Elm Sleep Mattress Review
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Overview of the Elm Sleep Mattress

Elm Sleep launched in late 2022 and is making a splash among online influencers. The Elm mattress comes in 4 models, a 15 inch, Resort Collection that comes in a Plush and Firm and a less expensive 13 inch model that also comes in a Plush and Firm. 

Regardless of which model you choose, Elm Sleep offers a 1 Year trial, with free shipping and returns as well as a lifetime warranty. 

Ordering and Unboxing the Elm Mattress

Your Elm Mattress will ship quickly, I believe from Texas and will arrive via UPS or FedEx in a box like this. This is a queen size Elm Resort Collection mattress in here. 

Elm Sleep Box

Elm Sleep Construction

Elm Mattress Construction

1″ of soft quilting foam designed to sleep cool paired with Elm’s Luxurious 360 Stretch Knit Cover is cool to the touch and durable.


3″ of 4lb HD Visco – 3 full inches of comfort foam designed to provide the best pressure relief for aching bodies. (2″ on firm)

2″ of HD poly foam provides unparalleled support to aid with back pain and lumbar support.

8″ pocketed hybrid coils provide extra deep support. Reinforced edges provide a sturdy edge to eliminate the roll off the bed feeling. Independent coils reduce motion transfer for couples.

1″ of HD poly base foam to provide a sturdy base ensuring this mattress can be used on most beds, platforms or adjustable bases. (2″ on firm)

Durable side panel fabric in a dark color to help your mattress stay and look clean even when moving.

My Elm Mattress Findings

Here is a picture that illustrates sinkage on the Elm Sleep Resort Collection Mattress, soft.

Elm Mattress Soft

Below is the firm version of the Elm Sleep Resort Collection mattress. 

Elm Mattress Firm

My Elm Sleep Mattress Review Recommendation

Best New Mattress 2022
Elm Sleep
$1,199 (Queen)
Helix Midnight Luxe
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/helix-midnight-luxe-mattress-review-best-of-the-best/" rel="bookmark">Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Review – Best of the Best</a></h2>

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Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Review

Get up to $450 off your Helix plus 2 free pillows. Activate Here

The Helix Midnight Luxe is the most popular, and in my opinion, the most comfortable of the Helix line of mattresses. Although that’s just my opinion and everyone is different however all the helix mattress reviews occupying the Google top 10 rate this an excellent mattress. That’s why Helix created an assortment of mattresses with varying construction to appeal to all body types and preferences. The Midnight Luxe is a hybrid mattress which is made with a base layer of zoned pocketed coils and multiple layers of cooling, reactive foam. The cover is made with Tencel fibers which sleep cool and you can even upgrade to the Glacio-Tex Cooling Cover which is a phase change material that cools you down as you get into bed. 

Although the Helix Midnight Luxe is slightly more expensive than some of the competing online brands, it is well worth the extra money given the construction, materials and overall feel of the mattress. 

Overview of the Helix Midnight Luxe

Helix as a brand has been around for over 6 years and has grown dramatically. They make their mattress in Phoenix Arizona ships fast. Most orders I have placed arrive in about a week, maximum 2 weeks. Despite midnight lux being a thick, hybrid mattress with springs and foam, it still ships compressed in a box which is delivered by FedEx or UPS. Compressing it in a box does not take away from its quality or feel. It’s just a much more conveninet method of shipping mattresses these days. 

Here’s a short video showing the unboxing process. This mattress is basically ready to sleep on after you open the box. Normally you should wait about 5-8 hours for the mattress to fully expand but the Helix has a special type of foam that acts more like latex and springs to life almost instantly. 

Construction of the Helix Midnight Luxe

This mattress features multiple comfort layers that are thoughfully put together to create a true medium feel. 

The cover is made with TENCEL fabric which is more breathable than cotton or if you sleep extra hot, you can add the GlacioTex Cooling Cover which has a phase change material making the mattress cool to the touch. This will help you cool down and relax faster when you go to bed. 

The first comfort layer is the Memory Plus Foam layer. It’s a high density foam with a medium feel for great pressure relief. 

The second comfort layer is a Gel Visco foam design to support and cushion your body. It’s made with a medium IFD for a consistent firmness. 

There is a High-Grade Polyfoam layer that is used as a transition between the foam layers and the base coil system. 

The Helix Midnight Luxe is made with 1,000+ wrapped coils that are zoned out across the mattress to give you more support at your hips and better pressure relief at your shoulders. These coils will help balance your body evenly across the mattress. 

The bottom layer is made with DuraDense Foam to provide a base support and durability. 

My Helix Midnight Luxe Review

As a predominantly side sleeper myself, the Helix Midnight Luxe is my favorite among the Helix mattress models. It is a soft mattress that provides just the right amount of support for side sleepers but will still work great for back sleepers. This Helix Midnight Luxe is a good choice for couples that want the targeted support that only coils can provide will eliminating most of the motion transfer due to the quality layers of foam at the top of the mattress. 

This mattress is made in the USA out of their Arizona factory. Shipping is usually about 5 business days and in some cases less if you live in California or Arizona. 

Since their inception, Helix has prided itself on customization and acknowledges that one size does not fit all. They made the Midnight Luxe specifically for side sleepers with shoulder and/or hip pain that want great support but don’t want to be woken up by their partner in the middle of the night. 

If there are any cons for the Helix Midnight Luxe, it is that if you sit at the edge of the mattress, you won’t get great support. That’s because of the softer layers of foam at the top. There are firm coils along the perimeter of the mattress for good support but comments I get from customers is that the side can sag a bit if you sit on it. That said, you will be spending the majority of your time sleeping on the mattress and this in my opinion is a worhty trade off. 

Considering the amount of foam on the top of the mattress, I expected it to sleep warmer than it actually did. The ability to keep me cool is in part due to the Tencel cover but also the quality of foam below it. This foam sort of acts like latex in that it bounces back quickly and doesn’t leave impressions. Not only will this make it sleep cooler but it’s easy to switch positions and get in and out of the mattress. 

One drawback to the Helix Midnight Luxe is the lack of edge support. Although it has a zone coil system with firmer coils along the edge, the multiple layers of foam above the coil system are fairly soft and won’t be as supportive however it will offer better edge support that any memory foam mattress out there. 

Since this mattress is one of the softer offerings from Helix, Stomach sleepers should instead consider the Helix Dusk Luxe. 

I also give Helix overall high marks for customer service. They have grown exponentially as a company and they may not be able to answer calls as quickly as some of the other companies but when I chat or send emails, I get quick responses. 

My Helix Midnight Luxe Recommendation

I have the Helix Midnight Luxe available to try in my Sleep Sherpa mattress stores and what suprises me is that the customers specifically looking to try this mattress end up buying it. The same goes with the Helix Dusk Luxe which we also have on display. This tells me that Helix is doing it’s job in marketing the mattress by accurately setting expectations of what the mattress feels like and how it will perform. While you will pay a little more for this mattress, it is well worth the investment. Not only are you getting a superior product but you just can’t beat the feel. I highly reommend this mattress for side sleepers and combo sleepers. If you want a firm mattress, look elsewhere but if you want one that can be soft, supportive and easy to move around on, look no further. 

If you are looking for an all natural option, consider the Birch mattress, it is also made by Helix and the Birch Luxe is their softer offering which is similar in firmness to the Helix Midnight Luxe but since it is latex, it can’t offer as good of pressure relief. In a comparison of Awara vs. Helix the Helix wins hands down. 

Read my Helix Midnight Luxe vs Helix Dusk Luxe review 

For heavy people, check out my Helix Plus review

Our Top Pick!
Helix Midnight Luxe Helix Midnight Luxe
$1,849 (Queen)

The overall best hybrid mattress you can buy. Great for all sleep types and feels amazing!

Get up to $450 off your Helix plus 2 free pillows. Activate Here

serta perfect sleeper review
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/serta-perfect-sleeper-renewed-night-review/" rel="bookmark">Serta Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night Review</a></h2>

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I sleep on a new mattress almost every other week and most of them are direct to consumer, online-only brands. Every now and then, I do get sent a review sample of a legacy brand such as Tempurpedic, Simmons or in this case the Serta Perfect Sleeper. Serta was founded in 1931 and is the largest mattress brand in the United States but the Perfect Sleeper brand was released 2 years before the Serta brand name was introduced. Many hotel chains use their mattresses including Hilton Worldwide and Wyndham Worldwide. They merged with the online brand, Tuft & Needle in 2018. There’s a lot to like about this mattress because they have almost a century of experience making mattresses and offer the same hassle-free returns as the online players.

Overview of the Renewed Night Mattress

Here’s a quick video overview where you can see how it actually feels.

Ordering the Serta Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night Mattress

You can order the Perfect Sleeper series mattresses directly through the Serta website or try it out at a local store by accessing their store locator. Ordering through the Serta site gets you free shipping, a 120 home trial, and free returns if you decide it’s not a good fit. Either way, you order the mattress does not come in a box. It will arrive full size and a delivery company will bring it into your house. The delivery company XPO logistics coordinated everything and it was very easy to schedule my delivery date and time window online. They also called when they were about 30 minutes away. It’s a good option if you don’t want to have to drag a mattress from your doorstep to your bedroom.

How Much Does the Serta Renewed Night Cost?

The cost depends on which model you choose. I received the 1 layer of memory foam version which retails for $899 in a queen size, this is their entry level model. If you want extra layers of foam, the cost increases. You can refer to their website for the most current pricing. Also, keep in mind that their price should be the same as that found in the stores.

Construction of the Renewed Night Mattress

renewed night construction

Below are the construction specifications of the Renewed Night mattress 1 layer of foam model as listed on the Serta website. For this review, I received the Plush version.

CoolFeel™ Cover

A luxurious, breathable cover with a cool-to-the-touch sensation from technology that is plant-derived.

HeiQ Vblock™

An exclusive, anti-microbial technology found on the surface of the mattress kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact, keeping your mattress fresh and clean.

HexCloud™ Gel Memory Foam

Serta’s exclusive gel memory foam boasts unique geometric cut outs to deliver cool, contouring pressure relief for oh-so-relaxing sleep.

1000 Edition Custom Support™ Coil System

Individually wrapped coils deliver support and reduced motion transfer. This edition features Serta’s BestEdge® Foam Encasement technology—an extra-deep foam rail to help reduce edge roll-off and extend the sleep surface.

My Serta Renewed Night Findings

I figured that this mattress may skew firm and I was right which is why I chose the plush model. The cover is quilted so you get an extra layer of pressure relief but even so, if you go firm, I imagine it will be really firm. The plush version felt more like a medium to me. Here’s a photo of how much my 14 lb. bowling ball sunk into the mattress. When you lay down on the mattress you will sink into the quilted cover right away and it will cradle you while the foam layer provides most of the pressure relief and the springs provide the support.

renewed night sinkage

Here you can see how much my shoulders sink into the mattress while sleeping on my side.

I slept on this mattress for about 3 weeks before writing this review and there are a few things that really stood out with this mattress. Let’s start with the CoolFeel Cover. It incorporates phase change materials that are 53% bio-based content. In my experience, most phase change covers have a sort of stick feel to them and almost feel wet. That wasn’t the case with this mattress. I didn’t know it had phase change material until I looked up the details. The HeiQ Vblock is an antimicrobial technology applied to the cover to keep it fresh and to kill 99.9% of bacteria on contact. Although I still recommend a mattress protector, it’s nice to know there is an extra layer of protection.

Although this mattress has springs, they are barely noticeable. I didn’t feel my partner getting out of bed at night or tossing and turning. I’m not sure why that it but it can be largely explained by their use of pocked coils. check out the picture below where you can see the springs. I had to cut into the foam border to access them. The foam border is used to create a firmer edge so you won’t roll off the mattress at night.

The third feature that stood out was the unique design of the foam layer. They call this the HexCloud Gel memory foam.  It is designed for cooling and better pressure relief. I didn’t sink in like traditional foam and overall the mattress slept like a regular old-fashioned inner springs mattress without any foam. According to Serta, this new model of the Perfect Sleeper provides 40% better pressure relief than previous Perfect Sleeper models.


My Serta Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night Final Thoughts

Going with a legacy brand like Serta has many benefits. First, their free delivery into your house, 120-night trial, and free returns are the same or better than the popular online brands. They also have almost a century of mattress construction know-how. It was clear to me right away that they can add a lot of value to the mattress without adding cost. Since they are a manufacturer they can pass the savings directly to you, especially since they make so many mattresses to begin with. Normally phase change material, antimicrobial technology and a premium spring system would be an extra cost but you can get all this for under $900 in a queen size which makes it a phenomenal value.

I recommend the plush version of this mattress to people looking for a more medium feel. It has excellent lumbar support and really good pressure relief consider that they are only using one layer of foam. Because there aren’t multiple layers of foam on this model, it will naturally sleep cooler too.  It’s definitely time to take a look at the Perfect Sleeper lineup again.

Shop the Serta Renewed Night

gravity mattress review
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/gravity-ice-hybrid-mattress-review/" rel="bookmark">Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress Review</a></h2>

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Sherpa DealGet 15% off your Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress at checkout Activate Here


Gravity has made a name for itself when they introduced their popular, Gravity Blanket a few years ago. Since then, they have been broadening their offering of sleep-related products to pillows, robes, sheets and most recently, the Gravity Mattress. Normally when a company creates a mattress that is not their keystone product, it tends to underwhelm. But that’s not the case this with mattress. To the contrary, they should be promoting this mattress more. It is very cool to the touch with a phase change cover and just the right amount of foam at the top layer for maximum pressure relief without too much sink.

Overview and Ordering the Gravity Mattress

You can order this mattress exclusively from the Gravity website. Your Gravity mattress will arrive in a box like the one below. This is a heavy mattress because it has springs so you may want some help bringing it up any stairs. I just flip mine end over end to get it upstairs but just be careful. Once you open the mattress it comes to life quickly. There will be some off-gassing because there is foam at the top of the mattress but that will mostly dissipate within a day or two.

gravity mattress box

How Much Does the Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress Cost?

Below are the current prices of the mattress before any discounts.
SizeRetail Price

Construction of the Gravity Hybrid Mattress

gravity ice hybrid construction

Designed to be used with or without the Gravity Blanket, Gravity Ice Hybrid capitalizes on the growing trend of coil-foam combination design to provide you with a comfortable and well-supported night of sleep, each and every night.

  • The use of coils prevents your mattress from dipping or sagging during use – gently cradling the body for much-needed support to your hips and key spinal points, while still remaining extremely soft from the memory foam.
  • The coils also help the mattress keep its shape, providing you with many more years of use compared to pure memory foam mattresses, which lose shape over time.
  • The coil-foam combo increases airflow throughout the mattress, keeping you cooler than a traditional, heat-trapping memory foam mattress.
  • With a top layer of cooling gel, get an extra cooling sensation all night long. No expensive or noisy motors attached to the bed like some cooling mattresses!
  • Pair with our Gravity Blanket for the trifecta of sleep excellence: deep touch pressure on top of you for increased relaxation, foam/coil hybrid below you for gentle support, and a cooling gel layer between them both to regulate your temperature all night long.
  • Available in three sizes (Full, Queen and King) to provide sweet dreams no matter your bed size.

All Ice Hybrid Mattresses come with:

  1. Free Shipping
  2. 100-Day Return Policy
  3. 10-Year Limited Warranty

My Gravity Mattress Findings

What first impressed me about this mattress is the cool to the touch cover. This is becoming more common in mattresses, it’s also known as phase change material. The way it works is that it will absorb your body heat and provide a cooling sensation. This helps you cool down faster which will then help you fall asleep faster. The Gravity Ice Hybrid stood out because they use much more of this phase change material and it is a more noticeable effect, even when you use sheets and a mattress protector.

gravity ice hybrid cover

Here you can see how much sink you get with my 14 lb. bowling ball. It doesn’t sink much with the foam layers but when you put your body weight on it, the springs will start to sink providing more contouring.

gravity mattress sink

This mattress has more of a true medium feel. The foam layers are dense enough to provide good contouring and pressure relief. The spring system underneath provides an extra sink. Often I come across mattresses with a firmer coil system and softer foam layer. I like how this mattress feels though especially at my shoulders where the springs sink enough for the right contouring.

gravity side sleeping

Final Thoughts on the Gravity Mattress

While this mattress isn’t the centerpiece product of the Gravity company, they created a mattress that feels great. I recommend it for hot sleepers that want good contouring and pressure relief without sinking into the mattress too much. It’s great for combo sleepers, meaning it will accommodate any position well.  Motion transfer will occur but it is minimal because it has a pocket coil system. The border of the mattress is encased in foam which will give you great edge support so you can sleep right up to the edge of the mattress.

As with most of the online mattress brands, this mattress also comes with a 100 night trial where you can try it in your house for 100 nights before making a decision. If you decide to return it, it’s a free return and you will get a full refund. If you end up keeping it, you are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Sherpa DealGet 15% off your Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress at checkout Activate Here


Shop the Gravity Mattress

Layla Hybrid Mattress
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/layla-hybrid-mattress-review-not-what-i-expected/" rel="bookmark">Layla Hybrid Mattress Review – Not What I Expected</a></h2>

Recently updated on May 12th, 2020 at 01:40 pm

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Layla is a mattress brand that is known for flippable mattresses. Their all-foam version was a big hit because it gave people the option for a firmer and softer side so chances are they would like one of the firmnesses. It makes sense to build in this versatility into the mattress because it adds value and reduces returns. Yes, it costs more to make mattresses like this but I think mattresses should be built to last so that we aren’t throwing these into landfills every 5 years. Layla recently sent me their new hybrid mattress for review that is also flippable and is made with quality materials. It is a great choice for people that want a bit more of a traditional feel with the ability to change firmnesses if need be.

Overview of the Layla Hybrid

Here’s a quick video overview of the Layla. It includes my first impression when opening it all the way through trying it out and how it compares to the growing competition.

Construction of the Layla Hybrid Mattress

I really like that Layla gets specific about construction details. There’s nothing to hide here because it is quality throughout and they are proud of it.  Below are the specs taken from their website.

inside the layla mattress

Fabric: 66% Polyester, 30% viscose, 4% poly lycra
Branded Black Belt: 100% Nylon
Branded Handles: 100% Vinyl

Copper Infused Memory Foam (Soft Side)
2.5” of 3.5 lbs copper infused viscoelastic polyurethane open-cell foam with an IFD (indentation force deflection) of 12 lbs.

Layla Tri-Zone-Airflow™ Transition Layer (Soft Side)
2” of 1.65 lbs polyurethane open-cell foam with an IFD (indentation force deflection) of 23 lbs. Surface Modification Technology (SMT) shapes are cut .5” deep for added support, airflow, and pressure relief.
Layla Infinity Edge™ Spring System
6” of individually wrapped 14 gauge pocketed coil springs with dual row 16 gauge springs around the parameter for edge support.
Layla Tri-Zone-Airflow™ Transition Layer (Firm Side)
1.5” of 1.65 lbs polyurethane open-cell foam with an IFD (indentation force deflection) of 40 lbs. Surface Modification Technology (SMT) shapes are cut .25” deep for added support, airflow, and pressure relief.
Copper Infused Memory Foam (Firm Side)
1” of 3.5 lbs copper infused viscoelastic polyurethane open-cell foam with an IFD (indentation force deflection) of 12 lbs.

How Much Does the Layla Hybrid Cost?

Below are the latest prices that include the discount.

Twin XL$1,099
California King$1,599

My Layla Hybrid Findings

What first struck me about the mattress is the charcoal cover. It is soft and stretchy which means you will feel the mattress conform better to your body. This cover is also washable which is good if you don’t have a mattress protector although I would strongly recommend one anyway.

layla hybrid stretch

The cover has a zipper in the middle of the mattress which makes it easy to remove. Even the zipper is quality and has a nice orange pull that goes along with the overall design of the mattress.

layla zipper

You also have the soft and firm side labeled so there is no guessing which is which. Most people will pick a firmness and stick with it but if you use this in a guest room, your guests can choose for themselves easily. The mattress also has a set of well-made handles on each side for easy flipping. In the video you will see that I was able to flip it by myself easily.

layla firm soft

Below I have my 14 lb. bowling ball on the firm side of the mattress. There isn’t much sinkage here. In the video you can see me dropping the ball on both sides. Both sides do a good job of containing motion transfer but the firm side actually had more bounce because there was less foam for the ball to sink into.

The soft side of the mattress is great for side sleepers and some back sleepers. I recommend the firm side for stomach sleepers. I really like how the soft side of this mattress felt. My shoulders didn’t hurt from sleeping on my side and neither did my hips. I attribute that to the quality foam. Good quality foam will contour so much better than cheap foam no matter how much cheap foam you use.

layla hybrid sink

Here’s another shot of pushing on the firm side of the mattress. Both sides recover quickly.

layla push

My Layla Recommendation

Layla consistently ranks high for all their products but the Layla Hybrid impressed me the most. After reviewing mattresses for years you start to get a good sense right away if a mattress is going to be a winner or just another in a long line of knock offs and the Layla Hybrid delivers. The whole experience from the unboxing to opening the inside was a treat. I recommend the hybrid for sleepers that want a mattress that will provide excellent pressure relief but is still easy to change positions on. The soft side is going to be soft, softer than most that I have reviewed but in a good way. The firm side is going to be firmer but not too firm and will feel similar to the soft side but just offer more support towards your lower back.

If you are someone who may need to change firmnesses from time to time, this is also a great choice. It is also perfect for the guest room where your guests will inevitably have different firmness preferences and you can easily accommodate. Layla offers free shipping, a 120 night trial period and free returns. The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty which is standard.

Shop Layla

BeautyRest Hybrid Review
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/beautyrest-hybrid-review/" rel="bookmark">BeautyRest Hybrid Review</a></h2>

Recently updated on October 31st, 2019 at 04:38 pm

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They BeautyRest Hybrid mattress is a spring and foam mattress A queen size retails for $1,299. It is less expensive than the flagship Beautyrest Black which retails at  $2,099 in a queen size. The major difference between the two comes down to feel. The Hybrid is a bit softer on the top while the Black retains a firmer feel throughout. Both of these mattresses incorporate over a century of craftsmanship and innovation provided by Simmons. Most of the online mattress brands haven’t even been around a decade.

Overview of the BeautyRest Hybrid Mattress

You can order this mattress directly from the BeautyRest website. You get the best price and free white glove delivery which includes setup of the mattress in the room of your choice along with removal of your old mattress. Normally online companies will charge an extra fee for this service which is often $150 or more.

This mattress is not roll packed either. That means it will arrive full size and won’t require any time to inflate or off-gas. It comes with a 100-night trial where you can try it out in the comfort of your home and if you aren’t happy with it, you can return it for free along with a full refund. This is another advantage of buying directly from Beautyrest. You get all your money back and aren’t stuck picking from another mattress model in the store.

Here’s a video overview of the mattress highlighting some of the stand out features.

Construction of the BeautyRest Hybrid

Beautyrest hybrid construction 2

Below are the construction details of the mattress as listed on their website.

Comfort Type





Cool-to-the-touch stretch fabric

Comfort Layers

1” Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam

2” Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam

1” Medium Comfort Foam

Support System

1000 Series Firm Pocketed Coil®


How Much Does the BeautyRest Hybrid Cost?

Below are the prices of the mattress as of this writing and before any discounts.

Twin XL$1,229
California King$1,699

My BeautyRest Hybrid Mattress Findings

In keeping with the Beautyrest line, I found that this mattress has a firm coil base layer with a softer top layer of foam. This gives you superior support with the benefits of pressure-relieving foam. The foam at the top layer is dense so has a slower recovery time but is needed to provide adequate contouring.

In this picture you can see my 14 lb. bowling ball on the mattress.

Beautyrest hybrid sink

Here you can see how much it contours as I sleep on my side. Compared to other hybrids, this mattress will only sink slightly and I didn’t feel the coil system give all that much. It felt like the top layers of foam were providing all the contouring.

Beautyrest hybrid contouring

Here’s another angle where you will notice that I’m not really surrounded by the mattress.

beautyrest 2

The mattress has superior edge support. Most foam mattresses don’t have a perimeter edge support system and most hybrid mattresses rely on a firmer gauge coil to provide the support. With this mattress, Beautyrest used a rigid foam perimeter that provides better support than coils. That means you can sleep or sit on the edge without rolling off.

beautyrest edge support

This mattress is one-sided so it cannot be flipped but to extend the lifespan, you will want to rotate it every 6 months. Thankfully they added handles to each side to make the process easier.

beautyrest handles

Here’s a look inside the mattress showing the layers of foam. The first layer of foam is quilted into the cover so you can’t see that in this picture but that is the densest layer followed by the 1′ medium comfort foam layer.

beautyrest squish

I cut into the mattress further to show the coil system. You can also see how thick the perimeter foam is.

Beautyrest construction

My BeautyRest Hybrid Recommendation

I recommend the BeautyRest Hybrid to combo sleepers, people that like to change positions but overall want a firm base of support. This mattress will initially fee soft but you will notice the firm coil system underneath for support. This mattress isn’t a cozy mattress in that it won’t hug your body. It’s great for people that want to sleep cool but still get adequate pressure relief. If you are a dedicated side sleeper, this mattress may be too firm for your liking but still softer than the BeautyRest black. If you are a dedicated stomach sleeper, the BeautyRest Black is the better choice. At $1,299 it is a good price that makes it competitive with other popular online mattress brands but when you consider you get free white glove delivery, it’s an even better value.

Learn more about the BeautyRest Hybrid

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/best-rollaway-beds/" rel="bookmark">Best Rollaway Beds of 2019</a></h2>

Recently updated on January 9th, 2019 at 06:13 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

When we think of a bed, the first image that comes to mind is that of a wooden frame with four legs, topped with a mattress, sheets, and pillows. Although this is the type of bed that most of us would prefer in the ideal circumstances, the truth is that in urban settings there is often not enough space to accommodate a big bed. Traditional beds are also expensive and cannot be packed and transported on the fly. So if you’re moving from place to another, you often need to sell off your bed and buy another one in your new home — the result: rising expenses.

When a traditional bed is inconvenient and expensive, you must resort to other options. The rollaway bed is one such option that provides you with the comfort of a conventional bed but also the portability and convenience that you find in no other bed. Not only is a rollaway bed much cheaper than a traditional bed, but it can also be assembled and disassembled easily and transported on the fly. But the problem is since rollaway beds are cheap, the market is flooded with them. In this guide, we discuss the features of a rollaway bed and talk about the best options today.

How Rollaway Bed is Different than a Conventional Bed?

A rollaway bed is essentially a foldable bed. It can be folded in half when not in use and opened up to make a full-size bed. Rollaway beds are usually made of metal. The sturdy metal frame is capable of handling the weight of one to two persons. At the bottom of the four legs of the frame are caster wheels that are used in easily moving the bed from one place to another. When the metal frame is folded in half, it takes very little space for storage. Some rollaway beds come with a foldable mattress, but even if they don’t, you can easily purchase a compatible mattress later.

Because rollaway beds are much lighter than traditional beds, take little storage space, and are easily portable, they can be used for extra guests, for a trip far from home, or if space is short in your new apartment. The only downside is that a foldable bed may not be capable of handling the weight of a 300-pound person. It is best for people of average weight.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rollaway Beds

Although foldable beds offer many advantages to those who cannot get a stationary bed, there are also certain downsides that must be considered. Here we take a look at both:


Affordability: The primary reason why rollaway beds are popular is their affordability. Stationary beds are often exorbitant, and also take up a lot of space in the room. For someone going through a tight situation, neither is possible. That’s when a foldable bed saves the day. It’s the fraction of the cost of a stationary bed, doesn’t take up much space, and is far better than sleeping on the floor.

Portability: Even if you have a stationary bed, you might want to have one or two foldable beds in storage. That’s because they are easily portable, and can accommodate one or two people if there’s not enough room. If you’re going for a long trip away from home, you may also carry a rollaway bed in the car, so you can have your own bed to sleep on. If you move houses often, investing in a portable rollaway bed can save you the hassle of moving heavy furniture. The caster wheels also make it convenient to move the bed from one location to another.


Unattractive: Even though it gives you a comfortable surface to sleep on, a rollaway bed doesn’t offer anything in terms of aesthetic appeal. There are cabinet-style rollaway beds that look slightly better than the metal ones, but they are not as attractive as a stationary bed. Rollaway beds are typically used for convenience, not for enhancing the room decor.

Durability: As already mentioned above, foldable beds are not designed to handle the kind of weight that is usually handled by a stationary bed. The region where the bed folds is usually the weakest and can get damaged with regular wear and tear. Regardless of how you use it, a rollaway bed will never last as long as a stationary bed.

Types of Rollaway Beds

There are three types of rollaway beds, and all of them have their own upsides and downsides. They are:

Standard: The standard foldable bed usually consists of a tubular steel or metal frame and a mattress platform made out of polypropylene and wire spring mesh. Standard rollaway beds work well with both foam and innerspring mattresses, and they are also the cheapest.

Cabinet: This type of rollaway beds looks like a cabinet when folded, and also has fayed doors! When folded, a cabinet style rollaway bed hides the mattress and the bed frame — one of the panels of the cabinet functions as the platform for the mattress. Caster wheels are present in all models, and headboards and footboards may also be present in more expensive models.

Ottoman: Although this type of rollaway bed is much like the standard metal frame ones, the only difference is that this one also doubles as an ottoman. This bed doesn’t fold in half, but in a third, and converts into an ottoman. All you need is a cushion and a cover to make it a proper ottoman. Some of these ottoman style beds are shaped like boxes from which you have to pull out the mattress platform.

Factors to Consider While Buying A Rollaway Bed

Given that there are a huge variety of rollaway beds all over the market, you will want to take your time in picking one that’s right for you. A bed is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house and should also be comfortable. Just because you do not have the convenience to get a full-size stationary bed does not mean that you must sacrifice comfort and durability. Rollaway beds are generally cheap, so you should be able to find something of good quality without exceeding your budget. But regardless of whether you choose a standard, cabinet or ottoman-style bed, the following factors should always be considered.

Construction and Durability: Rollaway beds are cheap, but it does not necessarily mean that you have to buy one every three months. Therefore, the bed should be durable, particularly if you are going to put it to regular use. Rollaway beds are usually constructed either out of steel or wood. Steel and aluminum beds are less expensive than the wooden ones but are not as durable. Because these types of beds can be folded, the maximum wear and tear happen to the joint where the bed folds. The best materials for the pivot are steel and wood, the latter being stronger but more expensive. If you want the joints of the bed to hold up well, you may choose a metal construction with a wooden pivot. If the entire bed is made of wood, it becomes heavier and does not remain as portable. Metal rollaway beds are also prone to developing creaking noises as they grow older. The rule of thumb when buying rollaway beds is that the cheaper it is, the shorter it will last.

Size of Rollaway Bed: The most commonly available size of a rollaway bed is a twin. This size is capable of comfortably accommodating one person. You also get full and queen sizes, but they are not as commonly found. The full and queen sizes can accommodate two people, but they are heavier and not very portable. If portability is not a concern, then you can try looking for a queen size rollaway bed. However, the bigger the bed, the more it will cost.

Mattress in Rollaway Bed: Rollaway beds come with and without a mattress. It comes down to your personal preference. If you already have a mattress, you can choose a foldable bed that doesn’t have a mattress. If you want something cheap, beds that come without a mattress will better suit your budget, even though you will have to buy a separate mattress. Rollaway beds that come with a mattress are a little expensive, but you are spared of the trouble of searching for a compatible mattress.

Rollaway beds can be paired with memory foam, innerspring, or polyurethane foam mattresses. But regardless of the mattress that you choose, it should be foldable. Otherwise, it will be broken in the middle soon enough.

Brand: Most reputed bedding companies manufacture rollaway beds and comfortable mattresses. But before choosing one brand over the other, make sure to read customer reviews to find out what is better. Often when buying a bed online, the customer tends to get swayed by the claims made by the company. But only reviews from real customers will help you know how the bed performs.

Top 6 Rollaway Beds of 2019

Best Overall Rollaway Bed: Milliard Premium Folding Rollaway Bed

Best Rollaway Bed 2019 - Milliard Premium Folding Rollaway Bed

When people buy a folding bed, they have resigned themselves to the fact that it can never match up to the softness and comfort of an actual mattress. And it’s true because it’s hard to find a foldable bed that offers the same comfort and plushness of a memory foam mattress. The Milliard Premium Folding Rollaway Bed is a rare find that, despite being a standard foldable bed, offers superior softness and comfort. While other memory foam rollaway beds are quite hard, the comfort and plush feel of this one has been vouched for by customers.

What makes this bed even more bouncy and comfortable is the mattress platform made of the trampoline, instead of wire mesh or slats. The mattress is four-inch thick, enough support for a foldable bed. Besides edge support, the foam also contours to your body and provides support to the pressure points. Sleeping on this bed, you will not be waking up with a sore back or still shoulders.

The entire construction of this bed is also pretty durable. The frame is made from double reinforced steel with a Clamshell folding style, ensuring that the bed retains its shape under any circumstance. Although the bed is not much of a looker, it does its job very well, providing support with a good mattress and durability with a strong frame. The weight of the bed is only 52 pounds, so it’s easy to move from place to place. Assembling it for the first time is also easy and doesn’t require tools– you simply have to attach the wheels, and you’re done. The assisted folding mechanism makes it convenient to open and fold the bed.


  • One of the best and softest mattresses
  • Strong, double reinforced construction
  • Easy to assemble and unfold
  • Not too heavy


  • A little expensive

Check the latest price on the Milliard rollaway bed

Best Budget Rollaway Bed: Symple Stuff Folding Bed

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019 - Symple Stuff Folding Bed

Budget rollaway beds usually come with a number of shortcomings and shoppers need to look past them in order to find quality. That’s because, despite the shortcomings, budget rollaway beds also offer plenty of advantages. The Symple Stuff Folding Bed is one such rollaway bedding that features an affordable price tag and a no-frills design but makes up with other perks.

This foldable bed comes with a 5-inch foam mattress on a bed base made of rigid slats. Although the mattress is thick enough to provide support, it is not too soft. In fact, many customers have commented that the mattress was a bit too hard for their liking.  This isn’t surprising because most foldable beds that boast of a foam mattress aren’t as soft or comfortable as an actual memory foam mattress. The maximum capacity of the bed is 250 pounds, but you should not attempt to test it out– most metal frame rollaway beds are pretty frail at handling anything above 200 pounds. In general, this is a bed that’s best for a small or average sized person or a child. This is again where the maximum capacity of the bed comes into play — most budget rollaway beds are best for people who don’t weigh much, and it isn’t such a surprising or unique downside for any foldable budget bed.

If you’re on a budget and want a portable bed for one person, this affordable option from Symple Stuff is one of the most popular choices. But it’s most suited for occasional use than regular use as a stationary bed.


  • Affordable and easily available
  • No-frills design
  • Five-inch mattress


  • Mattress not too comfortable
  • Construction could be more durable

Check the latest prices on the Symple Stuff rollaway bed

Best Rollaway Innerspring Bed: Serta® Folding Bed with Mattress

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019 - Serta Folding Bed with Mattress

If you prefer the feel of an innerspring mattress over a memory foam one, then there are innerspring options also available among rollaway beds. Just because you’re buying a portable bed doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all your preferences. One of the most popular innerspring rollaway beds is the Serta Folding bed. The mattress it comes with has a traditional innerspring construction, so it replicates the feel of an actual innerspring bed.

Serta is a well-known name in the bedding industry, and all the quality and reputation of their other offerings come through in this folding bed. The bed is 73 inches long and 39 inches wide, the same width ad that of an XL Twin bed. The extra width is a nice addition since it allows the sleeper enough room to adjust position and roll over during the night. Those sleeping on the bed will also enjoy the comfort and support provided by the 12-gauge wound helical springs in the four-inch mattress. They manage to replicate the feel of a traditional innerspring mattress, so this rollaway bed by Serta isn’t a bad choice. Another significant feature of this bed is the height. It’s just 18 inches from the floor, which makes it easy for older people or those with mobility issues to get on and off the bed.  The frame is made of angular steel, and the four caster wheels allow the bed to be easily moved from one room to another.


  • Affordable
  • Great innerspring design
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Extra width
  • Medium weight


  • No information on warranty available

Check the latest prices on the Serta folding bed mattress

Best Rollaway Bed for Small Spaces: iBed Memory Foam Rollaway Guest Bed

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019 - iBed Memory Foam Rollaway Guest Bed

Buying furniture for a small space can be tough. You want comfort and convenience without sacrificing the little floor space you have. This problem is more evident in urban settings, where small apartments are the most common living space. Thankfully, furniture is also made keeping the space constraints in mind. If you’re short on space and need a slim rollaway guest bed, your best bet is the iBed Memory Foam Rollaway Guest Bed. The benefit of this ultra slim design is that the bed folds to just 5 inches of thickness and can be stored anywhere from a closet to an attic. But just because it’s slim and trim does not mean it compromises on comfort or durability.

The bed is so small when folded that it also comes with a storage bag. You can fold it and leave it in the corner of the cupboard in the storage bag. Most rollaway beds are between 12 and 15 inches when folded, which makes this one the winner. The bed has a 3-inch memory foam mattress, which may not be the plushest but manages to provide the support that’s expected from a guest bed. The memory foam is resistant to dust mites, fungus, and odor, so you can store it safely without damage to the mattress. You also don’t need to turn the mattress because it doesn’t lose shape. It’s also great at regulating temperature and keeping the sleeper comfortable.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Solid steel construction
  • Easy to fold and store


  • Mattress, not the most comfortable
  • Cannot be used as a regular bed

Check the latest prices on the iBed rollaway guest bed

Best Rollaway Bed for Tall people: Edward Rollaway Bed with Box Spring Mattress

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019 - Edward Rollaway Bed with Box Spring Mattress

Tall individuals are familiar with the challenge of finding a comfortable bed to sleep on. When it comes to rollaway beds, they are almost always too short for tall people. Even if you find a good folding bed, you find that your legs stick out. That doesn’t make for a very comfortable night’s sleep. This is where the Edward Rollaway Bed is a winner. It’s 79 inches long, which isn’t gigantic but still big enough for taller individuals. It’s also the longest folding bed on the market today.

Although the width is a little narrow at 36 inches, it’s still plenty for the average sleeper. It’s hard to find a bed that fits your space and budget requirements and still provides comfort and support, but the Edward Rollaway Bed is a good choice. The box spring mattress is 5.5 inches, which may not be too thick but provides better support than 3-inch mattresses. There is an optional mattress cover available. Some users have said that the bed is a little too firm, and others have praised this very feature because it can handle even a 300-pound sleeper. The bed is also easy to assemble—you simply must put the bolts and nuts and wheels in place. It folds nicely in place and is convenient to store. One of the biggest downsides is the price—at $500, it’s one of the priciest rollaway beds on the market.


  • Great for taller sleepers
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Supportive mattress


  • Expensive

Check prices on the Edward rollaway bed

Best Rollaway Bed for Durability: Sleep Revolution Resort Folding Guest Bed

Best Rollaway Beds of 2019 - Sleep Revolution Resort Premier Folding Guest Bed

If you want a bed that looks attractive and offers more durability than a standard cot-style rollaway bed, look no further than the Sleep Revolution Resort Folding Guest Bed. The fabric frame cover is matched with the mattress cover, giving a more appealing look to the bed. The quality and comfort of the bed is also much better than standard rollaway beds.

This bed looks and feels more like a twin-sized bed rather than a typical folding bed. Measuring 38 inches by 75 inches, the mattress has a four-inch layer of support foam topped with a one-inch layer of memory foam. The construction is sturdy and doesn’t budge when the wheels are locked into place. The capacity of the bed is also great– 250 pounds.

The downside is that the bed takes more effort to fold up and move around. If portability is the biggest requirement, then this bed may not be the ideal choice. But if your requirement is for a folding bed that will last a long time, then the lack of portability is not a big deal. The construction of the bed is superior, but the price tag is still affordable.


  • Superior construction
  • Appealing design
  • Highly durable
  • Mid-range pricing


  • Not very portable

The market is flooded with a variety of rollaway beds. They are affordable, convenient, and fit into small spaces. But before making a purchase, read what other customers have to say and also consider if the features meet your requirements.

Check prices on the Sleep Revolution Resort folding guest bed


Keep in mind the suggestions while choosing the perfect rollaway bed of your choice. Ensure that it fits your requirements and budget. Rollaway beds may not durable and comfortable like conventional beds, but they do meet specific requirements. In case of questions, reach out to team of Sleep Sherpa, we would be happy to help.

kaya mattress
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/kaya-mattress-review-supportive-and-responsive/" rel="bookmark">Kaya Mattress Review : Supportive and Responsive</a></h2>

Recently updated on February 17th, 2019 at 08:46 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.


The Kaya Mattress is hybrid mattress which is basically a combination of springs and memory foam. The hybrid mattress is a growing category in large part because memory foam is such a good material for pressure relief but the majority of sleepers still sleep on spring mattresses. A hybrid mattress gives you the benefits of foam but the familiar feeling of springs.

I wanted to really get a good feel for this mattress so I have been sleeping on this one for over a month. A few highlights of this mattress is that it is great for lower back support which means stomach sleepers and back sleepers will really like it. It may take some time to adjust for side sleepers. I tried it in all positions and it is a truly versatile mattress but just know that it does skew towards the firmer end of the spectrum.

Overview of the Kaya Mattress

Below is a video overview of the mattress after I have been sleeping on it for a month. I received a kings size from Kaya for review.

The first thing you’ll notice about this mattress is the weight. It is a very heavy mattress. I didn’t expect it to be so heavy since about half of it is a spring system. The reason it’s so heavy is that Kaya uses really dense foams. This is a good indicator of quality and also means that they can offer a longer warranty. Many of the online brands do a 10 year warranty while Kaya offers a 20 year warranty. As always you want to read the fine print on the warranty terms but the fact that they are willing to go 20 years means they have confidence in their product.

How Much Does the Kaya Mattress Cost?

Below are the prices on the Kaya mattress.

Twin – $795
Twin XL – $845
Full – $995
Queen – $1195
King – $1345
Cal King $1345

Construction of the Kaya Mattress

Kaya Mattress Construction

Below are the construction specifications as listed on the Kaya website.

 My Kaya Mattress Findings

Overal this is a supportive and slightly firmer mattress. The top layer acts similar to latex but is actually foam. By that I mean it is more responsive and recovers much faster than traditional foam. This means you won’t sink into the mattress as much.

Below you can see how much my bowling ball sinks into the Kaya mattress. You don’t sink as deeply into this mattress as other hybrids I have tried. This mattress gives great lower back support and because you don’t sink in as much there’s less of the mattress surrounding you to trap heat.

kaya mattress sink

I unzipped the cover of the Kaya to show you the inside. You can clearly see the distinc layers. The coil system is really hard to squeeze and I found them to be quite firm.

To further understand how all these layers perform together, here’s a quick video of me dropping a bowling ball on the mattress to show you how much bounce you can expect. Despite it having coils it handles motion transfer very well. I don’t feel my partner shifting around at night. Again, I think that’s also in part to the coils being firmer on this mattress.


Below is a video taken with my infrared camera to illustrate how quickly heat dissipates from the top layer of the mattress. It performs sort of middle of the road. What makes this mattress sleep cooler than an all foam is the fact it has springs and that you don’t sink into it as much.

 My Kaya Recommendation

 If you like a firmer mattress that feels more like a traditional innerspring mattress but still gives you the contouring and pressure relief benefits of foam, the Kaya is a great choice. If you want to go plusher I would look elsewhere like the Alexander Signature Hybrid Plush.
I think purely stomach and back sleepers will really appreciate the lower back support this mattress offers as that’s one of its major strengths. The Kaya is a little more expensive than the competition but if you examine the quality of materials used, it well justifies the higher price point.

Learn more about the Kaya Mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/brooklyn-bedding-aurora-mattress/" rel="bookmark">Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review</a></h2>

Recently updated on November 1st, 2022 at 07:36 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

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Brooklyn Bedding now offers a 25% off discount for Military, First Responders and Educators.

Military can claim their discount here

First Responders can claim their discount here

Educators can claim their discount here

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is a hybrid mattress that really excels with cooling and conforming. Hybrid mattresses are a wonderful choice for people looking for the benefits of foam but don’t want to give up the bounce and responsiveness of coils. Brooklyn Bedding is a mattress manufacturer which means they can be very competitive on price but maintain quality and features.

The Aurora mattress is their latest addition which comes in three different firmness levels. Soft, medium and firm. You can read about the all foam Brooklyn Bedding mattress here. This mattress also known as the Brooklyn Signature comes in three firmness levels.

Overview and Opening the Brooklyn Aurora Mattress

This mattress comes with a 120-night free trial and free shipping. This will give you plenty of time to decide if the mattress is a good fit for you and if not, it’s easy to return.

Below is a video overview of the Aurora Mattress. As you can see it has a fair amount of sink. For this review, I received the soft version of the Brooklyn Aurora.

Construction of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

All firmness levels of the Aurora Mattress come with 3 layers of foam at the top followed by a spring unit then a base layer of foam. They created different firmnesses by adjusting the firmness of the foam.

Aurora Mattress Construction

Below are the specifications of each of the firmness levels of this mattress.  All firmness levels come with a Two-Way Circular Knit (Stretch) Cover with phase change cooling technology.


1 Inch Base Foam
Up to 1,283 8-Inch Quantum Edge Pocketed Coils
1 Inch (Transition) Firm Breathable Visco Gel Memory Foam (Limits Motion Transfer)
2 Inch Firm TitanFlex Foam
1.5 Inch Luxury Firm Titan Flex Foam / With PCM (Phase Change Material) + Cooling Surface Coating Component


1 Inch Base Foam
Up to 1,283 8-Inch Quantum Edge Pocketed Coils
1 Inch (Transition) Firm Breathable Visco Gel Memory Foam (Limits Motion Transfer)
2 Inch Medium Firm TitanFlex Foam
1.5 Inch Medium Titan Flex Foam / With PCM (Phase Change Material) + Cooling Surface Coating Component


1 Inch Base Foam
Up to 1,283 8-Inch Quantum Edge Pocketed Coils
1 Inch (Transition) Medium Breathable Visco Gel Memory Foam (Limits Motion Transfer)
2 Inch Plush TitanFlex Foam
1.5 Inch Ultru Plush Titan Flex Foam / With PCM (Phase Change Material) + Cooling Surface Coating Component

How Much Does the Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Cost?

Below are the current prices for the Aurora Mattress before any discounts.

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$1,249
Cal King$2,124

My Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Findings

The Soft version of the Aurora mattress feels wonderful. Not too foamy and not too springy. It just feels like a great mattress. By offering three different firmness options they are able to really play to peoples preferences instead of just trying to hit the lowest common denominator.

Here’s a picture of how much you can expect the mattress to sink. This is a 14 lb. bowling ball which is a bit heavier than the typical head.

A nice touch is that they have stitched handles on the side. This makes it easy to rotate or move your mattress.

Aurora Mattress Handles

Here’s a video shot in slow motion to show motion transfer on the Aurora. I am especially impressed with how this handled. Notice that the fish bowling ball didn’t roll towards the other ball.

Here’s a closeup shot of the cover. It is very cool to the touch and has a nice clean look and design.

Aurora Mattress Phase Change Cover

Brooklyn Bedding uses a technology called, TitanCool™ to keep the mattress cool to the touch and help you fall asleep faster. Here’s a video showing how fast heat dissipates from the top layer of the mattress.

My Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Recommendation

The Aurora mattress is priced a little higher than other hybrid mattresses I have reviewed but it also incorporates the latest technology including a very generous amount of phase change material to cool the top layer of the mattress.

The mattress not only feels great but it looks great too. Coming in at 13.5 inches it is thick enough to where you don’t have to worry about bottoming out and it will work well with your sheets. Most sheets are designed to accommodate extra thick mattresses and when you put them on a 10-inch mattress, you get a lot of extra material making the bed look messy.

The Aurora strikes a happy medium which makes your sheets and bed look great as well as feels great.

Where Can I try the Aurora Mattress?

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress is available to try at the Sleep Sherpa mattress showroom. You can try the Aurora mattress at our Minneapolis Minnesota and Chicago Illinois showrooms. Below are the addresses and contact information of our Brooklyn Bedding mattress showrooms.

Sleep Sherpa Chicago
415 W. Huron St
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: (312)-265-0499

Sleep Sherpa Minneapolis
7313 Washington Ave S.
Edina, MN 55439
Phone: (952)-222-0752

Sherpa DealSleep Sherpa readers, get the best deal on your Brooklyn Bedding Mattress. Get 20% off with coupon code sleepsherpa20  Activate Here

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Brooklyn Bedding

Yaasa Mattress
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/yaasa/" rel="bookmark">Yaasa Mattress Review</a></h2>

Recently updated on February 28th, 2020 at 11:38 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Sherpa DealSleep Sherpa readers get $100 off a Yaassa adjustable bed and mattress with our exclusive coupon code: SHERPA100  Activate Here

Yaasa offers luxury mattresses at an affordable price. In addition to their mattress selection, the also make an adjustable base that raises the bar in terms of quality and looks. Yaasa  isn’t just another mattress company. They are a true lifestyle brand. A prime example of some of their innovation is the Celliant blanket that is made with Celliant fibers and organic cotton which not only looks great but also has been proven to enhance your rest and aid recovery.

Overview of the Yaasa Mattress

The Yaasa mattress comes compressed in a box like the one below and is delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Yaasa Studios Box

They offer four different firmness levels. For this review, I received the soft. I chose to review that because it is hard to make a soft mattress that still gives good support and motion isolation. The mattress comes with a 100-day free trial. This means when you purchase it you have 100 days to find out if it is right for you. If not, you can return it hassle-free and get all your money back.

Below is a video of me on the mattress. The mattress itself is on the new adjustable base from Yaasa  which is also very innovative.

How Much Does the Yaasa Mattress Cost?

Here are the prices of the mattress in all sizes:

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$949
Cal King$1,499

Construction of the Yaasa Mattress

Below is a photo of the inside of the soft mattress which I received.


The mattresses is made of varying materials depending on which firmness level you choose.  Below are the specs for each. All of the mattresses include a Tencel cover. Tencel is more breathable than cotton and therefore will sleep cooler. It also has a nice silky feel.


2″ – Cooling Infinity Foam
1″ – Hybrid Transition Foam
8″ – Quantum Edge Coil System
1″ High Density Support Foam


1″ – Cooling Infinity Foam
2″ – Responsive Natural Latex
8″ – Quantum Edge Coil System
1″ High Density Support Foam

My Yaasa  Mattress Findings

Right after unboxing this mattress it is ready to sleep on. There will be some off-gassing as is the case with just about all mattresses in a box but it was not overwhelming. What I really like about this mattress is how well each layer transitions. At no point did I feel springs underneath or a firmer layer of foam.

Right out of the box you will notice that it comes with stitched leather handles.

Yaasa Mattress Handle

Here’s a photo illustrating sinkage on the mattress. Since this is their softest offering, I expected a good amount of sink and it delivered.

yaasa sinkage

Here’s a video showing how each layer reacts. Notice how quickly the foam recovers.

The  Yaasa mattress also handles motion fairly well although you will get some good bounce due to the coil system.


In terms of heat retention, Yaasa incorporates the latest foam technology into their mattress. For this particular mattress, the spring system helps quite a bit with breathability as well as the Tencel fabric cover.

Here’s a video that shows how quickly heat dissipates from the top of the mattress.

My Yaasa Mattress Recommendation

If you are looking for a soft, hybrid mattress that is conforming but super responsive, this is the mattress for you. Often when you go with a soft mattress you will lose some cooling because the mattress will “hug” you more. Although this one does give you that hug and surrounds you more, it is still very breathable and easy to move around on.

More traditional mattress constructions create a softer feel by adding a pillow top layer. This feels nice at first but can cause you to roll towards your partner and create peaks and valleys. The pocket coil system and the responsive foams used in this mattress mitigates that issue.

Yaasa has some really strong engineering and design talent on their team and that shows in this mattress.

Sherpa DealSleep Sherpa readers get $100 off a Yaassa adjustable bed and mattress with our exclusive coupon code: SHERPA100  Activate Here


Big Fig Mattress
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/big-fig-mattress-review/" rel="bookmark">Big Fig Mattress Review 2022</a></h2>

Recently updated on December 6th, 2022 at 09:33 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Sherpa DealGet the best deal on your Big Fig mattress at checkout with coupon code SHERPA.  Activate Here


The Big Fig mattress is a mattress specifically designed for heavier people. That means it is made heavy duty and is extra durable. I often get requests for mattress recommendations among heavy sleepers and so being able to review a mattress to accommodate heavier sleepers was a welcome change. Often heavy sleepers will wear down a conventional mattress because of the extra weight. By designing a mattress to accommodate extra weight from the start means it should last longer and feel more comfortable in terms of providing adequate support.

Overview of the Big Fig

The Big Fig mattress does not come roll-packed. Instead, you can get is sent full size. Big Fig can send it to your door free of charge. For an extra amount, you can pay for white glove delivery where they will set it up in your home and remove the packaging. If you want the full white-glove experience plus removal, that will cost as of this writing, $159.00. With that service, you get the setup of the mattress plus removal of your old mattress.

A queen-size Big Fig costs $1,799.00. It comes with a 120-night trial where you can try it out in the comfort of your own home for over 3 months and if it’s not right for you, there’s a no pressure return. They will come and pick up the mattress for you.

You can also choose a heavy duty foundation which I highly recommend. You can buy heavy duty foundations on Amazon as well.

Here’s a video of me on the Big Fig. You can immediately feel that this is a heavy duty mattress that will stand up to extra weight.

Construction of the Big Fig Mattress

Big Fig Mattress Construction




66% polyurethane blend, 30% viscose, 4% poly/lycra

ThermoGel Technology


1 layer of gel infused, ventilated latex

1 layer of high density 1.8 lb polyurethane foam

2 layers of high density 2.5 lb polyurethane foam

Edge Support – 80 ILD high density foam


1600 individually wrapped coils in king and cal king

15 gauge wire


16 Tufts in queen, king and cal king

Here’s a cross-section of the Big Fig that shows all the layers.

big fig cross section

My Big Fig Mattress Findings

This picture shows how much sink to expect on the mattress. Keep in mind this is a 16lb. bowling ball and the mattress is designed to support heavier people so you will get considerably more sink. In my findings, people who have tried this mattress out in the Sleep Sherpa showroom have different reactions. Slimmer people found it too firm while heavier people sank in a good amount and found it gave great support.

Big Fig Mattress Sink

In terms of motion transfer, this mattress has a pocket coils system and will have a fair amount of bounce to it. Although the top layers of foam will absorb quite a bit of that.

Here’s a video illustrating heat retention on the mattress. Heavier people tend to sleep hotter so this mattress was engineered to sleep cool. The thermogel foam and lycra cover help in that aspect and of course so do the springs to help with air flow. Since this is a heavy duty mattress, you won’t sink into this mattress as much as a traditional mattress which means less of the mattress will surround you and therefore less mattress to trap heat.

Here’s a video illustrating heat retention on the Big Fig using my infrared camera.

My Big Fig Recommendation

The Big Fig is more expensive than many of the other online mattress options. However it is engineered specifically for heavy people. Therefore people under 225 lbs will probably find this mattress too firm. People above that weight threshold will enjoy the support that many of the other online competitors just can’t provide.

I appreciate that Big Fig has identified a critical need in the online mattress space which is creating a comfortable, supportive and most importantly, durable mattress for heavy sleepers. I can see this mattress outlasting many mattresses you find online and in stores by at least 2-3 years given the construction.

Learn more about the Big Fig mattress.

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luft mattress
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/luuf-mattress-review/" rel="bookmark">Luuf Mattress Review – Are There Better Options?</a></h2>

Recently updated on November 11th, 2022 at 03:04 am

Best Value
$1,499 (Queen)

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

I was recently given a Luuf mattress for review. This mattress is a high-quality hybrid mattress that comes in multiple firmness options.  A queen size retails for $1,099 and for that price you get great craftsmanship beyond what you would typically get from an online brand. 

Overview of the Luuf mattress

The Luuf mattress can be purchased exclusively through their website It comes in 3 different firmness options going from softest to firmest:

Plush Multi Sleeper
Luxury Firm Multi Sleeper
Firm Sleeper

Here’s a video of me on the Luuf Plush Multi Sleeper. 

Your mattress will arrive in a box. This is a heavy mattress though so may take two people to get into your room. This is what it looks like once you get it out of the box.

This mattress can be slept on right after opening. It springs to life and I didn’t notice much off-gassing with it either.

Construction of the Luuf Mattress

I was lucky enough to tour the factory where the Luuf is made. Here’s a picture of the inside of the Luuf mattress

Here are the construction specifications of each model according to their website:

Luuf Plush Multi Sleeper

  • Best in class for affordable luxury
  • Contouring 360 degree breathable stretch fabric designed for ease of movement
  • Multiple layers of gel-infused cooling foam to help you naturally relax throughout the night
  • 2 inches of temperature-regulating, graphene infused premium memory foam to ease pressure points on the hips and shoulders
  • 1 inch of Serene® foam, known for air support, providing individual spinal alignment and pressure relief
  • 968 individually-wrapped Bolsa coils in five zones providing precision support including your lumbar

Luuf Luxury Firm Multi Sleeper

  • Strategically engineered to adapt to an array of sleep preferences
  • Contouring 360 degree breathable stretch fabric designed for ease of movement
  • Multiple layers of gel-infused cooling foam help you naturally relax throughout the night
  • 1 inch of temperature-regulating, graphene infused premium memory foam to ease pressure points on the hips and shoulders
  • 2 inches of HD adaptive foam designed to provide supportive contouring and pressure relief
  • 1074 individually-wrapped Quantum coils in seven zones providing precision support including your lumbar

Luuf Firm Sleeper

  • Our answer for anyone wanting a firm bed that isn’t “too hard”
  • Contouring 360 degree breathable stretch fabric designed for ease of movement
  • Multiple layers of body adaptive foam designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night
  • 2 inches of temperature-regulating, graphene infused premium memory foam to ease pressure points from head to toe
  • 1074 individually-wrapped Quantum coils in seven zones for precision support of your body including the lumba

How Much Does the Luuf Bed Cost?

A Luuf mattress is much less than any other mattress I have tested with similar specs. Added to that it feels better too! A queen size retails for $1,499 after discounts and comes with a 100 night trial and 10 year warranty. 

My Luuf Mattress Findings

Below is a photo of my 14 lb. bowling ball on the Soft Side Sleeper Luuf mattress. It has a considerable amount of sink but when you put even more weight on it, you will get even more sink.

The Luuf mattress will have some bounce to it. Although since there are more foam layers above it than a traditional spring mattress your partner will not feel your movements as much. Check out the video below to get an idea of how this handles motion transfer and how much bounce you can expect.

The Luuf also handles heat fairly well. It’s certainly more breathable than an all-foam mattress.


My Luuf Recommendation

The Luuf mattress is an exceptional value given its construction and the fact that it is made in the USA. The feel should appeal to most people although if you know you want a very firm or very soft mattress, you may want to look elsewhere. The coil system is designed so that you get superior edge support, something that most mattress in a box companies have a hard time achieving. The coils along the perimeter of the mattress are actually firmer than the inside to keep you in bed and prevent you from feeling like you will roll-off.

Luuf incorporates all the newest foams including a cooling foam and graphite infused foam for superior comfort. They aren’t a typical 3 layer mattress company. They have 5 layers to make a great quality mattress and a 100-day trial to boot. If you are not happy with the mattress within this time frame they will take it. Free shipping to you and free returns so you aren’t out a dime.

The Luuf Mattress is an incredible deal and you will be hard pressed to find a mattress at this price point with this quality construction and look and feel with a 100 night trial with free returns and free shipping along with a 10 year warranty. 



Best Value
$1,499 (Queen)

Eight Sleep Hybrid Mattress (Mars) Review

Recently updated on September 4th, 2018 at 06:18 pm

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Eight Sleep is well known for their smart mattress pad but the also make great mattresses. I was recently given their new Eight Sleep Mars hybrid mattress for review. It is a spring and foam mattress that feels a little softer than their all foam version. This mattress comes in a box even though it has springs. It is made in the USA and has a 100 day trial.

Overview of the Eight Sleep Mars Mattress Hybrid

You can order the Eight Hybrid mattress direct from the Eight website. After placing your order it should arrive in about a week. Shipping is also free so are returns. Your mattress will come delivered by a courier such as UPS or Fedex. No need to wait for a delivery driver either, if you’re not home, it will be left at the door, waiting for you to unbox it.

People that live in older houses with tight corners or small apartments will appreciate the convenience a mattress in a box provides. Instead of wrestling the mattress into your bedroom, just bring the compressed mattress in the box into the room and open it there. This opens possibilities for people to upgrade to a kings size mattres who once had space constraints.


Specifications of the Eight Sleep Hybrid

Here’s a cross section of the mattress to show you what’s inside:

This mattress is designed with four layers of high density foam and pocketed spring coils.

11 inches
• 2” Reactive Foam

• 2” Comfort Transition Foam
• 4” Sleeved Coils, surrounded by a Polyfoam Layer that provides edge support
• 3” High Density Support Foam

As I mentioned in the video, this mattress has really been a hit in the Sleep Sherpa showroom. Customers have tried it out without knowing what it was and really enjoyed the feel. I think what people appreciate is that it sinks in faster than a foam mattress and is bouncy too. The mattress isn’t over engineered. It’s a relatively simple construction but just feels great.

The picture below illustrates sinkage on the mattress. The cover is a knit fabric so it has some give to it which helps you sink into the mattress a bit. You’ll notice that it isn’t all that thick either, this gives you a more feel of the memory foam underneath.

Eight Sleep Sinkage

In terms of heat retention, I found this mattress to sleep a little cooler than their all memory foam offering. The coils inside the mattress create a space for air to move.

Here’s a video illustrating heat retention taken with my infrared camera.

If you are looking for a little more bounce in your mattress, but still like the feel of a memory foam, this would be a good choice. The foam recovers fairly quickly on its own but then when you add the springs, you get even more bounce. Some hybrid mattresses have denser top layers of foam which dampen the bounce that their springs provide making them still feel like a traditional foam mattress.

My Eight Sleep Recommendation

I think the Eight Hybrid would be a great choice for people new to memory foamt that still want a little bounce. At first glance this looks like a no frills mattress but the mix of foam densities and pocket coils makes for a very comfortable experience. But don’t take just my word for it. This mattress has been a hit at our showroom among customers.

 You can get both the hybrid mattress and the sleep tracker as bundle deal and save. Shop the Hybrid Smart Mattress (Mars+) Here.

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Del Mar Mattress

Brentwood Home Del Mar Mattress Review

Recently updated on August 11th, 2020 at 12:05 am

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The Del Mar mattress from Brentwood Home is an innerspring mattress with a top layer of gel foam and airlux foam. Like most of the Brentwood Home line, it has a natural wool fire barrier.  It is firmer than the Oceano and softer than the Avalon, the other two spring mattresses in their line. It is a great mattress for people that enjoy a traditional innerspring feel with the benefits of some foam at a great price.

Brentwood Home Del Mar Overview

Below is me on the Del Mar mattress. Notice the stitched handles that make it easy to move and rotate. This mattress has furniture grad upholstered edges that not only look great but will hold up well. This mattress comes with a generous 120 night trial period. Brentwood makes all their mattresses in their factory in Los Angeles. They have been in the mattress business for over 30 years and really know their stuff. In 2016 they launched the Del Mar along with other models with California place names. The mattresses feel as great as they look.

Construction of the Bentwood Home Del Mar

This is how the Del Mar mattress is made according to the Brentwood Home website.

Del Mar Mattress Construction\

Technical Specs

  1. Belgian stretch knit
  2. 1-inch New Zealand wool layer
  3. 2-inch gel memory foam layer
  4. 2-inch ventilated airflow layer
  5. 8-inch 5-zone Quantum®Edge Combi-Zone® Coil System


  • Medium feel
  • Our medium beds are where plush and firm make friends. This feel is great for side, stomach, and back sleepers alike, or for couples with different sleep preferences.
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Gel Memory Foam adds pressure relief and sleeps cool for your comfort.
  • 5-zone individually wrapped base coils support every inch of your body where you need it most.
  • New Zealand wool liner wicks away moisture and is naturally antimicrobial for a cooler, fresher mattress.
  • Belgian 4-way stretch knit with a wider, cushion-quilt design complements the medium feel.
  • 4 upholstered handles to easily move or adjust your bed without hassle.
  • Handmade in our workshops right here in LA and certified free of ALL unhealthy chemicals, including harmful fire retardants, phthalates, and heavy metals.
  • 25-year warranty and 120-Night Guarantee


Below is a video of me bouncing my bowling ball on the mattress to show you how much bounce you will get and how much motion transfer you can expect. Since it is a zoned pocket coil system, it contains motion well. The foam at the top layer will dampen most of your partners movements while the pocket coils will contain movement since they all work independently.

This mattress doesn’t sleep hot either. I think that’s because they use natural wool as the fire barrier which helps regulate temperature. The foam used in this mattress is not all that dense either so it doesn’t trap as much heat. Because there are pocket coils underneath the foam, it can breath more than an all foam mattress.

Here’s a clip of me using my infrared camera to show how quickly heat dissipates from the surface of the mattress. I recommend this mattress for hot sleepers because of the construction.


The Brentwood Home Del Mar is a mattress that should appeal to most sleepers. You won’t sink into this mattress all that much but just enough so that you will be comfortable sleeping on your side, stomach or back. In comparison, you will sink much more into the Oceano which is hand-tufted and has microcoils that give it a pillow top feel. I recommend the Del Mar to sleepers that want just enough cushion to be comfortable.

The Oceano is a decadent, overindulgent mattress (which many people crave), while the Del Mar is the often overlooked but undervalued moderate feel. The Avalon has a spartan feel which is perfect for people that like a firm mattress. If you shy away from pillow tops but enjoy the comfort that foam can deliver, I think the Del Mar would be a great choice.

 Shop the Del Mar Mattress

Crave Mattress Review 3

Crave Mattress Review

Recently updated on March 27th, 2017 at 11:27 am

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I received a free Crave mattress for review. The Crave Mattress is a coil/foam hybrid mattress in a box. Advanced roll packing technology makes it possible to compress and ship a quality inner spring mattress in a box similar to the memory foam mattresses I have reviewed on this site. The Crave Mattress doesn’t make any compromises in quality. I found this to be a very responsive mattress that still offers great support.

Crave was started by Amanda Grigg who worked in her family’s mattress company. She has a solid background in the mattress industry and has now made her own great mattress. It’s nice to see some female owners in this space. She has made a great mattress that’s sure to please.


You can order a Crave Mattress direct from their website and it will arrive to your door in about a week. You can also order an upholstered microfiber foundation with it, a queen size foundation costs $210 which is a great deal considering it doesn’t need to be covered and is super easy to assemble.



Before I unboxed the mattress, I setup the foundation. This was by far the easiest foundation I have setup.

crave box

You basically just insert 4 pegs, 1 in each corner to secure the frame together then roll the slats onto the top which is secured by Velcro.

crave corner

This is what it looks like completely setup

crave box spring

Since this is a pocket coil / foam mattress the box it comes in is a bit thicker than most. The mattress compressed which means the coils are too. That also means it is wrapped really tight and when you cut into the plastic, the mattress almost unboxes itself. My daughter helps with the video on this one. I think she did a great job but it can be a little shaky.

The sinkage that you see in the video is about what you are going to get even after letting it air out for a few hours and by the way very little smell to this mattress.


This review is for the Crave 12″ Innerspring mattress. It is a latex over foam mattress with pocket coils.  This mattress has zoned support which means that it is designed so that certain areas of the mattress will give you better pressure relief such as the area by your hips and shoulders.

Here’s a picture of the inside of the mattress that shows each layer. Notice that the top layer is a convoluted latex which helps with air flow and thus sleeps cool.

crave cutaway

I’m not sure what the exact densities of the foam are but the top latex layer is very soft wtih a higher point elasticity than most traditional latex mattress. By that I mean it feels more like foam that latex but the advantage of it being latex is that it bounces back to form quickly.


The Crave innerspring is a little on the softer end of the spectrum a bit softer than the Alexander Signature Select Hybrid. Below is a picture that illustrates sinkage:


Obviously this mattress has some bounce since it has pocket coils but it has just a little bit extra bounce with the top latex layer. See the video below:

Here’s what that looks like on the accelerometer:

crave accelerometer

To further illustrate how this mattress reacts and how you can expect it to feel, below is a little video of the inner workings of the matttress:


The Crave mattress is an excellent choice for people that want a mattress that will cradle and envelop their body. This mattress provides good support and feels like a traditional inner spring mattress but with the advantage of extra cushioning on the top layer. If you are seeking a softer inner spring mattress, this is it.

Shop Crave

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Crave.

Sparrow Mattress Review

Sparrow Mattress Review from Nest Bedding

Recently updated on February 12th, 2022 at 10:41 pm

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I received a free Sparrow mattress from Nest Bedding. The Nest Sparrow mattress is a next-generation innerspring mattress. By that I mean it uses more modern technology to create a great sleep experience. The pocket coil construction helps to isolate motion but still provide some bounce. The memory foam helps to keep the mattress cool while still providing great pressure relief. The Sparrow is a great choice for people who are looking to either transition to a memory foam mattress or just want all the benefits of an innerspring with the benefits of foam as well.

Ordering the Sparrow Mattress

You can purchase the Sparrow direct from the Nest Bedding website.  It arrives in a box shipped by FedEx. Even though this mattress has springs, it can still be roll packed because of the pocket coils.  This is a heavy mattress. I ordered a full size and the UPS shipping weight was 75 lbs.  However because its in a box its definitely much easier to move into and around your house.

Unboxing the Sparrow Mattress

The Sparrow will come in a box like the one below with the Nest Bedding logo and all.

Nest Bedding Box

Here’s me unboxing the Sparrow. The mattress is very tightly wrapped so once you cut the plastic loose it almost pops open and is ready to sleep on in a few hours.


Specifications and Construction of the Sparrow

The Sparrow Signature Hybrid mattress is made to fit your sleep needs (right here in the USA).

  • Unzip the sides of this mattress to exchange the inner foam layer for a new one that’s more firm, softer, or if you just want to replace it (which extends the life of your mattress).
  • Does your partner like different types of mattress firmness than you? Order the Sparrow Signature Hybrid in King and Cal King sizes and get a different firmness on each side. Keep one side firm and the other plush, or mix a plush side with a medium…it’s your mattress (and your relationship), we want you to love it.
  • Individual coils isolate motion (so you won’t wake up when your partner reaches for a glass of water in the middle of the night).
  • Energex foam is responsive and offers a memory foam-like feel, without leaving a lasting imprint on the mattress.

Quilted Gel Memory Foam & Thermic Phase Change Cooling Cover

Energex™ Temperature Responsive FoamSmartFlow Support Foam

SmartFlow Support Foam

Reinforced Edge Coil Support Pocketed Coils

Base Support Foam

Our foams are CertiPUR-US® certified and made in the USA. All foams are allowed time to air out in our factory, which drastically decreases any residual off-gassing.

The fire barrier is non-chemical hydrogenated silica.

Layer Details

1″ – Gel Memory Foam & Quilted THERMIC® phase change cover

Plush and cool, the quilted gel memory foam top gives you the added softness that doesn’t compromise the support underneath. THERMIC® is a patented temperature regulation technology that keeps the fabric from overheating. THERMIC® absorbs energy (heat) when the environment or body temperature goes up, stores this energy temporarily, and releases the energy as heat when the temperature cools down.

3″ – Blue Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam

Energex™ provides a new, energetic alternative to conventional visco memory foam that retains all of the advantages of visco memory foam without slow recovery. Energex™ serves to bridge this gap between visco memory foam and latex foam. Its highly open, cool, and responsive polymer structure is designed to offer a superior alternative to latex or springs while providing outstanding pressure relief properties.

1″ – 3 lb. SmartFlow Support Foam

A minimal amount of this high density air flow foam is used to transition from the comfort layer, to the individually pocketed coils.

6″ – Reinforced Edge Coil Support Pocketed Coils

USA-made in our factory in Phoenix AZ; this individually wrapped coil system offers reinforced edge support and is warrantied at 20-years.

1″ – 3 lb. Base Support Foam

This foam support layer is purely structural. When pressure is applied to the coil system, this layer is there to act as a buffer between your foundation and the mattress.

Alexander Signature Hybrid
So, what are pocket coils?
Here’s the definition from Wikipedia:
Marshall coils, also known as wrapped or encased coils or pocket springs, are thin-gauge, barrel-shaped, knotless coils individually encased in fabric pockets—normally a fabric from man-made, nonwoven fiber. Some manufacturers precompress these coils, which makes the mattress firmer and allows for motion separation between the sides of the bed. As the springs are not wired together, they work more or less independently: the weight on one spring does not affect its neighbours. More than half the consumers who participated in a survey had chosen to buy pocket spring mattresses
So as you can see, the Alexander Hybrid is leading the pack in terms of innovation.

 My Nest Sparrow Recommendation

The Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid isn’t the only mattress that uses pocket coils however I have found that this mattress is really good at striking a balance with bounce and pressure relief.  Below is a video of me dropping a bowling ball on the mattress to illustrate motion transfer. This mattress isolates motion better than a Saatva

There is a zippered cover where you can swap out the top layer if you find it to be too firm or soft which can save a lot of hassle.  You’ll notice that the mattress has a tufted top where you will sink into the mattress a fair amount. It’s similar to a Saatva and softer than a WinkBed.

Alexander Hybrid 2017 Softness

As for heat retention, this mattress cools quickly. Here’s an infrared video illustrating how fast it dissipates heat. I think this is due to a number of factors.

My Nest Sparrow Recommendation

It’s hard to go wrong with the Nest line of products. The Sparrow is a mattress that should please most sleepers. I found that you will sink into this mattress a little more than you would with the all foam Alexander mattress. It has a little less bounce than the Aviya and WinkBed. I highly recommend this to side sleepers that prefer the feel of an innerspring but don’t want the motion transfer problems. This mattress also sleeps cool.


Sherpa DealSleep Sherpa readers get 10% off your Alexander mattress with our exclusive coupon code: SHERPA  Activate Here


 Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Nest Bedding.
Aviya Mattress Review 2

Aviya Mattress Review

Recently updated on February 2nd, 2019 at 05:27 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

I received a free Aviya mattress for review. The Aviya Mattress is a new mattress brand but the makers of it are a family owned company with over 75 years in the mattress industry. They took that expertise and created an exceptional mattress coils and foam that can be delivered to your door step in a box.

Ordering the Aviya Mattress

You can order the Aviya mattress direct from their site. Unlike most other online mattress companies, Aviya has different levels of delivery service:

Threshold Delivery Your mattress (and foundation, if ordered) will be delivered and placed just inside the first available door or entrance of your home.
White Glove Delivery Delivery to your home plus complete set up and assembly of your new mattress (and foundation, if ordered) in the room of your choice. This includes transportation up one flight of stairs and removal of all packing materials.
White Glove Delivery + Removal Includes complete White Glove Delivery service above plus the removal and disposal of one mattress or mattress/foundation set.

I chose the white glove service in order to test out the whole process. They partner with a distribution service that keeps you posted via email and phone on the status of your order and allows you to confirm delivery times via email which I found to be more convenient than always playing phone tag. The mattress was delivered when they said it would and it was brought right into my house. The delivery people also took the mattress out of the box before it was brought into my house and disposed of it was well.

The mattress and box spring will arrive in a large box, it’s not a roll packed mattress. Here’s what it looks like out of the box delivered:

Aviya packaging

Specifications and Construction of the Aviya


Below are the construction details as listed on the Aviya Website.

Aviya Construction

1. Premium Quilting & Cooling Foam
Aviya’s premium quilting combined with a 1″ layer of cooling comfort foam. This gives you the initial “oh! that feels good” feeling and keeps you cool all night.

2. No-Sag Comfort Foam Layer
A layer of high density foam provides long-lasting comfort and stability. Our foam layering system ensure a no-sag mattress for years to come.

3. Support Foam Layer
A third layer of support foam enhances lumbar support and body support on all of your pressure points.

4. Premium Foam Edging Encasement
Our 3″ thick edging encases the entire mattress allowing you to sleep edge-to-edge for a larger feel. No more rolling off the bed.

5. Individually Wrapped Innerspring Core
Our individually wrapped innerspring core is the best, and most expensive, innerspring core available. We’ve even added a most dense set up springs in the middle of the mattress where support is most needed!

6. Stability Layer
A 1″ thick stability layer helps transfer weight and energy evenly and provide the ideal sleeping surface from bottom up.

7. The Aviya Foundation
Our premium foundation is made with quality wood and features 12 stats. The foundation comes split for a queen and king and is offering is a 5″ and 9″ height.

My Aviya Mattres Findings

I reviewed the plush mattress as I wanted to test how well it handled both comfort and support. That can be tricky with an innerspring mattress. Here’s my overview and initial reactions.

I weigh about 210 lbs. and this bed handled my jumping around just fine. While this is listed as a plush you’ll notice that I didn’t sink too far down into it.

This mattress didn’t see to have quite as much bounce as the Saatva or Honest Beds pocket coil but there’s still plenty of it and it does a good job with motion transfer.

Aviya Box Spring

When you order an Aviya mattress you also have the option of purchasing a box spring. If you currently have one that’s in good shape, there’s certainly no need. However, this is a very nice box spring compared to others I have received.

Aviya Base

My Aviya Recommendation

When comparing this mattress to a Simmons Beautyrest Recharge, I really like the Aviya. I specifically tested the Beautyrest Recharge Signature Select Hartfield 11.5″ Luxury Firm mattress.  With the Beautyrest I didn’t get the benefit of the foam that the Aviya has or the great side edge support. That’s what really blew me away with this mattress is that you can utilize all of the mattress for sleeping.

Aviya offers  a 100-day trial so you can really test it out. If you don’t like it you can return it minus the white glove delivery fee so keep that in mind. I found the Aviya plush to be softer than the Winkbed and a bit firmer than the Saatva for comparison purposes.

Shop Aviya.

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Aviya


Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Review

Recently updated on May 14th, 2020 at 06:51 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

I was given a free Brooklyn Bedding mattress to review. Brooklyn Bedding started in 1995 as a factory-direct mattress manufacturer and eventually evolved into an online factory direct mattress manufacturer that goes against the one size fits all philosophy for mattresses that others have adopted. Brooklyn Bedding offers some unique features and a  fresh choice when it comes to purchasing your next mattress online.

Brooklyn Bedding now has 3 unique mattress models to choose from

The Aurora Mattress, Get the Full Review Here

The Brooklyn Signature, see review below

The Brooklyn Bowery

Ordering & Unboxing the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

Ordering the Brooklyn Signature was simple and quick. You can choose from 3 different levels of firmness: soft, medium and firm. For this review, I received the medium. This is a departure from the one mattress fits all claim and gives consumers a little more choice. What’s nice though is that it’s not overwhelming or confusing.

Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120  night trial period where if you aren’t satisfied with it, they will come and pick it up. I have heard that this applies only to the first mattress. If you were to buy it then return it then buy a firmer or softer one and return that, there may be a fee associated with that.

Unboxing the Brooklyn Signature was similar to all the other bed in a box mattresses I have reviewed. The box is sleek and stylish, sorry no swag like some of the others but that’s OK!

Brooklyn Bedding Uboxing


How Much Does the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Cost?

Below are the current prices both including the 20% discount.

SizeRetail PricePrice After Discount
Twin XL$699$559.2
California King$1,249$999.2

As with all the other bed in a box type mattresses, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature “inflated” very quickly and was ready to sleep on in under an hour.

Here’s a video of the new 2018 version of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress.


Construction of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature

Brooklyn Bedding recently upgraded thier mattress construction of the Best Mattress Ever. Below is a picture of the inside of the new mattress along with construction details.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Construction

Aside from an upgraded look the mattress now has Omniflex which provides better support and cooling than traditional memory foam.


Our patented, hyper-elastic TitanFlex™ foam features immediate response technology that adjusts to your body each time you move. An added infusion of TitaniumGel™ helps promote cooling along with an anti-bacterial sleeping environment and greater stability.


A firmer pairing of the TitanFlex™ high density foam creates a transition layer, promoting both deep compression support and body contouring.


An engineered layer consisting of up to 1,024 individually pocketed coils allows for exceptional reactivity to movement in sleep as well as maintaining the structural integrity of your mattress.

My Brooklyn Bedding Signature Recommendation

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is true to size. I waited a day to take this measurement and it comes in right at 10 inches in depth which doesn’t include the lofty plush top.

This mattress also has handles stitched into the sides which makes the mattress easier to rotate.

brooklyn bedding mattress handles

For the Brooklyn Bedding review and all other recent reviews, I conduct a test to determine how much bounce and motion transfer has. This mattress has a lot of bounce due to the coil system.



Here’s a picture that illustrates sinkage on the medium firm version of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Sink

Even though the Brooklyn Bedding mattress is made of memory foam, it recovers quickly and acts similar to latex but still conforms a bit better than latex.

Here’s how all the layers react:


My Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review Recommendation

I slept well on the Brooklyn Bedding Signature. I like the updates that they made for 2017. There is no longer any latex in this mattress and it is now a 3 layer foam bed.

The Signature from Brooklyn Bedding is still a great choice for people who want the bounciness of an innerspring mattress but don’t want all the problems that come with them. This is a very high quality bed that should have lasting value given its materials. The company has a 10 year warranty against impressions that are greater than 1.5 inches.

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Winkbed Mattress Review: The Best of Both Worlds? 8

Winkbed Mattress Review: The Best of Both Worlds?

Recently updated on December 6th, 2022 at 10:12 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

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Winkbed Review 2022 Update


I recently received a free queen size Winkbed for review.  This new Winkbed model is a significant improvement on the previous model which was also a great mattress. This mattress is not delivered in a box and is a hybrid coil/foam mattress. Below is an overview of the company and the mattress. The Winkbed mattress now comes with an optional climate control system where you can make one side of the mattress warm and the other cool depending on your preferences. This actually works and the pictures below prove it.

Overview of the Winkbed

You can order the Winkbed exclusively through their website. Winkbeds come with a 120-night trial where you can sleep on it in the comfort of your own home for 120 nights and if you aren’t happy with it, you can return it for a full refund.

Beyond that, they also offer a lifetime warranty and a 50% off lifetime replacement guarantee. This means that at any point after your trial period has expired, you can exchange the mattress for a different firmness at 50% off!

Below is a video overview of the WinkBed. As you can see it is a very substantial mattress that has a beautiful tufted top.

The Winkbed Company

WinkBeds has a similar mission to other mattress companies that I have reviewed in that they are looking to provide more value and less smoke and mirrors in the mattress industry. I spoke with one of the founders of Winkbeds and we both agreed that the bed in a box model of mattress sales is starting to get crowded. This is even truer than when we first spoke a few months back. That also means that there’s plenty of opportunities to disrupt the traditional spring mattress space.

Construction of the Winkbeds Mattress

Below are the sizes and weights of the medium firm WinkBed along with other detailed specifications.

What are the mattress dimensions and weights?
Twin: 14.5″ x 38″ x 75″ – 58 lbs
Twin XL: 14.5″ x 38″ x 80″ – 60 lbs
Full: 14.5″ x 54″ x 75″ – 70 lbs
Queen: 14.5″ x 60″ x 80″ – 79 lbs
King: 14.5″ x 76″ x 80″ – 93 lbs
California King : 14.5″ x 72″ x 84″ – 93 lbs

The WinkBed is fundamentally different from other e-commerce mattress brands because of its unique multi-layer construction style. The WinkBed is a true hybrid mattress, uniting two systems of encased inner-spring coils with three types of designer foams. It promises greater comfort and contouring, pushback support, better airflow throughout, and greater durability over time.
This mattress is crafted out of the following materials:
Cover: The cover is made with a Tencel fiber which is beneficial for the following reasons
  • Very quick drying and breathable, more breathable than cotton or linen
  • Tencel is derived from Eucalyptus trees which are a renewable resource thus limiting the environmental impact.
  • Tencel is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1 certified – the highest standard that guarantees the material is safe enough for babies and children
winkbed cover 
Natural Fire Barrier: WinkBeds uses a fire barrier that is made from cotton and wood-pulp derived rayon. The barrier is made entirely from cellulose-based raw materials with absolutely no chemicals or additives included.
Contour Box Top (2-inch thickness): The sleep surface is built using a contour box top, which contains a proprietary blend of HyperSoft foam and gel foam that’s U.S. CertiPure-certified and eco-friendly. The blend is useful for the following reasons:
  1. More buoyant than memory foam, so you don’t get unwanted body depressions or that “stuck feeling”
  2. Contours to your body, but is more responsive when you move
  3. Minimizes motion transfer so sleepers don’t get woken up by a restless partner
  4. Keeps its shape over time
  5. The gel promotes a cool sleep temperature
  6. The foam blend is stitched securely around the mattress perimeter top to create a box of padding instead of a pillow with loose edges. This knit pattern keeps the foam in the sleep surface evenly distributed, so it won’t ever sag, unlike a pillow top
  7. CertiPure certification means WinkBeds beds are made without any ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, prohibited phthalates, and it’s low in volatile organic compound emissions, at less than 0.5 parts per million.
Beneath that…
2.5 inch foam-encased pocketed Micro Air-Spring coils (1,358 coils/per Queen): The top layer of Micro Air-Springs are encased within 2.5 inches of medium density foam.
  1. This top layer of springs helps to optimize your bed and your body’s sleep temperature by encouraging airflow around the sleep surface, so the bed sleeps cool
  2. Naturally evaporates any moisture from sweat
  3. Creates a supportive, flexible, pressure-relieving effect
  4. Sleeps 28% cooler than all-foam products
Beneath that…
4 inches of high ILD foam-encased perimeter support (around the perimeter of the mattress only): The edges of the mattress are reinforced using 4 inches of high ILD perimeter support foam. This feature accomplishes the following:
  1. You can sleep all the way to the edge of the bed without any sagging.
  2. You can sit on the edge of the bed with good support.
  3. The amount of usable sleep surface is greater due to the edge support. It actually makes your bed feel like its bigger.(I know this sounds crazy but you have to try it).
Beneath that…
Individually enclosed, high-profile 14.15 gauge tempered steel coil support system (858 coils/queen): Soft on first touch, firm on deep compression, the tempered steel coil support system provides localized pressure point relief and the push-back body support for optimal alignment of the spine and joints. Some of the finer points:
  1. High coil count is better for weight distribution and conformity to body shape
  2. Innovative coil design allows the coil to progressively firm as it’s compressed, ensuring support from the coil unit strengthens naturally with increased body weight
  3. 100% working wire – every part of surface flexes
  4. Coils are encased with an ultrasonically-welded cotton mesh which ensures noiseless performance and the elimination of friction
  5. Head-to-foot laced helicals stabilize to reduce motion transfer
Beneath that…
2 inches of support foam on bottom side: Adds to the overall stability of the mattress.
Other features of the mattress:
  1. All foam is CertiPure-certified
  2. The WinkBed owns a top durability score, meaning during tests stimulating a year of bed usage, there was less than a 1% change in the height and support of the sleep surface. This bests the poly-chemical foam used in most other mattresses (49% change), memory foam (17%) and latex (23%). 


Additional Winkbeds Benefits

  1. All mattresses are made in U.S.A. at their Wisconsin factory
  2. WinkBeds offer free shipping and in-home delivery
  3. They offer a 101-night free trial period, with free returns
  4. Their mattress comes with a 10-year warranty
  5. Every mattress is handcrafted and built-to-order

My Winkbed Mattress Findings

WinkBeds are easy to order, just name address and credit card number gets one delivered.  Once you place an order, your bed is made and shipped in a few days. That’s right, they’re made on demand so they aren’t suffocating in a plastic bag for months. There’s not much turnaround time at all. Unlike the Bed in a Box shipping experience, they don’t just leave it at your doorstep. Instead, they coordinate with a local delivery company to bring the mattress into your house and into the room of your choosing. It’s easy and convenient.

Here’s a picture of the Winkbed still in the packaging.















Upon opening the bed the first thing I noticed is that there’s very little smell. This is probably because the mattress is not vacuum packed and so can breathe a bit.  The only other time I came across this is when I reviewed the Love Bed and of course any natural latex bed.

The WinkBed has a little more motion transfer to it than all the foam beds that I have tested. This is due to the fact that it has springs so that should be expected. If you appreciate the bounciness of a spring mattress, you will get that with this bed with the bonus of the benefits of memory foam.

As I said before the WinkBed has some bounce to it. Which can be a good thing, “Wink, Wink”.


Winkbed Soft Review

You can now purchase the Winkbed in a Soft Medium or Firm feel. Many people visiting our online mattress showroom to try out the Winkbed find that it is a little on the firmer end of the spectrum in comparison to other hybrid mattresses. If you want to sink in your mattress a bit more, then I definitely recommend the soft version of the Winkbed. Here’s a summary of the soft version of the Winkbed:

The soft Winkbed is designed for sleepers who prefer a deeper sink for their mattress. Compared to the medium WinkBed, the soft version uses a more flexible coil system and extra layer of foam in the sleep surface for added body contour. It’s ideal for sleepers who want the same award-winning quality as the medium WinkBed, but with a slightly softer, more plush feel.

The soft features a plushtop instead of our regular euro top, which has an extra inch of foam. It also utilizes a more flexible support coil system (the lower coils) which allow sleepers to sink deeper into the mattress. Otherwise, the construction is the same as the regular WinkBed.
The firm is essentially the same design as the regular WinkBed, but it utilizes a more supportive zoned coil system in the lower layer.  The middle third of the coils are a firmer so sleepers get more support through the midsection. This coil system is called the Quadcoil, because every 4 coils are banded together. A little more information below. Before I got my climate control set, I was sleeping on this version and its really nice. Perfect for people who like a firm mattress but still want some cushion/body contour.
Winkbeds also feature Quad Coil pocket coils here’s some more information on the quad coil system.
quad coil pocket coil mattress system

Winkbed Plus Review

Winkbed Plus
  1. High Density “anti-sag” Foam

    Constructed with high-density foam cushioning, with a minimum density of 1.8 pcf (pounds per cubic foot). That’s over 50% denser than the foam in a standard innerspring mattress and is essentially sag-proof.

  2. Latex support layer

    A 2.5″ layer of 100% pure latex that contains 7 distinct support zones. Pure latex has been proven to maintain its firmness and shape better than any other foam product on the market. Our latex features an open cell design that maximizes heat transfer away from the body.

  3. Third Party Tested For Durability

    In a simulation of 20 years of bed use by a 350 lb sleeper, the Plus by WinkBeds retained both its loft and and firmness over the simulated time frame. We repeat this test periodically to ensure long term consistency and reliability.

  4. Patented 5-Zone EliteEdge individually wrapped support coil

    Features a patented individually wrapped coil design that is specifically built to support heavier weights. Coils are banded together and reinforced to ensure a supremely supportive and durable feel.

Below is a video showing the differences between the Winkbed soft and the Winkbed Plus. I found that the Plus feels very similar in firmness to the Luxury Firm, thier most popular model. The difference is that the plus has a layer of latex instead of the microcoil system making it more resilient for heavy sleepers. The weight limit of the Winkbed Plus hasn’t been established. The standard Winkbed models were designed to accommodate sleepers up to 350 lbs. While the Winkbe Plus will accommodate sleepers over 350 lbs.

My Winkbeds Recommendation

Not only did I like sleeping on the WinkBed, my wife did too, aka, the Sleep Sherpette? She prefers a softer mattress than I do however this mattress achieved the best of both worlds by providing a firm innerspring with a soft memory foam top. So, I would definitely recommend this to couples that may have different comfort preferences.

Many people have been asking how the WinkBed compares to the Saatva Mattress. I found that the WinkBed is just plain more comfortable than the Saatva. It also has less motion transfer.

WinkBeds have gone through a significant amount of durability testing and are built to last. I think it’s worth the extra cost up front to pay for that instead of finding yourself mattress hunting again.

If you are wondering how the Winkbed compares to Saatva check out my Winkbed vs Saatva comparison.

Where can you try out the Winkbeds in person? Winkbeds doesn’t have their own retails stores but you can try out the Winkbed at the Sleep Sherpa mattress showroom in San Diego.

Sleep Sherpa San Diego
6910 Miramar Rd. Suite A
San Diego, CA 92121

Shop Winkbeds


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Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with WinkBeds





Saatva Mattress Review 2022 | Is it Right for You?

Recently updated on November 29th, 2022 at 10:37 pm

Best Classic Mattress Feel
Innerspring Mattress - Saatva Classic - Mattresses | Saatva Innerspring Mattress - Saatva Classic - Mattresses | Saatva
$1,595 (Queen)

Traditional innerspring feel that you know and love

365 Night Trial

Free white glove delivery and mattress removal

Comes in 11.5 or 14.5 inch depth

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Saatva Mattress Review Findings 2022

I recenty bought a Saatva mattress to review this past year to update my findings and ensure that the Saatva Classic Mattress is still a quality mattress. Before that, Saatva sent me a mattress to review back around 2017 and back in 2012 I purchased my first Saatva before I started Sleep Sherpa. So I guess you could say this is the longest standing mattress review I have ever done. All the while I have reviewed other Saatva mattresses, including the Loom and Leaf and Zen Haven. Saatva makes a firmer mattress than most of the other online brands and they also have some new releases including the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid and the Saatva  Latex Hybrid.

For those heavy sleepers out there, Saatva introduced the Saatva HD which can go toe to toe with the Big Fig and Helix Plus. I found the Helix Plus to be the softest of the three top mattresses for heavy people.

Saatva Classic Mattress Review Updates

Remarkably, the Saatva mattress has stayed true to its original construction of a dual coil system with a bit of foam and an organic cotton cover. Since 2012 they have expanded their lineup of mattress models to suit a wider range of firmness and materials but what has remained consistent is that the Saatva brand continues to dominate the online mattress space in terms off offerings. So if a spring mattress isn’t your thing, take a look at the Loom and Leaf for a phenomenal foam mattress option or the Zen Haven which is the natural latex option from Saatva. They even have a mattress that can compete with the Sleep Number bed which is the Solaire mattress.

Ordering Your Saatva Classic Mattress

You can order your Saatva Mattress direct through their website and recently they have opened some Saatva Showrooms in select cities. Saatva showrooms are also known as, “Viewing Rooms”. I always think it’s best to try a mattress before you buy it because no matter what a reviewer says, nothing beats you actually trying it out yourself. So if you leave near one of these viewing rooms, go check out the full Saatva Collection.

The Saatva mattress has great support and the motion transfer is minimal. I tested the Saatva Luxury Firm. Below is a video to give you an idea of bounce and motion transfer on the Saatva. If you want a bed with bounce, there’s still nothing that will beat an inner spring mattress:


The Saatva Luxury Firm mattress is at a medium firmness level. You can now get different firmness levels in the Saatva Classic mattress, the Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm. The Saatva Luxury Firm is still the most popular option.

For context, the Winkbed Luxury Firm is softer than the Saatva Luxury Firm as the Winkbed has a softer quilted top. However both have good support and the level of softness for the top layer is really a matter of preference but I do think the Saatva  Luxury Firm will appeal to most peoples firmness preference, knowing they want their mattress on the firmer side.

How Much Does the Saatva Mattress Cost?

Below are the current prices of the mattress as listed on the Saatva website as of this writing. Saatva really doesn’t do coupon codes so there’s no sense in searching for one. Back in the day when Saatva first started, they never had any sales or deals, the price you see is the price you get and most new online mattress brands followed suit. It was great because you never had to worry about losing out on a sale.

Since then, the online brands have gotten into the sale game just like the traditional mattress store retailers. It would be odd go to the Saatva website and see that they aren’t running a sale. Everything is perpetually on sale and sometimes the sales are better than other times of the year. I have found that Black Friday and Memorial day are in general where you will find the best mattress deals.

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$749
Cal King$1,499

Saatva Mattress Construction

You can choose between a 11.5 inc thick Saatva and a 14.5 inch thick Saatva Classic. According to Saatva, they feel the same but I’m not sure how that can be since they are physically different. That said, here’s a picture of the profile of the 11.5″ Saatva Classic:

Saatva Depth

Saatva mattresses are made in the USA and from what I gather the are made throughout the United States in a network of mattress factories.

Saatva Luxury Firm Construction

The Saatva mattress is built with two coil systems. A traditional coil system as the base layer and individually wrapped pocket coils on top of that.. This means that each coil works independently which means less motion transfer and more contouring to every curve of your body.

Saatva Classic Construction

I took the liberty of cutting open my Saatva Classic Luxury Firm. This is a picture of the inside of the Saatva Classic.

cutting saatva

First, I cut through the cover, which exposes the foam border around the mattress that is used for edge support. Not this is commercial grade foam, not memory foam so it is a rigid foam to provide the edge support. The foam creates a border around the mattress about 3 inches thick.

Saatva Foam

The base layer of the Saatva is a fabric padding which the first layer of coils sits on.

Saatva Classic Inside

Below is a picture of the Saatva Classic coil system. From what I can tell, there is the base layer of coils which are all tied together and then a felt pad above that and then the pocket coils. This is one of the few mattresses I have seen sold online with traditional steel coils and then pocket coils above it. Without the pocket coil layers, this mattress would have a lot of motion transfer. It also is a reason the Saatva is not a bed in a box. like a memory foam mattress. 

The top layer of the Saatva is made with organic cotton. It is a quilted top so it allows you to sink into the top of the mattress a bit.

Saatvva Classic Cover

This mattress also has good edge support. That means you can use the whole surface of the mattress. If you get to the edge you won’t feel like you’re going to fall off.

Here’s another updated photo for my 2018 review of the Saatva that shows sinkage from another angle.

As far as cooling, Saatva does a great job with temperature regulation. The organic cotton top is very soft and breathable. Granted the Saatva is not an organic or all natural mattress but having the cover made with organic cotton is nice. I don’t believe it is 100% organic cotton though.

If you’re looking for a quality innerspring mattress that has a soft cushioning top layer with great lumbar support, this is it. I weigh over 200 lbs. and had no issues with caving or lack of support. This could be due to what they call their lumbar zone quilting that has extra support for your lower back.

What I hear from many people is that they will buy an innerspring mattress from a brick and mortar store and sleep great on it for a few months then will notice impressions. Saatva has solid construction and will hold up over time. Best of all you are saving money up front by getting a superior product at a fraction of the cost of comparable high end store brands.

Saatva offers an amazing 1 year trial home trial. This is one of the longest trials and they join the ranks of DreamCloud, Nectar, Brentwood Home and Nest Bedding that also have 1 year trials.  That means you get to try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home for all four seasons in hot and cold temps to make sure it’s the right fit year round.

If you don’t like the mattress within that year and want to return it, Saatva charges a small return fee, at the time of this writing it’s less than $100 to pick up the mattress and refund your money. Given that you already get free white glove delivery and removal, this is a bargain.

A traditional mattress store will give you store credit instead of a cash refund. This means you’re actually stuck with whatever mattress they have to offer. Or, they may charge a restocking fee of up to 20% of the cost of the mattress which means you are out hundreds of dollars, not to mention the trial is not nearly as generous.

I have slept on many innerspring beds both from traditional stores like Slumberland,  Mattress Firm, etc. If more people realized the value they get with these online brands, I think there would be a much higher adoption rate.

Saatva also offers quality foundations along with white glove delivery. That means they will bring the bed into your house and room of your choice and remove your old mattress. With many online companies, you need to figure that part out on your own.

If you already have a good foundation though, no need to buy a new one. As long it is a solid, breathable surface, your Saatva will work great.

Does Saatva Work with an Adjustable Bed?

Another point to note is that people often ask, can a Saatva mattress be used on an adjustable bed? The answer is, yes. The 11.5-inch version will work on an adjustable base however, the 14.5 inch version does not so make sure you choose carefully. I recommend going with the 11.5 inch version so that if you decide to upgrade to an adjustable bed in the future, your mattress will be compatible.

Which Saatva Mattress Firmness is Right For Me?

The Saatva Classic comes in multiple firmness options so that you can get a feel that is optimal for your sleep style.

Stomach Sleepers should go with the Firm Saatva Classic. The firmer Saatva gives you extra support for your lower back which is what you need as a stomach sleeper.

Back Sleepers should go with the Luxury Firm version so they get just the right amount of sink and pressure relief to keep their upper back relaxed. This is also known in the industry as a medium firm feel.

Side Sleepers can go with the Luxury firm or Soft. The Saatva Classic skews firmer than most online brands so if you want more contouring and tend to get sore hips sleeping on your side, go with the Saatva Soft.

Does Saatva Have Memory Foam?

Yes there is some memory foam used towards the top of the Saatva for back support and pressure relief.

Final Thoughts on the Saatva Classic Luxury Firm Mattress

Along with the Saatva Classic, there are now hundreds of innerspring mattress brands to buy online with generous trials. Some of my other favorites are the Winkbed, DreamCloud, Nest Bedding and Brooklyn Bedding.

The Saatva Classic is certainly a classes and many have rated it up there with some  top luxury mattresses. There are plenty of hybrid mattresses to choose from but Saatva has a feel all its own.

Saatva now as a 1 year trial period so there’s plenty of time to see if its a good fit. 

The mattress industry and changed dramatically since I bought my first Saatva and I expect more good things to happen with Saatva and mattress technology in general.

You can get a side-by-side comparison of WinkBeds vs Saatva Here.

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Saatva