Eli and Elm Ferry Collection
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Eli & Elm Profile

Eli & Elm entered the bedding world in January 2019 with a goal to create high quality bedding for the average sleep enthusiast. Based in New Haven, CT, their name is an homage to Eli Whitney—the inventor of the cotton gin; and Elm City—the home of Whitney before its name was changed to New Haven. Three Connecticut men were inspired by Eli Whitney’s innovation with the plant, so they took to improving the world of cotton bedding, with aspiring dreams to make the bed a better place for sleep. There hasn’t been much innovation in the textile industry, so Eli & Elm made it their mission to create luxurious and durable sheets for affordable prices. Their work with researchers and engineers has paved the way for eco-friendly advancements in the field while also focusing their resources on making fair trade products that are ethically sound.

Ferry Collection Construction

Eli & Elm sent me their entire Ferry Collection to review, and while I was expecting the pomp and splendor of the past two Eli & Elm sets (the Wharf and Whitney Collections), I was surprised to find that there was no fancy, colorful box with typography gracing the front. Instead, the sheets were tied up with ribbon and labels, and the duvet was done up in the same fashion below it.

Both parts of the Ferry Collection are woven together using a 300 thread count organic cotton Sateen weave. The tags break down the contents of each package—the sheets come with a fitted, a flat, and two pillow cases, while the duvet comes with a duvet cover and two pillow shams—and focused on the Fair Trade nature of the collection.

My Ferry Collection Findings

I ran the sheets through the washing machine on cold, and through the dryer on low heat. The seams remained strong after the wash, and the fitted sheet only shrunk by 0.15 inches, which is quite solid for a set of cotton sheets.

Just like Cloudten’s and Gryphon’s Sateen cotton sheets, Eli & Elm’s Ferry Collection has “TOP OR BOTTOM” tags sewn into the short sides, which—despite being written in a horrendous shade of orange—are an extremely helpful design feature that I love.

The fitted sheet is tight and grips my mattress well, and the flat sheet is the correct size for a queen-size bed—I have no struggle tucking in the sheets and making it in the morning.

The duvet has strong wooden buttons and ties to hold a duvet in, which work very well, but I find the buttons to be a bit small for comfortable fiddling—I much prefer the buttons on the MagicLinen duvet that are twice as large.

The sheets exhibit quite defined wrinkles when removed from the dryer, and they don’t disappear too much during use. After a week of sleeping on the Ferry Collection, the sheen from the Sateen weave disappears and they resemble something ordinary, but only in looks.

These are no basic cotton sheets and you can definitely feel that as soon as you slip between them. I curl up in bed every night, cozy and warm in the embrace of the Ferry Collection. No matter the temperature, I find the sheets never get too cold or too hot, which makes getting a good night’s sleep easy. Their temperature regulation is impressive considering their basic cotton construction—some cotton sheets get hot and sweaty, and others are cold and icy, but not these. Dress for the season and the sheets will take care of the rest.

My Ferry Collection Recommendation

The Ferry Collection can be yours for between $129 and $159, which is actually less expensive than their Whitney collection (bamboo) and the same price as the Gryphon Sateen sheets I reviewed last month. These prices seem to be industry standard for affordable high quality Sateen sheets, so there is a bit of competition. They offer a 45-day window for returns, which is quite a bit shorter than other trial periods I’ve seen—I don’t even know if you can consider it a “trial period.” One thing to note is that Eli & Elm does not list Queen or King sizes for their Ferry Collection duvet set on their website, however I did receive a queen-size cover.

Eli & Elm has been a favorite of mine for a while now, but I’m always hoping to find something surprising and new. I was wowed by the Wharf and floored by the Whitney because those are industry-leading innovations. On the other hand, The Ferry Collection is not surprising, but I don’t think that is bad. The Ferry Collection proves Eli & Elm is not about gimmicks or specialty products, rather they’re about making “good” better. Their Sateen cotton sheets might feel like a few others on the market, but they’re solid, reliable, and durable sheets that still feel amazing after countless washes. Eli & Elm stands by what they believe in with their cotton sheets—the textile industry is not known for being environmentally friendly or ethically sound, but Eli & Elm’s mission to create products that are better for you and better for the world is apparent in every sheet they produce. Shiny box or not, Eli & Elm has aced yet another set of sheets.

Shop the Eli and Elm Ferry Collection

Weighted Sheets
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What’s worse than making the bed? Keeping the sheets and covers in place the whole day. For those who hate making the bed, having to put the sheets and covers back in their proper place several times throughout the day can be quite a chore. Unfortunately, bedding tends to get all tangled or end up in a mess on the floor. Not only does this look unpleasant but also makes for additional work when making the bed. Even those who do not dislike making the bed can get frustrated if the sheets and blankets keep tumbling down to the floor throughout the day and during the night. Keeping the bedding in place is the key to a tidy bed. Even if the sheets and blankets do not slip off on their own, several people are in the habit of kicking off the sheets and covers during the night. When bedding comes into contact with the floor, it gets dirty and requires more frequent washing.

Weighted Blanket to Prevent Slipping

There are a few ways to prevent bedding from slipping off the bed without spending a fortune. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is by using weighted sheets. In recent years, weighted sheets have become known for the ability to alleviate symptoms of insomnia and anxiety and aid in more restful sleep. But heavy sheets and blankets have long been used for preventing the bedding from slipping off. To achieve this, you need a blanket or top sheet that’s heavier than the rest of the bedding. The heavy weight of the blanket or sheet helps keep the bedding from slipping off.

What we now know as a weighted blanket is actually a sensory blanket filled with plastic pellets used for insomnia, anxiety, and autism. These blankets are expensive than regular blankets. But for keeping your bedding in place you do not need these sensory blankets sensory blankets. A regular blanket that is significantly heavier than the rest of the bedding can work just as well in keeping the rest of the sheets in place.

Choose the Right Materials

Regardless of the type of top sheet or blanket that you choose, special attention should be paid to the materials. There are a lot of people who are fond of the silky, luxurious bedding materials, such as satin and silk. In places like hotels and resorts, these silky materials are found all over, because they are supposed to lend a stylish and luxurious touch to the bedroom. People often use these materials for their regular bedroom decor.

There is no doubt that silk and satin are more stylish and attractive than fabrics like cotton or wool. But unfortunately, these silky materials are also notorious for sliding off the bed. Instead, choose cotton, linen or flannel sheets, duvet covers, and quilts, avoiding any fabric that is shiny and silky to touch. When cotton, flannel, and linen are washed regularly, they keep becoming softer but not slippery. If you want to give a luxurious finish to your bed, you can choose fabrics like cashmere or chenille. These fabrics are often used to make chunky blankets that can also be used as a top sheet or a throw. These fabrics offer the softness of satin or silk while the chunky knit adds weight and keeps them in place.

If you still prefer satin or silk sheets and blankets, choose a fitted flannel sheet on top. The friction that is created between the silky sheets and the flannel top sheet keeps the bedding in place.

Keep It Tucked In

Another easy and effortless way to keep bedding from slipping off is to tuck the edges of the sheets or blanket underneath the mattress or the box spring. Sheets or blankets that are secure are less likely to slide off or move around and also require less time and work to make the bed in the morning.  Regardless of whether the sheet is heavy or light, keeping it tucked under the side of the mattress can prevent it from moving even when you toss and turn in bed.

Use Bedding Straps/Suspenders

Keeping bedding secure is a foolproof way to prevent sheets and blankets from sliding off. This can be done by using bedding straps or suspenders. Straps or suspenders provide bedding with an additional layer of security. Once the sheets and blankets have been tucked into place, the mattress should be lifted at the corner at the foot of the bed and clipped to the suspenders crosswise along each corner.

If you clip them crosswise or diagonally, the blankets remain tucked without having to run an entire suspender along the foot of the bed. If you buy high-quality bedding straps, they are capable of attaching to more than one layer and can be used to hold together the sheets, blanket, and quilt at the same time. This not only removes unnecessary bulk at the foot of the bed but also provides a neat, hassle-free solution to keeping the bedding in place.

Make the Bed

The unfortunate truth is that even the best-made bed becomes messy by the end of the night. Therefore, you cannot expect your well-made bed to last forever and stop making your bed every morning. More often than not, sheets and blankets tend to slide off a bed that’s disheveled. To make your bed the right way, first spread the sheets and then tuck the edges underneath the mattress, folding the corners over and tucking them along the sides. This process should be repeated with the blankets. The heavier items should be placed on top of them to keep the layers from sliding off. Don’t forget to tuck the edges and use straps to keep the layers together.

While weighted or heavy blankets do keep the bedding in place, they aren’t the only solution. Using the right fabrics, clipping the layers together, and making the bed the right way every morning are also equally effective in keeping the bedding from sliding off the bed.

Microfiber Sheets Are they any good
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Is it that time of the year that you purchase new sheets? Is your old set too stained, ripped or just worn out and need a change? Most of us splurge on expensive pillows and comforters but often overlook bed sheets. When it comes to bedding, durability and quality are of paramount importance, after all, we spend nearly one-third of our lives between our sheets!

Cotton and Microfiber are two popular choices when it comes to bed sheets. It is important to remember that they are very different materials, and the one for you depends on several factors. These bedding materials, each offer a different level of breathability and feel. They also differ in drying time, durability, and cost. You will need to take all these factors into account while picking the right bedding for yourself and your family. They are both very good choices, and each offers a bunch of benefits. That said, you get what you pay for. And while many people prefer cotton, premium quality microfiber sheets do not tear easily and nor does the color turn dull with repeated washing.

Nowadays, there are more and more bed sheets on the shelves made from microfibers. Microfiber sheets have become rather popular, but are they the right choice for you? In this article, we compare cotton sheets and microfiber sheers to see what all the fuss is about.

Feel – Many prioritize feel over durability. If the feel of your sheets is an important deciding factor for you, you are sure to love microfiber sheers. These sheets are perfect for those who love a silky feel. If your kids or partner moves around a lot at night, these sheets will let them slip and slide without becoming a tangled mess. While these sheets do not offer the crisp feel of cotton, you will love crawling into these sheets as they feel soft against the skin. On the contrary, if you are someone who prefers crisp linen, cotton is your go-to choice.

Warmth – Microfiber is an excellent choice for those who tend to get cold easily as it retains your body’s natural heat. If you tend to kick the blankets at night or are prone to night sweats, cotton is a better choice for you. Since cotton is a natural fiber, it is more breathable and keeps you cooler. It also wicks moisture better making it an ideal choice if you sweat a lot during sleep. On the contrary, microfiber is a lot better at resisting stains which makes maintenance a breeze. However, remember that though microfiber sheets do resist stains better than cotton can, it can be a herculean task to get them out once they find their way in. If you accidentally spill a cup of coffee on your microfiber sheet, the cleanup is time sensitive. Unlike its natural cousin, if you wait too long to attend to the stain, it will set!

Durability of Microfiber Sheets– Low-quality sheets, be it microfiber or cotton will last you only a couple of washes. While cotton sheets are subject to pilling, poor quality microfiber sheets are likely to tear in just a few weeks. High-end microfiber and cotton sheets are both quite durable. However, cotton doesn’t hold dye as well as microfiber and hence begins to fade over time. Microfiber is more resilient and is likely to remain bright and vibrant after repeated trips to the laundry. Most users will agree that cotton wears over time, thinning and piling before becoming entirely useless. Microfibers tend to deteriorate all at once – either ripping or tearing when you least expect it.

Airflow – Premium quality sheets made from both cotton and microfiber are woven in a percale which is touted to be the best weave to facilitate good air flow. When comparing the percale woven microfiber to percale cotton sheets, the latter has more weight and thickness but does boast of better air flow. Microfiber sheets, on the contrary, have a thin and light feeling and yet manage to trap air within it.

Cost – Whether you pick cotton or microfiber – the higher the thread count, the more expensive will the sheet be. A higher denier count means the thicker the fibers will be. The Denier rating affects the cost of a microfiber sheet just as the thread count affects the cost of cotton sheet. However, when compared to one another, cotton is a lot more expensive than microfiber since microfiber is man-made. If you are on a budget or have many beds to make, microfiber is hands down the best choice for you.

Maintenance – Cotton sheets are not just more expensive too but also are more expensive to own. They are thicker and take longer to dry when compared to sheets made from microfiber. Cotton sheets can be easily washed and dried in the comfort of your home. Some of them may shrink after the first wash, but they do get softer the more often you wash them. Microfiber sheets can also be machine laundered at home and tend to shrink after the first wash much like cotton sheets.

If you wash your sheets regularly, you may spend a lot more at the laundromat if you own cotton sheets. Microfiber sheets are perfect if you do not have much space to hang your sheets outside to dry and are on a tight budget and wish to reduce your laundry expensive.

All in all, there are pros and cons to each of these sheets. Microfiber is a great option for people with allergies, but in the end, it all does come down to your personal preference. If you are convinced that microfiber is a better choice for you, you may consider investing in the Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheet Set.

Why buy Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheet Set?

The Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheet Set is one of the most affordable yet premium quality bed sheets on the market. It is available in sizes ranging from Twin to California King. The set contains 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 standard size pillowcases. All pieces in the set are hypoallergenic and made from premium quality brushed microfiber. Not only are they wrinkle and fade resistant, but also have a soft silky feel to them. These breathable sheets are ideal for any room and are also resistant to dust mites. The pillowcases come with classy embroidery that renders an elegant touch to them Easy to care for and available in attractive colors, this bed sheet set is meant for those who love luxury! Click here to order your set today!

Dermatherapy Sheets

Dermatherapy Sheets Review

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Dermatherapy sheets are a type of performance bedding designed for people that have skin sensitivites. These sheets were made to protect and sooth your skin. According to their website, these sheets have FDA clearance.

DermaTherapy has FDA clearance as a Class I medical device for atopic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, and pressure sores. DermaTherapy is the first and only bedding to achieve this distinction. Technical classifications for DermaTherapy include:

  • Class I medical device for use by people in hospital, healthcare or home settings who are susceptible to or may have atopic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema. (Reg. K061242)
  • Class I medical device for use by patients who are susceptible to pressure ulcers. DermaTherapy Bed Linens help to reduce the likelihood of patients developing pressure ulcers by reducing moisture, friction and shear on the patient’s skin. (Reg. K152884)

Overview of Dermatherapy Sheets

You can order a set of Dermatherapy sheets direct from their website. Sleep Sherpa readers can get 15% off their purchase with coupon code SHERPA15.

You can also buy a set of queen / standard pillow cases on Amazon for $35.99

A queen size Dermatherapy sheet set currently retails for $165. You get a fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillow cases. After placing your order, the sheets should arrive in about a week. Below is a picture of the box.

dermatherapy box

Specifications of Dermatherapy Sheets

These sheets are a polyester and nylon blend making them much smoother to the touch than cotton and therefore less irritating. Here’s a description of the sheets according to the website:

Cotton is no longer king, at least when it comes to bedding. Cotton sheets are designed to protect your bed. Our sheets are engineered to protect and soothe your skin.

  • DermaTherapy Bedding Dries 60% Faster than Cotton Bedding
  • No Protruding Fibers Means Less Trauma to Skin
  • Antimicrobial, Soil and Stain-Resistant
  • DermaTherapy Reduces Particle Counts by 97% over Cotton Bedding

DermaTherapy bedding offers a silk-like sleep surface with scientifically engineered and clinically proven benefits.

Reduce skin irritation. Improve skin appearance. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Our performance sheets fit any mattress type, from adjustable beds to deep mattresses, without bunching.

My Dermatherapy Findings

The first think I noticed while unboxing these sheets is that they are in fact very smooth. They have a silky feel and are very light. Here’s a closeup picture of the sheets. Notice that they have a nice banding across the top of the fitted sheet to give it a more sophisticated look.

dermatherapy closeup

Because these sheets are so light, they also dry quickly. I sometimes have to run my cotton sheets for multiple dry cycles but that wasn’t the case with these sheets.

After washing they fit well on my bed. Since they are so silky smooth you will find that the top sheet can easily slide around on top of the bed.

I slept on these sheets for a week to really get a feel for them. They are so smooth they almost feel slippery. I really like how they feel against the skin. The main tradeoff is that they don’t feel as cozy as cotton sheets and it does take some getting used to. I also noticed that pillows can easily slide out of the pillow cases if they aren’t the right size for the pillow case. For instance, I had a queen size pillow in a king size pillow case and there were a few times I had to stuff it back in the pillow case as it began to slide out.

My Dermatherapy Recommendation

Silk is often recommended for bedding, especially pillow cases to reduce wrinkles and keep skin hydrated at night. I think the same case can be made for these sheets. These sheets are easier to care for than silk and less expensive. I think if skin problems are a major concern, these sheets are definitely worth trying.

I still go back to my cotton sheets as my bedding of choice although in the summer I switch to linen, bamboo and now these sheets have also become an option.

If anything, having a Dermatherapy pillow case would be a great choice if you have chronic acne, or are concerned about facial wrinkles.

Learn more about Dermatherapy here.


Quahog Bay Bedding Sheets Review 2

Quahog Bay Bedding Sheets Review

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Quahog Bay Bedding is best known for providing custom sheets for boat cushions and RV mattress sheets. They found a niche where boat owners weren’t able to use traditional sheets to properly fit these proprietary shapes and sizes. Added to that, they created a cord that replaces the traditional elastic band to secure the sheet to mattress or pad. This is known as their cinch fit system. Recently, Quahog Bay incorporated this technology into regular size mattresses and they sent me one for review.

I received a free set of queen size cinch fit bedding from Quahog Bay to review. I was interested in reviewing these sheets because many sets of sheets today are designed as deep pocket sheet sets to accommodate a wide variety of mattress depths.

Here’s a video of me unboxing the Quahog Bay sheets:

Specifications of the Cinch Fit Sheets

A sheet set comes with a fitted sheet with the cinch fit system, a top sheet, and two pillowcases.

According to the Quahog Bay website, the maximum mattress depth is 18 inches.

The sheet sets are made with a 600 Thread Count and pure cotton or bamboo viscose fabric. The FlexSquare reinforcement keeps the sheets from ripping in the stress center. The Split Flex Sheets fit adjustable mattresses that separate into two mattresses 35 inches from the top. Quahog has a NO RIP guarantee on all cotton and bamboo Split Flex Sheet Sets since they will not rip 99.9 percent of the time. In the center boxing area, there is a stretchable, white material used. In case, your sheets happen to rip; you only have to send Quahog the actual photos to get a replacement.

The CinchFit design is made up of traditionally braided elastic in the fitted sheet and extra cord elastic that is machine washable and dryable at up to 200 degrees. The cord elastic comes out from the elastic casing on the side of the sheet and can be tied up or loosened using the cord lock. During washing, the extra cording can be conveniently stored in the storage pocket of contrasting color.

Quahog also produces RV products now, aside from home and boat bedding. Given the popularity of the CinchFit sheets, Quahog is also planning to venture into bedding for tiny homes and small spaces. All products are manufactured near the Casco Bay in Maine.

The sheets are made with a 400 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Weave fabric.

Elastic cording is a durable, quality, rubber and polyester blend that is machine washable/dryable up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit

* Each sheet set is Handmade in the USA to add our revolutionary CinchFit design

My Cinch Fit Sheets Findings

The cinch fit system is a great idea and I found it to come in handy for mattresses with a depth of under 10 inches. Most sheets are designed to accommodate thicker mattresses so being able to create a tighter fit came in handy.

Here’s a picture of the cinch fit system notice there’s a pocket to hide the toggles and extra cord so that everything is kept neat:


cinch fit sysytem

Below is a picture of the Cinch Fit sheets on my queen size mattress. This mattress is 10 inches in depth and I was able to pull the cord out about 8 inches to make for an extra tight fit. With most sheets these days, I won’t get as tight a fit.


My Cinch Fit Sheets Recommendation

I think these sheets would be ideal for mattresses with a depth of 10 inches or less. Anything deeper and I think a regular sheet should suffice. After the first wash the sheets felt a little rougher than they did out of the packaging. I expect them to soften up after a few more washes though as this is typical with new sheets. I think the real value in these sheets is that they will stay on your mattress and will be a great fit for some of the newer mattress in a box models that can be 9 inches or less. Additionally, they would be perfect for air mattresses that are notorious for having the sheets come loose in the night.

You can purchase these sheets directly from their website



Bedface Sheets Review 8

Bedface Sheets Review

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

UPDATE: Bedface is no more. Please check out our other Sheet Reviews Here

I received a free set of Bedface sheets for review. Bedface is a new bedding company that makes buying sheets fun. Here’s the story behind the company in the words of one of the founders.

Bedface has been founded by experienced ecom entrepreneurs: Brad Westrop and Fraser Hall.  Bedface was born out of a need to overhaul the entire end-to-end customer experience journey of buying premium bedding.  We want the process to be easy, convenient, and fun. 

In doing so, we have created to our own proprietary facetech cotton, that we have developed to take the guess-work out of which type of bedding to choose. We have designed it for quality, breathability, comfort, and durability and back it with a 100 night guarantee.  Not only is it great year round, it also gets softer with each wash.

We also see a lack of choice in the colors offered in bedding today.  In solving for this, we offer a curated collection of 24 colours, all of which can be mix-and-matched by customers to make their dream beds.  We have leveraged technology to develop a Bed Maker on our website, that enables customers to unleash their inner designers to create the bed of their dreams and then visualize their creation before they buy it. There is even an opportunity to share it for free shipping. 

By working directly with our maker and cutting out the middlemen, we are able to pass the savings along to our customers.  And by having some of the best shipping/logistics infrastructures in place from our other companies, we are able to ship product at a flat rate of $9 to customer’s doors within 3-6 business days. Customers can also expect their bedface orders to be packed with special gifts designed to surprise and delight upon delivery.

So in summarizing, we are solving for challenges identified across the entire customer experience journey that include: inconvenience of shopping experience, confusion over fabric qualities/thread count, lack of color choice, inability to mix-and-match, and high price tag.


Half the fun of these sheets is choosing what color combination you want. School colors? Favorite sports team? Hint, my favorite NFL team is purple & gold. They offer up to 24 colors to choose from and you can mix and match as you please. As an example, here’s their “retro” package:

retro sheets

They ship just about anywhere in the world too. You also get a 100 day guarantee where if you don’t like the sheets you can return them for a full refund. Most sheet companies I review only offer 30 day so this is a nice departure from the norm. You should note that you will need to pay return postage on the sheets which is not refundable.

Return bedface sheetsUnboxing

Here’s what you can expect when you get your Bedface sheets.

I thought the bag of popcorn and the door hanger was fun. This company seems to be geared toward a younger crowd which is typically the online mattress crowd.

Bedface popcornUnboxing the Bedface SheetsFindings

Beface sheets incorporate Facetec technology. As I understand it, this is a fabric with a looser weave and thicker fabric that enhances breathability and gives it a more substantial feel. This would be in contrast to say a Brooklinen sheet that has a bit tighter weave and feels smoother like a dress shirt. One isn’t better than the other, it really comes down to preference. I find that if a sheet is too tightly woven, it will feel a little too crinkly for my taste.

Here’s a picture of the sheets themselves:

Bedface Sheets

After the first washing they felt a bit softer and I really enjoyed how they felt on my mattress. I give these sheets high marks for breathability and durability. I also like the fact that you can mix and match your colors. Since all the colors work together, it would be fun to get these for all the mattresses in your house. At the very least you could mix and match pillow for variety.

Another cool feature is their Bed Maker program where you can choose each piece to make the entire bed. You can choose a fitted sheet, top sheet, pillow cases (2 or 4) and a duvet cover. Here’s  a preview of my Minnesota Vikings sheet set

bedface bed maker Conclusion

I recommend these sheets to people that spend a lot of time in bed aside from just sleeping. I think adding the bag of popcorn was a suggestion that these sheets are meant to be used.  They will hold up to years and years of washes and should continue to feel great during all of that time. They make a great gift to give to sports fans or college students where you can get them sheets in their team or school colors.

Bedface is no more, check out our other sheet reviews here

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Bedface