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Recently updated on April 21st, 2020 at 07:02 pm

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The Buffy Comforter is the latest bedding product to hit your Facebook feed. This comforter is made with natural eucalyptus. The claim is that having the threads made with eucalyptus makes them more resistant to bacteria, mildew and mites. The Buffy comforter is machine washable which is a huge plus as it allows you to keep your bedding clean and fresh without having to go to the dry cleaner.

I bought a king size Buffy and here are my findings.

Ordering the Buffy Comforter

You can order a Buffy directly through their website. Shipping was fast and arrived in about 5 days.  You have the option to try before you buy. This means they will place a hold on your credit card where the charge is pending. If you decide you don’t like it, you can return it and Buffy will not charge the card. The other option is that you can pay up front but still have the option to return it for a full refund. I chose the latter. If you order from Amazon you get Amazons standard 30-day return option which is easy.

Unboxing Your Buffy

Like many online brands, the unboxing of the product is a fun experience. Your comforter will arrive in a box like this.

Buffy Box














Here’s what the inside of the box looks like.

buffy inside

As you can see you get a free sleep mask that smells like lavender.

My Buffy Findings

The Buffy comforter feels like a polyesters comforter. It is light and silky smooth. The Buffy isn’t too thick either. One drawback of polyester is that they trap heat and don’t breathe causing you to sweat. However this comforter is 70% lyocell which is a natural material made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees.

Here’s a picture of the comforter out of the packaging.

As you can see, it isn’t too thick.

Buffy Comforter

Construction of the Buffy Comforter

Here’s the label tag that was on the comforter. As you can see the inside is made with 10% lyocell. Lyocell is according to Wikipedia,  “a form of rayon which consists of cellulose fiber made from dissolving pulp (bleached wood pulp) using dry jet-wet spinning”

Buffy Comforter MatrialsHow does the Buffy Feel?

I was impressed with my first night using the Buffy. It was still soft and light after washing. I really appreciate that it is machine washable. It definitely sleeps cooler than a polyester comforter and is easier to care for than a down comforter.

Although the comforter was good at temperature regulation, you can still overheat a little bit in it. What I do like about it though is that you don’t need to layer up. Just a top sheet and the Buffy are enough to keep you warm throughout the night.

My Buffy Update

I have been sleeping on my Buffy for over a week now and I really enjoy how soft and light it is. Some comforters are just too thick and some even make noise. This one is quiet and easy to move around at night.

f you currently sleep on a polyester or even down comforter and find it too hot or sweaty, the Buffy is a unique comforter that may provide the relief you are looking for.

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Mulberry Silk Comforter Review

Recently updated on January 25th, 2019 at 06:23 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Mulberry Silk Comfortermulberry silk logo

This week I received a free twin sized silk comforter from the Mulberry Silk Company for review. I have been able to try it out for a few nights and so far have been very impressed. I was a little skeptical at first about its ability to keep me warm given how thin it is. It folds easily to be a little over 1 ft square and 6 inches deep. My first night with the comforter was great! Not too hot, not too cold. I like how the comforter sort of hugged my body, something that doesn’t normally happen with a wool or down comforter. What this means is that you won’t get any air pockets, it’s almost like it shrink-wraps itself around you.


The comforter looks great too. It would be fine to put on a bed without a duvet although I would recommend one as it could get dirty fast without one and silk isn’t the easiest fabric to clean, you would need to dry clean it.

In comparison to other silk comforter companies, Mulberry Silk Company has very reasonable prices for a high quality product. You can expect to get many years out of a silk comforter and it should be seen as a worthwhile investment that contributes daily to your physical and mental health. I have learned the hard way not to skimp on quality when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. After all, we spend about a third of our life in bed, why not be comfortable?

In conclusion, I would highly recommend a Mulberry Silk Company comforter for people who are sensitive to temperature changes at night, this has done an amazing job of keeping me asleep!

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