Coop Eden Pillow Review

Coop Home Goods Original and Eden Pillow Review, Which is Right for You?

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Coop Home Goods has some of the best selling pillows on the internet. They have thousands of positive view and now,  the Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow is in some respects an upgrade from their original shredded memory foam pillow but the original may be a better fit for some sleepers.  With both pillows, you can adjust the amount of fill in the pillow by unzipping the cover and the inner pouch. The covers are machine washable which is a huge plus.  The Eden pillow has cooling gel memory foam with consistently cut pieces giving it a uniform feel.

Overview of the Coop Eden Pillow

You can order the Coop pillow directly from the Coop Website. The pillows are less on Coop and come with a 100-night trial.  A queen size Eden Pillow can be had with their 10% off coupon making it about $72 total.

Your pillow will come in a box like the one below.

Inside the box, you will first find a pouch of pillow filling if you want to make the pillow thicker. These pillows already come fairly full so you probably won’t even need to use it but it is nice to have extra.

Coop Pillow Filling

Here’s a video showing the differences between the Coop Original and Eden Pillow. I also show you the travel size pillow.

Specifications of the Coop Eden Pillow

  • Adjustable for perfect alignment
  • Safe – CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Machine Washable
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial

Specifications of the Coop Original Pillow

  • Adjustable for perfect alignment
  • Safe – CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Machine washable
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • UPC:820103514262
  • Materials:
    • Inner liner: 100% polyester
    • Pillowcase: 40% bamboo-derived viscose rayon, 60% polyester
    • Fill: 90% polyurethane, 10% polyester
    • 100 Night Sleep Trial

My Coop Pillow Findings

As of this writing, I have been sleeping on the pillow for about five nights. I have gone through so many pillows I can usually tell how I will sleep on it by just touching it. I knew that the Coop Eden pillow was a significant upgrade over their first pillow.

Many shredded foam pillows just can’t get the transition right. They feel good at first but quickly lose support or feel too hard. The Coop kept me afloat all night. The knit fabric cover was also stretchy enough to get the full feel of the foam inside.

Here’s a look at the inside of the Original Coop Pillow. Both incorporate microfiber into the pillow along with the cut foam. This gives is a sort of silky feel. It won’t feel chunky like a cheap foam pillow and will feel closer to a quality down pillow.

The first Coop pillow did not allow you to access the fill inside and I really appreciate that I can customize the amount of fill in my pillow. I usually take about a third of it out since I tend to sleep on my stomach.

Aside from feel, this is a very competitively priced pillow given the quality and construction. At just under $70 for a queen size it is almost half that of other competitors.

My Coop Eden Pillow Recommendation

The Coop Eden pillow is on my short list for memory foam pillows. I appreciate the consistently cut gel memory foam. It is just the right density of foam to give you a down pillow feel. It doesn’t sleep hot and doesn’t lose support at night. It also isn’t too heavy. It can easily be moved around and it also makes it easier to get it in a pillowcase. I also like the fact that you can wash the outer cover so it reduces the need for a pillow protector.

Coop also sells refill packs so that you can add even more loft to your pillow. I have seen some comments that it isn’t thick enough for side sleepers which may be true if you have really broad shoulders, in which case adding more fill should solve the problem.

If you have shied away from memory foam pillows in the past, the Coop Eden pillow will change how you think about foam pillows.

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Parachute Pillow Review 3

Parachute Pillow Review

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Parachute is expanding their product line and now offers pillows. I received their medium down pillow which retails for $89. Parachute really wowed me with their duvet and it was nice to know that the same down that goes into their high-quality duvet also goes into their pillows.

Overview of the Parachute Pillow

My Parachute Pillow Findings

Outside of their showroom in LA, Parachute is sold exclusively online. They are a relatively new company and are expanding their offerings beyond sheets to an entire bedding collection. As I mention in the video above, my wife was surprised by the feel of this pillow. That’s because with cheaper down, you will feel the feathers inside. Often times these feathers will leak out of the pillow, especially after a pillow fight. Cheaper down pillows are also clumpy and inconsistent in their feel.

With Parachute you get good, clean down that just feels amazing. Best of all, with a 750 fill power you get an extra fluffy pillow that’s also light. If you have never purchased a high end down pillow this will come as a surprise.

parachute pillow

I have been sleeping on my Parachute down pillow for a week now and it pairs wonderfully with my Parachute duvet. Since we are near Christmas, it’s only getting colder in Minnesota and it’s time to get cozy! Fellow Minnesotans with old, poorly insulated houses like mine understand the need to keep your head warm at night as well as your body and this pillow does the trick.

At $89, it is a bit of an investment for a pillow but also remember that just like a mattress you will spend about a third of your life with it so might as well be comfortable.

My Parachute Down Pillow Recommendation

Parachute has brought quality down pillows to market at a much more accessible price than the competition.  Here’s a down pillow for from The Company Store. Notice that this is only 50% down with a 50% feather blend at a price of $79-$99.

down pillow

Best of all, with Parachute they have a 30-day guarantee. If you just don’t like their product, you can get it returned for free, they will send you a pre paid shipping return label. Just make sure to keep the original packaging.

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Brooklinen Pillows Bring Affordability to Down Comfort 2

Brooklinen Pillows Bring Affordability to Down Comfort

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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Brooklinen stays true to its mission by offering affordable, quality down pillows to the masses. I had the privilege of reviewing all three different down pillows, plush, mid-plus and firm.

These pillows are stuffed with down sourced from the world-famous duck farms of Brome Lake Quebec, Canada and have a 500 thread count cotton shell. To get that picture of Brome Lake in your head, here’s a picture of the lake:

brooklinen pillows


When you stay at a high-end hotel, chances are you will be sleeping on a down or down alternative pillow. They are very versatile and extremely comfortable. People often don’t invest in them because of the cost.

Pillows are finally getting the credit they deserve However it’s wrong to think of a pillow as just a mini mattress for your head.  Although most online beds will appeal to most sleepers, foam pillows will appeal to far less. That’s because with a pillow you really want to be able to sink in immediately and not have to wait for it to adjust. It also needs to breathe and sleep cool throughout the night. There are very few foam pillows on the market that do this. Down is just flat out softer and easier to adjust than foam so it often makes for a better pillow. Finally, these pillows from Brooklinen are much lighter than any foam pillows I have reviewed so if you switch positions at night or just want to have a good pillow fight, these are the pillows for you.

Out of the three levels of firmness, I really liked the plush level of firmness. I sleep on my side and stomach so sometimes I want it flatter than normal but also want to be able to scrunch it up when I switch to my side.

The other levels of firmness would probably best suited to back and side sleepers. The Brooklinen pillows are just as good a bargain as their sheets:

pillow prices

Compare these pillows to the Scandia Home down pillow prices below:

scandia pillows

It’s important to note that these pillows are made with duck down which at times be better than goose down.

Most people will enjoy sleeping on down pillows so I always keep a set for guests that come to visit. I actually started my own pillow bar where they can choose their level of firmness. It’s a nice hospitality touch. And it’s to my advantage to have well-rested guests since they will be less cranky in the mornings! The Brooklinen pillows come in their own zip cases as seen below:

brooklinen pillow

Once again, Brooklinen comes through on price and quality. It’s refreshing to see all these new bedding disruptors come online. Everyone should be able to afford quality sleep products.

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Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue.