheet is a good size, giving me ample fabric to tuck under my mattress for optimal security and comfort.

The pillow shams open with a horizontal hole in the back which makes pillow-stuffing a bit challenging—the resulting pillows have stretched shams and squished cushions.

My Cloudten Amora Recommendation

Cloudten claims that they produce the world’s greatest sheets, but I think that’s a pretty strong claim to make. Regardless of whether you’re a nap-enthusiast, a late-starter, or a deep dozer, cloudten’s sheets will give you a fantastic night’s sleep, and they give Gryphon a run for its money, but I don’t know if they’re better. Gryphon clocks in at $149 for a 4-piece sateen sheet set and cloudten comes in at $180 for their version of the same collection. Gryphon offers 7 colors, while cloudten offers only 5—blush and sky blue are the colors not available through cloudten. Despite being $30 more expensive than the Gryphon set, cloudten prides themselves on maintaining the same price across the board—all sizes cost the same—but that is a bit strange to me because buying a set of twin sheets for $180 seems like highway robbery. Even Gryphon’s California King size sheets are $10 less than cloudten’s sateen set—they claim the equal pricing is meant to make purchasing sheets easier and more fair, but regardless of their intentions, their sheets stand firmly on the more expensive side of the market.

Both companies offer a 100-night risk-free trial—just in case you’re not satisfied—but that’s where things get interesting. When you try a set of Gryphon sheets for 100 days and realize that for some reason you don’t like them, I’m not sure where they go—they don’t say. On the other hand, when you try cloudten sheets for 100 days and realize that you don’t like them, the company donates them. In addition to donating returns, each purchase funds a blanket for a terminally ill child through Project Linus. So ultimately, a purchase from cloudten will benefit more than just your night’s sleep, which brings a bit more perspective to the higher pricing. The cloudten Amora Sateen sheet set is fabulous, cozy, soft, smooth, and just the right amount of warm, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling them the world’s greatest sheets.

Shop Cloud Ten

Alterra Pure Sheets
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/alterra-pure-organic-cotton-percale-bundle-review/" rel="bookmark">Alterra Pure Organic Cotton Percale Bundle Review</a></h2>

Alterra Pure Profile

Alterra Pure was built on pillars of social and environmental sustainability, and maintaining a transparent and ethical business is their main goal. In order to live by their values, they pride themselves on giving back to the environment and those who produce their products. This means purchasing fair trade cotton from farms that use only rainwater to water their crops—they also recycle all water used in both fabric production and fabric finishing. To uphold their strong social standards, they hold no secrets—transparency is one of the most important principles a sustainable company must practice. Every step of Alterra Pure’s supply chain is Certified Organic and/or LEED Certified—from seed to gin to wheel to loom, nothing is overlooked. All water and materials are reused if possible, and as I mentioned before, even their packaging is made of biodegradable, scrap cotton and recycled paper. They are proud of the work they do and the products they create, so every ingredient and process is meticulously graded and tweaked to make the best fabrics. Their small lot and artisanal production scale is ideal for maintaining these tenets of sustainability and ethicality while staying afloat financially.

Alterra Pure sent me their Traditional Organic Bundle to review. The shipping box held two off-white boxes that were constructed from re-constituted/up-cycled scrap cotton and recycled paper. The boxes are not smooth, nor are they shiny or sleek—they have a more Earthy feel to them.

“ALTERRA PURE” is scrawled across the linty paper exteriors, with a seam dividing the two words. The seam (and the two box halves) is held together by a single piece of terra cotta-colored tape.

After gently peeling off the tape—attempting to keep the boxes’ finishes intact—I found the sheets and duvet neatly folded, and tucked away in each box.

I love the boxes—they’re gorgeous; the textures, colors, and fonts are beautifully executed; and the structure and overall design are not only effective in function, but also in reusability and general purpose storage. I plan to keep them around for a bit because I’ve got some magazines that could use a nice, new, organized home.

Alterra Pure Construction

I removed and unfolded the sheets to get a better look at the collection. They sent me a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, two pillow cases, and a duvet cover—all pieces are made of organic cotton percale fabric. Initially, the sheets had a kind of parachute fabric feel to them, which I assumed would just wash out in the first laundry cycle, but I was wrong. After following the prescribed wash and dry instructions, I was left with sheets that feel nearly the same as when they went in.

There was quite a bit of shrinkage, but I think Alterra Pure accounted for that when they made the sheets because despite the pockets shrinking almost 2 inches, the fitted sheet grips my mattress perfectly.

In addition to the texture and shrinkage, I noticed that they stayed quite wrinkly, despite finally trying the damp washcloth method (which worked minimally). All of the set pieces don two very classy pinstripes close to the edges—one red and one blue—which serve as functional stitchings.

The coconut buttons on the duvet are a good size relative to their respective holes, which I really appreciate because tough buttons can really beat up a set of fingertips.

My Alterra Pure Findings

As I mentioned before, the sheets maintained their parachute-esque feel even after washing. I was a little skeptical going into this review, because the only other percale set I’ve reviewed so far is the Primary Goods set, which placed quite low on my list. Surprisingly, Alterra Pure’s collection does not remind me of the Primary Goods’ percale set at all, which honestly is a giant bonus in my book. The sheets have a kind of slick feel to them making movement easy and slightly slippery. The percale fabric is very breathable and comfortable no matter the temperature—I actually find it more temperature regulative than some of the other cotton sheet sets I’ve tried.

My Alterra Pure Recommendation

I really love these sheets. I ended up liking the slippery texture, and the temperature regulation is aces. Everything from the red and blue stitching to the box design has me smitten, which is rare for cotton sheets—cotton sheets are pretty hit and miss for me. I love everything Alterra Pure stands for, and I commend them for taking such a firm stance on their values in every aspect of their production line. Their prices are on par with other organic cotton sets—$160 for queen size sheets, $160 for a queen size duvet cover, and $285 as a bundle. Primary Goods sells a queen size percale cotton bundle for $269 normally, but occasionally marks it down for $179. While Primary Goods percale set is considerably less expensive during markdown times, the quality of materials, comfort, and values woven into each inch of Alterra Pure’s bedding make the price worth every penny.

Shop Alterra Pure