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Hullo Pillow Review 1

Hullo Pillow Review

The Hullo Pillow is the second buckwheat pillow that I have reviewed. The first buckwheat pillow I slept on was the Bucky. While both of these pillows are basically the same, there are some significant differences that may sway you in a particular direction. The Hullo Pillow is as the name implies is made with…

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The Bucky Pillow Review 3

The Bucky Pillow Review

Ever tried sleeping on buckwheat? Me neither, until I was given an organic buckwheat filled pillow from Bucky. Bucky Inc. is based out of Seattle, WA and has been in business since 1992. According to their website, their manufacturing is increasingly done in the USA. Like bamboo, buckwheat is a sustainable material that Bucky Inc….

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