Sealy Recliner Review
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Sealy is best known for their mattresses, especially the Posturepedic line that elevated the quality and feel of mattresses. They have taken their, Know How” of creating comfortable furniture and introduced a new direct-to-consumer line of recliners that include features like power recline, usb ports and more to give you the ultimate in comfort while you are reading a novel, browsing Tik Tok or on a Netflix binge. I received two recliners for review from Sealy. The Aria Lift Recliner and the Nolan Motion Recliner. To be honest, I thought I would kick the tires on these chairs and then give them to friends and family. 7 months later, I still have them and use them every day. I didn’t expect them to be so comfortable! This is my first of many to come, power lift recliner reviews. Below are my findings.

Ordering the Sealy Power Chairs

You can order these chairs directly from the Sealy website.  Standard shipping is free but if you want it delivered into your house that would be an extra $29. White Glove delivery is $89 which is very reasonable considering most mattress white glove delivery fees are about $250. These chairs came delivered in 2 pieces and I had white gloved delivery service which I highly recommend because not only do they set up the chair, they also remove all the packaging so you can enjoy your new chair right away. These power lift chairs are easy to assemble if you foregoe the white glove delivery. 

chairs delivered

Features of the Aria Lift Recliner

  • Powerful smooth operating silent lift motor, our lift chair can push the entire chair up to help you stand up easily without adding stress to the back or knees
  • Heavy duty steel reclining mechanism
  • Heavy duty 350lb weight capacity
  • Foam encased pocket coil with Posturepedic™ Technology
  • Simplified handheld wired remote – (setup L/R side)
  • Flip arms with cupholder and USB port
  • Pockets both sides
  • Ergonomic and comfortable seating and lying position. Extending the footrest and reclining feature of this recliner allows you to fully stretch and relax

Features of the Nolah Motion Recliner

  • mooth operating motion recliner chair
  • Heavy duty steel reclining mechanism
  • Heavy duty 350lb weight capacity
  • Foam encased pocket coil with Posturepedic™ Technology
  • Side mounted controls with USB charging port
  • Ergonomic seating experience
  • Power adjustable headrest

What is the Sealy Recliner Return Policy?

We charge a return shipping & restocking fee equal to 15% of what you paid for the product. The fee is always capped at $200, per returned item. This amount will be deducted from the refund. Additional shipping upgrade collected on the order is non-refundable (I.e. delivery to room of choice at $29). If you’d like to exchange your order instead for a different product or color, we’ll waive the fee.

My Sealy Recliner Findings

The Aria lift recliner is now my favorite piece of furniture in the house. It is incredibly soft and supports you in all the right areas. It’s great for watching TV or taking naps. Although I there’s absolutely no reason for me to use the incline feature, I am guilty of lifting myself out of a TV binge stupor out of sheer laziness. It’s rare that I ever use the seated position anymore. And although I rarely use it as a power lift chair to get out of the chair, it’s nice to know that I have the option of the power lift recliner incline as well. 

Sealy recliner with lift

I often work from home and use my laptop as my primary device. While its great to have a USB port in these chairs and other pieces of furniture I own, The Aria actually has an outlet installed inside the storage area. Now I can plug in my laptop without digging around on the floor for the power strip and creating another tripping hazard. I now keep my laptop charger inside the chair arm along with remotes and usb cables for my phone. One drawback is that it is a wired remote. I would have like a button on the side of the chair instead. It’s sort of annoying to have to fish out the remove each time I want to get in and out of the chair. But, for someone with limited mobility, it does make sense to have a wired remove that can be places where it’s most accessible.


The Aria does not look as sleek and modern as the Nolan recliner but it is softer and the fabric is cozier. I’m at the age where comfort wins over looks, especially now that so much of what we do is at home.

The Nolan recliner does offer some key advantages over the Aria though. For instance, the Nolan has a head tilt feature that comes in handy when you are reclined and trying to watch TV. It is also made with a fabric that is easier to clean than the Nolan and is darker so will probably go with more of your other furniture. Lift chairs have come a long way over the years and I expect that they will grow in popularity not only as the population ages but as people realize they can have the benefits of lift chairs at an affordable price. 

Nolan Recliner

Both chairs have Sealy Support HD foams inside along with the Posturepedic encased coils. The combination of these two materials makes the chairs incredibly comfortable. The Sealy collection is a great choice for heavier people looking for recliner and/or incline chairs. They support up to 350 lbs. and have a 1-year warranty. You can get a longer warranty though through their warranty partner, Extend which I would recommend, especially given how often I use this chair.  The controller on the Nolan takes some practice since you have both the incline/reline as well as head tilt buttons so close together but once you get the hang of it, it’s super convenient and it also has a USB port which is perfect for keeping my phone and other device charged. These features are new to power lift recliners and now should come standard. 

sealy controller

Final Thoughts on the Sealy Comfort Recliners

Sealy is an established and trusted mattress brand that has taken its knowledge of comfort and support and brought that technology into some amazing recliners. For the money, these are some of the best and most comfortable recliners you can get. Skip the middleman and purchase directly through Sealy for a 30-day trial. Just keep in mind that a restocking fee will be applied for returns. If you are in the market or new to power lift chairs, check these out. Soon I will have more sleep recliner reviews. 

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