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muse pillows

Muse Pillow Review

The Muse Pillow¬†by Viscosoft is a cool sleeping memory foam pillow that comes in different lofts so to accommodate every type of sleeper. They incorporate a generous amout of phase change material that makes the pillows cool to the touch and helsp regulate temperature at night. These pillows retail for $120. Overview Aside from the…

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Bear Pillow

Bear Pillow Review

The Bear Pillow is a memory foam pillow with phase change material built into the cover for a cool nights sleep. The Bear Pillow uses next generation foam that is softer and recovers quicker than traditional foam. This makes the pillow light and breathable. It is about 4 inches thick which makes it thin enough…

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Purple Pillow Review: Dream in Purple 3

Purple Pillow Review: Dream in Purple

I recently bought the Purple Pillow from The Purple Pillow pairs perfectly with the purple mattress. It is the most breathable pillow I have tested to date. That’s because it is made with the same technology as the Purple Mattress and Purple Seat Cushions. It is also a heavy pillow weighing 9 lbs. Thankfully…

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Bedgear Review 2

Bedgear Review

Bedgear is a fast growing brand that makes just plain fun and functional products. I recently purchased the Bedgear Thunder 1.0 stomach sleeper pillow and in short, I found it to be a quality product although at a rather steep price at $179.99 Construction The Bedgear Thunder 1.0 is made with a cooling technology built…

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