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Replace Old Mattress

How to tell if your mattress is old or should be replaced

Are you wondering if your mattress is too old? If you are asking yourself that question, chances are it is. But, if you want to be sure consider some of the following questions. When did you buy your mattress? The typical lifespan of a mattress is around 7-8 years before you can expect some notceable…

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Best Soft Mattress

Looking for the Softest Mattress? Learn the Pros and Cons of a Soft Mattress

  As the name implies, soft mattresses are those that feel softer than firmer or harder mattresses. A lot of people prefer this type of mattress because they feel more comfortable when you lie down on top of them. In soft mattresses, you will find either a plush mattress top or a pillow-topped surface. To…

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Best Mattress 2017

Best New Mattress 2017

Below are my favorite new mattresses of 2017. If you’re looking for the best mattress of 2017, you will find it here. If you are looking for more options, check out my best mattress 2016 list. These are mattresses that have come on the scene this year that are really getting noticed and offer some great…

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The Easy Breather Pillow Review 3

Best Memory Foam Pillows: The 5 Memory Foam Pillows You Need to Know About

If you’re looking for the best memory foam pillow, you have lots of choices. The list below breaks down the best memory foam pillow into categories. The first memory foam pillows were a solid dense foam block not all that much different from the mattress. Eventually contouring was introduced for neck support. Today, these pillows…

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The 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses  of 2017 3

The 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses of 2017

Memory foam mattress reviews online are often dated. That’s because there are so many brands coming online right now, it’s hard to keep up. This an up to date list of the best memory foam mattresses for 2017. There are many mattresses that have some foam in them including inner spring mattresses also known as…

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Best Mattress for Heavy People 2

Best Mattress for Heavy People

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Heavy People:   Looking for the Best Mattress for heavy people? This year a company called Nectar just made top of the list for the best memory foam mattress for heavy people. Nectar uses a dense foam that gives you great support and won’t bottom out. They also have a…

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How Your Bed Sheets Impact the Quality of Your Sleep

How Your Bed Sheets Impact the Quality of Your Sleep

We all understand just how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. And yet many of us struggle to get in those precious eight hours. You’ve probably heard all of the tricks for getting a better night’s rest before: Keep your cell phone out of your bedroom. Use blackout curtains or white noise…

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Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 1

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

There’s something really comfortable about curling up on your side, which, perhaps, explains why the vast majority of adults sleep this way. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 15 percent of adults sleep on their side with their legs outstretched, while another 41 percent sleep in the fetal position, with their back hunched and their…

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Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers 4

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

If there’s one consistent piece of advice researchers offer about sleeping (other than getting at least seven hours of it each night) it’s that a prone position in which the stomach rests on the bed is to be avoided at all costs. The National Sleep Foundation reports that stomach sleeping is the preferred option for seven percent…

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