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goose down

Best Goose Down Pillow? Try the Cassiopeia!

If you’re looking for the best down pillow, check out the Cassiopeia pillow from This is a goose down pillow which is superior to duck down. Goose down generally produces larger clusters of down as compared to duck down which makes for a higher fill power. That means you get lots of loft and…

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Slumbr Virgo Pillow Review : A Stomach Sleeper's Dream Come True! 2

Slumbr Virgo Pillow Review : A Stomach Sleeper’s Dream Come True!

Slumbr is a new pillow startup that has a great offering of pillows that help you maximize your comfort depending on your sleeping style. I was recently given a couple pillows from Slumbr to review.  I think we may start seeing more online pillow startups in the wave of all the mattress startups. This is…

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Parachute Pillow Review 3

Parachute Pillow Review

Parachute is expanding their product line and now offers pillows. I received their medium down pillow which retails for $89. Parachute really wowed me with their duvet and it was nice to know that the same down that goes into their high quality duvet also goes into their pillows. Overview Findings Outside of their showroom…

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Brooklinen Pillows Bring Affordability to Down Comfort 2

Brooklinen Pillows Bring Affordability to Down Comfort

Brooklinen stays true to its mission by offering affordable, quality down pillows to the masses. I had the privilege of reviewing all three different down pillows, plush, mid-plus and firm. These pillows are stuffed with down sourced from the world famous duck farms of Brome Lake Quebec, Canada and have a 500 thread count cotton shell. To get…

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