Eight Sleep Pod Review
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Best for Hot Sleepers
Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3 Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3

The only smart mattress that can adjust the temperature of the bed while you sleep. It's a game changer.

The Eight Sleep Pod is more than just a mattress, It’s a next-generation sleep system that makes it the best mattress for tracking and optimizing sleep. In fact, it was named one of Time magazine’s best inventions of 2019 and since then has gone through many improvements and updates. This isn’t my first Eight Sleep Pod review. In fact I reviewed all iterations of Eight sleep right up to the newest Pod 3 mattress.

I first experienced the Eight Sleep Pod when I was invited by Eight Sleep at the Standard Hotel in New York where Eight Sleep outfitted a room with the Pod mattress for me to try. I knew right away this wouldn’t be your typical mattress review. This mattress has a heating and cooling system where you can control the temperature of the mattress in 2 zones for each sleeper. So for instance, you can cool the mattress while at the same time your partner heats it up. All of this is controlled and monitored with the Eight Sleep app you use on your phone for sleep tracking.

In 2022 I had a chance to review the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is a six layer mattress along with the Pod 3 Pro cover. This is a significant upgrade over the Pod 2 Pro in that it just feels better due to the sensors being smaller and more foam padding above the plastic membrane. You also get more accurate sleep data to track your sleep making this a smart mattress. Here’s a video of me unboxing and setting up the Eight Pod 3 Max. Before you open the box though, make sure you download the Eight Sleep app, it will also walk you through installation. 

Overview of the Eight Sleep Pod 3

Here’s an overview of how it works, how to set it up and most importantly how it feels. 

When you order your sleep system or eight sleep pod pro cover, it will come shipped in a box like this. The Eight Sleep mattress is roll packed and the smart technology comes in a separate smaller box.

eight sleep pod

It’s very easy to get everything set up. You basically just zip the grid system to the mattress and plug in the hose to the water pump system. Before installation make sure you have about 2 gallons of distilled water and some hydrogen peroxide to add to the tank to keep the lines clean. 

Eight Setup

Once everything is setup it looks just like a normal mattress. The water pump is small and quiet. Of course wha’ts different is that the Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress will passively track your sleep without you having to remember to activate an app. Sleep and health tracking is becoming increasingly popular but if you forget to set your tracking every night, what’s the point?

Eight Mattress Installed

What Makes the Eight Sleep Pod Unique?

This is more than just a mattress. The technology embedded is game-changing and will make you rethink sleep. Here are the capabilities of the mattress so far according to their website:

  • Dynamic temperature: The Pod allows for you to control the full range of temperature on either side of the Pod to enjoy a cooler environment for deeper, longer and uninterrupted sleep. The temperature controls range from 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially useful in the summer months when you need to cool down at night without cranking up the AC.
  • Smart temperature mode: Powered by machine learning and biofeedback, the smart temperature mode in the app automatically adjusts the temperature of your bed throughout the night for optimal sleep. Eight Sleep members have the option to engage smart temperature mode within the app. These sleep metrics are a game changer when it comes to keeping you asleep.
  • Thermo alarm: Leverage temperature to wake up more naturally and without disturbing a sleeping partner using a thermo alarm that begins to gradually cool the bed minutes prior to the set wake-up time. You can set the specific temperature you want your thermo alarm to wake you up at as part of your Smart Temp profile to ensure a more cohesive temperature flow from bedtime until morning. Set Wake Up temperature experiences to repeat on any day of the week to maintain consistency for a positive morning start.  Not only do you get a good night’s sleep, it helps you wake up in the most gentle way possible through temperature.
  • HRV variations can help users track their health and anticipate illness or fatigue if they see significant drops in this metric. The Pod now allows for constant monitoring of HRV, alongside other biometrics like Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time.
  • Biometric tracking: The Pod seamlessly monitors over a dozen physiological and environmental data points such as: time slept, time to fall asleep, time of wake up, respiratory rate, heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature in bed, sleep breaks, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.
  • Sleep coaching: Eight Sleep’s AI-engine calculates your sleep fitness score and sleep patterns, provides recommended Pod settings and allows you to compare with your friends and peers.
  • Smart Home Integrations: The Pod integrates with any other Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as c your Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue lights or your Wemo coffee maker, etc.

How Much does the Eight Pod Cost?

Below are the current prices of the Pod before applying the $200 coupon code, SHERPA200


Construction of the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress and Active Grid Cover

Eight Sleep Pod Construction

Here are the construction details of the mattress. What you get is a comfortable, four-layer all-foam mattress with some unbeatable cooling and heating technology all optimized to enhance sleep quality.

  • Active Grid technology: The Pod’s signature layer is unlike anything you’ve ever slept on. Its patent-pending grid design offers targeted pressure point relief thanks to its perforated surface and malleable material. In addition to comfort and support, it houses the thermoregulation and sensor network that make the smart thermostat and biometric tracking possible.
  • Adaptive foam bed: The bed was designed with your comfort in mind, made of four layers of adaptive foam for contouring comfort on any sleep position.
  • Hub: The Hub is the engine to the product’s thermoregulation capabilities and attaches to the Pod. It houses a water tank and connects to Wi-Fi, enabling seamless control of all Pod functionalities through the Eight Sleep mobile app.
  • Eight Sleep App: Control your Pod through our sleek and intuitive mobile interface. Adjust your temperature, browse your sleep stats and interact with your sleep coach all from the palm of your hands.

My Eight Sleep Pod Findings

It’s important to remember that you aren’t just getting another mattress in a box. Just as Peleton exercise bikes made people rethink home gyms, Eight Sleep is making people rethink sleep entirely. The Eight Sleep app can control the temperature of the mattress but also provides excellent feedback on how you slept, the quality of your sleep, when you slept best and how you can get better sleep. The more you sleep on the mattress the more data you get which gives you better guidance. They use certified sleep science data and incorporate this into recommendations for better sleep based on how you slept the night before.

Here’s a pic of the interface. Controlling each side is easy as you can just adjust the dial with your finger.

eight sleep app

What makes this such a cool mattress is that you can adjust the temperature on each side. It’s easy to heat a mattress and if the Pod did just that, it wouldn’t be worth writing about but the fact that it can cool and heat at the same time is remarkable. Using a Flir thermal camera, you can see just how much variation in temperature you get when turning one side down and the other all the way up.

Eight Sleep Temperature

Here’s a shot of the app where you can adjust the temperature. It’s very intuitive. Since I have installed the app I have noticed regular performance updates as well. Once you dial in the right temperature you should be able to improve your sleep dramatically which is why I recommend the pod to people who don’t necessarily have an issue with comfort but regulating temperature throughout the night to keep themselves asleep.

Eight Sleep App

What makes this even more remarkable is that it can do all this with very little water. Other devices similar to this require more water and a conditioning unit on each side of the bed. They are also louder. This machine is whisper quiet and has a sophisticated processor with wifi built in to communicate data to you your phone.

Here’s a picture of the water reservoir that you will need to occasional fill due to evaporation.

eight pod water

This is what the mattress cover looks like. I like the darker color as it just has a more sophisticated look. Not like you will see it that under the sheets but I appreciate that they deviate from the standard white.

eight pod

The mattress cover that houses all the technology is also removable. You just unzip it from the mattress. It is not washable so I recommend a mattress protector over the Pod cover. Trust me, you will still feel the heating and cooling under a mattress protector and sheets.

eight pod cover

How Does the Eight Sleep Pod Feel?

This mattress is a an all foam, 4 layer mattress so there is no motion transfer whatsoever. It has excellent pressure relief as well. You can feel the tubes on the top of the mattress when you run your hand across and it will feel a little firm when you sit on it but when I slept on the mattress, I didn’t feel the tubes and had great support and pressure relief. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress is best suited for a side sleeper but if you are a stomach sleeper or back sleeper it will also accommodate you although you may prefer a firmer feel. If I were to do an independent Eith Sleep Pod Mattress review, I would list it towards the softer end of the spectrum. Just keep in mind that if you were to add the Eight Sleep Pod cover to a different mattress, the cover will make that mattress slightly firmer.

Eight Sleep Pod Contouring

Here’s a photo with my 14 lb. bowling ball to illustrate how much the mattress contours.

Eight Sleep Sinkage

This mattress was designed to accommodate for the heating/cooling grid and adding this technology to your existing mattress would certainly change the feel so it makes sense that this is sold as a package as a lot of prototypes were developed to get the feel just right.

That said, many people will probably prefer a firmer feel and so I would recommend just buying the Eight Sleep Smart Cover then going with a mattress feel that suits your comfort level. The last thing you want to do is get a mattress that doesn’t feel right but can regulate temperature. You solve one problem but create another.

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3

eight sleep pod pro

Eight Sleep recently launched the Eight Sleep Pod Pro. This is an upgraded version of the Eight Sleep Pod. Here’s the difference between the two.

First there is a significant difference in price. If you want a softer, more contouring feel, I would suggest upgrading to the Pod Pro

PricePod Pod Pro
Full Size$2,095$2,595
Queen Size$2,395$2,895
King Size$2,795$3,295
Cal King$2,795$3,295

Here are the other advantages of the Pro which make it a substantial upgrade.

FeaturePod Pod Pro
Mattress Depth11″12″
Comfort Blend integrated topperNoYes
Dual zone heating and coolingYesYes
Room climate and weather responseNoYes
Advanced sleep trackingYesYes
Dailty health check and HRV monitoringNoYes
Gentle rise wakeup technologyNoYes
Free Android/IOS appYesYes

My Eight Sleep Pod Recommendation

Eight Sleep is setting a new paradigm for sleep tracking and sleep comfort. They make tracking and monitoring your sleep effortless by embedding the technology into the mattress so there’s no need to set anything or wear any device. It’s like getting a certified sleep science coach monitoring you every night along with an extremely sophisticated sleep tracker and smart alarm. You also get a temperature regulation system that will help you fall asleep faster. Conversely, this system can help you wake up without the need for a loud alarm clock. You can set the mattress to gradually cool until you wake up. By cooling down, your body will want to maintain its temperature and increase your heart rate which will cause you to awaken.

Nowadays it’s pretty hard to find anyone who doesn’t have sleep issues. We all have nights where we don’t sleep well but this is a device that can track our overall sleep and measure our daily sleep habits and help us optimize them.

Lots of people ask me how the Eight Sleep Pod compares to the Purple mattress. The Purple mattress is great for cooling as well but not nearly as good at regulating temperature and of course does not have all the sleep technology integrated. The Eight Sleep Pod has a more familiar feel than Purple and because you can use the Pod Pro cover on any mattress, it makes it a more versatile product.

Aside from comfort and partner disturbance, temperature is the most important factor in falling and staying asleep. Eight sleep checks all three boxes with the Pod. This is hands down the most advanced sleep system on the market and has truly improved my sleep. No matter your sleep preferences in regard to position or firmness, having a mattress adjust to your optimal temperature is a game changer. Using the Eight Sleep will change how you feel in just a few weeks. Sleep and health are so tightly linked that this is a technology worthy of the investment.

The Pod comes with a 100 day trial where if you aren’t happy with it they will give you a full refund. I like the pod so much that I’m confident that won’t be the case but if I’m wrong, Eight Sleep will take care of you.

We have one of the best Eight Sleep offers. Use Eight Sleep Coupon Code Sherpa200 for $200 off your Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3 System or Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3 Cover.

Shop Eight Sleep

Eight Pod
Get $250 off your Eight Sleep Pod with coupon code SHERPA200 at checkout
Purple Mattress Review : Purple Reign! 3

Purple Mattress Review 2022 UPDATE- Purple Reign!

Recently updated on November 8th, 2022 at 06:00 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

The Purple mattress has come LONG ways since I first reviewed the Purple Signature back in 2016. They now have multiple models and a host of bedding products. Back then,  the company sent me a free king size Purple mattress to test out. This mattress may make the color purple more popular than Prince himself. The reason for my excitement is that this mattress has a top layer construction that is unlike anything I have reviewed so far. I first found out about the Purple mattress through the Kickstarter campaign, where 320 backers pledged $171,560 to bring the project to life. I have seen other mattress Kickstarter campaigns that don’t even come close to the popularity of Purple. Below is their official Kickstarter video.

Since I first reviewed Purple in 2016, I have had them in our retail stores for customers to try. Long story short, they either love it or hate it which is why it’s always best to try it in person and chances are there is a Purple mattress retail store near you or a Purple showroom such as Mattress Firm or other major chain that carries them. 

Purple is so popular now, it is THE dominant online native mattress brand to take over retail. There are now new mattresses coming out now with a technology similar to the Purple Grid which may give Purple a run for its money. 

My 2023 Update Purple Review

Purple mattress is the first mattress in a box to offer their hyper elastic polymer grid. That’s the top later that makes the mattress so unique. It’s sort of like a gel grid but a stiff gel grid that makes it suitable for stomach sleepers, back sleepers and side sleepers. It really shines for side sleepers though by giving you optimal relief in your hips and shoulders. 

We’ll get into which Purple mattress model is right for you but also know that no matter your sleep position the Purple mattress is ideal for hot sleepers. If you sleep hot there is no other mattress on the market that does as good of a job of keeping you cool throughout the night as the Purple mattress and that goes for all models. 

Below is their famous raw egg test video on the Purple Mattress featuring Mallory Everton from Studio C, a well known YouTube channel:

Another favorite Purple mattress video is the one made by the Purple Boys

Overview of the Purple Mattress 2022

Since this mattress has been around a while, I updated my review to reflect how the mattress has evolved over the years.

How to Order the Purple Mattress

You can order Purple direct from their website. According to my UPS tracking, the mattress with packaging weighs in at 143 lbs. By far the heaviest mattress I have reviewed. Right now you can get a king size for $1,299. As a general rule of thumb, I find the heavier the mattress, the more quality you get. That’s because there’s just more material in there to work with. The Purple mattress also comes with a trial period of 100 Nights. Here are the details from the Purple Mattess website: 

Your 100-night trial begins the day your mattress is delivered to your doorstep. If you decide it isn’t a perfect fit for you within the first 100 nights, we’ll have it picked up and issue a full refund. (Awesome, right?)

We do ask all customers to spend at least 21 nights on their mattress before starting a return or exchange so their bodies have enough time to adjust to Purple’s unique feel + support!

Unboxing the Purple Mattress

The mattress comes in a plastic bag as shown below. There’s no external box, just this which is really cool. the top unzips and then you can slide it out of the bag. Getting it out of the bag may take two people since it’s in there tight. Instead, I just cut the bag open which is a shame because it would be great to reuse to store things in.

unboxing and opening Purple bed mattress

The bag also comes with handles so it makes it easier to move. This came in super handy while bringing it up a flight of stairs. At over 140 lbs. I’ll take all the help I can get.

purple handles

Here’s me unboxing the Purple Mattress. When unzipping the cover I found that they give you a cutter, instructions and two mini samples of the purple top layer.

If you buy a Purple 2 Purple 3 or Purple 4 they will schedule a delivery with a local delivery company. These mattresses are just too big and heavy to ship in a box or in a plastic bag. 

Purple mattress video. What’s Inside the Purple Mattress?

You can unzip the ticking. I really like the embossed “Purple” logo on the sides:

mattress fabric

The Purple Mattress Smart Grid 2022 update

What really makes this mattress stand out from the competition is the Smart-Comfort Grid. Here’s a sample that comes with the mattress when you open the purple plastic casing. When you lay down on this polymer grid it will buckle where it gets the most pressure and support you where you need it. Its completely different than foam because it conforms instantly and recovers instantly. The other huge advantage is that it sleeps really cool because air passes right through the top layer.

The original Purple mattress is great for people that weigh up to 220 lbs. Beyond that, I would advise heavy people to take a look at the Purple 2 or 3. The Purple 4 will be too soft for heavy people and won’t provide enough support.

purple sample

Purple Mattress Specifications and Construction

  • Trial & Return: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Top Layer (2″): Hyper-elastic polymer™ Smart-Comfort Grid
  • Middle Layer (3.5″): 1.8 lbs density polyurethane foam
  • Base Layer (4″): 2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam
  • Appx Dimensions (WxLxH – Inches): 75.5″ x 79.5″ x 9.5″
  • How much does the Purple mattress weigh? Appx Weight (lbs): 140
  • Color: White
  • Fabric Content: Knit Fabric: 29% Viscose, 67% Polyester, 4% Polyester-Lycra (all +- 5%) Weight: 450 g/m2 +- 10% Non-Skid Bottom: 100% Polyester stitchbond with non-FR coating
  • Fire Retardant: Firegard® Knit Barrier
  • Shipping Dimensions (LxW-diameter – Inches): 76″ x 16″
  • Model Number: TPB-K-01
  • How to clean the Purple mattress: Spot clean with mild detergent (such as upholstery cleaner).


Findings of Purple’s Unique Layer

Here’s what the layers look like. The bottom two layers are really just for support. What makes Purple unique is the top layer. So, what is the Purple mattress made of? The Purple mattress is made of a hyper elastic polymer grid that collapses when exerting a certain amount of pressure. The grid will provide support and pressure relief where need while maintaining a cool sleep environment.

purple layers

The first night of sleeping on this mattress was wonderful. This is truly a unique sleep experience in large part because of the Smart-Comfort Grid. You get a sort of floating sensation and the grid conforms to all your pressure points while providing support where you need it. Here’s what the grid looks like:

purple grid

This is also the most breathable mattress I have ever tested. If your major concern is sleeping hot, then get this mattress. It beats all the competition hands down. The Purple ranks extremely high in point elasticity. That means it will collapse where needed without affecting the other parts of a mattress. A traditional inner spring has low point elasticity, think about how you feel your partner moving around. The best example of the Purple point elasticity is their egg test where it rapidly adjusts to the pressure exerted by the egg.

Get the best discount and choose from a free Purple Pillow or set of Purple Sheets with any mattress purchase.

Here’s a video illustrating how each layer works:

With this mattress, you sleep on it more than in it. Whether or not that’s a good thing comes down to preference. Some people like more of a pillow top feel some don’t. Notice that there isn’t a large amount of sinkage with this mattress however it does a wonderful job with pressure relief.

purple depth

Here’s how it handles motion transfer:

I don’t notice my partner shifting around on this mattress. Motion is very well contained and it also bounces back into shape well which is very hard to achieve in a mattress.

To give you a better sense of how the polymer grid works, here’s a video with the Purple Pillow. I took off the cover of the pillow so you can see how the grid system works. This is in slow motion.

If you’re looking for sheets for the Purple mattress, I strongly recommend going with a set the Purple Sheets. They are stretchy and breathable so you will get the full performance of the mattress. The same goes with a mattress protector. You can get other brands of performance sheets such as Sheex or Bedgear but I haven’t come across a mattress protector like the Purple Mattress protector. It is very stretchy but still waterproof, breathable and light.

After a few months of use, I washed the Purple cover. Yes, you can wash the Purple mattress cover. I washed it in a Samsung High-Efficiency washer on the gentle cycle with cold water and regular detergent then dried it in the dryer with the “air dry” feature which just blows cool air through the dryer. It took a few cycles to completely dry but when I put it back on my mattress it was just fine and looks great. Here’s a picture below after washing the Purple mattress cover.

wash mattress cover

Final Thoughts After Test Driving Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress provides amazing pressure relief and temperature regulation. It doesn’t sleep “cool” or “hot” instead it just passes heat through the comfort grid. I love how it contours so well to your body. In my opinion, it truly is a Goldilocks mattress in the sense that you get great support and contouring. However, it isn’t a mattress that feels “cozy” or will hug you. I weigh over 210 lbs. and the grid handled my body just fine. According to their side, 300 lbs. is the threshold for weight. That means 300 per person so 600 total.

I sleep primarily on my stomach and side and this mattress felt great in both positions. Sometimes I get numbness in my arm from sleeping on my stomach on certain mattresses. The Purple was able to sink enough in the right areas so this didn’t happen.

Expect to hear a lot about Purple in the near future. It’s a game changer in the mattress industry and is exploding in popularity.

Purple has recently launched some new accessories including the Purple Mattress Protector and the Purple Pillow. Below is a video overview of the Purple Pillow

Purple Mattress Firmness

Purple recently launched 2 new models, the Purple 3 and Purple 4. The Purple model I first reviewed way back when is now known as the Purple Original and the cover is thinner and more stretchy. 

The Purple Original Mattress is the firmest

The Purple Original won’t have as much sink and uses a foam base instead of springs so it will also have much less bouce and motion transfer. A great option for stomach sleepers and people that suffer from partner disturbance. Here’s a picture of how much sink you can expect with the original Purple. 

Purple Original Sink


Purple 2 Mattress / Purple Hybrid Mattress is a medium firm

This mattress is great for any sleeping position but it still on the firmer end of the spectrum, at least by Purple’s standards. This mattress has a base layer of pocket coils that all move independently to help contain motion transfer althout there will be more motion transfer than the Purple Original. Here’s a picture of the amount of sink on the Purple 2 or Purple Hybrid 
Purple Hybrid 2


The Purple Plus Mattress is a Medium 

The Purple Plus will give you a true medium feel and is great for combination (back, side, stomach sleepers) as well. It has an extra layer of comfort foam underneath the  Purple polymer grid for a little more sink without extra bounce or motion. 

Purple 3 Mattress is a medium soft


Go with the Purple 3 mattress if you are primarily a side sleeper. This is also known as the Purple Hybrid Premiere 3 I think it is still way too soft for stomach sleeping and back sleepers may find it doesn’t give them enough support either. 

Purple 4 Mattress is soft

The Purple 4 mattress is by far the softest of the Purple mattresses.  Also known as the Purple Hybrid Premiere 4. 

Here’s the full Purple 4 Mattress Review. Of all the Purples, the Purple 4 is my favorite and an absolute must for side sleepers. Side sleepers will also like the Purple 3. Stomach and back sleepers need to stick with the Purple original or Purple Hybrid also known as the Purple 2. 

To learn more about how the Purple 3 and Purple 4 compare to the Purple 2, check out this comparison guide I made.

Purple Mattress Complaints

The Purple can be hard to return. I think the reason for this is that they are growing quickly so they are overwhelmed with customer service. That said they will process your return if you follow the rules of the trial, it just may take a bit longer than other brands.

The Purple line of mattresses isn’t for everyone. It has a very unique feel and the biggest complaints we hear about when customers try them out in our store is that they aren’t cozy, they don’t sink in much and sensitive sleepers can feel the grid underneath. If this sounds like it would bother you, then don’t I would consider a different mattress. You can’t add a topper to the Purple to make it softer because that would just negate how the mattress is supposed to work and you end up with an expensive mattress that you could have otherwise purchased for half the price.

Purple Mattress Warranty

The Purple mattress comes with a 10 Year warranty. The other purple products such as the Purple Pillow and Puple adjustable base have separate warranties that I recommend you read carefully. This is a unique mattress and so the long term use of this mattress is still being figured out. That said here are the details on the Purple mattress warranty as of this writing. One thing that stood out is that indendations have to be 1 inch or more without you or anything on the mattress. That is actually more generous than other mattress warrranties I have seen that require an indenation of 1.5-2 inches. 

During normal, properly supported use, a warranted defect only exists if: (i) the materials of construction develop a visible indentation in the mattress greater than one (1.00) inch compared to the surrounding mattress areas after full recovery from load, or (ii) if the materials of the mattress crack, split, or otherwise fail during normal use and normal handling which is in accordance with Purple’s care and use instructions for the mattress (available at purple.com ). The indentation must be of large enough width and length to be considered a body impression, and only applies to the mattress and not to settling of the cover fiber-fill materials.

Localized firmness changes are normal and are not covered under warranty. Comfort preferences are not covered under warranty. The mattress must be always covered in use, or the warranty is void (UV light degrades cushioning materials).

When I first reviewed the Purple mattress I was worried about the hyper elastic polymer material holidng up long term. I’m sure it was designed for average weight sleepers and of course you do get the free shipping and the 100 night sleep trial but after that, you are kind of on your own unless you qualify for the warranty claim. 

I haven’t heard many complaints about the polymer grid breaking down quickly so it must be holding up ok and since Purple manufactures the mattresses themselves out of their factory in Utah, they should be able to iterate and improve upon the design to make it more durable. 


Purple Mattress Recommendation


I rarely recommend going with the same bedding that a mattress company makes unless it’s good quality. With Purple, they have designed all their bedding including the Purple Mattress Protect, Purple Sheets and Purple Pillow to give you the same conforming, bouncy, stretch, cooling feel you get with the Purple mattress and everything just works together and compliments eachother. So if you go with a Purple, go all the way and get the whole setup for the complet Purple experience. 

A lot has changes since my signature purple mattress review and lots of changes in general with the whole bed in a box industry. One thing that won’t go away is a free trial period, free returns and a generous warranty not only from Purple but the other bed in box players. 

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Purple.


zoma mattress review
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/zoma-mattress-review-a-great-choice-for-athletes/" rel="bookmark">Zoma Mattress Review – A Great Choice for Athletes</a></h2>

Recently updated on September 2nd, 2020 at 08:27 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Sherpa DealGet the best deal on you Zoma mattress Activate Here


The Zoma Hybrid mattress is designed for athletes for maximum recovery but anyone can benefit from this mattress. As a hybrid mattress with foam and coils, it is designed to provide maximum pressure relief and cooling without breaking the bank. Not only does this mattress look different but it feels different too. The innovative zoned support layer of foam and cooling fabric cover contours around your body without absorbing excess heat.  At just under $1,000 in a queen size, it’s a very affordable price for a mattress with next-gen materials that is made in the USA.

Overview of the Zoma Hybrid

Here’s a quick video overview of the Zoma. What you will first notice is that the cover stands out with its unique pattern.

Ordering Your Zoma Mattress

You can order the Zoma mattress directly through the Zoma website. Aside from the Hybrid mattress, they also offer an all-foam version along with other accessories including the Zoma Pillow, Foundation and Adjustable Bed. This mattress ships fast and should arrive in about a week or sooner after you place your order. It will arrive in a box like the one below. For my review, I received a king-size mattress.

zoma mattress box

Construction of the Zoma Hybrid  Mattress

zoma hybid construction


Here are the construction specs as listed on their website.

12 inches thick

Breathable mesh fabric cover made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex.

Mattress Layers
Triangulex™ Gel Memory Foam, Reactiv™ Foam, Pocketed Coils, and Durable Base Foam

Certified Eco-Friendly by CertiPUR-US®
All materials are made without ozone depleters, flame retardants, and other unhealthy materials. They are also low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) to eliminate odors.

Mattress made in the USA

How Much Does the Zoma Hybrid Mattress Cost?

Here are the latest prices including the discount you can access here. You can also take advantage of their 100-night trial and 10 year warranty. That means you can try it in your house for 100 nights and if you don’t like it, it’s a free return, you aren’t out any money.

SizeRetail PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL$949$799
Cal King$1,249$1,099
Split King$1,748$1,598

My Zoma Hybrid Findings

The first thing I noticed was that this mattress has a foam border. This helps keep you in the mattress while sleeping and just makes the mattress present better. When you pull back the layers, you will find the coil system inside. These are pocket coils that work independently and help reduce motion transfer. You also get two layers of foam above it. I think this feels more like a springy foam mattress, emphasis foam. In the picture below you can see some of the zoned foam layer above. It is convoluted at the bottom and top third and smooth in the middle. This gives you good lower back support while giving you good pressure relief at your shoulders. And, if you rotate the mattress you get the same benefits on the opposite end.

Here you can see how much my 14lb. bowling ball sinks into the mattress. I rate this a medium soft mattress. You will sink in right away but the foam is springy so it bounces right back when you get up or change positions. I really like that about this mattress and when you add springs it just makes it better because it gives you all the cradling of a spring mattress and the pressure relief of foam without any of the drawbacks.

zoma mattress sinkage

I try to sleep on my side most of the night but usually I end up on my stomach and depending on which mattress I sleep on, I end up on my stomach sooner than I would like. With the Zoma, I was able to sleep on my side most of the night. I chalk that up to the softness of the mattress and the zoned foam. It allowed my shoulders to sink in much more than most mattresses while still maintaining support at my hips and lower back. Someday I would like to see a mattress with a big divot at that shoulders to see how I would sleep. My biggest pain point at night is my shoulders.

zoma mattress side sleeping

The stretch knit cover is extra stretch too. This gives helps the layers underneath to do their work. Ever notice that a mattress feels better without the sheets and mattress protector? Ever extra layer you add to your mattress will be a loss in elasticity so starting with a stretch knit cover like this makes it so you can enjoy the foam and springs underneath more.

zoma zippers

My Zoma Hybrid Mattress Recommendation

After discounts, this mattress can be had for about $700 in a queen size. Given that price point, you often need to reset your expectations for what a mattress can do. But with the Zoma mattress, I found it checked all the boxes for my sleep needs. It provides instant pressure relief, support where I needed, contouring at the shoulders and limited motion transfer. This is a superb mattress not just for athletes but I would say any side sleeper that is literally tired from constantly changing positions at night. I strongly recommend giving this one a try to save you money and to get better sleep quickly.

Shop the Zoma Mattress

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eight sleep pod pro
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/eight-sleep-pod-pro/" rel="bookmark">Eight Sleep Pod Pro Review – The Most Advanced Mattress Available</a></h2>

Recently updated on November 18th, 2022 at 04:02 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Black Friday Deal Live! Get $500 off your Eight Sleep Pod Prod. Activate Here

Eight Sleep is one of the most innovative mattress companies I have come across. They are constantly pushing the envelope to develop technology that gives you better sleep with quantifiable results. The Eight Sleep mattress is still one of the best mattresses you can buy for temperature regulation and overall comfort. The newly launched, Eight Sleep Pod Pro takes things to another level altogether. You get the same cooling and heating features as the original Eight Sleep Pod but you also get features you won’t find anywhere else such as heart rate variability monitoring, gentle vibration wakeup and sensors that monitor indoor temperature and outdoor weather to anticipate how to keep comfortable before you even know you are going to be uncomfortable!

Overview of the Eight Sleep Pod Pro


The Pod Pro will arrive in a box just like most online mattress brands. This is a contactless delivery so you don’t need to be present to sign anything. Since it’s in a box, it’s easy to get into your bedroom. Depending on the size mattress you choose, you may need someone to help you carry it but getting it around tight spaces is easy.

eight sleep pro box

Construction of the Eight Sleep Pod Pro

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro consists of five layers of CertiPUR-US®-certified foam for the ideal medium firmness and contouring support. Encased in a premium and breathable cover.  It measures 12 inches deep. This mattress was designed to work with the integrated topper which housed most of the technology. If you were to lay on the mattress without the topper it would feel too soft. Eight Sleep put a lot of testing into creating a feel that will appeal to the vast majority of sleepers.

Comfort Blend™ Integrated Topper
● The thermoregulating layer of the Pod, the Active Grid, has been redesigned to incorporate a premium
Comfort Blend™ foam topper for enhanced contouring and pressure-point relief, without sacrificing its
dynamic heating and cooling performance.
DualSense™ Technology and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Monitoring

● With double the sensors than the Pod, the Pod Pro strengthens sleep and biometric tracking beyond its
original capabilities.

● The sensor upgrade unlocks a new Heart Rate Variability metric (HRV) that allows customers to
understand the impact of sleep on their heart health and recovery. HRV variations can help users track
their health and anticipate illness or fatigue if they see significant drops in this metric.

● The Pod Pro is the first mattress to enable constant monitoring of HRV, alongside other biometrics like
Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time.

What Sets the Eight Pod Pro Apart from the original Eight Sleep Pod?

The Pod Pro introduces new ambient sensors, measuring room temperature, humidity, and local
weather to react intelligently. As the sleeping environment changes, the Pod will recommend adjustments to the bed temperature, to
keep every individual comfortable all through the night.

You also get what the call, “Daily Health Check”. This  Utilizes the new sensing capabilities of the Pod Pro. Users can access a Daily Health Check in the Eight Sleep app which can be downloaded for free from the Play or App store.  The report comes in addition to the Daily Sleep Fitness Report, and includes the analysis of Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability, all key indicators of your physical wellness. This technology alone would set you back a few hundred dollars. What I like about this is that it is a passive way to collect all the data, you simply go to be and the mattress will do all the work!

GentleRise™ Wake Up Technology
This is the first alarm of its kind, it uses gentle vibration at chest level to wake up each individual without any
sound, while gradually cooling or warming the bed minutes before the set wake-up time—ensuring no
disruption to a partner’s sleep. Say goodbye to loud alarm clocks. I sometimes use my Nest thermostat to warm up the house as I wake up but this is a much less expensive way to achieve the same result, plus I can warm my side without warming my partner’s side.

eight sleep pro water
Thermal Powered Water Technology
Eight Sleep’s thermal powered technology uses water rather than cooling gels or foams to heat and
cool the surface temperature of the bed to as cool as 55 degrees and as hot as 110 degrees. Eventually, you will find what level is cool enough for you. The Eight Sleep app will guide you through an onboarding that asks questions about yourself and suggests a level of cooling to start with.  The dual-zone temperature regulation allows users to set their side of the bed to their unique optimal sleeping temperature without disturbing their partner. This is the biggest complaint I hear outside of firmness is that one partner sleeps hot and another too cool. This completely eliminates that problem. Among the many benefits associated with sleeping cool, research suggests that it can help you sleep
deeper, longer, and with fewer interruptions. Eight Sleep members enjoying temperature regulation on average fall asleep 7% faster, toss and turn 15% less per night, and experience 13% fewer wake-ups in the middle of the night.

The Eight Sleep Pro works by running conditioned water through the Hub’s hydro-engines to the Active grid. The active grid is a series of tubes inside the cover where the water flows through. You will need to refill with water every 2-3 months, preferably with distilled water to keep it clean. As with the original Eight Sleep Pod, I was shocked at how quiet the motor is compared to the competition.

Smart home integrations
The Pod can also be the center of your connected home, with the ability to integrate with any other wifi enabled device. Make your sleep routines more seamless with connections to your Alexa, GoogleHome, Philips Hue lights or your Wemo coffee maker, to name a few. You can really get creative here and the possibilities will only expand as more gadgets in our home get connected to the cloud. All these integrations are easily managed in the Eight Sleep app through IFTTT, an IoT platform. You can build “recipes” that will enable certain triggers such as, “Turn on your Hue lights when alarm goes off”, “Turn on bed warming if room gets too cold in Night Mode”, “Start brewing coffee when snoozing”.

eight sleep pro app

My Eight Sleep Pod Pro Recommendation

If sleeping too cool or too hot is a major concern and it’s time to upgrade your mattress, there’s no question that you should try the Eight Sleep Pod Pro. You won’t find this technology anywhere else. As I’ve said before, Eight Sleep is like the Peleton of mattresses. Yes, you may find an exercise bike cheaper but you won’t find all this technology baked into the mattress that integrates so seamlessly. Best of all you get free delivery a 100-night trial to see if you really like it and a free return if you decide it’s not right for you. The biggest complaint I hear about foam mattresses is that they sleep too hot. Despite all the claims about phase change technology and cooling covers, they really can only do so much and the effect is temporary. Eight Sleep is the only company to address this issue head-on and get it right.

Shop Eight Sleep

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Spartan Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/spartan-mattress-by-brooklyn-bedding/" rel="bookmark">Spartan Mattress Review 2022</a></h2>

Recently updated on August 1st, 2022 at 07:03 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

The new Spartan mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is a luxury performance mattress that utilizes some of the best foams, fabrics and coils to create a sleeping surface that provides maximum contouring, support and recovery. This mattress sets itself apart from the rest of the hybrid mattress pack incorporating a cover made with Nanobionic technology. As I understand it, this is similar to Celliant technology. Both are registered with the FDA and can make a claim that they turn body heat into waves of energy to promote faster recovery and better sleep. Since this technology is part of the mattress, you reap the benefits night after night without having to think about it.

The Spartan is quite a bit higher than many of its hybrid competitors at $1,999 before discounts, but the quality is apparent throughout.

Overview of the Spartan Mattress

Here’s a quick video overview of this mattress’s main benefits. It has a distinct-looking cover with handles along the sides.

Unboxing the Spartan Mattress

Your Spartan mattress will arrive in a box like the one below. It is made by Brooklyn Bedding, an Arizona mattress manufacturer.

As you can see below, the mattress comes roll packed. It requires heavy machinery to roll a mattress this tight.


This is the mattress out of the box but still in the packaging. You can see where the coils are towards the bottom. These will spring to life quickly.

spartan packaged

The picture below was taken just minutes after opening the mattress. It is basically ready to sleep on. The wrinkles around the edges will go away and of course you won’t see them with sheets over the mattress. There is some smell to this mattress but not too bad.

spartan opening

Construction of the Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress

Below are the construction details of the mattress as listed on their website.

Spartan Mattress Layers

  • Three levels of firmness let you decide the level of support you need.
  • An elite performance top utilizes Nanobionic® technology, registered with the FDA, to transform your body’s heat into waves of energy—reflected back to you through the medium of fibers, helping to enhance faster recover and promote quality of sleep.
  • A 1.5” top layer of patented CopperGel Energex™ foam provides responsive contouring with targeted pressure point relief and the highly conductive, antimicrobial properties of copper.
  • A second 2” layer of hyper-elastic TitanFlex™ foam provides cloud-like comfort with immediate response technology that adjusts to your body each time you move.
  • A patented phase change molecule surface infusion of TitanCool™ maintains body temperature at an ideal 88 degrees.
  • A third 1” Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam layer provides enhanced contouring and deeper compression support with added cooling.
  • An 8” base of up to 1,189 individually encased Quantum™ Edge coils delivers ultimate pressure point relief while decreasing motion transfer.
  • A 1” high density foam base adds durability to the mattress while reinforcing individually encased coils as they compress.
  • Delivered in a box, allowing for easy transportation from your door to your bedroom.
  • Proudly custom made in the U.S.A. with a 10-year warranty.
  • Offered with a 120-night risk free trial.

How Much Does the Spartan Mattress Cost?

Here are the latest prices as listed on their website.

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$1,449
California King$2,399

My Spartan Mattress Findings

Right out of the box you will notice the distinct look of the mattress. Don’t let the dark color discourage you from purchasing. After you put a mattress protector over it, you won’t see the dark color through the sheets. Also, you will still get the benefits of the Nanobionic fabric through the mattress protector and sheets.

Here you can see the handles stitched into the side if you would like to rotate the mattress. I recommend rotating every other month, especially if you sleep with a partner with that is significantly heavier or lighter than you.

spartan handles

Here’s a pic of the cover. The fabric has some stretch to it so you can sink into the layers of foam.

Below is my 14 lb. bowling ball on the mattress to illustrate sinkage. There is a good amount of sink with this mattress which makes it great for side sleeping.

spartan sinkage

Here you can see how the foam layers start to sink with the bowling ball.

spartan inside

This mattress will have bounce given it has a coil system but they are pocket coils so they don’t transfer motion. Also, the top layers of foam absorb most of the impact when dropping my bowling ball.

In the video below you can see in more detail how each layer reacts. What surprised me was that the foam is quick to recover but still feels like a denser foam. When I laid on the mattress I had really good contouring.

My Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress Recommendation

The Spartan mattress sets itself apart from the pack of other performance mattresses in that it is able to incorporate all the latest foam and fabric technology to create a great feel. Aside from the benefits you get from the Nanobionic technology, it just feels like a well-made mattress. If you want to get the contouring of dense foam with less heat retention and much more responsiveness, this mattress is a great choice. You will sink into this mattress a bit, and you get a nice cradling sensation that is perfect for side sleepers. While you certainly pay a premium, this mattress should have a good lifespan and in my opinion, is a solid investment.

Learn more about the Spartan Mattress from Brooklyn Bedding

<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/helix-mattress-review-sunset-model/" rel="bookmark">Helix Mattress Review Sunset Model</a></h2>

Recently updated on October 8th, 2018 at 11:43 am

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Sherpa DealGet $75 off your Helix Mattress with coupon code SLEEPSHERPA75 at checkout.  Activate Here

Helix was one of the first online mattress companies to provide a custom-made mattress based on your size and sleeping preferences. Helix has 6 firmness levels to choose from as well as the Helix Nightfall which is a mattress made to be extra resilient for heavy sleepers. For this review, I was given a free Helix Sunset for review which is made for side sleepers.

The six mattresses are as follows:

Helix Sunset
Helix Moonlight

Helix Midnight
Helix Dusk

Helix Twilight
Helix Dawn

Overview of the Helix Sunset

This mattress comes with a 100-night trial so you can try it out in the comfort of your home for over 3 months and if you aren’t happy with it during the trial period its a free return so you aren’t out any money.

Here’s a quick video overview of the mattress.

Ordering Your Helix Mattress

The ordering process for Helix is a bit different from the other brands. You can certainly choose a particular model that you think will suit you best or you can take their quiz which will ask you a series of questions a recommend a particular model. In my experience, the quiz was right on and I received one of their plushest models.

After placing your order the mattress should arrive in about 5 business days or possibly sooner. It comes in a box and will be delivered to your doorstep.

Here’s what it looks like right out of the box.

Helix Mattress Box

Here’s a picture of it out of the box.

How Much Does A Helix Mattress Cost?

Below are the current prices of the mattress.

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$700
Cal King$1,245

Construction of the Helix Sunset

Construction of the Helix Mattress

Below are the construction details of the Sunset as listed on their website.

Cover: Helix Two Touch Design
Each mattress comes with a top cover layer with stretch and a soft touch as well as a lower cover layer for airflow and breathability.

Comfort Layer: Memory Plus Foam
Uniquely pressure relieving, we use Memory Plus Foam – a special Helix blend. Plush feel. Density: 2.5 PCF.

Transition Layer: Memory Plus Foam
Providing ergonomic support and soft cushioning, the transition layer has a lower IFD to match your body type.

Body Shape Layer: Wrapped Coils
Hundreds of individual coils help to cradle your body while also limiting motion transfer. Reinforced perimeter to provide edge support.

Base Layer: DuraDense Foam
The bottom foam layer of the mattress provides base support and durability to the entire mattress.

My Helix Sunset Findings

The Sunset is the softest model in the Helix line. That said it wasn’t the softest mattress I have tried. I appreciate that it still offers good support for people that aren’t dedicated side sleepers. Helix accomplishes this through the use of springs as the base layer.

But let’s start at the top with the cover. The cover can easily be unzipped. You can wash it but I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, I would just use a mattress protector which I recommend for all mattresses to keep them clean. The zippered cover is primarily to switch over to the phase change cooling cover. If you sleep hot, Helix gives you the option to upgrade to the cooling cover which will be shipped with your mattress. To attach it, just unzip the original cover and zip on the cooling cover.

The cooling cover will give you an initial cooling sensation to help you fall asleep a little faster. It feels great, especially in the summer months.

Helix Zipper Cover

Here’s what it the mattress looks like with the top cover unzipped. As you can see there’s another fabric cover over the foam and spring materials. This makes changing out the cover easier but it also allows the cover to move freely which give the mattress a better feel.

Unzipped Helix Cover

Heres’ the bottom of the mattress which also has a zipper to access the inside. I wouldn’t advise opening this as there really isn’t a reason to.

Bottom of Helix Mattress

Being the on the softer end of the Helix mattress spectrum, the Sunset has a fair amount of sink. You don’t have a pillow top feel though. Here’s my 14 lb. bowling ball on the mattress to show you how much you may sink into it.  Obviously with more weight it will sink more and the coils system will be engaged but you can already see that the top layer of foam is very forgiving.

Helix Sunset Sinkage

The short clip below shows how each component of the mattress reacts.

My Helix Sunset Recommendation

This mattress will appeal to people that are looking for a mattress with a mostly memory foam feel but has a spring system for optimal support. I felt like I was sleeping on a foam mattress more than a traditional spring mattress. I had all the pressure relief you would find with an all foam mattress but also gained extra sink in my shoulders and hips because of the spring system. Also, the spring system has firmer springs around the perimeter for better edge support so you can make use of all the mattress without feeling like you are going to fall out.

Helix has built a reputation for creating a wide variety of mattresses for sleepers of all sizes and sleep types. If the Helix Sunset isn’t for you, there’s sure to be something in their line that will be an excellent fit.

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Molecule Mattress Review
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/molecule-mattress-review/" rel="bookmark">Molecule Mattress Review</a></h2>

Recently updated on January 12th, 2021 at 10:24 pm

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Sherpa DealGet 20% off your Molecule Mattress with coupon code sherpa20 at checkout Activate Here



MOLECULE products are used by some of the world’s top athletes including Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Alex Morgan and many others.

All MOLECULE products are Air-Engineered™ from the ground up, leveraging the latest technologies in material science and manufacturing, to maximize airflow and regulate your body’s core temperature – which has been proven to optimize your most restorative sleep cycles.

Tom Brady Molecule

It comes conveniently shipped to your doorstep in a box and is compressed and wrapped.

Molecule Mattress out of the box

How Much Does The Molecule Cost?

Below are the current Molecule Prices

SizeRetail PriceCostco Price
Twin XL$699NA
Cal King$1,149$649

Molecule 2 Prices

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$1,149
Cal King$1,949

How Does the Molecule Mattress Work?


  1. Molecule is backed by science.
    1. Your body needs to regulate its body temperature during sleep to achieve maximum recovery. (Slow wave sleep)
      1. Every Molecule product is designed to regulate body temperature during sleep to achieve maximum recovery.
      2. Molecule use proprietary technology to achieve optimal body temperature during sleep.
    2. Designed in cooperation with sleep experts from institutions such as Weill Cornell Medicine
  2. Features of the MOLECULE M1:
    1. Advanced Cover
      1. Features Phase Change Material to regulate the microclimate between your body and the sleep surface. As your body temperature changes throughout the night, an embedded temperature sensitive polymer, responds dynamically, adjusting evaporation and cooling.
    2. RestoreFLO: Open cell gel infused memory foam
      1. Consistent airflow even when compressed
      2. Cooling gel
    3. RecoveryFLO: 3-zone dynamic response layer
      1. Precision-contoured 3D geometric surface provides targeted, self-adjusting support for different parts of the body.
    4. ContourFLO: Maximum support

Here’s a video overview of the Molecule 1.

Here’s another video explaining the features of the Molecule 2

Who Sleeps on a Molecule Mattress?

Molecule has many athlete brand ambassadors. Their slogan is that we are all athletes meaning we all need proper rest and recovery to perform our best the next day. Here are a few athletes that sleep on a Molecule:

Tom Brady
Russell Wilson
Nastia Liukin – 5 time olympic medalist
Susan Francia – 2 time olympic gold medalist
Ryan Hall – American record holder for marathon and half marathon
Sara Hall – 2012 US National cross country champion

Construction of the Molecule 1 Mattress

molecule 1 construction


  • 12” 3-layer design
  • RestoreFLO™ Gel-Infused Open Cell foam


  • 3-zone RecoveryFLO™ adaptive support layer
  • Advanced cooling cover

All layers are 100% polyurethane foam

  • 2” RestoreFLO™: ILD: 9, Density: 2.5
  • 3” RecoveryFLO™: ILD: 40, Density: 1.65
  • 7” ContourFLO™: ILD: 35, Density: 1.5

Cover is 98% Polyester, 2% Lycra

Construction of the Molecule 2



  • 12” 3-layer design
  • Proprietary MolecularFLO™ Extreme Open Cell foam
  • 7x the airflow vs traditional memory foam


  • 5-zone RecoveryFLO™ adaptive support layer
  • Advanced cooling comfort cover
  • Antimicrobial treatment


My Molecule Findings

The Molecule has a stretchy knitted cover that works well with the mattress. This is the first mattress I have reviewed where the cover is made with microban technology. Even though it has microban, I would still advise using a mattress protector just to keep it in pristine condition.

In the picture below is my 14 lb. bowling ball on the mattress. It sinks a good amount which means your hips and shoulder will get good pressure relief.

Molecule Mattress Sinkage

Here’s a quick video showing how much bounce and motion transfer your can expect with this mattress. There is little motion transfer and not a lot of bounce but it does recover quickly.

Here’s a peek inside the Molecule where you can see each distinct layer. The blue layer is the recoveryflo layer which has channels for air to dissipate.


Inside Molecule Mattress

Here’s a closer look at the recoveryflo layer.

Here’s a video which shows how the layers react. Notice that they recover very quickly. It’s also really easy to squish this mattress which means it will contour quickly too.

My Molecule Recommendation

The Molecule is not your typical 3 layer foam bed. It looks like one and even feels similar to some others I have tried but what sets it apart is that it is one of the coolest sleeping foam mattresses I have tried. A popular way to address heat issues in mattresses is to use a phase change material in the cover which is cool to the touch but this effect is temporary and eventually, the mattress will heat up. Molecule has designed the foam and cut of the foam for maximum breathability where using phase change materials isn’t necessary.

I found this mattress to be a bit on the softer end of the spectrum and for that it may not be best for stomach sleepers but most back sleepers and definitely side sleepers will appreciate the contouring, cooling and pressure relief this mattress offers.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the same recovery-focused sleep as top athletes for at a very affordable price.


Sherpa DealGet 20% off your Molecule Mattress with coupon code sherpa20 at checkout Activate Here



Shop Molecule

sleepovation mattress review
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/sleepovation-mattress-review/" rel="bookmark">Sleepovation Mattress Review</a></h2>

Recently updated on December 16th, 2018 at 03:40 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Sherpa DealSleep Sherpa readers get $450 off your Sleepovation mattress with coupon code SHERPA.  Activate Here


The Sleeepovation mattress is a completely different mattress than any other I have tried. I was given a queen size for review. This mattress is touted as 700 mattresses in 1. That’s because each coil works independently and each coil has an independent piece of foam on top. This creates a mattress that hyper contours and is very breathable.

Ordering Your Sleepovation Mattress

sleepovation box

Here’s what it looks like out of the box. Since it’s roll packed it will work just fine on an adjustable base.

sleepovation out of the boxOverview of the Sleepovation Mattress

sleepovationIn the video below I show you the inside of the Sleepovation mattress. This mattress has high point elasticity, In simple terms this is the ability of the mattress to conform to specific areas without affecting the feel of the rest of the mattress. Memory foam is well known for this but Sleepovation takes it to another level by achieving better point elasticity by creating independent spring and foam pieces.


How Much Does it Cost?

Here are the most recent prices of the mattress as listed on their website:

Twin $1,049
Twin XL $1,149
Full $1,249
Queen $1,449
King $1,649
Cal King $1,649

Construction of the Sleepovation Mattress

Below are the technical specifications of the mattress as listed on their website.


Individual Cushion 2.25″ x 2.25″ x 3″ rectangular high density foam cylinder of hybrid formulation optimized for our CPS technology.
Cushion Pocket Foam cylinder encased in fabric pocket.
Pocket Coil Spring 8″ premium .078 high carbon steel spring encased in a fabric pocket.
Cushion Pocket Spring Single cushion pocket engaged with its own indidivual pocket coil spring.
Fabrics Knit polyester and elastane cover designed to maximize our patented technology.
We have also integrated a removable quilted fire cap, that acts like an internal fitted mattress pad for added comfort. This ingenious design eliminates the need for an external mattress pad and ensures the sleeper is in direct contact with the 700 tiny mattresses.

Measurements & Dimensions

Twin 39″ x 75″ x 12″ ; 56 lbs.
Twin XL 39″ x 80″ x 12″ ; 60 lbs.
Full 54″ x 75″ x 12″ ; 77 lbs.
Queen 60″ x 80″ x 12″ ; 90 lbs.
King 76″ x 80″ x 12″ ; 113 lbs.
Cal King 72″ x 84″ x 12″ ; 116 lbs.

My Sleepovation Findings

This mattress was ready to sleep on just a few minutes after opening it. Because it has springs, it bounced into shape quickly. There was very little recovery time.

As seen in the picture below, you can access the inside of the mattress via a zipper which goes all the way around. You will probably never need to use this but I thought it was fun to see and play around with the inside of the mattress.

sleepovation mattress pad

Upon opening the mattress you will see that it has a mattress pad on top of the “tiny mattresses”. I believe it serves two purposes, one as a fire barrier and the other as a way to keep the mattresses from bending out of shape.

Below is a photo of my 14lb. bowling ball on the tiny mattresses. This is a good illustration of how well this mattress contours.

sleepovation sink


Below is a video that illustrates motion transfer on the mattress. Since all the pieces work independetly you won’t get much partner disturbance. This mattress performed better than the other hybrid mattresses I have tested because they rely on a solid piece of foam over the coils which can pull to some extent.

Here’s a closeup of how each tiny mattress responds.

My Sleepovation Recommendation

This mattress brings some true innovation to a marketplace that has become very stale with, “me too” models. Side and back sleeper will love this mattress for its excellent contouring that can recover quickly with the help of coils. An added benefit is that this mattress is very breathable because of the channels created throughout the mattresses allowing for superior airflow.

If you like the feel of coils but want the pressure relief of foam with superior contouring and breathability, the Sleepovation is worth every penny.

Sherpa DealSleep Sherpa readers get $450 off your Sleepovation mattress with coupon code SHERPA.  Activate Here

<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/kutson-mattress-review/" rel="bookmark">Kutson Mattress Review : Don’t Compromise On Your Sleep</a></h2>

Recently updated on September 6th, 2019 at 11:40 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

The Dromma Bed has been discontinued. Please check out our other mattress reviews.

The Kutson Mattress is a mattress that you can customize for each sleeper. Each side can be soft, medium or firm support by simply unzipping the cover and rearranging the middle layer of the mattress. The Kutson also has enhanced edge support which can be problematic with memory foam mattresses. A queen size retails for $995. The Kutson comes with all the standard assurances that we have come expect with online brands including a 10 year warranty, free shipping and a 120 night trial period. The Kutson has been quickly gaining favorable press by recently being featured in Fast Company and Digital Trends.


Overview of the Kutson Mattress

You can purchase a Kutson directly from their website. Your order should arrive in about 5-7 business days. No need to worry about selecting the, “right” firmness either. Your Kutson will come with soft medium and firm layers so that you can get the right fit the first time. That also means you can configure it 9 different ways.

Below are the prices and cost of each size Kutson:

Twin 38″ x 74″ x 11″ 58 lbs. $690
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ x 11″ 63 lbs. $750
Full 53″ x 74″ x 11″ 80 lbs. $920
Queen 60″ x 80″ x 11″ 99 lbs. $995
King 76″ x 80″ x 11″ 124 lbs. $1,180
Californa King 72″ x 84″ x 11″ 123 lbs. $1,180


I don’t know the exact densities of each layer but below is a guide the Kutson created to help you create the right type of softness.

Kutson Mattress

Below is a video overview of the Kutson mattress. You can see that the zipper to adjust the layers is easily accessible. This is a really nice feature if you change firmnesses frequently. The Kutson mattress is great for a guest room since you can configure the firmness for your guests.


Kuston Mattress Construction

Here is a cross-section view of the Kutson. What you can see in this picture is the adjustable layers. Those are hidden underneath the top layer and behind the edge support surround.

Kutson Mattress Construction

Here’s a picture of the foam border of the Kutson which keeps you in the mattress and keeps the adjustable layers from shifting around.

kutson edge support

My Kutson Mattress Findings

The Kutson is superior for handling motion transfer mainly because it’s an all foam mattress but also because the middle layers are divided which also helps isolate motion on each side of the mattress.

To give you a sense of range of firmness on this mattress, I rolled my mattress from the soft to firm layers so you can see how much the ball sinks. There is definitely a noticeable difference when you feel the layers directly. When you place the top layer over however the difference is more subtle.

Here’s a peek inside the kutson so you can see how it all works. The removable layers are easy to take out. I found it takes a little finessing to get them back in just right.

Here’s a shot of my 14 lb. ball on the soft side of the mattress.

Kutson mattress sink soft

Here’s the same ball on the firm side where there is noticeably less sinkage.

kutson mattress sink firm

The shot below shows the layers side by side. Notice how they fit neatly into the framed border of the mattress which is a firmer foam to provide better edge support and to keep the inside layers from separating apart.

kutson mattress layers

The video below gives you an ides of how the top layer reacts and how it interacts with the side and middle layers.

The Kutson is middle of the pack when it comes to heat retention. Nothing out of the ordinary here and is on par for a foam mattress. Since the top layer isn’t all that dense it doesn’t trap as much heat as a traditional denser foam mattress.

My Kutson Recommendation

If you and your sleep partner just can’t agree on a mattress. In other words, if one likes soft and the other firm, the Kutson is a mattress worth considering. It is made of foam that recovers quickly so you won’t’ get that stuck feeling. You also get the advantage of superior edge support. If you want a really soft or really firm mattress you will probably want to look elsewhere but if you and your partner are close but still can’t agree on a mattress, then the Kutson is definitely worth a shot. With a 100-night sleep trial, it’s worth a shot.

The Dromma Bed has been discontinued. Please check out our other mattress reviews.

rem-fit 500 mattress

Rem-Fit Sleep 500 Hybrid Mattress Review

Recently updated on May 18th, 2018 at 11:09 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

The Rem-Fit 500 mattress is a new mattresses designed by the makers of the Rem Fit sleep tracker and Zeek Smart pillow. It continues their offering of products focused on people that live active lifestyles and want to maximize their recovery. This mattress feels mostly like a memory foam mattress but it actually has coils inside that give it some extra bounce and support.

Rem-Fit also makes other models which are as follows:

Sleep 200 8 inch memory foam mattress $499-$799
Sleep 300 10 inch cooling gel memory foam mattress 599.99-1099.99
Sleep 400 12 inch cooling gel memory foam mattress $749.00-1299.99
Sleep 400 12 inch hybrid pocket coil and cooling memory foam mattress $749-1299.99


Overview of the Rem-Fit 500

You can order this mattress direct from the Rem-Fit website. After placing your order it takes about a week for the mattress to arrive. The mattress will come in a box like the one below. I received a queen size and this box is wider than most queen sizes I have received. I think this because it has a spring system and lots of foam measuring 12 inches.

Rem fit 500 mattress box

Below is a picture of what it looks like out of the box. I took this picture about 10 minutes after unboxing.

rem fit 500 mattress out of box

Specifications of the Rem-Fit 500 Mattress

Below are the specification and construction of the Rem Fit 500 according to their website.

REM-Fit 500 12-inch Cooling Hybrid Mattress Features

  • 5 Layers of memory foam for cool comfort, pressure relief and motion separation
  • A layer of 6-inch pocketed coils for responsive support
  • Nordic Chill fabric top and cooling gel-infused mattress provide superior comfort for hot sleepers
  • Provides ample back support without sinking, perfect for larger body types
  • Premium Hi-Flow Knit top fabric delivers flexibility, airflow and moisture wicking
  • Re-Ax Unleashed wicks moisture and naturally inhibits bacteria
  • Contour-Fit fabric features a 4-way stretch
  • No flip-design means you never have to turn it over
  • Built to disperse weight and provide soft, adaptive support
  • Features Tencel botanical fiber
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • 10-year warranty

Multi-layer memory foam and pocket coil construction includes:

  • .7-inches of Adaptive Foam – Cool and comfortable, this foam is infused with gel that disperses heat and regulates sleep temperature
  • 2-inches of Cradle Foam – Formulated to tailor itself to your shape, this layer adds a cradle of comfort
  • 1-inch of Transition Foam – Created to amplify the comfort of the pocketed coils below, this layer increases individualized support and motion isolation
  • 6.3-inches of Pocket Coils – Supportive and durable, these coils provide customized support and responsiveness
  • 2-inches of Support Foam – The base of the mattress stops sinking while ensuring long lasting durability

Premium mattress fabric:

  • Nordic Chill is an ultra-smooth fabric designed to transfer heat away from the body throughout the night. It’s soft, comfortable and cool to the touch.
  • Re-Ax Unleashed with Hi-Flow Knit features Tencel botanical fibers to disperse moisture, ensuring comfortable conditions throughout the night
  • Ventilated Side Mesh is designed to optimize mattress breathability, allowing air to flow easily both into and out of the mattress
  • Contour Fit uses a 4-way stretch to flex and adjust to your body, offering free range of motion

My Rem Fit 500 Findings

Below is a video showing how each layer of the mattress reacts. You can see that the spring system is encased with a foam perimiter.

Here’s a picture of the spring system on the inside of the mattress

Rem Fit 500 inside

Here’s a video showing how much bounce you get out of the mattress. Despite having a coil system it does a great job of absorbing motion:

This mattress has phase change material in the ticking as well as cooling gel foam underneath that. Here’s a video taken with my infrared camera to illiustrate heat dissipation. I had this mattress out on display on our online mattress showroom in Minneapolis and visitors frequently commented on how cool it felt. That’s due to the generous amount of phase change material on the cover.

Finally, I found this mattress to have a bit more sink than most of the hybrid mattresses I have tried. The cover is not quilted so it’s easy to see how my bowling ball actually sinks into the mattress.

Rem Fit Sink

My Rem Fit 500 Recommendation

The Rem Fit 500 will appeal to people looking for a softer mattress that you can sink into but will also recover relatively quickly given the amount of foam used and the density of the foam. You really don’t feel the pockect coils at all and I was suprised that they were even in there. The pocket coils allow the bed to sink in more but still give you good support.

I think this mattress would not only appeal to athletes with sore muscles and bodies but anyone looking for an all foam mattress feel with quicker recovery and limited motion transfer.

Learn more about the Rem-Fit 500 Mattress

Zaahn Mattress

Zaahn Mattress Review

Recently updated on May 12th, 2020 at 08:30 pm

The Zaahn mattress feel great whether you like your mattress medium or firm. That’s because you get two options on each side of the mattress. Zaahn recognizes that many times partners significantly differ in their firmness preferences. Instead of having to buy or sleep in different beds, Zaahn solves the issue by housing separate sides that can each be flipped then zipped into the same cover for a cohesive feel.


While Zaahn isn’t the first to attempt this type of customization, they have done a great job with a very competitive price point at $849 for a queen.  The join a growing list of online mattress companies offering a generous free trial period of 100 days where you can return it within that time period for a full refund if not satisfied. This includes free pickup and free returns.

Below is a video of me on the mattress and demonstrating how easy it really is to change firmness levels. You’ll notice in the video that the Zaahn mattress has a quality zipper system and the mattress ticking fits very well around the mattress. Not only does this make adjusting the mattress easy but it also make it look neat and clean.

Below is a video created by Zaahn mattress that illustrates how it works. The firmness levels are close so that you won’t notice much of a transition from one side to the other. This makes the bed feel like one solid piece and will still keep you connected to your partner.



Below are the specifications of the Zaahn mattress as listed on their website:

Medium density foam

Providing 6-inches of central support—totalling 10-inches of deep comfort.

Open cell memory foam

Constructed to create an ambient temperature—perfect environment for a cool, deep, sleep.

VISCOSE from Bamboo Stretch Cover

Keeps the mattress fresh and the surface airy and cool to sleep on.

My Zaahn Mattress Findings

I was really impressed with the construction of the cover. Here’s a closeup of the zipper system.

Zaahn mattress zipper

The firmness levels aren’t drastically different. I found that the softer side is a medium firmness while the firm side is a true firm. Below are videos illustrating the bounce on both sides of the mattress.

Here’s the soft side of the mattress:

And here’s the firm side of the Zaahn:

Below is a video showing heat retention on the mattress. This mattress was sort of middle of the road for heat retention. I didn’t notice it to sleep hot but there was also no dramatic cooling effect. People concerned about sleeping hot shouldn’t have any problems with this mattress with either side they choose.

Under the cover of the Zaahn mattress you can see how each layer works. The topof the mattress is the soft side.


It’s clear that a lot of effort went into designing this mattress. Looks and feels great. I strongly recommend this mattress for people looking for a medium firm mattress that can be made slightly softer. It provides excellent support and is one of the best mattresses out there for isolating motion transfer. This is because the foam is dense and the mattress is split in two. Any movements by your partner will be mostly isolated to their half of the mattress.

This is the best priced customized mattress I have reviewed and so would make the perfect guest room bed as well.

Check out the Zaahn Website to learn more.

Level Sleep Mattress

Level Sleep Mattress Review

Recently updated on February 10th, 2019 at 01:28 pm

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The Level Sleep mattress provides extra lumbar support to keep you in alignment. This is an all foam mattress that has great recovery, feels soft but is still supportive in the right areas. What makes this mattress unique is that is basically a zoned memory foam mattress. As far as all foam mattresses go, it’s on the pricier side compared to its online competitors but definitely has a unique feel and may be a good fit if you feel you aren’t getting good lumbar support on your current mattress.

Overview of the Level Sleep Mattress

For this review, I received the Tri Support Luxe version. This retails for $1,899 for a queen. The difference between the Luxe and the standard is that the Luxe has a top layer of latex for more resiliency and bounce while the standard uses a layer of memory foam for the top layer. You can order either version online. This mattress is shipped in a box via FedEx or UPS. After placing your order it should arrive in about a week. The shipping weight for queen is around 70lbs.

I appreciate all the research that has gone into this mattress. According to their website:

While other sleep product companies introduce products without clinical research, we think it’s essential. We commissioned an IRB-approved, single-blind sleep trial, again designed by Clete Kushida, M.D., PhD., in which study participants tested their current mattress against ours.The results confirmed that the TriSupport concept was working—participants fell asleep more quickly, woke up with less pain and stiffness, and reported significantly more energy and sleep satisfaction on our mattress.

level sleep study

Below is a video of me on the new Level Sleep mattress.


Level Sleep Mattress Construction

3″ Performance Layer:
Head and Shoulder Region: LEVELsoftTM Foam
Torso Region: LEVELfirmTM Foam
Hip and Leg Region: LEVELmidTM Foam
Mattress Base:
7″ High Resilience Poly Urethane foam
Durable, breathable Recoveree stretch polyester

Below is a picture that shows how the mattress is made:

level sleep mattress luxe

My Level Sleep Findings

The first night I slept on this mattress I certainly noticed the extra support in my lumbar area. I tend to sleep on my stomach and appreciated that this kept my back in alignment while allowing my shoulders to sink in a bit more.

level sleep sinkage

level sleep sink 2

Here’s a picture of the inside of the mattress. You can see that the top latex layer has 3 distinct parts. The latex in the center of the mattress is firmer than the other two pieces which is where your hips will land. To make it easier there is a band across the cover of the mattress so that you know when end to position the mattress against your headboard. The band is should be slightly closer to the headboard since that is where your hips will be.

level sleep 1To give you an idea of how this will react, I took an exercise ball and rolled it across the top of the mattress to illustrate how it will transition from more sink to more support.

I also did a motion transfer test to show how much bounce you can expect with this mattress. It won’t be as bouncy as an inner spring mattress but because the top layer is latex it will still have some bounce. This test was done with the Luxe version of the mattress while the regular version will have less bounce to it.

In terms of heat retention, this mattress performed similar to an all latex mattress. That’s because of the holes in the top later of latex provide air to flow through. The knitted cover is also very breathable and stretchy.

My Level Sleep Recommendation

A common complaint among all memory foam mattress owners is lack of lumbar support. The Level Sleep mattress is the first mattress that I have come across that specifically addresses this issue. Zoned coils systems have been around for a while and they are now available in hybrid foam/coil mattresses but many people prefer the feel of all foam because it handles motion transfer better. This mattress comes with a 110-night guarantee where you can try it for 110 nights and if you don’t like it get a full refund.

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Shop Level Sleep

Active X Mattress Review 4

Nest Bedding Active X Mattress Review

Recently updated on October 29th, 2017 at 10:14 am

The Nest Bedding  Active X Mattress  is a cool looking and cool sleeping mattress designed with recovery in mind. It has very dense layers of foam that give you great pressure relief and support. As is the case with Nest Bedding, you get a lot for your money.

You can choose from 3 colors. Minty Green, Icy Blue or Spicy Red.

phase change cover


The Active X mattress has a very athletic look to it. Below is a video of me giving an overview of the highlights of the mattress. You can see that the edge has a breathable mesh side panel similar to what you would find in running shoes.

You can order the Active X directly from the Nest Bedding website. It is a very popular mattress and certain sizes have sold out recently but as of this writing it should be back in stock. It should arrive to your door in a box in about 5 business days after placing your order. There is also an Active X pillow available that pairs well with this mattress and is also designed to keep you cool.


Here’s the breakdown of each layer of the mattress:

Phase change fabric cover that draws heat away from your body.

2″ Active X Luma Cooling Foam also designed to dissipate heat

2″ Energex Gel Response Foam which is also made for cooling

2″ convoluted air flow layer for more breathability

5″ super high density support base layer

All this adds up to an 11 in mattress.

active x construction


Even without all the cooling technology and great design, this mattress is worth the money just on feel alone. Here’s a look at the inside layers of the mattress:

inside active x mattress

To give you an idea of how each layer responds, I poked and squished them in the video below. What you’ll see is that the first two layers respond slower which means the foam will conform very well to your body. As a stomach sleeper I had no issues with hammocking or back soreness. I was supported all night but also didn’t have soreness. I was also able to sleep a few nights mostly on my side which I rarely am able to do.

This mattress was designed to keep you cool. This is no easy task, especially for an all foam mattress. Because this has some dense foam, it is extra challenging however because the phase change cover and the first 3 layers all offer a unique approach to cooling, the aggregate effect is a foam mattress that sleeps cooler than most. Below is a video shot with my infrared camera illustrating how quickly heat dissipates from the top of the mattress after placing my hand on it.

In addition to superior cooling, this mattress is excellent with motion transfer. That’s because of the dense top layers of foam. You won’t sink that much into the mattress though. It isn’t going to have a very soft feel to it but it is great with pressure relief. I think the intention here was that if you are an athlete or work out frequently, you will appreciate a mattress that conforms well and will let you sleep without having to change positions at night.

Here’s a video of me dropping my bowling ball on the Active X.


I found the Active X to have that traditional memory foam mattress feel without all the negatives of heat retention. Since it is an all foam mattress it will still sleep warmer than a spring mattress but if you appreciate the feel of a a great foam bed, you will really enjoy the Active X.

Shop Active X

BioPosture Review 8

BioPosture Review

Recently updated on November 2nd, 2017 at 09:11 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.


I received a free BioPosture mattress for review. The BioPosture is the choice mattress of chiropractors across the country and was developed with input from chiropractors who treat professional athletes in order to provide optimal spinal alignment while sleeping. It’s a one of a kind mattress that feels like no other. It’s my choice for an excellent combination of comfort, support and pressure relief.


Bioposture has a streamlined site that makes ordering easy and fast. After placing your order, the mattress should arrive in about a week’s time. It comes in a box like the one below and is dropped off right at your doorstep. You get tracking via UPS so you will know when to expect it and it’s easy to move into any room of your house. If you like you can add white glove delivery. This entails removing your old mattress and setting up your new BioPosture mattress.

You get a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee where if you aren’t happy with it, you can return it hassle free.

Bioposture box


The BioPosture mattress recovers from compression to form quickly and will be ready to sleep on the same day you unbox it.

One of the first things you’ll notice after unboxing is that is utilizes Celliant technology for the outer covering. I’ll go into this more in depth but it is a piece of technology that adds lots of value to the mattress.



This mattress, like the majority of bed in a box type mattresses has 3 layers to it.  The base layer which is nice a firm, a foam middle layer and a foam top comfort layer. In total this mattress is 10 inches in depth however you can get a 12 inch depth in a queen and king size, there’s no difference in feel just look.


The BioPosture mattress is made with open cell, biomemotyfoam which uses plant substitutes. It is:

CertiPUR – US Certified Foam
No ozone depleters
No BDDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants
No formaldeheyde
No Mercury, Lead or other heavy metals

bioposture inside

Here’s how the layers react

You’ll notice that this mattress doesn’t have much motion transfer however this is some bounce to it. That’s because the memory foam is more responsive and will come back to shape much more quickly than a traditional memory foam mattress.

The BioPosture will at first feel firmer than some of the other mattresses I have reviewed however this is a little deceiving because after you are on it for about 15 minutes you will notice how well it addresses pressure points while still providing great support and alignment. I noticed this along with friends and family that also tested the mattress. What you get is a mattress that will please people that prefer a firmer mattress and those that also like a soft feeling.

Below are the results of the accelerometer test.


From the picture below you can see that it doesn’t sink all that much. This is proof that you’re getting good support.

bioposture depth

The Celliant cover is also a major selling point. Celliant will take your natural body heat and turn that back into infrared energy that will have a therapeutic effect that leads to increased blood flow and oxygenation in the body. This translates into faster recovery while you sleep.

Here’s a video that explains the benefits of Celliant more in depth.



The Bioposture mattress feels great and will please all types of sleepers. Very few mattresses can accomplish this feat.  It provides amazing support without being too firm. Additionally, you get all the benefits of Celliant. BioPosture is a brand that has been around for much longer than most of the companies I have reviewed and others so it has a lasting reputation and track record of success and happy customers. It also has the backing of chiropractors throughout the country.

Get this mattress if you want to sleep easy knowing you are getting proper spinal support and all the benefits of Celliant to help your body recover after a stressful day. You can get a  Queen size BioPosture for $1,197 which is a little more than some of the other mattresses I have reviewed but it is the only Doctor recommended mattress I have reviewed.

Check out the Bioposture pillows as well.These pillows will provide all the benefits of Celliant to the rest of your body so you will maximize your recovery and comfort. Below is a video overview of the different types of pillows you can choose from.

Use Coupon code SHERPA200 to get 12 months interest free financing OR $100 off a mattress, $200 off a kinetic sleep system. Shop Bioposture.

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Bear Mattress Review 1

Bear Mattress Review

Recently updated on January 19th, 2019 at 07:50 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

I received a free Bear mattress for review. The Bear Mattress is a mattress designed for people with an active lifestyle who understand that sleeping isn’t just what you do when you’re tired, it’s a way for your body to recover and heal so that you can take advantage of the day to come. That’s why they have incorporated some of the latest technology into their mattress.

In early 2017, Bear Mattress partnered with the non-profit, Good Sports to help provide opportunities for all kids to participate in sports. According to the website:

As part of the partnership we will be participating in a 1% giveback of all net proceeds — meaning that for every Bear sleep product sold, a portion will be going to help Good Sports achieve their goal.

“A percentage of Bear’s proceeds will be donated to Good Sports, allowing more children to partake in sports and fitness opportunities,” said Scott Paladini, CEO and founder of Bear. “Bear was founded with an athletic ethos, and we’re big believers in the idea that every child deserves the chance to benefit from the proven physical, social and emotional advantages that youth sports provide.”

Ordering the Bear Mattress

If you have read my other reviews this will be redundant.  Ordering the mattress is very simple and straightforward. I was given a coupon code so the mattress was free. They accept all major credit cards and after your order is processed you can expect to receive the mattress in about a week or less. You get tracking information so that you know exactly when you package will be delivered and get a confirmation after it has been dropped off on your doorstep. A good thing to have if you are trying to coordinate getting rid of your old mattress. In short everything is seamless from placing the order to having it arrive at your doorstep.

Bear Mattress Unboxing

Bear Mattress was created by people who have been in the mattress industry for generations and have a thorough understanding of what makes a good mattress. I have slept on dozens of other memory foam mattress prior to this one and the Bear Mattress is right up there in terms of feel and quality. What sets them apart is that they are catering to people who live a more active lifestyle.

They are the first to incorporate celliant which is a synthetic fiber that has been proven to increase oxygenation in body tissue and reduce minor aches and pains. Celliant is woven into the top cover of the mattress so you are continually getting the benefit while you sleep, every night. This does not affect the feel at all. It is there working in the background for you.  Athletes wear celliant clothing to speed recovery but again, this is the first bed I have come across where it is built in.

Here’s a video of the unboxing:

Construction of the Bear Mattress

Below are the updated 21067 specifications of the Bear Mattress. I appreciate that Bear is transparent with the construction and densities of the foam.

– Graphite Gel:  4.0 lbs / 1.5″
– Response Foam 1: 3.0 lbs / 1.0″
– Response Foam 2: 3.0 lbs / 1.0″
– HD Support Foam: 1.8 lbs / 6.5″

bear mattress inside


Below is a video of me squishing the mattress to give you an idea of how your body will conform.

Here’s how it handles motion transfer. As you can see, there’s not much motion transfer here as expected with a memory foam mattress.

Both my wife and I really like the overall feel of this mattress. It is about the same level of firmness as a Leesa and sleeps just as cool too. A big advantage for this mattress is the incorporation of the celliant fiber on the top layer. This technology is not cheap and for them include this in such a quality bed AND keep the price under a thousand is very remarkable.

My Bear Mattress Recommendation

If you have an active lifestyle and rely on your body to recover from a long run or hard workout at the gym, this is your mattress. It will give you that extra edge for recovery which translates into an extra edge the following day. If you are looking to purchase celliant sheets, expect to pay north of $250 for a set. So at that price point, you might as well just get a whole new bed!

Another popular mattress that gets mentioned with Bear is the Nectar Mattress. See how the Nectar compares to the Bear Mattress by reading the full Nectar Mattresss Reveiw Here

Get $50 off your Bear mattress purchase with coupon code sherpa50 at checkout Click Here to shop Bear Mattress.

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Bear Mattress.

Helix Mattress Review

Helix Mattress Review Compare Helix Models

Recently updated on November 25th, 2022 at 06:27 pm

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I received a free Helix mattress for review. The Helix mattress is a completely new take on the mattress in a box concept. Instead of going with a one mattress fits all approach, they focus on customization. So much so that you fill out a questionnaire regarding body type and sleep preferences before you place an order. This hyper-customization can be done for each side of the bed if you order a queen or king size mattress so that you and your partner get the optimal feel for your needs.

Helix was started out of similar frustrations with the mattress industry. Instead of creating another mattress in a box, this company sought to address the competing needs of partners who sleep on the same mattress.

Overview of the Helix Mattress

Helix now sells the following models:

Helix Sunset (Soft)

Helix Moonlight (Soft)

Helix Midnight (Medium)

Helix Dusk (Medium)

Helix Twilight (Firm)

Helix Dawn (Firm)

Helix also has a kids mattress that is two-sided to adapt to their bodies as they grow.

Here’s a video of me unboxing the new 2017 version of the Helix Mattress. Since then this brand has evolved from a customizable mattress to several different models depending on your needs.

Ordering the Helix Mattress

Ordering a Helix mattress is a fun and engaged process. You actually fill out a questionnaire before you place your order. Helix teamed up with some PhD researchers who are experts in biomechanics to develop ideal mattress specifications for particular body types and sleep preferences that are reflected in the questionnaire. Here’s a snapshot of the beginning of the questionnaire:

Further into the questionnaire each person will answer questions about sleeping hot, firmness preferences, etc.  Finally, if the mattress is for 2 people, you will have the option of a transition between each mattress where the foam more gradually transitions to the other preference. Or, a split which means each side of the mattress is pushed together. I chose the transition and found that with the initial opening there was a slight dip where the mattress transitioned but that wet away after a few days.

Helix now offers financing so you can enjoy your mattress now and pay it off over time through Affirm. You can pay off the mattress in 3, 6 or 12 payments.

Construction of the Helix Mattress

The Helix Sleep system is made of 3 different layers. Foam, and micro coils which are small springs.


2″ Helix Dynamic Foam
2″ High-Grade Polyfoam (comfort layers)
4″ High-Grade Polyfoam (base layers)


  • 2.4″ Pocketed Microcoils
  • ILD: 18

These 3 ingredients are then customized based on your inputs in the initial questionnaire


Below is a picture I took when I visited the Helix headquarters in New York City that shows the 3 layers:

helix insides

My Helix Mattress Recommendation

The Helix mattress has a great range of firmness and even on the firm setting will provide good pressure relief. The pocket coils provide a subtle pushback that will give you the support you need.

Here’s a picture of the inside of the Helix. Below is the soft side of the helix.

Helix Soft

Below is the firm side of the helix which is part of the same mattress above.

Helix Firm

The video below shows motion transfer on the soft side of the Helix mattress.

Here’s another video on the other side of the same Helix mattress which is the firm side.

Below is a picture of how much the mattress will sink. As you can see the left side is considerably firmer than the right.

Helix Softness

This mattress does a great job with motion transfer and also temperature regulation. Looking at the photo below you’ll notice that the right side looks a bit different in terms of pattern color. In the survey I asked for my side to be cooler than my wife’s side. You can see that there is some sort of cooling gel layer that was added to my side to accommodate this need.

Helix Soft

Here’s a quick video of the micro coils

How Long Does A Helix Mattress Last?

A Helix mattress will last 7-8 years. You may get an extra year or two if you weigh under 150 lbs. Heavier sleepers over 200 lbs. may only get 6-7 years of life out of their Helix mattress.

Is Helix A Good Brand?

Helix is one of the most highly rated mattress brands among mattress reviewers and large publishers. It gets good marks for construction, durability and feel. They have excellent customer service and a legit free trial period with free shipping and free returns.

Do Helix Mattresses Get Softer?

Helix mattresses do not require a break-in period. The mattress actually may firm up a little after a few days but it will not get softer.

My Helix Mattress Recommendation

If you are looking for a mattress to accommodate sleepers with very different sleep preferences, this is the ticket. The owners of Helix Sleep are committed to delivering a personalized sleep experience that is backed by science not sales copy. That alone should be reason enough to give them a try. Their generous trial period will give you time to see if they got it right!

Get up to $450 off your Helix plus 2 free pillows. Activate Here

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Helix