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Brentwood Home has expanded its offerings beyond mattresses and bedding to include kid-friendly furniture. Their new Play Couch sofa for kids is a great alternative to the popular Nugget play couch. This couch is made with Bio foam, recycled plastics and a 100% carbon offset.  It retails for under $300 and comes with a 30 day trial period. I was given a free couch for review and these are my findings.

Ordering the Brentwood Home Play Couch

You can order the Play Couch directly from the Brentwood Home website. Shipping can vary, but I received mine about a week after the order was placed. Since it is made in the USA, it will ship faster than other products, assuming it’s in stock. Each piece is compressed and wrapped in plastic to save space and cost on shipping. Keep in mind that after opening, some of the pieces will be wrinkled but this will go away on its own or you can remove the covers and tumble dry them to get the wrinkles out.

Here’s what my couch looked like right out of the box.

Play Couch

Brentwood Home Play Couch Specifications

Below are the construction details as listed on their website:

Foam: CertiPUR-US® certified foam, made in the United States, formulated with up to 20% plant-based BioFoam®. Firm foam components (triangles and support base) are 1.5 density / 45 ILD foam, while others medium-firm components are 1.5 density / 34 ILD foam. 

Covers with zippers: 63.5% polyester, 29% REPEVE® made from recycled plastic water bottles and 7.5% nylon. Covers meet Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification. Covers sourced from China.


The Play Couch Sofa for Kids has passed the strict regulations of CertiPUR-US®. That means you can be confident that our polyurethane foam meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

Climate Neutral

Brentwood Home partners with Climate Neutral to measure its carbon footprint across every scope of our business, from our factory and material production to logistics and shipping. We’ve reduced what we can — even powering our factory with 100% renewable energy — and we’ve officially offset 100% of the rest. Brentwood is an Avocado Green Brands business, all of which are Climate Neutral Certified. We are one of the only certified mattress and bedding brands in America.

Formaldehyde Free

Formaldehyde-free by Ul Environment validates claims that a product does not contain formaldehyde, or formaldehyde precursors, using a combination of auditing raw material inputs and testing chemical emissions from the product.

GREENGUARD Gold – Lounger

The Play Couch Sofa for Kids is completely GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment. That means it was scientifically tested in environmental chambers to meet some of the world’s most rigorous, third-party emissions standards for prolonged chemical exposure and pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, and phthalates.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary standard that set requirements for third-party certification of recycled input and chain of custody. The shared goal of the standards is to increase the use of recycled materials. The GRS includes additional criteria for social and environmental processing requirements and chemical restrictions.

Assembled in Los Angeles with domestic and imported materials.

My Play Couch Findings

The Play Couch is the perfect piece of furniture for any playroom or just about any house with young kids. They can build forts and use their imaginations to create all sorts of structures. Each piece has a removable cover where they can be washed, not if, but when they get dirty. I had ours in our living room and while our kids are tweens, they still enjoyed laying on it while playing video games,reading or watching TV. The two flat pieces fold in half so it doesn’t take up as much space when you store it. It can even be used as a makeshift sleeping mat for sleepovers.

Play Couch 3

The cover is made with quality cloth that won’t tear easily and the zippers are durable.

Play Couch Zipper

My Brentwood Home Play Couch Recommendation

There are so many uses for this play couch beyond just building forts. It is a very versatile piece of furniture and it a great addition to any family room where you want to sprawl out and lounge around. I appreciate that Brentwood Home has gone the extra mile with more environmentally friendly foam and carbon offsets. Brentwood Home also has great customer service so if you find it’s not the right couch for you, it can easily be returned free of charge within the 30 day return period.

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Sofas dominate the living area. They are an integral part of your house décor. It is a piece of furniture that completes the home. In fact, home doesn’t feel like home without the sofa there to lounge in, relax, work, and entertain. This pandemic has made this already essential piece of furniture even more important in daily life activities.

Given how important your sofa is in your routine life, it only makes sense to buy one that not only takes care of your comfort levels but also provides good support and is durable. Sofa buying is made with a long term timefcn1’rame in mind since it is not something you change with the seasons. However, sofa buying is not as simple as it sounds, especially when done conventionally.

Enter online shopping, and you have yourself a lovely sofa buying experience with no more rounds of shops looking at countless sofas only to buy one out of sheer exhaustion. You can easily sit in the comfort of your home and go through as many different sofa options as you want. The best thing is that it gets delivered to your doorstep. This article will take you through the Burrow Sofa. It is one of the pioneers of online sofa shopping and has redefined the concept of modular furniture, making it more comfort centric than is the market norm.

In A Nutshell

The Burrow Sofa excels in satisfying the needs of small city apartments and lofts. The company established itself with the motto to manufacture the perfect sofas for modern small spaces. The design is sleek and sophisticated to edge itself into the fast lifestyle of young working professionals as well as to satisfy the trendy urges of an American family complete with kids and pets abound.

The design is just part of the package. It comes with a high comfort ranking to go with the looks. You can just as easily turn this sofa into your Sunday night Netflix binge bench as you can into a formal brunch set up. It blends beautifully into any role you want it to play. The size is great for a couple and even a couple with a kid. The assembly part is a very simple process and adds to the overall fabulous experience.

All in all, the Burrow Sofa is a unique sofa that is aimed at bringing online shopping for a sofa into the forefront. It makes sofa shopping a fun and breezy affair with a fabulous product that fits wonderfully into your living room.

Pros and Cons


Modern and sleek design

Limited fabric and color options

Easy assembly with no additional tools requirement

Only one style of sofa available
Features USB port and power cable

Full Review


The Burrow Sofa is designed predominantly for the modern and modular lifestyle. It features a sleek silhouette, which is apt for city living. The sofa perfectly complements small living spaces of the New-York style living. This does not mean that the sofa cannot fit on well with other décors. The understated style statement of the Burrow makes it ideal for all types of living room décor.

It is available in three safe colors of grey, charcoal, and blue. These colors ensure that you get a choice for personalization while making sure that any color you choose is sure to blend in well with your existing style. You also get to choose between three different sofa leg finishes, from a lovely warm walnut finish to a nice under-toned oak finish. Lastly, there is the black metal finish option for those that like a darker, more contrasting look to their sofa.

Further, the sofa features a truly modular design that gives you the flexibility to set it up which way you like. All the parts can be set up together to give you different configurations making the sofa a fun furniture piece that will grow and accommodate your changing style preferences. You can add other parts to the sofa over time to expand it as well or jazz it up with other equally stylish pieces from this range. The bottom line is that you will never get bored with the Burrow Sofa. There is just too much to do with it.

Material and Construction

The sofa legs are made of parawood. This is more popularly known as the “Asian Oak” in layman’s terms. The sofa frame, on the other hand, is made from hardwood and the panels are all single sheets of pliable and bent plywood. The materials are all sustainably sourced and made in the USA. The pinewood used is tested for durability and is resistant to warping with time.

Tight Olefin weave material is used as upholstery. This is designed to be both stain-resistant and scratch proof. So, you do not have to worry about your cat scratching up the legs of the sofa anymore.

The cushions themselves are made with medium density foam for the perfect balance of support and comfort. They are filled with shredded fill and fiber wadding to add to the sink-in and plush experience. All these materials are CertiPUR-US certified and free from all harmful chemicals and nasty toxins, making them safe for you and your family.


Burrow has paid equal attention to comfort as well as style in this sofa. They firmly believe that a sofa is meant for lounging and reject the notion of a modular and modern sofa being inherently cold and uncomfortable. They are determined to scrap the idea that a “modern” sofa is a sofa that no one wants to snooze around in. Instead, you have a modern sofa with nice, deep, and fluffy cushions that just invite you to laze around in.

These plushy and soft cushions are fitted in deep, expansive seats that accommodate the whole girth of the body well. No more perching on the edge or feeling like half your body is dangling at the corner of the seat with the Burrow Sofa. They even take care of the inevitable spills by making the cover stain-resistant and easy spot cleaning for easy maintenance and upkeep. The brand claims that any stain can be removed with a bleach solution spitz and nominal elbow grease.


Burrow has recently redesigned the legs of the sofa. They now stand at 5 ½” tall. This makes for an adequate leg clearance that can easily accommodate a tall person without them having to fold their legs or slouch down to sit on the sofa.

Shipping and Delivery

You get free and fast delivery with each Burrow purchase. They do not charge you anything extra for shipping purposes, unlike most other sofa brands. So, you end up saving a cool $100 or so on shipping charges, which just adds to the positive shopping experience offered by Burrows.

The sofa comes to your doorstep in 6 or fewer boxes. They are all similarly sized to be easily moved around and even carried up a flight of stairs. There are no heavy pieces involved, so moving the boxes will not be a problem.


Most people cringe at the thought of furniture assembly. However, you can rest easy here. The company makes assembly as easy as counting one, two, and three. You just have to open the boxes, set the frames, and it is clicking them in place and latching on the legs. The legs come hardware-based, so there is no need to do anything more than screwing them securely in place.

The assembly will take you about 15 minutes max. You just need to latch-up the different frames together, so the figuring-up part is which frame goes where. No heavy lifting, no additional tools, and a completely hassle-free assembly experience.

Real-Time Use

The sofa holds up very well with use. The cushions are good in supporting the weight of two adults over time. There is a slight sinking feeling to the fluffiness of the cushions, but not so much that it starts to look and feel worn out.

You will not find any frayed edges or filling coming out from the seams like some other sofas in this price range, which makes the Burrow Sofa a good long term investment. The back section is very good for support purposes and has the right angle for a comfortable and extended sofa time. It does not collapse, and you don’t have to worry about the sofa giving way under you.

The upholstery also bears pretty well under spilled wine, pizza stains, and the occasional pasta sauce. It does a pretty good job of repelling most of these stains, but for those that leave a mark, you have a bleach solution to take of it. The sofa comes with a 30 days free trial period for the added comfort of knowing that you are not stuck with the purchase if you don’t like it.

Bottom Line

If modern living in your zone style, then you should opt for the Burrow Sofa. It gives a new twist to modular taking it away from the cold styles to more warm and comfortable furniture products. The quick delivery and easy assembly only add to the overall sofa appeal. Even though you get only three color and leg finish options, these options will leave you satisfied. The durability of the sofa and the ease with which you can configure it into different styles will leave you excited to try this range. All in all, this sofa from Burrows is a keeper in all senses.

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Coddle Couch Review
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The Coddle convertible couch is a great option for people that live in small spaces or are on the go. That’s because it’s super easy to set up and takedown. It also is very durable and can fit around tight corners. Most importantly, it can be converted into a bed within seconds. The versatility, form factor and added features such as USB ports on each side make this a stylish and functional couch and bed that is sure to please guests. I received a free white leather couch for review from Coddle. I chose white because that would most likely show any flaws and I wanted to be sure the quality was there.

Overview of the Coddle Couch

Here’s a video overview of the Coddle Couch. As you can see, it’s incredibly easy to set up and adjust. It basically comes already setup except for snapping the legs in at the bottom. This is a solid piece of furniture.

Your Coddle Couch will arrive in a normal brown box but inside there’s a fancy box that includes instructions on how to set up the couch. You can also see that the couch is packaged with care and I didn’t notice any dents or scratches.

Coddle Couch Box

The only thing you need to do is take off the packaging, add the legs and flip it over.

Coddle Couch Legs

There’s a power cord in the back that powers the USB ports, just plug that in and you’re ready to go!

Coddle Couch Power

Construction of the Coddle Couch

This couch is constructed similar to a quality foam mattress. The difference is that this couch has either a leather or microfiber cover but beneath that, you get layers of foam that create comfort.

coddle construction


Sofa: 78.7″L(81.5″ leg to leg) x 40.9″W x 38.2″H
Bed: 78.7″L (81.5″ leg to leg) x 48.8″W x 20.86″H

Seating load weight capacity: 800lbs

92.5″L x 1 power outlet and x 2pcs USB outlet x both sides of backrest

How Much Does the Coddle Couch Cost?

The Coddle retails for $999 but that’s before any discounts which they usually provide on their site.

My Coddle Findings

What most important with any couch or bed is how it feels. Obviously this is best used as a couch and it feels like a quality leather sofa. As you can see, the arms can be adjusted up or down, when both arms are up, the sofa functions more as a love seat. I’m 6’3 so I make the sofa look a little small.

Coddle Couch Sitting

Here it is with the arms down.

Couch Flat

Here I am laying on the couch. The backs of the couch also go down to make a complete bed.

laying on Coddle Couch

Here it is completely flat. I recommend using a mattress topper if you are going to have guests lying on it. Coddle makes one you can purchase with the couch.

Coddle Couch Flat

I think it was smart that Coddle added USB and power ports to each side of the couch. While it’s great that I can power my phone, I often work on my couch and I need power for my laptop.

Coddle USB

To be honest, I didn’t expect much in terms of quality for the price. At $999 it’s hard to get all the details right but Coddle delivered. Here’s a closer view o the stitching on the leather. I didn’t find any loose threads or missed stitches which makes me like the couch even more. It just looks fantastic and will instantly upgrade the look of any room.

coddle couch stitching

My Coddle Couch Recommendation

The Coddle is the best couch and bed combo I have tried so far. I am extremely impressed with the quality and design. For $999 it is an incredible value. Best of all you get 60 nights to try it out in the comfort of your own home to see if it’s right for you. That’s still very rare for furniture to offer a free trial period like this. Although you can get white glove delivery for $149, I recommend going with the free delivery since this is so ridiculously easy to setup. If you are looking for a versatile couch that can be easily converted into a bed within minutes, this is the obvious choice. Its also just a great couch for entertaining or binging on Netflix since the arms can be adjusted as needed to accommodate you or multiple people.

Learn more about the Coddle Couch

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Lovesac Sactional
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Holiday Sale 25% off Lovesac when purchased online.

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Lovesac Review 2023 Update

The Lovesac Sactional is the most versatile couch I have ever owned. It is also the most durable. I bought my first Sactional back in July of 2013. Just recently I bought another back and seat to expand it as my family is growing. Although this furniture isn’t cheap, you definitely get what you pay for which is quality that will stand the test of time and kids.

How Much Does the Lovesac Cost?

A lot! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful, versatile couch and will last year and year but it to get a Lovesac you will want to lounge in for movie marathons will set you back at least $5,000. A delux setup will be easily over $15,000.  That’s why it’s so important to wait for a LoveSac sale and study the LoveSac warranty like the bible. Look, if you’re tired of Ikea furniture and want to upgrade to something more adult, this will last from when your kids are in diapers to when they are ready to take the keys to the minivan. So in this regard, the construction and warranty justify the lovesac cost. 

Ordering the Lovesac Sactional in 2023

You can order any of the Lovesac products direct from their website. This includes the couch, pillows, blankets and more. If you place your order online, shipping is free. They also offer financing through the website which can be anywhere from 6-12 months.

Here are the details on Lovesac Returns according to their website:

  • Eligible merchandise may be returned within 30 days of the date you received it.
  • We cannot accept returns for special order/custom merchandise, gift cards, shipping and handling, services, and interest fees.
  • Floor model and clearance merchandise are marked final sale and cannot be returned.
  • Returned merchandise is subject to a 15% restocking fee 1 business day after the order is placed.
  • Merchandise is eligible for a one-time price adjustment within 14 days of the order being placed. Merchandise marked to final sale (ie. floor model, clearance) is not eligible for a price adjustment. To request a one-time price adjustment, please visit your local Lovesac store or contact Customer Love:Chat: Click Here Mon – Sun: 9 AM – 10 PM EST
    Call: 888-636-1223 Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST
    Email: [email protected]

Unboxing the Lovesac Sactional

After placing your order, your Sactional should arrive in a couple of weeks. Mine arrived in 8 days after ordering. You will get a tracking notification when it ships and an estimate of when it will be delivered. No need to be present on the delivery day either.

I ordered 1 back and one seat as I am expanding my existing Sactional. Here’s what that looks like in terms of packaging.  The big box is the base and the medium size box is the back and the small box is the cover.

Lovesac Sactional Box Packaging

How to Setup the Lovesac Sactional

If you have put together legos, then setting up your Sactional should be a breeze. The video below shows all the pieces needed to get started.

All the pieces come wrapped in plastic so they don’t get wet during delivery.

Sactional Cover

The back and seat cushion can be found tucked underneath the base as seen in the picture below.

Sactional Base cushions

The covers are easy to slip on. To secure them you just velcro them to the bottom. In the 4 years I have owned my sactional they have never come loose and are easy to detach if you want to wash them.

Sactional Side Attachment

The seat cushions are made with quality zippers that will hold up through multiple washes.

The next step is to connect the base to the back. You get the following pieces to do this. A metal collar that holds the pieces together at the middle as seen below.

Sactional Metal Connector

A wooden base connector where the feet of two different bases can attach to secure the bottom. If you have hardwood floors, there are some wool pads to put on the feet so that you don’t leave any scratches.

Here’s a look as I am setting up the sactional.

Sactional Setup

Here’s another picture of what it looks like all complete. The blanket in the photo is also a Lovesac blanket. These blankets are super soft, machine washable and even have a foot pocket to keep your feet cozy.

Completed Sactional

There are lots of ways to configure your sactional which is why it is so valuable. If you move frequently or just grow tired of your current configuration, you can switch up the look easily. Not only that but you can also buy different covers.

Below is a picture of some of the many configurations for a lovesac with 5 sides and 5 bases like mine. If you go to their website and choose the number of bases and sides you can get a configuration guide for your number of pieces.

sactional configuration guide

Does the Lovesac Ever Go On Sale?

Absolutely! Just about every month you will find a Lovesac sale. If you are paying full price for a LoveSac, you are paying the sucker price.  The best time to buy a lovesace is Black Friday, Memorial Day or 4th of July. This is when you will find the best Lovesac prices. 

As much as you want it, there is no lovesac available at Costco. Costco does not sell the Lovesac. 

Lovesac Return Policy

Acording to the Lovesac website, you get 60 days to figure out if you want to keep your Lovesac. However you will not be reimbursed for any shipping or delivery fees. 

We believe in Total Comfort, and a big part of that is making sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. But if you’d like to make a return for any reason, you can return it by contacting Customer Love to coordinate your return authorization. Eligible merchandise may be returned within 60 days from the date you received it for a full refund or exchange. Custom merchandise, floor model, and clearance item sales are final, and returns cannot be issued. Any shipping and/or delivery fees are non-refundable. Gift Card purchases cannot be cancelled or returned. Merchandise is eligible for a one-time price adjustment within 14 days of the date ordered. Floor models and clearance merchandise are not eligible for price adjustment. Financing terms cannot be adjusted after a purchase is made. Proof of purchase is required for all returns, exchanges, warranties, and refunds. 


My Lovesac Sactional Recommendation

I have had my original sactional with 4 bases and 4 sides for over 4 years now and it has held up extremely well. I have configured it different ways many times in order to use it as a bed when guests come. Over time some of the legs have broken but I was able to get free replacement legs, no problem. Other than that the couch has held up perfectly after multiple washes and kids climbing and jumping on it.

The Sactional is an investment as their entry-level configuration with 2 seats and 4 sides currently retail at $1,700 however this couch has held up longer than any other couch I have owned. We have bought Ikea couches and sectionals in the past but the fabric on them was not machine washable and faded quickly. I also found that the cushions on the Lovesac are of better quality and last much longer. If you have pets that climb on furniture this would make it worth it alone.

In 2021 Lovesac Introduced the StealthTech technology which adds Harmon Kardon speakers inside your Lovesac couch for the ultimate surround sound experience that you can feel and hear but not see. It’s a great way to get surround sound without ugly speakers and wires everywhere. Check out this Stealth Tech video below