Four Seasons Pillow Review
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Recently updated on July 29th, 2020 at 09:01 pm

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The Four Seasons is a world-renowned hotel brand that is synonymous with luxury. Not only are the hotels located in the most prestigious neighborhoods but they take great care in how every aspect of their hotel looks and makes you feel. You can expect to instantly relax after you check-in and enter your hotel room. The rooms all look amazing but the most important piece of furniture in any hotel is the bed and its accompanying bedding. Aside from the mattress, the pillows can make all the difference. The 4 Seasons uses a blend of feather and down in their pillows for a fairly universal feel.

Overview of the Four Seasons Pillow

Ordering your Four Seasons Pillow

You can order the 4 Seasons pillow directly from their website. After placing my order it arrived surprisingly fast. They said it may take over week to arrive but mine came in 3 days! My pillow I ordered the down pillow, they also offer a down alternative pillow but I have a preference for down. I received an order confirmation from a company called Sobel Westex which also makes pillows so I’m not sure if this is the company that also makes the Four Seasons Pillow.

It will arrive to your door in a box but inside the box you will find it encased in a custom cloth package like the one below. I don’t think I’ve come across fancier packaging for a pillow.

four seasons pillow cover

When you open the buttoned flap you will find an insert that lists some of the details of the pillow.

Four Seasons Pillow Insert

What’s Inside the Four Seasons Pillow?

The Four Seasons Down Pillow is made with 75% Feather and 25% down

Here’s a closeup of the insert. They recommend using a pillow protector and to dry clean only. The outer shell is made with 240 thread count cotton that is Oeko Tex Certified.

Four Seasons Down Insert

How Much Does the Four Seasons Pillow Cost?

Well, it’s not cheap. It currently retails for $149 plus tax. Shipping is free and for me, it arrived quickly. They do offer a 30-day return policy but ask that the item be returned in, “as new” condition. You also need to pay return shipping so it can be costly to return and it’s is vague as to whether or not they will accept it.

My Four Seasons Pillow Findings

This pillow feels as expected. What I mean by that is that there’s nothing proprietary about the construction and therefore nothing spectacular about the feel either. What you do get is an ultra-soft and conforming pillow that only down can provide. Pure down is expensive so to save on costs, feathers are added. The more feathers the less expensive. Since this pillow is 75% feathers, it shouldn’t be that expensive to make. An all down pillow will also be lighter than one blended with feathers and will have a more consistent feel. If you use all feathers, that will make it feel lumpy and will need to be fluffed more often.

Here’s a picture of the pillow right out of the packaging. It is a standard size and doesn’t require you to fluff it since it does not come compressed like less expensive pillows.

Four Seasons Pillow Opened

The Four Seasons label is also stitched into the side lest it gets mixed up with other pillows over time.

four seasons tag

My Four Seasons Pillow Recommendation

Overall this pillow feels great and should appeal to all types of sleepers. It’s miles better than any poly fill pillow you would find at a target or Walmart but I don’t think it can command such a high price. That said, if you slept at a Four Seasons and fell in love with their down pillow, this is the one to get. If you want a similar alternative. offers one with a similar construction for about a third of the price and in that case, it makes more sense to try the cheaper alternative to get a similar feel and save some money or buy more pillows.

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Ritz Carlton Pillow Review 1

Ritz Carlton Pillow Review

Recently updated on March 9th, 2023 at 12:49 pm

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Want to recapture that feeling of staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel every night? Start off with purchasing the pillows they use in their rooms. Amazon has the pillows from all the major hotel chains available for purchase from their website at great prices. The Ritz Carlton pillow is actually the Pacific Coast Double Down Surround Pillow.

Unboxing and Overview of the Ritz Carlton Pillows

Your pillow will come shipped in a box as seen below:


  • Design: Medium Support Down Comfort Pillow
  • Pillow-in-a-pillow design
  • Fabric: 230 Thread Count – 100% cotton
  • Barrier Weave ™ down proof fabric
  • Fill: 550 Fill Power
  • Fill Weight: 29 ounces
  • Hyperclean® Pacific Coast® Down and Feather
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash, dry, and fluff
  • Allergy Free warranty – this warranty is available from the manufacturer only
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Double needle sewn edge
  • Size: 20 inches x 28 inches
  • Price includes 1 Super Standard Size Pillow


My Ritz Carlton Pillow Findings

After sleeping on the Ritz Carlton pillow a few times I found it to be one of the more supportive hotel pillows. It’s very versatile for all sleeping types which is to be expected with a hotel pillow that needs to accommodate a variety of guests. I could see myself using this as my nightly pillow and that’s saying something after having reviewed many specialty pillows before this one. If anything, it will make an outstanding pillow for a guest bedroom or a spare pillow for a guest that crashes the night on your couch.

The last down pillow I reviewed was the Parachute down pillow with a 750 fill power. What I noticed about the Parachute pillow was that although it was also an excellent pillow and super light, it slept hotter than this one.

I reviewed the “super standard” pillow which is bigger than the standard which is 20 x 26 inches. The extra 2 inches really helps fill out a standard pillowcase.

It comes with a plastic case as seen below that you can store it in when not in use.


What I also like about this pillow is that it is washable. Not all pillows are washable and should be taken into consideration before making your purchase.

It’s also important to note that this is not a 100% down pillow but no pillow is 100% down. The outer chamber is the part that contains all the down and is what gives the pillow a soft feel while the inner chamber with the feathers is used as a support layer. Most pillows only have 1 chamber so you lose the benefit of a soft but firm feeling.


Lastly, it has a double-needle sewn edge which will keep the pillow from busting in a pillow fight.  The “Down Proof Weave” is also a great feature that keeps the down in the pillow and prevents it from leaking out.

Ritz Carlton Hotel Pillow

My Ritz Carlton Pillow Recommendation

The Pacific Coast Double Down Surround Pillow aka the Ritz Carlton Pillow is a very versatile pillow that should please most sleepers. It won’t sleep hot and provides great support without being too firm or overstuffed. If anything you should have one of these on hand for overnight guests.

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Hampton Inn Hotel Pillow Review 2

Hampton Inn Hotel Pillow Review

Recently updated on January 19th, 2019 at 07:27 pm

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Hampton Inn pillows are quickly becoming popular sellers but be forewarned, they aren’t for everyone. This Hampton Inn pillow review focuses specifically on the Evnvirosleep Dream Surrender polyester pillow. This is the actual name of the Hampton pillow and is their down alternative pillow.

Construction of the Hampton Inn Pillow

The pillow has a single chamber construction filled with polyester. So if you are allergic to down, no worries, you won’t find it here.


  • Manufactured by: Sysco ® Guest Supply
  • Size: Standard Size 20”x 26”
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Fill: 100% Hypoallergenic Polyester
  • Fill Weight 20 oz
  • Fabric: 233 Thread Count Cotton Cover
  • Care: Machine washable, See tag for instructions


Who is the Hampton Inn PIllow For?

It’s definitely not for stomach sleepers. This pillow is just too thick for your head to sink in enough for good alignment if you sleep on your stomach.

If you are a back or side sleeper this would make for a great pillow and at 39.99 from the price can’t be beaten. It’s a cheap guilty pleasure and if you sleep well on Hampton Inn pillows, why not just get one?

Marriott Hotel Pillow Review 1

Marriott Pillow Review – Don’t Steal It, Buy It.

Recently updated on November 15th, 2022 at 05:07 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Finding a good pillow is analogous to pairing a good wine with a good meal. If they don’t go together just right, things can go south fast. All of the pillows I review have some specific benefits and can be amazing but only if you match them to a specific sleep style and a particular type of mattress. Enter the Marriot Pillow, the swiss army knife of pillows that is sure to please even the pickiest of sleepers. Luxury hotels understand that if you can produce the perfect pillow, your guests will sleep better and become loyal customers. Although the perfect pillow will properly support your head and neck, it’s easier said than done and takes many iterations to get right. That’s why Marriot proprietary information about its pillow cannot be found. 

To be frank, the Marriot Pillow and for that matter, most hotel pillows aren’t all that remarkable. Even the best hotel pillows are a simple feather pillow and often a down alternative pillow. That great sleep you got is more likely due to the fact that you spent all day travelling and are exhausted. 

If you still want to get a Marriot pillow, they thankfully aren’t that expensive just make sure that you buy one from the official Marriot website or an authorized Marriot pillow reseller. 

One option on the menu of pillows is the Marriott Hotel Pillow. This pillow is actually made by Pacific Coast, it’s their Down Surround Standard Pillow. It is a relatively light pillow that is very soft. It is an amazing pillow for stomach sleepers and those that like to move their pillow around while changing positions at night. You can’t buy just one of these though. If you can afford it, go with a 4 pack and transform your bed into the haven you’ve been cravin’. You can also choose the Marriot Down Alternative Pillow if you have allergies, are vegan or just want a more hypoallergenic bedroom.

Marriot Pillow Review currently has them on sale for $44.99 which is 40% off the retail price of $74.50. It’s a great price for a good pillow, period, let alone a pillow that is found at one of the top hotel chains worldwide.

What I like about trying hotel pillows is that they need to create a pillow that pretty much everyone will find comfortable. If not, people wont want to stay at their hotels. Lots of research has gone into these pillows to find what people really want.  Here are the tech specs of the pillow:

  • Design: Medium Support Down Comfort Pillow
  • Ideal for all sleep positions
  • Pillow-in-a-pillow design
  • Fabric: 230 Thread Count – 100% cotton
  • Barrier Weave™ down proof fabric
  • Fill: 550 Fill Power
  • Fill Weight: 27.5 ounces
  • Fill Type: Duck feather & down (inner chamber) & minimum 75% Goose down (outer chamber)
  • Hyperclean ® Pacific Coast ® Down and Feather
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash, dry, and fluff
  • Allergy Free warranty – this warranty is available from the manufacturer only
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Double needle sewn edge
  • Size: 20″ x 26″
  • Price includes 1 standard size pillowThe Marriott ® trademark is owned by Marriott International, Inc.; this trademark is not owned or licensed by Pacific Pillows. The Marriott ® trademark is used on this website for descriptive purposes to inform customers that the Pacific Coast ® Down Surround ® Pillow sold by Pacific Pillows is the same down pillow found in many Marriott ® properties. The Pacific Coast ® Down Surround ® pillow is not manufactured by Marriott ®.

Construction Details of the Official Marriot Pillow

Marriot doesn’t disclose much about the exact details of its pillow and that’s probably because they want to keep it a mystery to some extent. Once you have the recipe, the magic’s gone. 

A Marriott Hotels Exclusive

Inner chamber design

Outer chamber: 70% white down/30% natural Lyocell fibers

Inner chamber: duck feather

No-shift support

100% Cotton down-proof cover


Machine washable

Size options:

  • King: 20″x 36″
  • Queen: 20″x 30″
  • Standard: 20″x 26″

I recommend to readers to make note or shoot themselves an email every time you stay at a hotel or resort and just jot down some notes about how you sleep. What do you like, what don’t you like? Is it a good mattress, pillow, sheets? Does the room smell good? Like the wallpaper or blackout blinds? Chances are they can all be bought and the concierge or receptionist will be happy to show you where to buy them.

Who is the Marriot Pillow For?

I recommend the Marriot Pillow for side sleepers and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers will also really enjoy it. The Marriot pillow also makes a great addition to a guest room. Hotels have figured out how to make a pillow that will appeal to the broadest range of sleeping and support preferences. 

If you want to take the comfort of Marriot Hotels along with you, check out this pillow. Among hotel pillows, it is one of the cheaper ones and you still get that luxurious sleep you are searching for. 

So, in conclusion, if you are a side or combo sleeper and haven’t found the right pillow yet, this would be a good first choice. It has mass appeal and really works with you throughout the night. Instead of buying through Marriott, check out where you can get a good discount. Marriot pillows also have a pillow protector option which I recommend if you prefer a hyperallergenic pillow. If you prefer the down alternative pillow, which is found in the Marriot feather free rooms, you can get by without a pillow protector. 

The Marriot Pillow is one of my top picks for hotel pillows and in most cases, if you buy it, you should be comfortable all night long. 

Hilton Pillow Review 1

Hilton Pillow Review

Recently updated on September 5th, 2022 at 06:10 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Have you recently slept at a Hilton Hotel and wish you could take the pillows with you? Well, there’s a way to legally do that through the Hilton website or at a discount through

Hilton Pillow
It is a dual chamber pillow that has an inner core comprised of mostly feathers and an outer core mostly of down.

I had a chance to try the pillow that is found in Hilton Hotels all over the world. This pillow is actually manufactured by a company called, Down Dreams. It is a dual chamber pillow that has an inner core comprised of mostly feathers and an outer core mostly of down. This creates a firm but cushioning sensation at the same time. It’s why you feel so cozy in a hotel bed at a Hilton.

This pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers. It’s not the greatest for stomach sleepers. What’s nice about this pillow is that there’s no off gassing like a memory foam pillow has.

The Hilton Pillow ordered from comes in a nice zippered case.

Hilton Pillow review


Because it’s made of down and feathers, it has the old-fashioned traditional pillow feel. If you’re going to buy one, you should really consider the whole set. I am not a fan of mixing different types of pillows on my bed, it’s just too confusing!


Here’s an overview of the Hilton Pillow as listed on

Down Dreams ® Classic Pillows – Soft and Firm: The Down Dreams ® Classic Pillows come in two different firmness levels – Soft and Firm. Both contain the same content with the inner chamber-87% duck feather, 13% down; outer chamber 75% (minimum) down, however, the firm version contains more ounces (10-12 more), making it a firmer pillow. The firm version is ideal for side and back sleepers and the soft is great for stomach sleepers or for those who crave super soft pillows. These pillows usually reference “Classic Firm” or “Classic Soft” on the tag.

If you’re a stomach sleeper like me you may want to gravitate towards a different type of pillow, however, for side sleepers, this is it. I will be keeping mine for guests who are side sleepers so that they get that Hilton Hotel experience when they stay over.

A growing trend is the pillow bar or pillow menu at hotels. Hotels understand that guests have all sorts of sleep preferences and rather than trying to switch out mattresses for every guest it’s easier to give them a pillow that’s more suitable to their needs.

What I like about purchasing from is that they have a good return policy. Here are the details of their return policy:


Return Policy:

    Any item can be returned for any reason to within 30 nights of the date that the order is received by the customer, providing that the item is in LIKE NEW condition. cannot accept items that have been washed, tags cut off, stained, or damaged. The original shipping charge will not be refunded. Sheets and duvets that come in retail packaging, must be returned with their original retail packaging, else it will be marked as damaged. Customer must contact via phone, email, or chat and request an RA (return authorization number) in order to return an order and must be returned within 2 weeks of requesting. is happy to offer $9.99 pre-paid return labels per box, which is deducted from the customer’s final refund amount, however, the customer has the option to return their order using any carrier they choose. We do not refund the original shipping charge and cannot refund the cost of return shipping if you use the carrier of your choosing.

If you want to see how this pillow stacks up against other popular hotel pillows, check out my Pillow Reviews Page.

So there’s little risk if you want to try and relive the great night you had at the Hilton with a set of these pillows.

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