comma comforter review
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Recently updated on September 30th, 2020 at 11:28 pm

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Both Sleep Sherpa and Comma bedding have missions that intersect, to make your room and life as cozy as possible. Aside from a good mattress and pillows, the right bedding can make all the difference. Choosing the right comforter depends on your climate, whether you sleep hot or cool and what textiles feel best to you. The Comma eucalyptus comforter is made with 80% lyocell. I’m a big fan of this fiber because it is super soft and silky but also more breathable than cotton. Below are my findings.

Ordering your Comma Comforter

Your Comma comforter will arrive in a box but inside the box, you will it inside a reusable bag. You can use this bag to store the comforter for the season when it may be time to switch to a warmer comforter or just keep it to store other things like and extra blanket or pillow.

comma comforter bag


comma zipper

Inside the bag the comforter is wrapped in plastic just to make sure that it stays clean in case it the package gets wet.

inside comma bag

Here’s the comforter inside the plastic.

comma plastic bag

Construction of the Comma Comforter

Below are the construction specs as listed on the Comma Home website.

  • Fabric naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Queen (90″ x 94″)
  • King (94″ x 108″)
  • 8 duvet loops for securing to duvet covers
  • Made of 80% Lycoell & 20% Polyester from 100% recycled water bottles. Our recycled polyester eliminates the chance of unwanted microbes from forming and keeps your comforter looking silky smooth.

How Much Does the Comma Comforter Cost?

A queen size currently retails for $129 and a king is $169. Shipping is free and you get a 30-day trial, no questions asked.

My Comma Comforter Findings

There’s a lot to appreciate about this comforter. First, it’s a great price. A similar comforter, the Buffy costs $30 more in each size however the Buffy is 100% eucalyptus fiber versus an 80/20 blend for the Comma.

I also really like the gusset edge. It gives the comforter some extra thickness at the end which will help fill up your duvet insert and make your bed look a bit better.

comma duvet loop

There are also loops on each corner to tie or clip your duvet cover making it easy to put on and take off.

comma comforter

Here’s what the comforter looks like after washing. Yes, it is machine washable but like with all comforters, especially king-size, the can take a long time to dry. I put it on a few dry cycles and moved it around inside the drum so it would dry faster. You can always line dry it but of course, that will take longer. After a wash and a long dry cycle, I didn’t notice any damage or wear.

comma comforter

My Comma Comforter Recommendation

The Comma comforter is a great choice for people that are looking for something that is easy maintenance, looks great and sleeps cool. Given the construction is also priced right. I found to be just slightly heavier than the Buffy. The gusseted edge is a great touch and something that I don’t come across often but really does make a difference.  With their 30 day, “no questions aked” return policy, this is a comforter I would strongly urge you to consider.

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Amerisleep Duvet
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Recently updated on May 12th, 2020 at 01:35 pm

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Amerisleep is best known for its line of mattresses. Over the years they have expanded their offerings to include pillows, bases and bedding. Most recently they have launched the Recover+ Duvet. This is a duvet insert that is made with Celliant technology. Celliant is a fiber that can turn body heat into infrared energy to promote circulation and improve sleep. Amerisleep incorporates Celliant fibers in their mattresses as well.

Overview of the Recover+ Duvet

This duvet is available exclusively through their website. My duvet took about a week to arrive at my doorstep. It comes in a standard box but inside the box you will find that it is protected in a zippable bag which can be reused to store the duvet when not in use or to store your old duvet.

amerisleep duvet

amerisleep zipper

How Much Does the Recover+ Duvet Cost?

The duvet comes in 3 sizes.

Twin XL – $250
Full/Queen – $290
King – $350

Construction of the Amerisleep Duvet

Below are the key construction details provided by Amerisleep.

  • Fabric: 46% Celliant®, 54% Cotton
  • Fiber fill: 42% Lyocell, 29% Celliant®, 29% polyester

Twin XL

68″ W x 88″ L
5.28 lbs.


90″ W x 94″ L
7.92 lbs.


104″ W x 94″ L
8.36 lbs.

The Recover+ Duvet comes with a 1-year limited warranty. If you experience any manufacturing or cosmetic defects, we will replace your duvet free of charge. (This includes seams that come apart from faulty sewing.)

The Recover+ Duvet comes with free shipping. Provided we have the size you want in stock, your order will ship within 3-5 business days. After your order ships, it should arrive within 5 business days.

My Amerisleep Recover+ Duvet Findings and Recommendation

The first thing that struck me about this duvet is that it is grey. Duvet inserts are normally white and I was concerned that the color would show through my white duvet cover but that wasn’t the case.

I have been sleeping on this duvet for over a month now and it does a great job or regulating temperature, not too hot and not too cold. I now live in San Diego where the nights can get chilly and if you leave your window open at night it can get cool in the bedroom. This duvet kept me cozy all night.

Conversely, now that it is May, the days are getting considerably warmer and my house stays warmer at night. That said, my wife still enjoys sleeping with this duvet which says a lot. Normally we switch to the Buffy Breeze during the summer but that may not be necessary with this duvet. The duvet is made with 42% lyocell which is a great material for keeping you cool and is the same material found in the Buffy Breeze.

The Amerisleep Recover+ also has loops on each corner so that you can easily tie or clip the duvet cover. Tying is my preferred method as I find the clips eventually come loose and you have to hunt for them when washing your bedding.

The label tag asks to dry clean only but I was able to wash it in my washing machine without issue. I also dryed it on low heat. My washing machine does not have an agitator and you should always wash according to the instructions but if necessary washing with a newer high-efficiency washer without agitator may be OK.

amerisleep tag

The king size duvet covered by bed completely so it will fill up the duvet cover nicely. It is pocket stitched so the material won’t bunch up towards one end.

amerisleep duvet on bed

For a duvet insert, the Amerisleep Recover+ is not cheap. My king size duvet retails for $350 but the justification for the price isn’t necessarily the look or feel, its the technology. This is the only duvet I’m aware of that has Celliant. Yes, there are now a handful of mattress brands, including Amerisleep that have Celliant technology but if you want to get the benefits of this technology without having to change mattresses, this is a great option.

Overall this is a great choice for people who are active and want to get the recovery benefits that Cellaint provides without having to switch their mattress. This duvet regulates temperature well and will fill up your duvet cover nicely making it a nice upgrade to your nightly sleep experience.

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pacific coast down review
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Recently updated on October 14th, 2019 at 12:59 pm

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The Hotel Down Comforter

The Hotel Down Comforter is Pacific Coast’s best selling product and it’s no wonder. Designed to be suitable for all climates, it’s density was intended to keep you warm and comfortable, without making you overheat or without it ending up on the floor by morning.

Overview of Hotel Down Comforter

Pacific Coast’s actual name is Pacific Coast Feather Company and they’ve been around since 1884. That being the case, they’re experts in the products that they create, they manufacture them themselves. Because of this, they absolutely offer a warranty. First off, they offer a 30 Night Comfort Guarantee Trial period. In addition to that, they also offer a 30 Day Allergy Free Limited Warranty, and a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

The comforter is made in the USA of imported materials and it’s price ranges from $189.99 for a Twin, to $299.99 for a King. 

  • Twin: $189.99
  • Full:   $199.99
  • Queen: $249.99
  • King: $299.99

Construction of The Hotel Down Comforter

Pacific Coast utilizes what they call a Barrier Weave® Fabric. This refers to a fabric that is weaved so intelligently that it’s highly unlikely for down to escape from the comforter itself. In old and poorly designed comforters, whether they contain down or another material, you’ve most likely experienced what it’s like when you shake out a comforter, either to freshen it or when you’re making the bed. With their comforters, this is a rare and unlikely experience. 

They put their goose down through a process called the Hyperclean® Process. This is a rigorous cleaning process that removes dirt, dust and any other allergens that could irritate you or that could compromise the condition of the comforter in the short and long term. To further emphasize their (well-intended and much respected) OCD nature when it comes to how they clean, they also provide their customers with a 30 Day Allergy-Free Warranty.

The comforter is stitched with a Sewn Through Box design. This means that the comforter has a grid-like pattern all throughout it, so that the down doesn’t shift from one side to the other. That means it’s evenly dispersed throughout the entire surface area of the blanket.

Sizes available

  • Twin: 63″ x 86″
  • Full: 82” x 89”
  • Queen: 90” x 89”
  • King: 108” x 96”


  • 230 Thread count 100% fabric
  • Barrier Weave® down proof fabric

Materials used for filling

  • 550 Power Hyperclean® down

My Pacific Coast Hotel Down Comforter Findings

My Pacific Coast Hotel Down Comforter Recommendation

Having reviewed another down comforter by Pacific Coast in the past, I already knew what to expect in terms of quality because they make high quality products. The first comforter that I tried however, was so comforting that it enveloped you. It was honestly overwhelming. Sleeping through the night, I found that it was too much. It kept me warm but warmer than I needed, to the point where it wasn’t effective anymore. Had I lived in Ottawa (Canada) that comforter would have been perfect but I don’t. Living in New York, however, the Hotel Down Comforter is just right. It’s true that there’s a bit of change in terms of the material. It’s not as light as the first comforter I have tried but the material used for this one isn’t bad, it’s just different. 

When I first opened the comforter, I could already tell there was a lot less down than I expected (keep in mind, the first comforter that I tried from this brand was HUGE!) but this was GOOD because down keeps you warm and you don’t need a tremendous amount of it. That’s the key thing. Remember that: you don’t need a lot. Goose down is like salt, you only need a little to make a huge difference. 

The first time I laid down with this comforter over me, I was so pleasantly surprised. The comforter didn’t consume me! It was actually quite nice. The company choose the perfect density of goose down. I have to say that I was quite impressed. It kept me warm and comfortable. I didn’t feel like it was too much in the slightest and I do believe that it would be great for spring, fall and winter. Summer here is obviously hot so we need not worry about that but overall, I’m really impressed.

If there was one thing that I would change is, I would have loved to see this comforter available in an alternate stitch pattern. This one is known for its box stitch pattern but I’m really fond of the stitch pattern that includes a border along the perimeter of the comforter. I feel like in terms of longevity and overall comfort, that that would be ideal but that’s just a preference, not necessarily a need/requirement in order for it to work as it’s intended to.

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buffy breeze review
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Recently updated on April 21st, 2020 at 07:00 pm

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Buffy is one of the most popular comforter brands online. They made a splash with their debut model made of eucalyptus fibers. The now offer a lightweight version of the original called the Buffy Breeze that is perfect for people that tend to sleep warm but still want to bundle up. I think it’s ideal for the spring and summer or even year-round for hot sleepers.  This comforter is lightweight and the eucalyptus fibers have a sort of silky feel.  The Buffy Breeze comes with a 7-day trial and a Full/Queen size retails for $210.

Ordering Your Buffy

Buffy is only available through the Buffy website. After placing your order your comforter should arrive in about 4-5 business days. It comes in a box like the one below. Buffy is one of the few comforter companies that offer a trial period. Although it’s only 7 days, you’ll know right away whether or not it’s right for you. Here are the details per the website:

We offer a 7 night trial period to let you sleep with our products before you commit to buying. Your Buffy will ship within 1 business day via UPS ground (3-5 business days for most customers, next day for NYC customers). After you place your order, a temporary hold will be applied to the card you use at checkout, which may appear as “pending” or “processing” on your account.

If you decide Buffy is not right for you, initiate your return within 30 days by calling (855) 466-4812, Mon-Fri 9:30am-6pm EST.


Buffy Box

Here’s what it looks like out of the box.

buffy open box

When you open the box you will find a nice eye mask that pairs well with your new Buffy comforter.

Buffy eye mask

Overview of the Buffy Breeze

In the video below I highlight some of the unique features of the Buffy. You can see from the packaging that they pay a lot of attention to details. You even get your own Buffy sleep mask.

How Much Does the Buffy Breeze Cost?

Here are the prices of the comforter as of this writing:

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$170
Cal King$250

Construction of the Buffy Breeze

300 thread count cover.

The cover of the Buffy Breeze is made with 100% eucalyptus fiber, also known as lyocell. This is a sustainable material that is sourced from eucalyptus trees and spun into a fiber. Similar to bamboo.

The inside of the Buffy is made of recycled polyester made from bpa-free PET water bottles.

Buffy recommends a dry cleaning to keep its shape and the use of a duvet cover to keep it clean between washes.

My Buffy Breeze Findings

What I first noticed about the Buffy Breeze was how light and soft it felt. It gives you a nice cozy feeling without weighing you down. I found that it’s perfect for summer nights when the AC is on and a top sheet just won’t cut it. The stitching throughout the comforter ensures that the material stays in place so you get even heat retention.

I recommend using a duvet cover with the Buffy and they included loops in each corner so that you can tie your duvet directly to the comforter. This is my favorite method of securing a duvet since clips can often come loose.

buffy loops

My Buffy Breeze Recommendation

If you are looking for a sustainable, down alternative comforter that feels great and is good for the planet, the Buffy Breeze is an excellent choice. As someone who tends to sleep warm anyway, I could see myself using this year round. Since you have the 7-night trial option, you also get peace of mind knowing you can return it if it’s not right for you.

Not only does this mattress feel great, but it will also look great on your bed.

Shop the Buffy Breeze

Sherpa DealGet $20 off your Buffy Comforter at checkout with coupon code RMN Activate Here

Pacific Coast Lunesse Comforter Review
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Overview of the Lunesse Comforter

The Lunesse Comforter is a mid-range White Goose Down comforter made by Pacific Coast, a company who understands that the devil is in the details. The company gives you a 30 Night Comfort Guarantee to make sure that you absolutely love the comforter and honestly, it’s difficult not to. The purchase includes an Allergy Free Limited Warranty as well as a 10 Year Limited Warranty. With 600 Fill Power, it’s more than adequate for cold, winter days and the batiste cotton, that’s known to be one of its most distinguishing features, is one of the lightest fabrics in the industry, allowing for a comforter that isn’t heavy and one that can maintain it’s poof with ease. The goose down is also sourced responsibly which is a nice plus.

lunesse goose down comforter on bed

Construction of the Lunesse Comforter

The Lunesse comforter is available in two sizes: Queen and King. The measurements are as follows:

Full/Queen: 90” x 98”

King/CalKing: 108” x 98”

The comforter’s most essential ingredient, the goose down, is sewn into a barrier weave down proof fabric that keeps feathers from flying. Also, to be more specific, goose down doesn’t refer to traditional feathers, (such as quills, which would be the main wing or tail feathers) but the soft material found on the breast of a goose. Down clusters are described to be light, soft and fluffy. They have no hard elements.  It’s known for all of this as well as it’s unbelievable (aka magical) insulating properties.

This goose down comforter has been sewn with 370 thread count batiste cotton fabric which is known to be 30% lighter than other comparable fabrics. Batiste is defined as “a fine cloth made from cotton, wool, polyester, or a blend, and is the softest of the lightweight opaque fabrics.” Aside from preventing you from feeling like your blanket weighs too much, or is suffocating somehow, fabric like this allows the down feathers to breathe and maintain their loft. In this case, the fabric is utilized to literally not weigh things down.

opaque batiste cotton fabric in comforter

Moving on to the inside, the duvet consists of 600 fill power of Hyperclean® white goose down. One person mentioned in their review of the product, on the company page, that the comforter was “noisy,” further explaining that, “it is crinkly sounding and is annoying while sleeping or even just lounging in bed. Also the loft is very thin. It is not fluffy at all. Very flat and thin.”

But this individual was just unfortunately uninformed and besides, my out-of-the-box experience was much different. The company wrote back explaining that as a result of the nature of down proof fabric, that the material can be stiff when new, which can result in the noise this person was experiencing. The same remedy to soften the fabric is one that would also open up the down clusters to give it the decadent feel (and loft) it was missing from out-of-the-box. Pacific Coast Bedding recommends the following:

If you have access to a large dryer, place your comforter with a couple of clean tennis balls (or dryer balls), a fabric softener sheet, and lightly damp washcloth. Tumble your comforter on low heat until the washcloth is dry, for most dryers 15-20 minutes. The steam from the washcloth will open up the down clusters, while the fabric softener sheet will soften the fabric without adhering to the down.

As consumers, something we must keep in mind is that companies need to do a lot of different things to deliver their products to us in a way that is feasible for all parties. Pillows are often compressed and the same goes for bedding. It will always come folded. Figuring out how the product should perform best is reliant upon our own investigation.

My Lunesse Comforter Findings

When you touch the comforter by hand, or when you feel it above you, it’s evident that this is a high quality product. That’s because you can FEEL only softness. There are no quills, no roughness, no hard spots, nothing that appears to not belong. It’s of quality because of its consistency.

I saw a tiny little cluster of down in the air only once, about 1 cm in size, and that was it. The manner in which the batiste cotton fabric was sewn must be meticulous to allow air to circulate but to not allow any of the down to escape from it. It’s actually really quite impressive when you think about how much goose down, how many clusters had to be used, in a single comforter.

lunesse comforter digital drawing

The sewn through box design and the comfort lock border is a must and I can’t imagine a manufacturer creating a product like this without it. I have seen comforters made of synthetic materials sewn in a different manner but this grid-like compartment system is key because the down wouldn’t stay in place otherwise and it also works to keep it evenly distributed, which works well not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of efficiency.

pacific coast comforter duvet loop corner

Their printed duvet loops were a real treat. This type of comforter is not one you just throw on top of your bed. It belongs in a duvet cover, to protect it and to dress it as you like. Without these duvet loops, the comforter would absolutely not have stayed in place throughout the night. My partner moves around in bed and it’s frustrating enough to find pillows on the floor or the bed sheets all pulled to one side but it’s always nice to see that the duvet hasn’t moved (because it can’t, yay!)


One comment that I made in the video was that I would not recommend this comforter for any season except for winter but that might have been far too quick of an assumption. I do heat my home considerably and didn’t initially factor this in when trying out the comforter. Goose down duvet regulates temperature itself and you heating up your home or heating it up too much may make this sort of comforter feel excessive.

It’s not labeled to be an all-season comforter but it is said to be good for varying climates. Apparently all-season duvet comforters come in a set of 2, one which is lighter, the other thicker, so be mindful to read everything when you’re shopping around. In this case, the comforter is only a single layer.

My Pacific Coast Lunesse Comforter Recommendation

In comparison to duck down, goose down is definitely the better option and not because it’s traditionally the more POPULAR option. In fact, it’s been the more popular option because goose down is harvested in larger clumps and makes for a lighter and more efficient insulator in comparison to duck down, which can only be harvested in smaller clumps. There are also a lot more ducks than geese, typically resulting in lower production costs but goose down is still the more premium material.

I love this comforter. The Lunesse Goose Down Comforter is exactly the kind of luxury that’s been missing from my life. Winter is not my favorite season and getting through it always comes with some struggle.

lunesse comforter construction

While I’m from Europe, Poland specifically, and while goose down pillows and comforters are the standard in Europe, I don’t remember what my experience was like sleeping with goose down products as a kid because I left the country when I was young. In America, goose down isn’t the standard here because it’s not as readily available. Because it is a more premium product in the states, the price of it can be just as exclusive. This comforter is no excuse in that regard but it’s not the highest priced I’ve seen. It’s also not just priced high for the sake of it; it legitimately comes down to quality and I feel that this is a high quality item. I’ve never felt so comforted and so warm from a comforter. I really did feel insulated as if I was in my own cocoon.

One thing that I wasn’t very impressed with and that I would change immediately is the packaging. It was really nothing special. The plastic comforter blanket storage bag was relatively cheap and plain. It was difficult to unzip as one of the zippers were defective but I was happy there were two so there was no need to reach for the box cutter. The branding overall could be better and the first place I’d improve that is with their physical presentation of the product. While Pacific Coast does have affordable options as far as down comforters go, I still think there’s no reason why they can’t improve the covers they package they comforters in. It’d be nice if it was more durable and looked nicer, not just because I would like it but because if this is supposed to be perceived as high end, even if it is the more affordable end of high end, it still needs to look like the luxury good that it is.

lunesse comforter before unboxing

The unboxing experience is always the most exciting but there was something else that upset me a little. When I had opened the package, the product cover didn’t actually specify that it was in fact the Lunesse Comforter so, I had assumed that I might have gotten the wrong item. Lunesse wasn’t written anywhere. I checked the item number on the order number and compared it to the invoice that was attached and it was the same. I also called the company to check the UPC code and they confirmed that I did, in fact, receive the correct item. Shortly after, I found out that they had actually decided to discontinue the item, which could be the reason behind the uninteresting packaging and why they might have gone with something more generic. You can still find the Lunesse product page online but you’ll see that there’s no inventory and that it has been removed from the main down comforter product listing page.

I called Pacific Coast Feather Company to get a suggestion of what comforters would work best in replacement of the Lunesse Comforter and there were two I was recommended: The Deluxe Oversized Comforter and the Supima Cotton Luxury Down Comforter. I put together a table below to help you understand the similarities and differences between the three.

Overall I’m really impressed with the company, with their products and how they carry themselves overall (customer service was very gracious and informative). Packaging appearance could use an upgrade but the actual product itself is a solid one.

Cumulus Lightweight Comforter slumbercloud
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="" rel="bookmark">Slumber Cloud Cumulus Lightweight Comforter Review</a></h2>

Recently updated on September 2nd, 2018 at 08:04 am

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If you find yourself waking up hot or cold at night, you may want to consider this comforter. I received a free Cumulus lightweight comforter from SlumberCloud for review. When it comes to a duvet, everyone wants that perfect balance between comfort and weight. Those who sleep hot will eventually kick off the duvet by the middle of the night when they start to sweat. Or they might find the duvet too heavy for comfort. In both cases, the duvet turns out to be insufficient for aiding in proper rest.

Why is  A Comforter Essential?

Whether you tend to sweat at night or get chilly, a lightweight comforter can be the perfect balance of comfort and weight. It will keep you warm without being too heavy for comfort. Traditional comforters are usually heavier and don’t come with proper airflow leading to heat and moisture build-up. Modern comforters are completely different, made with advanced technology that balance warmth, airflow, and ventilation.

New Age Comforter for All Type of Sleep Environments

The Cumulus Lightweight Comforter by Slumber Cloud is just what you need. The comforter, made with advanced technology, claims to automatically adjust the airflow, temperature, and coolness to keep the sleeper comfortable all the time. The entire range of Cumulus bedding by Slumber Cloud uses innovative design and construction to create products that keeper the sleeper comfortable by automatically finding the perfect temperature. They make everything from mattresses to comforters and sheets, which can be bought for attractive discounts on their site. They also have plenty of positive reviews to back their products.

Science Behind Slumber Cloud Comforter

The Slumber Cloud Company says that pulling and tugging at the sheets happens because of a build-up of humidity between the mattress and the top cover. This is why Slumber Cloud uses the Outlast technology to stabilize humidity and adjust the temperature. The core of the duvet is made of soft polyester fiberfill and encased in a breathable 300 thread count damask cotton cover. This makes the duvet of the perfect weight to provide comfort and never get hot. Slumber Cloud also recommends using the Stratus Duvet Cover for enhanced temperature regulation.

Sleep Technology at its Finest

The patented Outlast technology is the same temperature regulating technology that NASA astronauts use in their spacesuits. In this technology, the comforter is made up of thousands of microscopic beads known as Thermocules™. Each of these beads has a specific temperature that counteracts fluctuations in temperature. When your body temperature rises, the beads in the comforter absorb the excess heat to keep you cool. When the temperature drops, the beads then release the heat to keep you comfortable. The Outlast technology also helps control humidity by mitigating heat, so you can sleep soundly without pulling and kicking at the covers.

The Cumulus Lightweight Comforter is not only comfortable to use and light enough to keep on your bed all the time but is also easy to clean and care for. You can simply put the comforter in the washing machine and dryer and follow the instructions on the tag. There is no special requirement for the comforter because it is durable and sturdy while being soft and comfortable at the same time.

This is a thin, lightweight comforter but it will keep you warm when needed.

It also has loops to make tying your duvet cover easy if you choose. You can also just use this as a quilt without duvet cover.


The box stitching keeps the material in place for a consistent amount of insulation across the comforter.

The Cumulus lightweight comforter may be unlike any other duvet you have ever tried. If you sleep hot and get uncomfortable with your current comforter, try the Cumulus to find a new favorite.

Shop SlumberCloud


Sol Organics Comforter
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="" rel="bookmark">The Organic Cotton Down Comforter from SOL Organics</a></h2>

Recently updated on December 15th, 2017 at 03:24 pm

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Sol Organics is well known for their Fair Trade, Organic Cotton sheets. They have recently added an organic cotton and down comforter to their bedding collection. You can choose from two options, the summer which is a lower fill power at 600 loft or all season with a higher fill power at 700 loft. A queen size all season comforter retails for $350. This down duvet is the perfect addition to your organic bedroom.

Ordering your SOL  Organic Cotton Down Comforter

You can order this comforter direct from the SOL Organics website. After placing your order the comforter should arrive in about a week. The comforter will arrive in a zippered package that keeps it clean and can be used to store it when not in use. SOL offers a 30 day trial period where you can try out their bedding for 30 days and if it’s not right for you, they will issue you a refund. Please note that used bedding will incur a $9.99 processing fee.

Construction of the Organic Down Comforter

You can choose from two types of comforters on their website. The Summer comforter is a 600 fill power which means it has a lower insulation rating than the All Season. I would recommend this one for people living in more temperate climates. If you live in a northern state like me, I would go with the All Season. The All Season has a 700 fill power which will make you a bit more cozy on those cold winter nights.

Here are more details as listed on the SOL Organics Website:

• 100% Canadian Duck Down
• 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Shell
• Baffle Box Construction
• Made in Canada
• Lifetime Warranty
Size Guide
Product Size Season Dimensions Fill Weight
Twin / Twin XL Summer 64” x 90” 600 Loft 14 oz.
Twin / Twin XL All Season 64” x 90” 700 Loft 18 oz.
Full / Queen Summer 88” x 90” 600 Loft 19 oz.
Full / Queen All Season 88” x 90” 700 Loft 25 oz.
King / Cal King Summer 104” x 90” 600 Loft 23 oz.
King / Cal King All Season 104” x 90” 600 Loft 31 oz.

My SOL Organics Comforter Findings

For the quality and money, you will be hard-pressed to find a better comforter. You may be able to find something comparable made in China but this ethically sourced down that is traceable.  The down used in this comforter is part of a program called the Canada Goose Down Transparency Standard. This standard ensures that the down is sourced from animals that have not been subjected to any unfair practices, willful mistreatment or undue harm, and materials are fully traceable throughout the supply chain.

The outer cover of the comforter is made with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton. This is in keeping with SOL’s mission of providing sustainable, ethically sourced products.

The comforter feels wonderful. Because both the all season and summer versions are a high fill power they are light but insulate well. They fit easily into a duvet cover. Right now SOL is offering a bundle deal where you can get the comforter, duvet cover, a fitted and flat sheet along with pillowcases for one low price. It’s the perfect way to make complete your organic bedroom.

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