Logan and Cove Mattress
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The Logan and Cove mattress is an online mattress in a box company that is exclusive to Canada. This is a mattress that includes springs and foam, also known as a hybrid mattress that has a medium firm feel and comes with a 15-year warranty. This is one of the few mattresses that comes out of the box with a pillow top. A queen size currently retails for $999 Canadian which is a tremendous deal. It also comes with a 120 night trial with free delivery and returns taking away all the pain points of purchasing a mattress.

Overview of the Logan and Cove Mattress

Below is a video overview of the Logan & Cove. You’ll notice that it has an actual pillow top. I haven’t seen many of these that come in a box let alone one that sells in Canada.

Logan and Cove is a Canadian company and they made an intentional decision to only sell to Canadian residents. This mattress is also made in Canada.

Construction of the Logan and Cove Mattress

Below are the construction specifications of the Logan and Cove according to their website.

Logan and Cove Construction

A – Eucalyptus-derived Fiber Top Cover
Silky smooth and wicks moisture away

B – Silk Blend Pillow-Top Fill
Temperature regulating and breathable

C – 1” Cooling Gel Foam
Dissipates heat while it cradles your body

D – 1” Contouring Eco Foam
E – 2” Supportive Eco Foam

Cushioned contouring support

F – Individually Pocketed Coils
Adaptive, responsive, motion isolating support

My Logan and Cove Findings

In terms of firmness, the Logan and Cove is slightly on the firmer end of the spectrum. Even though it has a pillow top, you won’t sink into this mattress too much.

Here’s a picture of my 14 lb. bowling ball on the mattress. As you can see there’s not too much sink. This makes the mattress easy to move around on. The pillow top also has a quick recovery so you won’t get that stuck feeling.

Logan and Cove Sink

In terms of motion transfer, the Logan and Cove is designed with a pocket coil spring system. These springs act independently which isolate motion. The added pillow top will also help isolate motion

Here’s a video to illustrate the point.

Does the Logan and Cove Sleep Hot? You would think with a pillow top you can expect more heat retention. But that’s not the case with this mattress. It could be the eucalyptus fiber derived cover and the silk blend fill in the pillow top that help but I think it’s the fact that the pillow top isn’t too thick. Some pillow tops can be 3-4 inches thick which makes you really sink in and get surrounded. With this mattress you won’t feel the pillow top surrounding you too much.

Here’s a video that illustrates heat retention on this mattress. For context, it seems to behave similarly to many of the spring hybrid mattresses I have reviewed. Coil systems just breathe more than an all foam bed which helps tremendously.

My Logan and Cove Recommendation

There are plenty of all foam online mattress brands out there but this is the only Canadian brand that I have found that ships to Canada, comes delivered conveniently in a box and gives you a true pillow top feel. I recommend the Logan and Cove for sleepers looking for a traditional mattress feel that is just slightly on the firmer end of the spectrum. Hot sleepers will also enjoy this mattress.

Learn more about this awesome Canadian Mattress.

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