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Loveseat Sleeper sofas are a fancy twist to the sofa world. This new concept in the furniture segment is just a make-over name to the traditional loveseat sofa. These sofas are the quiet mouse of practical furniture. They fit in snugly in the smallest places and instantly transform that space into a reading, lounging, and crashing zone.

They look like compact little sofas that can be easily transformed into a sleeper for guests and family alike. Your pad need not feature an extra guest room for having night-overs or getting family to stay the night with these small and convenient loveseat sleeper sofas. You can live in a tiny apartment and still enjoy the convenience of an extra bed. These snazzy little things fit almost anywhere and look the part too. A lot of these sofas are less than 6 feet, and you can even get a few that do not cross the 4 feet mark-up point. Add this to the comfy price points these loveseat sleeper sofas come at, and you have a deal you will be hard-pressed to pass over.

Gives the popularity of loveseat sleeper sofas; it can get hard to zero in on one choice. This list of the top loveseat sleeper sofas will help you make up your mind and make the right choice for your home.

Top Loveseat Sleeper Sofas

Monroe Drive Apartment Size Sleeper Sofa from Apt2B



Monroe Sleeper Sofat Apt 2b

Apartment2B is the best site for modern, durable and comfortable furniture. Their sleeper sofas are the best in the industry. There are plenty of colors to choose from and they are made to order. This apartment-size sleeper sofa is perfect for smaller spaces that need to accommodate extra guests.

apt2b sleeper sofa


  • Custom made in Los Angeles, CA (made in USA)
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • 100% Solid wood frame
  • Cleanable and breathable hypoallergenic fabrics
  • Reversible and flippable detached cushioning
  • Seat cushions are high density foam offering a cozy yet supportive sit /no flame retardants added
  • Lifetime guarantee on frame and workmanship
  • 5.5″ thick Full Size deluxe innerspring mattress
  • Easy-fold steel mechanism w/1 year manufacturer guarantee

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Finn Rolled Arm Love Seat


Reversible cushions

Thin back cushions

Plenty of customization options

Higher price point

300 pounds weight capacity

Modern and stylish

Finn Rolled Arm Loveseat is a simple yet stylish sofa that will bring a high aesthetic value to your living space. It is elegant ad understated in a way that makes it easy to blend with all types of décor, right from the unassuming look to the fanciest eye-catching furnishing. The sofa comes in classic style with uniformly tailored welt details that give it an upgraded feeling.

The loveseat is available in 15 color choices for upholstery featuring subtle pastels to bold cherry and sunny yellows. The legs are also available in 4 different colors, ensuring that your style remains unique to your home. This is the kind of loveseat sofa that will make you want to spend all your time just snuggled into it. The reversible cushions give you extra cushion life and ensure that the cushions remain bouncy and plush for a longer period.

It comes packaged in boxes and ships within 5 to 7 days after the order is placed. The assembly process is very simple and straightforward. There are no complicated instructions and mechanisms to keep you at it for hours.


  • Dacron wrapped seat cushions
  • Reversible and removable cushions
  • 5-inch thick high resilience foam
  • 8 Gauge Anti- Sag Steel Spring System
  • Mortise and Tenon joints
  • Soil and stain resistant upholstery
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • 170 lbs product weight
  • 30-day return policy

Imani Velvet 81.5 inch Wide Square Arm Convertible Sofa

imani velvet


Budget pricing

Bulky than most loveseat sleeper sofas

Easy to convert from sofa to bed

Accommodates twin sleeping

If you are looking for a stylish loveseat sleeper on a budget, you cannot go wrong with the Imani Velvet 81.5 inch convertible sofa. For under $400, this sofa gives you a cozy spot to sit on and binge-watch, which can easily double up as a comfortable sleeping surface for two adults. To top it all off, you get to choose between 7 different velvet upholstery colors ranging from pink to green and blue.

The sofa sports a traditional mid-century style that will brighten up your living space with elegance. Constructed with engineered wood and featuring sporty wide arms, it is an effortless sleep solution for the space-constrained. The tapered legs give this sofa the ultimate retro look, while the button-backed tufted design adds to the textural appeal. The split-back design is more appealing since it can be styled individually into a lounge or sleep position.

The sofa style is original futon style with no removable cushions. The best thing about this style is that the sofa can easily be flattened to give a sleeping surface.


  • Multiple cushion seat
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Foam and polyester fill
  • Split back style
  • 600 lbs weight capacity
  • Product weight is 109 lbs
  • Adult assembly required
  • Made in China
  • 1 year limited warranty

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Annalucia 61.25 Inch Square Arm Sofa Bed



Great value for money

Difficult to clean

High comfort factor

Only available in one color

Simple assembly

Easily converts from seating to sleeping position

The Annalucia features a pull-out mattress style that converts the sofa into a convenient bed for impromptu sleepovers. It features fabric upholstery in grey. This is paired with black legs for a good contrast that lends the sofa a striking elegance. This neutral shade allows the Annalucia sofa to blend in easily with all types of décor, keeping things even aesthetically.

The frame is constructed with metal and wood, both engineered and solid. The back cushions are removable though they are not reversible. Further, the sofa comes with a single cushion seat that gives a nice plush comfort. The conversion from seater to bed is easily managed, and you will not face any hiccups there.

The easy transformability coupled with high resilience materials used in the construction makes this sofa highly durable. The track armrests allow for supreme comfort, and the metal legs vouch for stability. You will not regret this purchase on any front.


  • Seats 2 people
  • Available in only fabric upholstery of grey shade
  • Black metal legs
  • 35” H x 61.25” W x 37” D dimensions
  • Product weight is 155.6 lbs
  • Metal and wooden frame
  • Adult assembly required
  • Made in China
  • Comes with no warranty

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Ursina Faux Leather Round Arm Loveseat Sofa Bed

ursina couch


Has a weight capacity of 900 lbs

Only available in black faux leather upholstery

Includes storage space

Off-gassing issues
Comes fully assembled

Loveseat sleepers are great space savers and very economical pieces of furniture, but they are not designed for ultimate comfort. In loveseat sleepers, the focus is more on durability and compactness than comfort and support. The Ursina Faux Leather loveseat sofa is a deviation from this norm. This sofa gives you the best sleeping comfort that a loveseat sleeper can provide. Of course, the comfort level cannot match that of a regular bed, but for a loveseat sleeper, the comfort is unmatched.

The sofa features a pull-out mechanism that easily converts the sofa into a bed. It sports black faux leather upholstery with a mattress that measures 35x 51x 26 inches. These dimensions make it very comfortable for two average-sized adults. The seat is constructed with cotton ad foam that makes it very high on comfort with good body contouring. The metallic edge stripes accent the modern looks of the sofa, making it perfect for a modern and stylish living space.

Another clear winner for the Ursina Faux Leather loveseat sleeper is the included storage space it offers. With a ground clearance of 38”, the sofa gives you plenty of room to store bedding and other odds and ends in it. The side arms are very wide, which gives you good support for armrests and lounging.


  • Available in black faux leather upholstery
  • Dimension of 31H x 51W x 26D inches
  • Storage dimension of 6H x 25W x 51D inches
  • Weight capacity of 900 lbs
  • Product weight 190 lbs
  • Comes with throw pillows of 16x 16 inches
  • Frame is wood
  • Features coil spring seats
  • No adult assembly required
  • Made in Turkey

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Cia 52 Inch Loveseat Sleeper by Willa Arlo



Reversible cushions

Cushion covers are non-removable

Comes fully assembled

Toss pillows are included

Budget pricing

The Cia Serta loveseat sofa is undoubtedly one of the cutest loveseat sleeper sofas in the market. This super comfortable loveseat sleeper is crafted to fit snugly into the smallest of places, making the place cozy and inviting. The two toss pillows that the sofa comes with makes the sleeper more stylish and lends it an oriental sort of feel.

It sports an unfolding design to convert from sofa to bed. The mattress is 5″ H x 32″ W x 72″ D making it perfect for a good-sized adult. Keeping in mind that while the inner coil mattress is quite comfortable for an express bed, it is not something you can think of as long-term. You can always make the bed more comfortable with an added foam or latex mattress top if you are thinking of using this for a longer period.

The loveseat sleeper has a single cushion seat which is constructed with high-quality coil springs. The backseat cushions are filled with foam, and the upholstery is 100% polyester. The best selling point of this loveseat sleeper is its absolute laidback charm and the knack of fitting in any nook or cranny.


  • Coil spring seats
  • Polyester upholstery
  • Single-seat cushion
  • Comes with toss pillows
  • Weight capacity of 600 lbs
  • Product weight of 115 lbs
  • Reversible cushions
  • Overall dimension of 35” H x 52” W x 32” D
  • Mattress dimension of 5″ H x 32″ W x 72″ D
  • Solid hardwood frame construction
  • Made in the USA

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What is a Loveseat Sleeper Sofa?

A loveseat sleeper sofa is much like the regular loveseat in terms of its size but comes with a folded mattress that is cleverly hidden beneath the cushions. This mattress can be pulled out to extend the sofa seat into a regular bed. Alternatively, you have futon styles loveseat sleeper sofas as well. In these, the back can be pulled out to lay straight, converting the sofa into a comfortable futon.

It can be easily used as a makeshift bed but should not be confused with a permanent bed. On comfort factor, the loveseat sleeper sofa ranks high as both sofa and bed but only when judges with a temporary perspective. For permanence, this sofa will not be able to provide optimal levels of comfort or support your body needs.

Types of Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

Loveseat sleeper sofas are available in a host of styles and shapes. The one that suits you best will depend largely on your individual preference and the space you want to fit it in. The most common types of loveseat sleeper sofas are as follows:

Sofa Bed

This is the most practical, convenient, and easy option. You do not have to pull out any mattress or section in this type of sleeper bed. It comes with a back that can be folded down to make a sleeping surface. This means that there are no cushions that need to be removed or sections requiring pull-out. Simply fold the backrest of the loveseat sleeper sofa down, and you are good to go

Pull-Out Type

In this type of sleeper bed, you have a real mattress that is tucked away and out of sight on the sofa. You have to first remove the seating and cushions; then, you pull out the mattress segment from under the sofa to make an extended surface that acts as the sleeping surface. They are more comfortable than the sofa beds, but they also require more space than them.


Futon-style sleeper beds are great for compact places. They fold out flat to make a bed and are spacious enough to accommodate an adult. However, they do not feature cushions and might be uncomfortable as sofas.

Which Sleeper Sofa Type Is Most Comfortable

The comfort level of the loveseat sleeper sofa is primarily decided by its upholstery and the mattress it sports. You should therefore pay close attention to these two features while picking a sleeper sofa.

Sofa Bed

In these types of sleeper sofa, the cushions for the sofa are used as a mattress for the bed. Hence you should like the touch and feel of the cushion fabric. Also, look at the softness and the bounce of the sofa since they will double up as a mattress while sleeping. Typically the seats are made with foam that is encased in polyester or down. It will be better to opt for down since it gives a more plush comfort than polyester.

Pull-Out Type

This features mattresses that are thin and compresses easily since they need to be stuffed inside the sofa. The comfort level in terms of Plushness is lower than the sofa bed, but the pull-out sofa does give you better size and accommodation.

Remember, you can always add on to the sleeping surface of the sofa to make it more comfortable for the night. So, if you fall in love with the look of the sofa but are not very happy with the way it turns into a bed, you don’t necessarily have to reject the sofa.

How Is Loveseat Sleeper Sofa Different From Normal Sofa Sleeper

It is easy to confuse the loveseat sleeper sofa from the normal sleeper sofas in the market. After all, they both operate on the same concept. They are both essentially sofas that can be pulled out to make temporary beds to be slept on. However, there is a fine line of difference between these two concepts. It is beneficial to know this difference so that you know exactly which product you are getting home.

To begin with, the primary difference between a loveseat sleeper and a normal sleeper sofa is the size of these sofas. A loveseat sleeper sofa stays true to the loveseat sofa concept. The size is enough for two adults to sit in snuggly and no more. It also only accommodates one person sleeping.

A sofa sleeper, on the other hand, comes in various sizes that are generally larger than the typical loveseat size. They usually accommodate three adults’ seating and provide comfortable sleeping space for two adults.

Reasons to Buy Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

It is always tempting to buy a sleeper sofa that is big enough to accommodate two or more people. But, there are various advantages to buying a smaller, more compact loveseat sleeper sofa than a regular-sized sleeper sofa. Some of these advantages are:

  • Loveseat sleeper sofa is the perfect size that rests between a sofa and an armchair. It is ideal for people looking for something bigger than the armchair yet smaller than the regular sofa.
  • It is a fantastic choice for people looking to save space and is an ideal addition for small city apartments.
  • Perfect for the young modern couple yet to start a family life looking for smart, cozy, and contemporary furniture pieces. A large sofa is kind of pointless for single people or couples. Loveseats provide the perfect seating and lounging space for snuggling in for the evening.
  • Loveseat sleeper sofas are a relatively newer entrant in the market. This makes the furniture choice unique and sets your home décor apart from the usual humdrum of home fashion.

Buying Guide

Loveseat sleeper sofa is a great choice for anybody looking to vamp up their décor, invest in a fantastic space-saving solution, or simply looking for a piece of furniture to occupy the cozy nook in the corner. However, just like any other purchase, you should bear a few things in mind before taking the final plunge.

Room Space

Before you buy anything, measure the space you want to fit the loveseat sleeper sofa in. This way you will be sure that the sofa will fit into the spot of your choice. It will also help you judge the kind of sofa size you are after.

Loveseat Sleeper Size

Most of the loveseat sleepers are approximately 6 feet with enough space to accommodate two adults cozily while seated and provide sleeping space for one adult only. However, you can also get loveseat sleeper sofas that are less than 6 feet. If you want a really small loveseat sleeper, then you should go in for the less than 6 feet ones.


You should be clear on what you want the loveseat sleeper sofa for. If it is just for a cozy seating space with an occasional emergency bed, then a small-sized loveseat sleeper will be ideal for you. However, if you intend to use it frequently as a guest bed, then it would be better to go in for a larger loveseat sleeper sofa that will give you better comfort and support as a sleeping surface.


Just like your normal sofas, the loveseat sleeper sofas also come in a variety of upholstery materials. You must pay attention to the kind of material you want on your sofa since you will be spending a lot of time on that material. Fabric upholstery works best for hot and humid climates. They are also the most convenient and budget-friendly options. While leatherette may be your thing, it is best to skip that with the loveseat sleeper sofa since it would make for the most inconvenient sleeping surface.

Aesthetic Value

With all the customization options available for loveseat sleeper sofas, you can easily find one that adds the most aesthetic value to your current décor. Remember to get a loveseat in a design that blends in well with your existing pieces.


Loveseat sleeper sofa is typically harder to maintain than a normal sofa since they have to be cleaned under the folds as well. There can be quite a lot of dust accumulation on the pull-out section of the sofa. The fabric upholstery can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and wet spot cleaning for any spill ups but velvet upholstery is very tricky in this area. For cleaning purpose leather and faux leather is best and easiest.


This is probably the most important factor to keep in mind. Most loveseat sleeper sofas are reasonably priced, but it is still better to have a figure in mind before you hit the shops. This way, you will not go over budget no matter how tempting the sofa looks. Also, try to look at good value for money products rather than just looking at the price. Sometimes with just a little bit more money, you get a product that is way better in terms of quality than the cheaper ones.


Loveseat sleeper sofa is the best when it comes to comfort, style, and practicality. The market is flooded with different types of a loveseat sleeper sofa, each vying for your attention with unique features and aesthetics. There are far too many people that go in for a normal sleeper sofa even when their current style and preference tilts towards the loveseat sleeper sofa concept simply because they do not understand the basic difference between the two furniture pieces. You should take out the time to invest in a good loveseat sleeper sofa, especially if you have space constraints and are looking for something cozier than regular sleeper sofas.

<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="" rel="bookmark">Zinus Mid Century Pascal Sofa Review</a></h2>

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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Have you ever tried to find a good sofa on a budget? Sure there are plenty of choices floating in the market that love to jump on the budget bandwagon, but more often than not, the budget part is just a hoax. You eventually find out that the price listed is just for attention, and everything that makes the sofa a sofa, like the cushions, covers, good armrests, and other details, are all for an extra price. The bottom line is that you end up shelling out way more than the definition of budget unless you are interested in just the frames.

This brand new Pascal sofa addition from Zinus has you well covered in this area. When they say budget, they mean the budget as a concept that works for you. There are no hidden costs, and everything comes within the listed price. But there are other things that you need to look at, along with the listed price. These include the shipping process, delivery times, quality of the frames, cushions, amongst others. This review will take you through all these points, helping you make a decision. So, read on to find out how well this sofa from Zinus fares in the real test.

In a Nut-Shell

zinus sofa 2

If you want a one-word definition for the Zinus Mid-Century Pascal sofa, then that word would be “fantastic.” It is an ideal choice for the budget-conscious be it, single working women and men alike, or even a more family setup. The size is good for both the classes, and the style is good enough to jazz up your space in a matter of minutes. It is an ergonomic design with no feminine undertones to make the male fraternity hesitant.

The brand keeps up well in the comfort department. It is a sofa that is meant for lounging as much as it is meant for sitting. The armrests are high enough to provide good elbow support and work as your makeshift work from home laptop station. They are also wide enough to accommodate the large-sized popcorn tub; just be careful not to overturn it.

Don’t let the mid-century tag deter you into believing this piece is a stiff as a board contraption. It is fun in its design, effectively pulling off the modern subtlety with traditional button backed style. And on good real-time customer reviews, quite a bit comfortable as well.

Good and Bad – A Bit Of Both


Good design and quality

Bulky shipping boxes

Highly affordable

No hidden costs

In-Depth Assessment


The concept that Zinus plays with is the throwaway furniture rule that comes with an affordable price tag and good quality. Most budget sofas are small, crampy, and have no sense of style at all. They are just a functional piece to take up space in the living room. This is not the case with Zinus Sofa.

The brand has a very easily adapted style and chic comfort with a price that does not hurt your pockets. This is essentially a classy sofa that looks and feels modern, stylish, and fashionable enough to hold its own in any setting. Easily blendable, you can place it in a contemporary setting with a curving fireplace or a small cozy nest with pots and planters. The sofa will jazz up any space you decide to keep it in.

If you are looking to accentuate the essential décor of your home, then the Pascal sofa from Zinus is just the thing for you. The straight line and angles of the sofa keep it beautifully minimalistic without compromising on the character of the piece. The low clearance means that the sofa can accommodate anywhere, even at the bottom of the bed, without hindering the view. It also give s a very graceful feel to the furniture.

The major drawback with this sofa is the lack of customization options. You only get one type of sofa with fixed dimensions and only color option of light oatmeal grey. Though the color suits the mid-century theme the brand is going for, it also makes the regular upkeep a bit of a problem.

Size and Dimensions

The sofa is a little small size-wise. It fits neatly between a loveseat and an average three-seater sofa. Even though the brand promotes the sofa as a three-seater, with the cushions in place, the space is not wide enough for three adults to sit comfortably. You can fit shoulder to shoulder, but that kind of defeats the purpose of comfortable seating.

It is an excellent choice for two adults and a kid or even a pet, but it draws the line at that. The sofa dimensions are 73.23″ (L)x 29.92″ (B)x 26.38″ (H) and weighs 83.60 pounds. At this weight, it is a relatively lighter option making it easier to move around.

Materials Used

It is crafted from naturally strong wood to give you a frame that is resilient and durable. The cushions come with a polyester fabric cover that makes them stain-resistant and easy to clean. The color is such that all stains will stand out, making regular cleaning a necessity.

Further, the cushions and seat are made of foam and fiber. This makes the sofa seat not a sink in type comfortable but rests it on the medium-soft and low firm category. The sofa upholstery is made from polyester linen fabric.

Shipping and Assembly

The sofa comes packaged in a single box. This is both a convenience and a headache. It is great that everything fits in just one box, but that also makes the box that much heavier. There are no shipping costs, and the company ships through FedEx.

The weight of the box means you will require some help lugging it inside your house. So be prepared and enlist some muscle unless you want to put your back out in the process of proving that you can handle it alone.

Once you get the box inside, the actual assembly process is supposedly easy. There are no additional tools required, and you should be able to get the sofa set up in less than one hour. There are issues with the stability of people complaining that the sofa tends to wobble along. You might want to pay attention to that detail.

Returns and Warranty

Zinus gives you a 100 nights free trial. This means that if you do not like your Pascal sofa for any reason, you can ask for a refund and return the sofa to the company with a no questions asked policy. You should have your original bill and receipt to avail of this offer so hang on to those two.

You also get a 1-year limited warranty from the company for any manufacturing defects the sofa might spring on you.

Wrapping up

Pascal Mid-Century Sofa from Zinus is a lovely sofa to have in your house. However, you need to bear a few things in mind regarding the quality you expect. It gives you excellent quality, but for the price you pay. The sofa is a little wobbly sometimes, and it does have an issue with parts missing and you having to chase it up with the customer care. But the fact remains that for an “under $500” category, this sofa ranks pretty high on the comfort, durability, and style segment.

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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

There is no way you can take the sofa shopping casually. This era defines the sofa as the cornerstone of your living space and the dominant factor of your social nights. Imagine wanting to invite people over only to be forced to downsize because of your sofa size or, even worse, wanting to spend the night binge-watching your favorite show only to find that your sofa is not an ideal comfort lounge zone. All these scenarios bring to mind the importance of choosing the best sofa for your space.

You need to balance the latest in fashion sofa trends with good comfort and support factors. Unfortunately, even with the wide variety of sofa brands circulating in the market, there is a dearth of on-point trendy sofas that manage to get the right balance of Instagram and comfort. Inside Weather is one such brand that makes it a point to satisfy your sofa fashion sense while taking care of the other practical details. Read on to find out how well it fares on the sofa, buying checklist points.

A Detailed Review

The first thing that is bound to impress you about Inside Weather Sofa is the absolutely stunning customizable options. These babies are all made to order pieces. To spice things up more, these fantastic custom-built from scratch sofas are ready and shipped within a short span of 30 to 35 days. They are made entirely from sustainably sourced materials for the environmentally conscious and are a total made in USA product for the country conscious.

Apart from the quick shipping and delivery, these sofas are also competitively priced with an attractive price point that is budget-friendly and boasts of a quick assembly time of 10 minutes or less. The customizable options mean that you have a personalized sofa made to order as per your individual preference. The motto of the brand is making sofa shopping all about “you” and “your choices.”

Pros and Cons


Highly customizable to ensure a unique sofa of your preference

Readymade options are not available for purchase. Minimum shipping time is 30 to 35 days

Short custom making time

Excellent customer support

365 days trial period

Inside Out Review


inside weather sofa review

The Inside Weather Sofa sports a minimalistic approach to design. It is clear-cut and simple with straight lines and angles. There are no flairs and curves to distract from this theme. However, this minimalistic approach ensures that the sofa blends well with both modern and contemporary styles. Hence no matter what your existing décor or type of house, this sofa will not only blend well with it but also enhance the overall look with its inherent aesthetic appeal.

There is a distinct mid-century modern flavor to these sofas in general, and the wooden elements only enhance this aspect. The overall look of the sofa depends on your preferences but in general the sofa sports a simple and elegant structure.

The frames are made of birch plywood. This is covered with synthetic padding reinforced with high-density PU foam. The combined effect is a sofa base that allows a cool and comfortable perch.


This is the fun part of buying this sofa. The sheer number of customization options will blow your mind. You can not only choose the type of sofa you want from eight different styles but also choose the various details of these sofas, right from the legs to materials and upholstery fabric and color. All in all, you have over 400+ customization options when you come down to building your sofa.

You get to choose the arm style you want from over 13 different styles. As if that was not enough, you have over 15 different base styles to keep you busy and six different accent pillows to make up your mind about. Their fabrics styles range from over 100 different swatches, and you even get to decide the comfort level of snug or support. Needless to say, Inside Weather is hands down the king of sofa customization.

Shipping and Delivery

Given that the sofa is custom built from scratch, it ships very quickly. The standard shipping time is within 30 to 35 days. You can rest assured that you will receive your sofa within the allotted time. The brand is committed to its timeline.

The package comes in a neat flat-backed packaging that makes it convenient to move around. It also comes in 3 to 4 different boxes. The flip side is that these boxes are shipped separately, so you might be receiving them on different dates. This makes the process a little inconvenient, but you are sure to receive them all within the month. The main reason behind this is that the sofa parts are shipped as soon as they are ready, so some parts are shipped before and some after.


The Inside Weather Sofa assembly is quick, simple, and one of the fastest in the market. The brand claims that the sofa can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. However, for most, it should not take more than double that time. All the tools required to get the job done are already provided with the sofa, so you don’t have to worry about not having the appropriate tools.


The sofa range starts from $998 for the Issa Sofa and goes up to $1398 for the Asher, Soba, and Jett range. This price point makes the Inside Weather a clear winner in the sofa buying section. The main reason why Inside Weather can keep their sofas so ambitiously priced is that they work on a zero inventory base model. This means there are no warehousing costs or excess raw materials lying around. All there sofas are made from scratch after the customer puts in an order.

This made to order concept saves on storage and production costs. It also reduces wastage costs to almost zero percent. By only focusing on the production aspect, Inside Weather can churn out the best quality sofas for your homes. The price does not leave any margin for showrooms, middlemen, or any secondary elements.

Real-Time Usage

No matter which fabric or design you choose, these Inside Weather sofas are all highly durable with excellent stain-resistant properties. All the upholstery material is specially designed to stay clean and look fresh with regular use.

Those with pets and toddlers running around will be glad to know that the fabrics are extremely easy to clean. You just need a good run of soap and water mixed with some elbow grease, and even the tough stains will disappear in no time at all. To make it even easier, the upholstery is covered with zippered and hence removable covers, which can be machine washed to retain its freshness and cleanliness.

To Buy or Not To Buy

Inside Weather Sofa is one sofa that is the next big thing in the sofa segment. There is no reason for anyone not to buy their sofas. You get a fantastic sofa that is 100% unique to your style and preference at an affordable price. The quality of materials used is fabulous for the price point, and the sofas are ideal for practical living as well as entertaining nights. Their after-sales service is excellent, and the 365 days free trial offer only makes the sofa more attractive.

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<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="" rel="bookmark">Sabai Essential Sofa Review</a></h2>

Recently updated on January 20th, 2021 at 10:44 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Most sofa brands out there are trying to keep a low carbon footprint. With the rise in environmentally conscious consumers, this is a necessity and need of the hour. Right from sustainably sourced materials to planting a tree for every tree felled in creating the product, the brands are all out to promote their commitment towards nature. However, nothing beats the level of dedication to nature exhibited by the Sabai group.

The Sabai Essential Sofas are not just made of sustainably sourced materials. They are made of recycled plastic bottles! It sounds both bewildering and strange. After all, how can sofas be made of plastic bottles? This is even more baffling when you see the actual sofa. The velvety plush sofa that screams luxurious comfort is actually made from recycled plastic. But does the Sabai Essential sofa make the cut on other essential sofa parameters like affordability, comfort, durability, size, etc.? This review will give you the practical aspects of this sofa to help you make up your mind about whether or not the Sabai Essential Sofa is worth the time and effort to get home.

Short Review

With the environment being at the forefront of almost everybody’s thoughts, Sabai goes the extra mile with environmental responsibility. This not only reduces the new carbon footprint but takes care of old plastic bottles that are piling up around the world at an alarming rate. You will probably want to get the Sabai Essential Sofa home just to show support for the recycled aspect.

However, don’t worry overmuch about having to compromise on other things. The Sabai Essential Sofa comes loaded with other features that make it more than just a recycled plastic gimmick. It is comfortable, durable, handy, and a very practical piece of furniture to have as the centerpiece of your living area. It is essentially a perfect blend of support and comfort. The sofa carries full marks for understated elegance. It is not loud or bulky like the usual sofa brigade and blends very well with the room decor.

Another excellent point in favor of Sabai Essential Sofa is the back end support. Their customer service is exceptional. It is responsive with a friendly attitude that in no way lets you down. You can shoot queries after queries and find that the support remains flatteringly stable. They do not cook up delivery times, and delays are well responded to with real-time updates.

Pros and Cons


Made with recycled plastic bottles

Only velvet and poly upholstery fabric choice

Very high aesthetic value

Heavy boxes makes moving them a challenge
Treatment free upholstery


Proper Evaluation

sabai side viewDesign

The Sabai Essential Sofa collection comprises the sofa, sectional sofa, and ottoman. The sofa itself gives you the choice of a one-seater sofa or a three-seater sofa—the three products in the collection sport a charming elegance that is both understated and easily blendable. The sofa is designed, keeping in mind the various decors and lifestyle preferences. This makes it a very flexible option that suits modern living and the traditional décor with equal style.

The colors offered are bold and neutral, ensuring that you are sure to find the right match for your house. The sofa sports straight angles with tapered legs for support. There are no curves, and the sofa is angular. Even though the brand promotes itself with sustainability as the primary motive, they have not compromised on style in any sense.


You get to choose between velvet and recycled poly as the upholstery material for your sofa. The velvet material is understated with reduced sheen than your average velvet, and the poly is more rustic in its looks. They are both made from recycled materials with the velvet material made with recycled plastic bottles and the poly made from 100% up-cycled olefin fiber.

Both the materials are completely untreated. The velvet material is not inherently stain-resistant but is easily cleaned with soap and water. The poly is by nature stain resistant, making it a more appropriate choice for those with kids and pets. The velvet fabric is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certified, and the poly fabric holds the Greenguard Gold certification.

The legs and frame are made of FSC certified wood that is responsibly sourced. The cushions are made of CertiPUR certified foam, and pillows are filled with recycled fiber. All in all, the entire sofa is one act of responsibility towards the environment.

Shipping and Delivery

The brand takes quite a while to ship the sofa. Once you place your order, the sofa gets shipped within 4 to 6 weeks. After that, the delivery is quick, within 2 to 3 days for the east USA locations and 4 to 5 for the west side of the USA. There are no additional shipping costs involved.

It arrives at your doorstep in three boxes. There is no plastic packaging material, and the frames come with the interlocking feature. Unfortunately, the boxes are heavy and need two people to move around. Be prepared for a day of lugging if you live above the ground floor. Maneuvering these boxes up the flight of stairs will be a test of your patience and a geometry lesson. But that aside, the sofa itself is easily assembled. Once again, the actual assembly is also better tackled with a company beside you. It will not take you over 45 minutes to an hour at most to get the sofa all done up. Give it a little extra time if you like to take it easy with a coffee break in between.

Maintenance and Real-Time Upkeep

Sabai is all about the environment. But the brand has made it a point not to compromise on the daily comfort factor, making their Essential sofa a truly essential piece of furniture in the house. It is ideal for sitting, perching, lounging, and napping. You can easily work from home on this sofa, feeling like vacation time work. The wide armrests are big enough to accommodate your laptop to make it even more convenient.

The fabrics are not treated with any chemicals to make them stain-resistant, but the poly fabric is naturally stain resistant. The velvet option is a bit tricky with stains, but it can be easily washed with soap and water. Further, the sofa has high durability and withstands the boisterous nature of pets and kids alike—no need to worry about the sofa sagging under their jumping escapades.

Fine Print

The Sabai Essential Sofa is very competitively priced for the quality it offers. The highest selling point of this sofa is the sustainability stance it takes. Sabai not only makes its upholstery with recycled plastic bottles and up-cycled olefin. Apart from this, they also give a buyback loop for their customers wherein the company guarantees a buyback of their sofas at 20% cost to keep their sofas out of the landfill and help reduce the subsequent environmental costs.

Apart from this, Sabai also offers a 1-year limited warranty on its sofa. During this period, the company will replace any sofa parts that have a manufacturing defect or any other normal use problems. You also get a 30 day trial period for making up your mind after using the sofa in real-time.

Wrapping Up

All things considered, the Sabai Essential Sofa is one sofa that will add to your lifestyle with its stylish design, optimal balance between structure and comfort, quick assembly, prompt delivery, and highly competitive price point. It will also make you feel like a million bucks for being so responsible towards the environment every time you look at it.

If you want to nitpick, then the flip side of Sabai Essential Sofa is the lack of customization options and the weight of the boxes it is shipped in. It does make it a two-person job, but then again, that is just a one-off scenario unless you shift places. The bottom line is that you will not regret buying the Sabai Essential Sofa and will want to flaunt it to your family and friends.

Floyd Sofa Review
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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

The best piece of furniture in your house is your sofa. It is where you crash after the day’s hustle and bustle. It defines your lounge time and dominates your entertaining segment. There is nothing more relaxing than a good sofa to curl up on in the evenings or even during the day if the mood strikes. However, this is only possible with a comfortable sofa. Given that sofas are essentially living room furniture, you want one that not only offers comfort but is also aesthetically pleasing without burning a hole in your pocket.

This is where this sofa from Floyd will blow your mind with its simple classic looks in pleasing colors and a comfort level to match the best sofas in the market. If you are in the sofa shopping zone, then look no further than this minimalistic sofa operating on direct to consumer platform from the popular Floyd brand. Read on to find out how it fares practically when subjected to constant use, innumerable stains, and just your regular hardships that any sofa goes through in an active household with pets, toddlers, kids, and the quintessential party nights.

Floyd Sofa In a Nut Shell

The direct-to-consumer market is booming in the furniture segment. Floyd has managed to get it right in all the major aspects of this. It is an easy to assemble sofa that comes in excellent packaging to satisfy even the most particular customer. The Floyd sofa is good value for money and surprisingly low on maintenance.

Pros and Cons


Simple assembly

Difficult to maneuver the sofa frame

Good packaging

The back cushion is overstuffed
Stain-resistant upholstery

Added shipping cost

High comfort quotient


In-Depth Review

floyd delivery


Being direct to the consumer sofa, you cannot walk into the Floyd store and walk out with a fully assembled Floyd sofa. The sofa is delivered to your doorstep in four boxes for the smaller two and three-seater. You can choose between a two-seater sofa, three-seater sofas, and a three-seater with a chaise attached. The largest of them, the three-seater with chaise, comes in seven to eight boxes.

While the sheer number of boxes is enough to get your heart rate pulsing imagining all sorts of assembly required once you even manage to haul them to your apartment, you don’t have to worry overmuch. The majority of them are filled with cushions, with just a few boxes having the main parts of the sofa.

The packaging is done in a well-secured fashion, with the utmost care being taken for any accidental bumps and bruises. The parts are neatly fit in separate sections with bubble wrap for extra protection to ensure they reach you in mint condition.

Assembly Process

The Floyd sofa comes in parts and needs to be assembled. The brand claims an easy assemble process with clear cut even a kid can follow instruction set, and this seems to be true for most parts. You might feel the tension when it comes to nitpicking with the bolts and figuring out what comes where and what fits where bit but all in all, it is a pretty easy assembly process. Just make sure you don’t have any other plans set for the afternoon. You might even want to keep it as the Sunday afternoon project.

The only difficult part is the 132lbs frame. The weight makes it tricky to handle. You might want to enlist an extra pair of hands for that bit unless you are confident of pushing and pulling. Apart from this, the assembly itself should not take more than a couple of hours tops, even for the uninitiated. For those handy around tools, the time cuts down to a mere 45 minutes. The sofa comes with the basic tools necessary for assembly, so you don’t have to worry on that front.

The process is simple. You have to first attach the legs to the sofa base frame. The come the back frame of the sofa that is attached to the base. Then you add the actual back, secure the cushions, and voila, it’s done!

Design and Durability

The sofa is ergonomically designed to offer the utmost comfort. It is a product that features modern and modular living, making it perfect for the urban home, be it in an apartment, loft, studio, or a more traditional house. Available in 5 colors, you are sure to find one that matches your existing décor perfectly. You can go in for the yellow to brighten up your living space or the mist and lunar grey for a more neutral approach.

The frame of the sofa is dark wood, which contrasts beautifully with the available upholstery colors. The legs are your typical tapered at the bottom style adding to the modern aesthetic appeal.

The primary frame material used is top grade birch plywood. The frame for upholstery is radiata pine plywood. They are both TSCA Title VI, and CARB-2 certified for durability. The legs are reinforced with powder-coated steel for extra strength.

The upholstery fabric used is designed to be stain-resistant, making it easier to clean. It is 95% polyester and 5% nylon making it extremely durable for normal wear and tear. The brand prides itself on being completely toxic-free.

The cushions provided are soft, plushy, and luxuriously cushy. They are a little stiff when fresh out of the packaging, but you can easily break them down in about a week of use. After that, they are the most wonderful “sink into me” type of cushions for the hands-down best plushy experience. Made from foam they incorporate two layers of varying degrees of the material to give you the ideal balance between support and comfort. The back cushions and the arm supports have a synthetic feather fill to give you a plushy feel.


The size of the sofa is ideal for accommodating as per the type. The two-seater sofa makes for a lovely couple sofa where two adults can easily snuggle in for a cozy evening. The three-seater sofa is ideal for three adults to sit comfortably or two adults to lounge in. If you go in for the chaise along with the three-seater sofa, then you have a sofa for a family. The exact dimensions are mentioned below:

Sofa Type


60″ L x 31″ D x 32″ H

Three seater

87″ L x 31″ D x 32″ H
Three seater with chaise

87″ L x 61″ D x 32″ H


This is one aspect of the sofa that makes everyone groan. However, you will be pleased to note that the Floyd sofa is one of the easiest sofas to clean. The upholstery is stain resistant and does a wonderful job of it. For those other stubborn stains, all you need is soap and water or any good upholstery cleaner. Just a little dab and rub, and you have a clean sofa once again.

The cushion covers can be removed and washed in the machine, but the company warns against it since it will rid the covers off of its stain-resistant property.

Final Verdict

Now comes the most basic question of all, to buy or not to buy? All things considered, this sofa is meant for keeps. You should get your hands on this one. The sofa gets a tick mark on durability, fashion, comfort, material, and maintenance. It is a perfect addition to the direct to consumer segment, and you will not regret getting this one home. The 10-year manufacturer’s warranty only adds to the appeal and gives you confidence in the product.

Shop Floyd

campaign sofa assembly
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After “bed in a box” popularity, the newest concept to hit the furniture market is the “sofa in a box” concept. The manufacturers have taken a cue from the rising shopping trends and have started delivering sofas neatly packed in a box delivered right at your doorstep. After all, nobody wants the stress and hassle attached to the physical in-store shopping anymore, especially for a more variety than you could count thing like sofas.

After all, deciding on a low trafficked product purchase like a sofa cannot be done under the dour supervision of a well-intentioned but commission-hungry salesperson whose only interest is in palming off at least something on you from the store. The sofa buying cannot be decided in a matter of minutes or even hours sometimes. It is a decision that will take time and needs a patient approach. You might have to browse through quite a few sofas to be able to zero in on one final choice. This article will focus on the sofa from the steadily rising Campaign Living Furniture brand. Read on to find out how well this sofa fares for you personally.

The Two-Second Review

Campaign Living is a start-up line of furniture brand that started in 2013. It has since then neatly perfected the art of delivering big pieces of furniture in a box. You will not be disappointed with their sofa range. It is available online for browsing and choosing the right fabric and leg color. The brand gives you a hassle-free trial period of 30 days. If you change your mind for any reason after the purchase, you can easily have the sofa returned for a full refund.

It assembles quickly in less than 15 minutes and does not require any extra tools. The look is modern with sleek lines and design. The quality is better than the IKEA brand, and the durability of the product does not fail to impress. The Campaign Living sofa fits nicely between the cheap IKEA store sofas and the high range of showroom ones.

Good and the Bad


Easy and hassle-free assembly

Pricier than its competitors

High in the comfort factor

Difficult to manage the delivery boxes
Good customer support

A large variety of fabric and color options

In-Depth Examination

Campaign Sofa Review


The Campaign sofa bears clean cut straight lines. The design is aesthetically appealing in its simplicity. This also ensures a high “blendability” factor. The sofa will not look out of place against any backdrop or décor. It allows you room for accentuating the look of the sofa or downplaying it with throws and colorful cushions.

The sofa frame is made completely out of steel, unlike the other sofa frames, which are predominantly plywood. The steel frame gives it unmatched strength and durability, making it fit to last a lifetime. The brand even offers refurbishment and replacement of any parts that require a tune-up over time, making this sofa one piece of furniture that will stay with you forever if you want it to.

Comfort Level

This is a sofa to curl up and relax your sore muscles in. It is deep enough to accommodate a tall person without any problems and wide enough to support lounging. You can lie down, sit, lounge, curl up, and pretty much bend yourself in any shape you want while encased in plushy cushions.

The seat cushions tend to retain shape making it comfortable, and back cushions perfectly balance comfort and support. No aches and pains from this sofa. All the fabrics are soft and cool to touch, giving you a plush feel of the sofa in general. It is also not scratchy and feels wonderful against the skin.

Price Point

Campaign sofas are of great value for money. The price point is higher than its competitors, especially when compared to “Burrows,” but the extra price comes with far better quality standards, construction panels, and a higher comfort zone. Add on to the fast and quick delivery service of 2 to 4 days, and you have a winner on your hands.

This is a great looking sofa that is guaranteed to hold up as the years add on and at a very reasonable price.

Back End Service

The customer support at Campaign Living is amazing. You will find them well versed in their products, and there is no question that you can throw at them without being completely satisfied with their response. Your endless stream of questions ranging from the frame material to fabric colors will all be met with enthusiasm that makes shopping from this brand a dream. No more sour answers and no more dour faces when you ask for time to make up your mind!

Shopping and Customization

The campaign only has one type of sofa available at the moment. They do plan to diversify and offer a more varied choice in the future, but currently, you can only buy this one type. There are plenty of color choices available that more than make up for the lack of sofa variety. You get to choose between 15 color and fabric options. The two price brackets are depending on the color you choose, so be careful about which price category you finally end up in.

On the upside, you don’t have to rely on the website image of the color and fabric. The brand offers free swatch sample delivery of the colors you want to see in real-time before making the final decision.

Shipping and Delivery

The brand promises a fast delivery of 7 to 10 working days depending on your location, and unless there is a hurricane, your sofa will reach your doorstep within this allotted time. It comes to you in just two to three boxes, which makes the whole moving the boxes inside and unpacking it all the easier. However, there is a catch involved. The boxes are shipped separately and may arrive on different days.

The shipping is free of cost, and so is the return shipping. The brand bears the expense, unlike some other brands where you have to pay additional shipping costs and even bear the return shipping costs.


The sofa is easily assembled in less than 15 minutes. If you have never assembled one before, then give yourself about 30 to 45 minutes tops. You just have to fit the pieces together, screw on the legs, and adjust the cushions.

The difficult part is getting the boxes inside and unpacking them. The frames are made of steel, which adds to the durability but also adds to the weight. This makes lifting and moving the boxes a bit of a challenge. It is a good idea to enlist some muscle help beforehand to get the boxes in place, especially if you need to get the boxes up a flight of stairs.


This sofa from Campaign Living is a very sturdily built and solidly constructed product. While it works extremely well in the city apartment, it can also be used in waiting areas and business lounges. Consider going for this sofa if you have boisterous children who love jumping on the sofa or a house with pets. It can easily withstand the additional duress.

Bottom Line

In this age of direct to consumer theme, you will be hard-pressed to find a better brand than Campaign Living. Their sofa sets the bar very high in all aspects. The quality is stunning at the price point with no compromises on durability and comfort. It is a solid, designed, and manufactured in the USA product that will go a long way with you. It is meant for keeps and will not disappoint you with its looks and structure.

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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

It is always a hassle for people who move around a lot to have permanent furniture pieces, even for people that like to change their furnishing style often or have smaller spaces for any kind of permanent solid furniture pieces or are simply on a budget. It is generally more convenient to just get second-hand furniture or even rent the sofa. However, these options are not just very temporary and nomadic but also tend to crimp your style and home flavor. You end up with mismatched pieces and a décor that says nothing.

The stress of sofa buying has only been exacerbated with the pandemic that the world witnessed and is still recuperating from. Enter the “work from home” and “stuck at home” scenario, and you suddenly feel like your life revolves around your sofa. If you have kids around, then it is safe to say that your sofa has already given out under constant love and needs to be changed ASAP. For those looking to buy an affordable, stylish, and comfortable sofa, Elephant in a Box Sofa is an option you do not want to pass up. Read on to find out how this sofa fares in the real world.

Quick Review

elephant in a box review

The Elephant in a Box sofa will help you find the right kind of furniture permanency that does not crimp your lifestyle and that too on a budget. It is a wonderful and unique piece of sofa that folds up to be neatly packaged in a box that is small enough to fit in the back of your car. Yes, you read that, right!

It is a sofa that not only accommodates you, your significant other, and any kids or pets you might have easily but is also lightweight, stylish, and easily packed up. A perfect sofa set up for those on the move, the young workforce, college getters, and all others stuffed in city living or just looking for a durable, sturdy sofa to take the edge of their days.

Don’t be fooled by the folding up feature. This sofa caters to a whopping 3000 pounds of weight and weighs a mere 98 pounds itself—an amazing concept when you think about it. You cannot ask for a more pliable, maneuverable, and sturdy piece of furniture than this “Elephantastic” sofa.

Plus And Minuses


Easily foldable feature

Starts to show wear and tear very quickly

Convenient to move around and store

Poor back support

Accommodates 3000 pounds

Budget price point


Full Review

elephant in a box setup


The sofa comes in three colors and is designed in clear angular lines. It is a simple look that is meant to blend in well with its surroundings. The sofa uses honeycomb technology to collapse into a foldable structure. This is the same technology that is used in aerospace and automobiles. The honeycomb core allows the sofa to retain its original shape and support heavy loads.

The material used in its construction is engineered cellulose fiber sheets. This is a very lightweight core material that allows the sofa to be very lightweight as well. The core is made into hexagonal shaped cells allowing it to endure 400 times its weight effortlessly.

Size and Dimension

The Elephant in a Box sofa comes in four different sizes. This makes it easy for you to choose the perfect size to match your space. You don’t have to compromise with the type of sofa you are after. The sofa comes in:

  • Standard size
  • Loveseat
  • Sectional
  • Sofa bed

Depending on your needs and preference, you can go with either one of these options. The main built and framework remains similar in all these types. The only difference is the dimension and girth. The standard size works best for small spaces, and a sectional is better for adults wanting a lounge sofa for bingeing nights. Needless to say, a loveseat should be your go-to option for lovebirds, or simply those looking for a cozy curl-up read in book sofa.

Shipping and Delivery

The sofa is aptly named “Elephant in a Box.” Given the size and dimension of even the smallest sofa, the sofa easily folds up to less than half its original size and is delivered in small boxes. The standard sofa, which measures 83.5″ (L) x 37.5″ (W), comes to your doorstep in a box with dimensions of 37.8″ (L) x 15.8″ (W). This is the only sofa that ships in a collapsed state in just one box.

With these figures, you can easily maneuver the box through small doorways and up narrow flights of stairs. You don’t even need to enlist any muscle power to help with the box moving since the sofa itself weighs a mere 99 lbs. The delivery time is super quick, and you will have your sofa at your doorstep ready to be set up in 2 to 4 working days from the order placement date.


The assembly part of the sofa tends to be a stressful subject for most. The Elephant in a Box sofa is not only the strongest sofa in the market but also the easiest to assemble. It can be both assembled and taken apart in less than 5 minutes by a single person; even a novice will find it hard to mess this one up.

All you have to do is stretch the sofa ends so that it comes to its original shape. Then simply adjust the lower and upper cushion bracket before putting the cushions in place.

Daily Use

Most sofas are not designed for daily use. The comfort factor tends to be on the downswing and the maintenance factor on the upper end of the spectrum. This results in a sofa that is more an occasional piece of usable furniture than you usual crash in the evening’s type.

The Elephant in a Box sofa is designed to meet the rigors of excessive use. It is handy and durable with very low maintenance. Designed keeping in mind a home full of kids and pets, this sofa is made with 100% polyester material. This gives you a soft surface that is stain resistant and very easy to clean. A little soap and water will do away with any grease, grime, or stains the sofa might have picked up. The covers are removable and machine washable, making it even easier to maintain regular upkeep.

Further, the sofa comes with an air-channel feature. This not only makes it easy to fold up in smaller size but also allows it to remain stable under heavyweight. You might get frayed edges after constant use, but the real substance holds up well with time.

Fine Print

You get a 30 days trial window with this sofa. You can either get a free replacement or get a full refund within this time. Apart from this, the brand gives you a lifetime limited warranty on the product as well.

Final Take

If you are looking for a strong, affordable sofa that brightens up your room and keeps on going strong even with kids using it as a trampoline, then you have got to get your hands on the Elephant In A Box sofa. It is one sofa that is sturdy, comfortable, and stylish, with rave reviews from real-time buyers. The brand has nailed the art of sofa with “elephantine” strength and durability. This one is built to last and neatly packed to be tucked away in a corner when you want extra space or are looking for a change. Either way, this sofa will not disappoint you and will make your wallet happier with the budget price.

Shop Elephant in a Box

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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

A Sofa is the dominant piece of furniture that define your living space. It is meant to offer comfort, lounging for binge nights, and a good base for entertainment. However, shopping for one has never been easy, especially with the variety that is available in the market. Add to that the factors of transport, size, and fitting issues, and you have yourself a headache in the name of sofa shopping.

Online shopping has come to the rescue here as well. The latest concept to indulge in online therapy is the furniture segment. You can now easily order big pieces of furniture all from the comfort of your home. These are delivered on your doorstep packaged nice and snug in a box just like any other product you might order online.

It is a little difficult to process how a sofa is delivered home in a box, but the concept is really simple, and it is also not limited to just online shopping. The concept holds for physical shopping as well. It is all about assembly. You get all the frames and cushions in a box, and all you have to do is unpack, screw up and arrange. Now that you are interested in this “out of the box and into the living room” sofa concept, this article here will take you through the best sofas of 2020 you can get home “all in a box,” of course.

Why Sofa-In-A-Box?

Remember the days when you had to wander through scores of shops to find the right choice for your living room only to find that it could not possibly fit through your doorway? Or the times when the sofa simply could not be delivered to your doorstep without exorbitant shipping charges since the product fell in the large category or that you lived too far. Well, sofa-in-box gets rid of all these problems.

You do not have to worry about the sofa not getting through your living room door since it comes in small parts that can easily be carried through. Also, these sofas can be assembled in any nook and cranny of the room without any hassles giving you optimal space utilization. You also don’t have to worry about lugging the sofa or pushing it around. It can just as easily be dismantled and re-assembled at a new spot of your choice and preference.

Next, take into consideration the sheer number of varieties you can browse through sitting at home. No more foot sores and tired days looking through shop and shops. You can, just with a click of a button, find the right fabric, size, upholstery, style, material, and shape.

Top Sofa In A Box – 2021

Maiden Home Dune – Best For Big Families

maiden home couch


Sturdy and durable frame

Higher price point

Beautifully designed and stitched

Distinct feminine looks
Lifetime guarantee

Low and thin armrests

Plenty of upholstery choices

The Dune sofa from Maiden Home is a minimalistic style sofa with a prominent feminine undertone. It has a simple and elegant design structure that blends well with any décor. You will be pleasantly surprised at the degree of sophistication it instantly adds to your living room.

It is a large piece of furniture that can easily accommodate three adults or two adults with kids and a pet. It is the best bet for those with large families and fond of socializing. You will never run out of space with this one. There are 12 color and upholstery options available for you to choose from.

This sofa features a kiln-dried hardwood frame that screams strength and durability. The frame is constructed and processed to ensure that it does not crack or harden with time. The joints on the frame are glued together and then reinforced with double-dowel and corner block to ensure high resilience to extra duress giving you optimal stability. The covers are all hand-sewn to give it the perfect finish and stuffed with feather and fiber for a cozy and plush experience. The cushions also feature air channels to help them retain their shape.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about any tedious assembly process. The sofa comes to your doorstep fully assembled and with labor to bring it into your house and set it up where you want. So that is one aspect that is taken care of. As icing on the cake, you get a 30 day no questions asked return window where you just have to submit the request, and the rest is taken care of by the brand.


  • Kiln-dried hardwood frame
  • Steel springs on the inside for bounce
  • Down feather and fiber filled cushions
  • Available in 12 different color and upholstery options
  • Dimensions of 60-100”(L) x 38” (B) x 34” (H)
  • Hand-sewn slipcovers for every sofa
  • Flange seams for a sophisticated finish
  • Zippered removable covers
  • Machine washable with air dry
  • 30-day return policy
  • Lifetime warranty on frame

Floyd Sofa – Best Cozy Space Option

floyd sofa


Modern design

Difficult to manage the mainframe

Sturdy frame

It comes in 5 different color options

Friendly price point

If you are looking for an ideal sofa to fit your city apartment, then you should look no further than the Floyd Sofa. It is an ideal option for cozy spaces and is big enough to easily accommodate two adults with a child. They offer two-seater sofas, three-seater sofas, and three-seater with chaise options.

The sofa comes neatly packages in boxes with sectional divisions to take care of the frames. This not only ensures that the product comes to you in good condition but also helps you in identifying the various pieces easily. The number of boxes ranges from 4 to 8 depending on the type of sofa you have ordered. It is shipped with an elementary tool kit that you will need for the assembly, so you don’t have to worry about buying extra tools.

There is no need to stress about the actual assembly. It only takes about 45 minutes if you know what you are doing. Even for the absolute novice, it should not take more than a couple of hours max. The difficult part is lugging the boxes inside and getting all the frames set right, especially the mainframe that weighs a good 132lbs.

The main seater frame is made of top-grade birch plywood, and the upholstery frame material is radiata pine plywood. They are both TSCA Title VI, and CARB-2 certified for strength and durability. The legs are reinforced with powder-coated steel for stability and firmness. All in all, the sofa is a sturdy piece of furniture that will not collapse under the extra weight. The cushions provided are extremely comfy with good loft and bounce. They secure very well on the frame, and you will not find any cushions slipping away while seated or lounging on the sofa.

On the flip side, the brand only ships in mainland USA and charges an extra 10% as shipping costs. It also only comes with a 10-year warranty, which is pretty good by itself, especially with this price point.


  • Birch plywood mainframe
  • Radiata pine plywood upholstery frame
  • TSCA Title VI and CARB-2 certified
  • Completely toxic material free
  • Available in 5 colors ranging from neutrals to blue
  • Stain-resistant fabric made with 95% polyester and 5% nylon
  • Seater cushions are made with two layers of foam
  • Back and arm cushions are filled with synthetic feathers
  • 30 days return policy
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on frame

Eliot Sofa Joybird – Best For Lounging

eliot sofa


Modern button back design

The price point is not competitive

Tapered wooden legs for added aesthetic appeal

Delivery takes 4 to 7 weeks
Over 80 color options  and 59 sofa styles to choose from

After 14 days of purchase, return shipping costs to be borne by customers

High comfort factor

If you like options when it comes to colors and styles, then the Joybird sofa collection from Elliot sofas is your best bet. They offer over 80 different color choices and 59 different sofa styles to match those color options. You can be rest assured your sofa will be a completely personalized sofa when ordering from Elliot sofas.

You can choose the lag options from straight leg to angular or even dramatic, depending on your preferences. Each leg is made of wood and tested for resilience and strength. The frames are made from kiln-dried hardwood, which is responsibly sourced. The frame is then wrapped in 2lbs foam for exceedingly high durability. The suspension is seat-sinuous pull back with poly webbing for high comfort.

The cushions are made of high-density polyurethane foam. This is combined with fiber layers for a plushy seating experience. It is free of harmful chemicals and has no flame retardants. However, the cushions feature fabric only on one side and are non-reversible. They do not come with removable covers and hence cannot be machine washed. The cushions and sofa need to be vacuum cleaned with different height adjustments. Any spots or stains can be spot cleaned with soap and water. You can also use a water-based sofa cleaning solution.

The assembly process only involves screwing on the legs on the sofa. The mainframe is shipped as a whole. You can return it within 90 days of purchase for a full refund. However, post 14 days of purchase, the customer has to bear the cost of return shipping.


  • Kiln-dried wooden frame
  • Solid wood legs
  • Sinuous spring back suspension with poly webbing
  • Joint are glued, screwed, and stapled for extra stability
  • 8 lbs high-density polyurethane foam cushions
  • Free of harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Vacuum clean only with spot cleaning n surface when required
  • 90 days return policy
  • Lifetime warranty

Elephant In A Box Sofa – Most Sturdy And Durable


Supports 3000 pounds of weight

Only available in 3 colors

It comes in folded packaging


Easy installment payment options

The Elephant in a box sofa is the most transportable option in the market. It can be easily folded into a carrier sized box, making it ideal for college students or young professionals that shift house often. It features a remarkable honeycomb technology that allows it to be easily folded, making it very convenient to shift around. The amazing thing about this sofa is that even after the folding, it is still one of the sturdiest options and can support up to 3000 pounds. So, you have a solid sofa that can be easily packed up and moved around.

The sofa is completely free of wood to reduce environmental impact. This also allows it to be molded easily into a foldable structure. The cushions are made of 6-inch thick foam to give you the perfect comfort level. They are covered with polyester covers that are easily removable and can be machine washed for easy maintenance.

This remarkable sofa easily fits in the boot of the car and can be both packed up and re-assembled in less than 15 minutes. You only have to stretch out the base and back, then secure the armrests with metal poles. The flip side is that you do not get any neutral or light color options whatsoever. The sofa only comes in grey, navy blue, and charcoal color. It also feels very stark with its straight lines and boxy design.


  • Free of wood
  • Wrinkle-resistant covers
  • Weighs under 94 lbs
  • Dimensions of 83.5″ (L)x 37.8″ (B)x 26.2″ (H)
  • Machine washable covers
  • Fast shipping of 2 to 4 days
  • Supports 3000 lbs weight
  • Available in three colors
  • 30 days free returns
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Burrow Nomad Sofa – Most Pleasing Design

burrow nomad sofa


Simple and uncluttered design

The seat is not deep

Customization options

Not good for tall people
Competitive price point

Burrow is known for simple and elegant pieces of furniture that can be customized as per your preference. Their Nomad sofa is no different than this approach. It gives an uncluttered feel to the living space and blends instantly with the existing décor. The tapered legs make the sofa look light and flimsy, belying its high level of durability. If you like a modern and simple look, then this one is sure to appeal to your senses.

The sofa is shipped in boxes, with each box weighing less than 40 pounds. This makes it easy for you to carry the boxes inside and work with the frames for assembly. The assembly required is easy and a tool-free process. The shipping is free and prompt, so you won’t have to wait around for your sofa.

Burrow sofas are both designed and manufactured in the USA. It is also a true direct to consumer set up, which allows the brand to cut costs by about $600. This is directly slashed in the final price, making you the true winner.

It comes with a built-in USB charger as well as a 72″ power cable. You can now easily plug in your devices into the sofa itself for an undisturbed Netflix binge. The modular design ensures that the sofa stays in fashion through the years, and the stain-resistant fabric keeps it looking fresh.


  • Baltic birch frame
  • Tight olefin fiber weave upholstery
  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • Joints are secured with steel pins and galvanized latches
  • Dimensions of 85″ (L) x 35″ (B) x 33″ (H)
  • Choice of wooden or steel legs
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Sports built-in USB charger
  • Comes in a 72″ power cable
  • 30 days return policy

Capsule Home Big Arm Sofa – Perfect For Your Instagram Account

capsule sofa


Very retro design

The low profile makes it uncomfortable

Wide armrests for comfortable lunging

Extra shipping costs

Option for hand delivery at extra cost

Does not require assembly

Capsule Big Arm Sofa is easily the most stylish piece of furniture you will find in the market. It does away with the conventional, modern, and regular take on sofa designs. The wide armrests translate fluidly into backrests with a single wrap-around finish that gives the sofa a lounger-chaise kind of feel. It features a gentle curvaceous design that is both comfortable and extremely pleasing to your aesthetic sense.

The sofa is available only in three colors of cream, grey, and blue felt. However, with this design, these colors are all that is needed to make you feel satisfied with the choices available. The legs are made of steel to give it stability and support. This is covered with brass plating that gives the sofa legs an attractive chrome finish while contrasting beautifully with the main segment.

Upholstery is made of fabric that is equal parts wool and polyester. The seat and back are covered with high-density foam cushions to make it comfortable and give you a slight sink-in feel. The covers are stitched and non-removable. They are made of non-woven fabric. This makes it a little difficult to clean, and hence a little extra care is required. The sofas come with two throw pillows.

If you want comfort, give this one a miss, but if you are looking to jazz up your space, then this one is for keeps.


  • Weighs 120 lbs
  • The fabric used is made of 50% polyester and 50% wool
  • Legs are brass plated steel material
  • Available in three colors
  • Dimensions of 86.8” x 35.0” x 26.5”
  • High-density foam used for back and sofa seat
  • Covers are non-removable and foxed in place
  • Professional dry clean only with spot removal if required
  • 90 days return policy

Interior Define Winslow Sofa – For Those Who Like it Traditional

interior define


Keeps it formal like no other sofa

Poor value for money

Perfect for the traditional drawing room concept

Not meant for lounging
Plenty of customizable options

High delivery times of 18 to 20 weeks

This sofa from Interior Define will take your living to the perfect formal setting that you want. You cannot resist the look and feel of this sofa that says tea party and formal dinners. It comes with plenty of customizable options, right from color options to upholstery fabric to legs, size, and even the type of fill you want in your cushions. Needless to say, this sofa is completely personalized as per your preference regarding everything except the mainframe.

The sofa legs can be square, tapered, round, or even brass plated. The three-seater sofa can be customized for an additional 8 inches of length for a mere $200 extra if you want more space. The standard depth of the sofa is 35 inches. This, too, can be customized to 40 inches for an added $100. The standard fill for the cushions is a down blend. This can be upgraded to double down blend or even a down alternative again for an added $100.

Standard cushions of the sofa are made of a multi-layer foam base and a down top layer. This is non-reversible and requires a fluffing now and then to retain its plush. A double-down upgrade makes it reversible with a down layer at the top and bottom.  It adds a luxuriously comfortable feel to the sofa and might be an option you will want to consider if you plan to use the sofa for relaxation purposes.


  • Assembly is included free of charge
  • Fully customizable
  • Multi-layer foam cushions with down lining as per preference
  • Non-removable covers
  • Vacuum clean only
  • Delivered in 18 to 20 weeks
  • Extra shipping costs
  • 60 days full refund return policy

Wrapping up

Furniture shopping can be very stressful. Especially so when you are shopping for high traffic pieces like sofas. Sofa-in-a-box makes the whole experience more fun and less stressful. You can choose between the type, brand, fabric, and all the other details without having to take the day off from work and skip other activities. You also don’t have to worry about how to get it through your doorway and set it up in your living room. If you are in the sofa shopping zone then gift yourself the ease and convenience of shopping for a sofa-in-a-box rather than going the traditional route.

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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

After the day’s endless hectic demands, there is nothing more relaxing than lounging on a comfortable sofa with our feet up and lovely drink in hand and the TV turned on to your favorite show. It is the ultimate stress buster. Whether you admit it or not, a sofa is your best friend at any point of the day, especially in the evening when you want to unwind and relax. Make that sofa a “reclining sofa,” and you have the ultimate relaxation pleasure you can find.

Relining sofas help you become nice and comfortable in your favorite snuggle position, be it with your feet tucked in at an elevated level or your upper body in a semi-reclined position. You name the angle your body is craving, and the reclining sofa will do the rest. They are both cozy and restful with a design that is aimed specifically to create a nestling snugness for your tired body. A sofa is the most prominent piece of furniture in any home. They essentially make up the living room. Reclining sofas do more than just be a furniture item. They double up as an aesthetically pleasing setup with high comfort taking up space next to formal socializing furniture items.

A good reclining sofa not only allows you to create that perfect space for your dinner parties but also provides the perfect place to relax, unwind, and simply put your feet up after a tiring day. It is a sofa where you sip beverages, have popcorn, and watch your favorite shows on Netflix or snuggle up with your cozy book on Kindle. However, with the popularity, there is also a deluge of choices in the market. But worry not and simply sit back and relax while this article takes you through the finer points of buying your best reclining sofa and gives you a head start with the top 7 reclining sofas in the market that you will want to buy immediately.

What is Reclining Sofa?

First things first, what is a reclining sofa? Before you start coveting a reclining sofa for your living room, you should understand the concept of a reclining sofa. It is simply a sofa that has hinges allowing it to recline to different angles both in the upper section and the leg section.

In other words, a reclining sofa allows the back portion and the leg portion of the sofa to angle backward and forwards. So you can tilt the upper portion of the sofa backward, and you can raise the footrest section upwards. Both these features combine to allow you to get the best angle you want for yourself. You can either lay flat on the sofa, be in a completely upright position, or any other lounging angle in between these two extreme poses depending on your preference.

Different Types of Reclining Sofa

All types of reclining sofas work on a similar concept. They are put together in sections that are hinged on levers. These levers or hinges allow you to change the position of the upper and lower segments, respectively. However, even though the basic concept is similar other features give rise to differences. Based on these different features, all reclining sofas can be categorized under the following types. These are:

Different Types of Reclining Mechanism

Manual or Physical Recliner

The manual reclining sofas are the most popular form of reclining sofa. They also make up the majority of reclining sofas in the market. About 70% of all reclining sofas in the market are manual recliners. These sofas have a button you can press or a tab that you can pull to change the angle of the sofa. There will be separate controls for the upper and lower segment, or they will feature a single control for both the upper and lower segment depending on the particular sofa you buy.

The control is not power-operated and relies on the physical force of the body or a tag/ lever pull. The angles in the manual reclining sofa are pre-set, and you cannot tweak it to get the perfect angle you might desire. There is a spring in the bottom segment that releases the footrest. Manual reclining sofas involve some getting used to the controls to release the levers and spring smoothly, but once you get the hang of it, the adjustment comes through pretty smoothly. People prefer this setup since it does not involve a power aid and has lesser moving parts. On the flip side, it cannot give you the angle flexibility that a powered recliner can.

Powered Recliner

The powered reclining sofas make use of an electric motor to control the adjustment feature of the sofa. They have a control panel on the side of the sofa armrest from which you can easily control the recline and retraction of the sofa. The control panel can be in the form of remote control as well for a smoother and more convenient experience.

The powered or electric reclining sofas are preferred over manual ones because of the smooth and even adjustment process and the fine-tuning angle feature it supports. With manual recliners, the sofa changes angle abruptly, which can cause discomfort, especially to those that have an existing medical condition. Powered recliners, on the other hand, adjust slowly and smoothly with no sudden changes. Secondly, manual levers can be taut and difficult to release, but powered controls do not require any effort. However, with this ease comes to an attached price tag as well, which might put you off the powered recliner.

Semi Adjustable Recliner

These sofas are semi-adjustable. They allow for one recline position between upright and flat, which can provide you with a good lounge position. If you are tight on a budget, then this is a good choice for you. It does not support footrest and leg angle adjustment but can be a  good option for a semi lounge position.

Different Types of Upholstery

One of the major features that set your sofa apart from the others is the upholstery you choose. Just like normal sofas reclining sofas also come in a variety of upholstery options, which you can pick from. The popular ones are:


Leather needs to introduction. It is one of the most sought after upholstery materials for its class, looks, and fine aesthetic appeal. Real leather upholstery is made from real leather, but it is made by scraps or leftover pieces of real leather that are stuck together with adhesive. The result is leather that is every bit as strong if not stronger than polyurethane, but it is also quite prone to elemental damage, especially liquid damage. This leather is also not as durable or versatile as high-quality leather.

Top-Grain Leather

This variation of leather is the more popular upholstery option used by manufacturers. The top-grain leather is more durable, supple, and offer better flexibility than the normal version of leather. It is also often pre-treated to give a better texture than the other leather variations. This type of leather is perfect for upholstery since it is a very tough material that is highly resistant to stains and water damage.


Polyester is a very popular fabric choice for sofas in general. This is in part due to its high resilience to water damage. It repels water naturally, making any spills easy to clean up, and has the added advantage of stain resistance as well. It is a more durable material than other more natural options, which makes it a very attractive option. It is also significantly cheaper and easier to work with than others, which only adds to the appeal.

Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is the least expensive upholstery material that is used by manufacturers. Needless to say, it is also one of the more popular options used by them. It is generally advertised as “faux leather” to add to its appeal.

PVC is low on durability and prone to developing scratches and lines. However, this downside is overshadowed by the low cost and the waterproof feature. PVC is the only material that is waterproof. It is also known to resist stains way better than its other counterparts. Apart from not absorbing any liquid, it also doesn’t exhibit any water damage over time with water exposure. This is a good choice for those with kids and toddlers that are prone to spilling liquids and other things on the sofa.


Popularly known as PU, polyurethane is essentially a plastic material that is synthetically produced. It is a non-toxic substance that is widely used for faux leather production. PU is very similar to PVC in its basic structure. They are both waterproof and exhibit high stain resistance. Just like PVC, PU also does not break down with regular water exposure.

The difference lies in their torsion strength. PU has better torsion potency than PVC. This means that PU is more resistant to cuts, punctures, and other force damage than PVC. This, coupled with the fact that PU is only marginally more expensive than PVC, makes PU a much better choice than PVC.

Different Types of Frame


Metal is a popular frame choice. It is more durable and versatile than the other options and tends to stand true to its form over time. Metal is also easier to work with and manipulate than wood. It is also cheaper than hardwood but a tad bit more expensive than manufactured wood. The comfort level with metal is on the lower end of the spectrum, and it does tend to create pressure point problems if the sofa is not properly refurbished with cushions periodically. It also tends to creak and groan with time, especially at the joints.

Manufactured Wood

A manufactured wooden frame is the weakest of all the three frames used in reclining sofas. It is best to give any reclining sofa with this frame a miss unless you are looking to buy a replacement in a short period. Some manufactured wooden frames are treated with chemicals to make them more durable, hard, and stronger, just like hardwood, but this type of treated manufactured wood is generally not found.

This low durability and strength mean that the manufactured wooden frames will also exhibit low weight capacity. If you have children that will jump around on the sofa or pets that are likely to climb it, then it is best to look for a sturdier frame.


This type of frame is by far the most popular of all frames. It is both durable and versatile. Hardwood frames are known to stand the test of time without any changes to their structure and flexibility. The high durability ensures better comfort for the user. Hardwood also does not allow any pressure point development, which is great news for your body. The only flip point to hardwood is the price it comes at. Hardwood is the most expensive of all frames, which drives the final product price high as well.

Buying Guide for Reclining Sofas

Variety is an amazing thing. However, it is also a double-edged thing. It is great to have numerous choices on hand when looking to buy something, but those choices can also make the task of finalizing the product equally challenging. In this case, it is helpful to know the major points you should be considering. This will help you stay focused and not end up buying something on a whim. The important considerations to keep in mind when looking at reclining sofas are:

  • Frame: Frames are a very important consideration when you buy a reclining sofa. Above everything else, it is the frame that determines the weight your reclining sofa can bear. It also dictates the durability and lifespan factor of the sofa.

If the frame is weak, then you cannot expect it to last long. Also, a weak frame directly translates to a poor recliner. The angle adjustments will be weak and shoddy, with your reclining sofa unable to give you the level of comfort you desire. Hence you must choose the right frame for your sofa.

  • Upholstery: Different sofas come in different upholstery. You can even get one made in the fabric of your choice. When choosing the reclining sofa, you should pay special attention to the upholstery you want. Some are more resistant to water and surface damages than others. If you are prone to spillages, especially with pets around or have little kids in the house, then it is better to opt for PU upholstery than a leather one.
  • Design: This is an important element while buying a reclining sofa. Some sofas are made with premium quality materials but still end up getting bad ratings. This is because a design affects the functionality of the sofa. It can be a high back sofa with little attention to the back curves making it impossible to lounge on it, or it could be a sofa with curved edges and sectional padding to contour well with the body shape. Choose wisely when you are up and about looking for the perfect fit.
  • Size: Reclining sofas typically take up more space than your normal sofas. You need to look at the room size while deciding which reclining sofa size to buy. Depending on the room size, you might need to buy a two-seater, three-seaters, or a single corner unit. You should also factor in the number of people that you expect to sit on the sofa; this will depend on the number of family members and the average guests you expect to invite home.
  • Recline: Reclining sofas all employ different levels of recline. Some give you full control just like reclining chairs, and some offer only limited angles of recline. It is best to try out the sofa and the level of recline it offers before you buy it. This way, you will know if the sofa is comfortable enough or you want something that offers a different degree of the lounge.
  • Mechanism: Also, pay attention to the type of recline mechanism the sofa features. Whether it is manual or electronic, the advantage of electronic is more control over the angles and a seamless recline shift. However, electronic recliners also require a power source to operate and are more expensive than manual ones.
  • Added Features: While most reclining sofas come with basic functionality, some recliners have added features for a more diverse experience. You get features like edge lights, cup holders, and extra concealed storage space in the arms, etc. Some high end reclining sofas even come with a built-in USB port for charging your mobile devices, overhead reading lights, remote control space, and even voice control. You might want to look into some of these extra features before you buy the sofa.
  • Durability: The durability of the sofa is predominantly defined by the upholstery and frame. Your best bet with durability is to go in for a hardwood frame with leather upholstery. Apart from this, you should pay attention to the user reviews to quickly identify if the frame construction is well made or not.

The next point to consider in durability is the padding on the sofa. The padding should be able to retain its bounce with time; otherwise, the sofa will lose its comfort level. Once again, customer reviews are your best bet to tell whether the sofa develops indents or ripples in the upholstery after use

  • Warranty: Reclining sofas are an expensive purchase, and like every expensive purchase, you should have a fallback route in case things don’t work out as planned. Here is where the warranty comes into play. Most manufacturers offer a good warranty on their products, but you should be careful and read through the warranty terms to know the points covered. It is best not to buy a sofa that does not offer competitive warranty conditions.
  • Price: Price is an extremely important consideration, especially when you are indulging in a long-term, expensive purchase. Reclining sofas of any kind is an investment that needs to be made thoughtfully. It will be prudent for you to have a figure in mind before you step out to buy the sofa. You should also try to avoid the ones on heavy discount if the product seems low on value for money. Look for a sofa that ranks high on durability and features even if it is a little more expensive than others.

Caring For Your Reclining Sofa

Any furniture is only as good as the care you give it. You can buy a top-notch sofa, but if you do not care for it well, it will begin to show in the dirt, constant wear and tear, stains, and all the other little things that sneak up on you with use. Before you know it, your brand new sofa will start to look old, shabby, and faded. But don’t despair. You can easily prolong the life of your furniture by taking a few precautions and caring for it well. Some of these caring tips are:

  • Covers: It is best to cover your sofas with an appropriate cover. This will act as a barrier between your sofa and the outside elements. It will take care of any dust, dirt, stain, pet hair, or dander.
  • Regular Cleaning: Another advantage of having covers is the ease of cleaning the sofa. You just have to remove the covers and wash them in a washing machine. For the sofa itself, wet cloth wipe-down will suffice to keep the upholstery spick and span. For suede, velvet, and other cloth upholstery, simply wipe down with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.
  • Inseam stitch cleaning: The stitches within the sofa segments tend to accumulate dirt with time. It is best to remove this with the help of a tiny brush. You can use the brush to dislodge the dirt and then wipe it off with a cloth.
  • Cushions: You need to air the cushions and regularly flip them over so that they do not get deformed over time with use.

Top 7 Reclining Sofas

Signature Design By Ashley – Hogan Reclining Love Seat

Ashley Hogan


Microfiber polyester upholstery

Cushioning tends to compress with time

Best budget buy

Not good for smaller spaces

All metal frame

Comfortable extra-wide seating

The Hogan Signature Design Reclining Sofa from Ashley is a great buy for those looking to get a good reclining sofa at a budget point. Ashley Furniture is a well-known brand name in the furniture world. They are known for their classic and contemporary furniture designs with extra attention to durability. It is a very small family-owned business that caters to the budget-conscious class without compromising on quality.

This is exactly what you get with the Hogan reclining love seat. It is a contemporary reclining loveseat that fits your budget well and adds quality to your living space and life. Made of microfiber upholstery, it gives a soft and comfortable feel to the skin. The polyester used is of high quality and not prone to damage. The cushions are of good resilience add offer high cushioning to aid comfort.

The frame of the sofa is designed as a corner block frame and has a metal reinforced backing. It is available in the neutral tone of soft mocha beige that makes it ideal for any space and allows it to blend well with any décor.

Key Features

  • Microfiber upholstery
  • Available in soft mocha beige color
  • Metal frame structure
  • 74x 44x 42 inches in dimension
  • 21-inch seat height
  • Pillow-top armrests
  • Manual reclining mechanism
  • Requires assembly

Homelegance Center Hill 90″ Double Reclining Sofa

Homeglance Sofa


Dual reclining position

Back segments are attached separately

Bonded leather upholstery

High price point
Aesthetically pleasing with tufted design

Comes with a 5-year warranty

This reclining sofa from Homelegance offers you quality and style rolled in one. The 90″ bonded leather sofa makes for a great addition to the family living space. It comes in dark brown color with a tufted back design and nail accents all through the armrest to the bottom. This gives it a luxurious old class charm that is hard to come by in this age of contemporary furniture designs.

The cushioning is perfect for elevating any aches and pains you might have developed during the day, and the leather itself makes cleaning this beauty a breeze. The upholstery is nice a stretched with impeccable stitching that stands true and will not come off at the seams with use. It features a manual double recline mechanism, which is ideal for those wanting more flexibility in their recliners. The footrest goes into the rocking mode when not unlocked. It springs up very smoothly when required and adds great comfort to the overall seating posture.

It is a roomy recliner with plenty of space between the sofa seat and the armrests. It is also wide enough to accommodate an adult with kids or any toddler that want to squeeze in.

Key Features

  • Bonded leather upholstery with 74% polyester, 18% leather, and 8% cotton
  • Dark brown color
  • Rolled arms with a tufted back design
  • 90x 41x 40 inches in dimension
  • Manual dual reclining mechanism with an option for a powered mechanism
  • 20.5-inch seat height
  • 176 lbs sofa weight
  • Assembly required

Enzo Leather Reclining Sofa by Westelm

Enzo Sofa West Elm


Good storage space in armrest

Too expensive

Provides optimal back support while reclining

Only available in leather upholstery
Color customizations options

Medium firmness

Pop up headrests for more comfort

A great option for storage purposes is the Enzo Leather Reclining Sofa by Westelm. This sofa redefines elegance and sophistication. It is also a great choice for those that rank practicality and functionality high on their list. It comes as a two-seater cozy loveseat. You get to customize the armrests to be normal ones or ones with storage space. Apart from this, you also get to choose the upholstery color. All upholstery options are in leather, but you can choose the leather type you want.

The reclining mechanism is power-operated, and the switch between positions is smooth without any abrupt glitches. The sofa features a solid pine wood frame that is kiln-dried for extra strength and durability. The storage arms give you ample room to keep your drink glasses and also come with a USB port for a convenient charging station.

The design and construction are done, keeping in mind both residential and commercial use for the sofa. The cushions are semi-attached to the sofa and feature a polyurethane core for high resilience. The sofa reclines to various angles, which are easily controlled by the button on the side of the armrest. The headrest is also a pop-up variety that ratchets up when the seat reclines to give you added comfort.

Key Features

  • Leather upholstery
  • Choice of 6 color options and leather type
  • Pinewood frame
  • Power recline mechanism
  • 41.5x 30.5x 31 inches dimension
  • 22-inch seat depth when upright
  • 44-inch seat depth when fully reclined
  • 13-inch cable length
  • Easy assembly required
  • 30-day return window

Zimmerman Pillow Top Arm Glider Loveseat Dark Brown By Coaster Home Furnishings

zimmermann loveseat


Power reclining method

Has individual seating

High weight capacity of 500 pounds

Not good for children

Features USB support

Supple spring design for optimal comfort

Zimmerman range from Coaster Furnishings is a highly specialized range of products aimed at optima home-usage. The company aims to bring you a range of products that combine high-quality features at a pocket-friendly price point. They bring to you a host of high-end feature enables products at a fraction of their otherwise market value. This feature palette combines with high quality and functionality makes the pillow top arm recliner from Coaster furnishings ideal for any home space.

The frame in this two-seater recliner is made of wood and plywood. It uses power to operate the reclining mechanism and offers you a convenient USB port in the middle section to charge your electronic devices. It has a central console between the two seats, which gives each individual their own private seating area. The central console also features cup holders, which makes it easier to avoid spillages.

It features top-grain leather upholstery that gives it added durability and resistance to stains and water damage. The spring system design allows the sofa to come back to shape after use and prevents undue sagging. Add to this the weight capacity of 500 pounds offered by this seater, and you have a winner on your hands. The only flip point is that the sofa does not allow for snuggling and might be too wide for the younger members of the family.

Key Features

  • Top grain leather upholstery
  • Metal frame structure
  • 72.75x 42x 41 inches in dimension
  • 20-inch seat height
  • Power reclining system
  • Available in dark brown color
  • Weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • Assembly required

Georgia Reclining 85″ Square Arm Sofa

Georgia reclining sofa


Upholstery material and color customization options

On the expensive side

Ranks high on the comfort factor

Power recline mechanism

Sinuous spring feature

If you are looking for a recliner that combines comfort with luxury and gives you the option to choose your style of upholstery and color combination, then you should look no further than the Georgia Recliner Sofa from Wayfair.

The upholstery on your sofa is completely custom made as per your specifications. You can opt for fabric or polypropylene or polyester or cotton or any of the 31 upholstery options available with the manufacturer to get a sofa that is personalized to your wants. The best thing about this is that you don’t even have to physically go to a shop. Wayfair ships you the samples you want to see so that you can get the real feel of the upholstery before deciding right from the comfort of your home.

The sofa comes with a power recline feature that allows you to recline it with the push of a button. It is a low profile sofa that has a low railing to cleverly conceal the footrest. The three by three design of the sofa comes with removable and flappable cushions for easy maintenance. You can remove the cushions for extra space and flip it over to use both sides of it. It comes fully assembled and requires no adult assembly. The spring seats allow for good cushioning without the sofa losing its shape over time.

Key Features

  • 31 upholstery and color options
  • Wood frame structure
  • Three by three design with cushions
  • Foam covered sinuous spring seats
  • Power recline mechanism
  • 85x 40x 29 inches in dimension
  • 76x 23x 21 inches seat dimension
  • 600 lbs weight capacity
  • 62-inch cord length
  • 30-day return policy
  • No assembly required

Christies Home Living 2 Piece Bill Contemporary Reclining Room Set

christies reclining sofa


Provides optimal comfort

Comes as a set

Features spring system

Only some sections recline
Hardwood frame

A little firm for some people

Steel frame system reinforcement adds to the durability

Christies Home Living is not a very popular name in the furniture section, but this is primarily due to it being a subsidiary of the more popular AC Pacific Corporations than a fault in their product quality and design. Their contemporary 2 piece design comes to you with one of the best features and designs in the market. It has one of the best frame constructions you will find in the market.

The frame is made of hardwood material that lends it extra durability. The hardwood is further reinforced with a steel rail system to make the frame more durable and ensure that the wood does not lose its structure. This added steel-reinforced frame allows the sofa to carry a weight capacity of 600 lbs.

The spring system further ensures that the sofa does not sag with weight and retains its cushioning with time and use. The support it provides is optimal to the back, and you will not develop any sore points or pressure problems with continued use. The sofa is upholstered with Dacron fiber polyester, which makes it soft and smooth to touch and feel. The brown color ensures that the sofa will fit well any wall color and décor, making it easier for you to place it in the existing room decorations.

Key Features

  • Fiber polyester upholstery
  • Foam encased spring cushioning seats
  • Available in medium brown color
  • Corner block steel enforced hardwood frame
  • 71x 35x 40 inches in dimension
  • 600 lbs weight capacity
  • Manual reclining system
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Assembly required

Medora Cotton Reclining 88″ Square Arm Sofa by Birch Lane

medora reclining sofa


Aesthetically appealing design

The frame is not as sturdy as others


Not suitable for smaller spaces
About 130 upholstery and color combination options to choose from

Sinuous springs for added durability and better comfort


The Medora Cotton Reclining Sofa is a great addition for anyone looking for class and luxury at a budget point. You get to choose from 130 different colors and fabric options to make this sofa truly yours. It sports a very pleasing design with button backed, soft tufted seats on wooden legs. The arms are square for an ergonomic look. The back seats are equipped with removable cushions that are made of durable foam. The softly tapered wooden legs lend it an old school charm that will instantly light up your living room.

The sofa easily fits three people and is ideal for adults and children alike. The reclining mechanism is power controlled, and you have a button on the side of the armrest for controlling this feature. You have built-in USB ports for charging mobile devices, which adds to the functionality aspect.

Key Features

  • Over nine upholstery fabric option
  • About 130 color combinations to choose from
  • 88x 38x 32 inches in dimension
  • Manufactured wooden frame
  • Foam-filled seat with sinuous springs
  • Removable cushions and pillows
  • Spot clean only
  • USB port
  • 500 lbs weight capacity
  • No assembly required
  • One year limited warranty

Q&A Section

Are Reclining Sofas Very Expensive?

Reclining sofas are a great value addition to your living space. They give a very luxurious feel and instantly upgrade your room décor. This comes at a cost, especially if you go in for high-end brands or top-grain leather upholstery. However, you can also get reclining sofas at a pocket-friendly rate. You just have to widen your net and shop during popular discounts.

Does Regular Use Of A Reclining Sofa Negatively Affect Your Body Posture And Spine?

The concept of a reclining sofa is to lounge around on the sofa in a comfortable, relaxed position. The sofa itself is cushioned with proper segmentation to provide optimal support to your shoulders, neck, hips, and back. It supports good spinal alignment when used properly.

Will The Reclining Sofa Make You Less Active And More Prone To Laziness?

A reclining sofa by itself does not promote laziness. It only gives you a comfortable and cushy relaxing zone to unwind in. It might lull you into taking that much-needed break, but at the end of the day, laziness is something that only you can control. A reclining sofa only aids in de-stressing you. At best, it can be a convenient excuse, nothing more.


Reclining sofas are amazing furniture options. They can be the most relaxing and comfortable pieces to unwind and de-stress. If you are considering a furniture upgrade or simply looking to buy new furniture for your place, then reclining sofas are your best bet. They possess not only a high aesthetic value but also rank supreme on the comfort rating.

Take your pick from these amazing reclining sofas listed here are bring home a world of supreme comfort. You will be amazed at how you ever made do without these cozy little nooks of snugness.

Bundle Sofa
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Recently updated on August 6th, 2019 at 11:19 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Bundle recently sent me a free sofa for review. The Bundle Sofa is a mid-century modern sofa that comes shipped to your door in a box and is super easy to assemble. It is the perfect solution for people living in an apartment or really any space where you want to be able to move it yourself and get it through tight hallways or corridors. This sofa ships for free and comes with a 60-day trial. It retails for $999 that puts it well below the competition. You can also customize this sofa to get the right look for your space.

Overview of the Bundle Sofa

Here’s a video overview of the Bundle Sofa that illustrates assembly and how it sits. I am 6ft 4 inches tall so it looks a bit small for me but for the average-sized person, it will fit just right.

Customizing your Bundle Sofa

If you have ever shopped on Wayfair or similar sites, you know that the choices can be overwhelming. What I like about the Bundle sofa is that you get one sofa with minor customizations. This means you aren’t bouncing around between prices and brands to get the right look. And, the customizations are minor so no matter what you choose you are getting a similar feel and that same mid-century modern look.

Below are the options for your sofa.

2 Arms
+ Straight
+ Curved
2 Leg Options
+ Cone Leg
+ Tapered Leg
4 Color Options
+ Light Grey “Shadow”
+ Blue “Indigo”
+ Beige “Sand”
+ Dark Grey “Stone”
2 x 1 Cushion Configuration
+ 2 Back Cushions
+ 1 Seat Cushion
3 x 3 Cushion Configuration
+ 3 Back Cushions
+ 3 Seat Cushions

Construction of the Bundle Sofa

Below are the construction specifications as listed on their website:
Seat Box
Steel welded seat box for durability and strength.
Frame Wood Details
Made from mixed hardwoods for durability and style.
Foam Details
2.0 HR (High Resilience) polyurethane open-cell foam provides a higher support factor for comfort and longevity.
Fiber Details
2oz Bonded Dacron fiber wrapped around cushion for our inviting design.
Legs Wood Details
Wooden legs are made out of solid rubber wood with an applied finish to them.
Cushion Covers
High performance durable fabrics are stain and water resistant, easy to clean, and pet-friendly.
Seat Height
Seat Depth
Distance Between the Arms
Arm Height
Total Height
Frame Height
Seat Back Height
Arm Width
Seat Cushion Thickness

My Bundle Sofa Findings

This sofa is ideal for people looking for convenience and affordability with a look that has universal appeal. You can order your sofa direct from the Bundle website. It ships quickly and you will get tracking so you know exactly what day it will arrive at your doorstep. You won’t need to coordinate delivery with a separate company or wait around to receive it. Best of all, you won’t have to wonder if it will actually fit through the door and around tight corners.
Your sofa will arrive in 3 separate boxes. Again, this makes transporting easy and when it comes time to move, it’s very easy to take apart because you don’t need any tools to assemble.
bundle boxes
Setup is very easy, it takes about 30-45 minutes. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully.
How does the bundle sofa feel? Well, since it is a modern design, it isn’t going to be a super cozy mattress but you can make up for that by adding some throw pillows. Since the color and look is neutral it was designed to fit well into any space. As a taller person, I couldn’t completely stretch out on it but I could still easily nap on it and wouldn’t mind binging some Netflix on it either.
I have done many moves during my life and one of the worst pieces of furniture to move is your couch. I find it more cumbersome than a mattress because at least with a mattress you can bend it around corners and it won’t damage the walls. This is where the Bundle sofa really shines. I can be disassembled quickly so that you can move it in pieces, all by yourself. That’s why I highly recommend it for people in apartments or any temporary housing. The average American moves 11 times over the course of their life which means that chances are this couch is going places beyond your current residence.

My Bundle Sofa Recommendation

This couch is great for people moving into their first place or really anyone who wants an affordable couch that is guaranteed to look great. Since you have a 60 day at home trial you get a chance to see if it really looks and feels right for your space and if not, it’s a free return. Bundle also offers a Forever Warranty that will take care of any defects as long as you own the sofa so they really stand by their product. Since Bundles has taken all the risk off the table, there’s really no reason not to try this one out over the competition.