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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

Hot sleepers don’t have it easy and in some cases, we can’t help that we sweat when we sleep. It’s a problem, not just for us but especially when we’re sharing the bed with someone else. Sometimes sleeping hot makes it difficult to even get solid sleep at night, which can then impact so many other parts of our lives. I’m a hot sleeper myself so I can relate. It’s certainly not ideal. The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket for hot sleepers is designed to keep you cool and sweat-free overnight. By wicking away sweat quickly and efficiently, the blanket keeps you cool and comfortable without any added stress. It was created with the intention to help you wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and dry.

elegear cooling blanket folded on sofa

Overview of The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for any reason, making it an irresistible offer for anyone who is tired of waking up drenched in sweat.

All their products come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Used and undamaged products can be returned for full refund within 30 days of purchase. 

Construction of The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

One thing I’d like to note is that it’s better to pay attention to the actual dimensions of the blanket, rather than the name or classification of the size, when it comes to purchasing. Some of their sizing/names don’t seem to line up with traditional bedding sizes so just be aware of this. Look at the actual in/cm provided and not the name.

“Twin” 51” x 67”
“Twin” 59” x 79”
“Queen & King” 79” x 86”
“King” 90“ x 108”
Twin 66” x 95”
Full 80” x 90”
Queen 90” x 100”
King 108” x 100”
California King 110” x 100 (varies)

elegear cooling blanket care instructions

When it comes to the materials of the Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket, one side is made of 100% cotton and the other side (the cooling side) is made of 80% mica nylon and 20% polyethylene. This mica nylon and polyethylene blend is what gives Elegear’s Arc-Chill Fabric its cooling abilities.

It first wasn’t clear if Arc-Chill was Elegear’s trademark or a separate company all together but I eventually figured it out. I checked out Arc-Chill’s Facebook page and when I clicked the main CTA button to “Learn More,” it redirected me straight to Elegear’s website so yes, Arc-Chill is most likely a trademark of Elegear.

elegear cooling blanket on couch

The Elegear fabric is a smart fabric, which requires some care if you want to maintain it and have it last. Excess heat can destroy some fabrics; some textiles just do not belong in a drying machine. So, while it is machine washable, it should be handled as a “delicate,” and it should also be air-dried, and Elegear further emphasizes, preferably “in the shade.”

My Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket Findings

I was completely skeptical about Elegear’s revolutionary cooling blanket. Amazon products can be hit or miss, Elegear doesn’t sound at all like a domestic brand name (because it isn’t) so I didn’t trust it and I wondered how much of its popularity was due to hype. My experience on Amazon has been mostly good, and I would think like most people, I’ve experienced my share of being met with both high-quality and low-quality products when it came time to arrive. It’s probably silly to doubt it so much; they do, after all, have the best customer service experience ever; they don’t even rely on USPS or UPS for their own shipping. They have their own planes, their own trucks! They ship at lightning speed and if you’re unhappy, you can return almost anything and everything. But enough about Amazon for now.

Elegear surprised me in a very positive way. While I was filming the review, I had a difficult time distinguishing how to get the best “experience” and how to best “test” the fabric. Knowing the Q max value and understanding the Q max index intrigued me on an intellectual level but it didn’t answer my questions. After taking a few days away from the product, I eventually figured it out and I realized what everyone else has said: it really is cooling!

elegear cooling blanket folded on sofa_v2

If you want to test the fabric, you need to cover a lot of surface area. I tried this out by cloaking it over my bare shoulders and later after laying it down on my bed, and then laying on top of it. Then I really understood and felt the difference. Covering a hand or a piece of your arm probably won’t do it justice and that was my initial mistake. It’s also going to confuse you if you’re covered in a lot of fabric as it is; I got the best impression/effect on bare skin.

elegear cooling blanket two sides cooling side

I’m glad I didn’t force a decision and come here and proclaim that it’s ineffective because that wouldn’t be true. Elegear’s Revolutionary Cooling Blanket works but it’s also not a block of ice so your expectations should be kept in check. I first suggest understanding just how “cooling” you want it. Maybe sleeping with an ice pack will work for some people but for something more subtle and gentle, and that doesn’t require nearly as much thought, a cooling blanket could do.

My Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket Recommendation

The Elegear cooling blanket promises to keep you free of sweat and cool during the night. For those that can’t sleep without one, a blanket like this can be exactly what you need for the warmer months until winter takes us all back to hell. It was designed with hot sleepers in mind. I have no doubt that those prone to hot, sleepless nights could benefit from a cooling blanket like this one.

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best boho bedding
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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Boho style is the new trending hot favorite of the season in both personal and home fashion. It is always a great idea to spruce up your personal space with a few statement pieces to give you a good chance of perspective and keep things exciting. The best thing about Boho fashion is that it is a simple style that works with all types of colors, patterns, and textures. You can go loud with bold colors and patterns or go you go simple with neutral shades and patterns. It depends on what suits your fancy. The one thing about Boho is that this style imbibes a carefree, relaxed, and laid-back vibe that relies heavily on different textures and patterns to give an open feel.

Whether you are new to the Boho vibe or a seasoned Bohemian fashionista, the best way to do up your bedroom with this look is by incorporating statement bedroom pieces that will refresh the look and feel of your personal resting place. Boho bedding is all about fun colors that can be bold and vibrant or soft and refreshing. The one thing that sets it apart is the fun embellishments that define “Boho Chic”. You will get tassels and fringes with little side edgings to make the bedding decidedly Boho. You will find the best Boho bedding pieces to suit any budget and give your bedroom a quick Boho makeover.

Top Bohemian Bedroom Accessories and Furnishings

Lush Decor Pinstripe Comforter

boho comforter

This is the most highly rated boho comforter on Amazon. It’s also incredibly affordable. Complete the boho look with this reversible 7 piece bedding set from Lush Decor. It’s perfect for giving your bedroom a quick makeover or to transform an AirBnB into an Instagram worthy bedroom.

Product Details:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Bright, colorful and unique design with floral and geometric striped patterns for a mix of modern and bohemian bedding style.
  • Lush Décor Bohemian stripe comforter is the ideal piece for your rustic, yet chic, bohemian bedroom decor.
  • Soft, beautifully designed comforter made from 100% polyester – perfectly weighted, all season bedding. 230 GSM comforter.
  • 7 piece full queen comforter set includes a reversible comforter (92 x 108 inches), 2 shams (20 x 36 inches + 2 inch flange), 2 Euro Shams (26 x 26 inches + 2 inch flange) a square pillow (16 x 16 inches) and a matching bed skirt (84″H x 72″W + 14. 5″ drop)
  • Both comforter and shams are easy to care for and safe to machine wash and tumble dry. Spot clean pillow. Follow care instructions on label.

Annika Cozy Blanket by Johnny Was

Best Boho Blanket

There is nothing more soul-warming than a cozy blanket to curl up in with a hot mug of coffee to sip on. It brings to mind mindfulness in refreshing tones. The Annika Cozy Blanket by Johnny Was will instantly uplift your bedroom by breathing fresh life and vibrancy through its bold colors and print. It is a classic patchwork design with different bohemian prints in each square piece. The blanket is an all-season blanket that works well as a throw too. The extremely soft textured blanket brings together multiple colors like teal, yellow, pink, green, and blues in a nice paisley print.

The beautiful design is complemented with lovely craftsmanship that makes it truly special and well worth the premium price tag. It has a sherpa lining to keep you warm and toasty and comes with a matching bag. This makes it very convenient to carry around and store when not in use. It weighs a mere 6lbs making it a perfect wrap for the chilly evenings.

Product Details

  • Sherpa polyester
  • Comes with a matching bag
  • Weighs 6 lbs.
  • Size: 75 x 68 inches

Wash and Care Instructions

  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Tumble dry on low setting
  • No Bleach
  • Air dry with a warm iron

Azalea Skye Cusco Rhombus 3-Piece Reversible Full/Queen Duvet Cover Set in Beige


A duvet cover is one of the biggest bedding pieces in the bedroom. It not only protects your duvet from general wear and tears and from getting dirty but also serves as a fashion statement for your bedroom. The Azalea Skye Cusco Rhombus 3-Piece Reversible Full/Queen Duvet Cover Set in Beige is the perfect setting to juice up your bedroom and make it more inviting.

This duvet cover features nice bold Peruvian-inspired diamond motifs in black and paprika set against a backdrop of neutral beige. This is a very minimalistic style that makes for a rich personality. The best part apart from the great pattern and texture is that this duvet is a reversible product. You can easily opt for the other side that reverses into solid ivory if you get bored of the print and want something very neutral. Hence you end up with two products at the price of one. The matching pillows add to the charm and come with a nice complimentary print as well.

Product Details

·       100% polyester material

·       Available in three sizes

·       Pillows have a zip closure

·       Features Peruvian inspired diamond motif pattern

·       Reversible with print on one side and solid ivory color on another side

Wash and Care instructions

·       Machine wash in cold

·       Tumble dry on low

·       Can be ironed at warm heat

Watipaso Linen Embroidered Pillow by Johnny Was

watipaso pillow

Johnny Wass is a great shop for all things Boho and Chic. The brand style resonates with cool breezy colors and wonderful textures that combine to form the soul of any Boho fashion. Their Watipaso Linen Embroidered Pillow is a great statement piece to add to your Boho structured bedroom.

It is a wonderful beige-colored pillow making it perfect for the neutral-toned aesthetics. This is interspersed with lovely multi-colored embroidery thread work. The prominent colors include greens and blues with a handful of pink, yellow, and red. You get a beautiful pattern of peacock staring at one side of the pillow and a zebra looking out from the other diagonal end. To round it off you have lovely tassels hanging from all four sides of the pillow making it an ideal accessory to your bed or the chaise in the bedroom.

Product Details

  • Made of premium quality linen material
  • Features 4 side tassels in a similar color
  • Exquisite threadwork embroidery
  • Features a lovely peacock and zebra pattern
  • Geometrical design on the boundary makes for a lovely contrast

Care and Wash Instructions

  • Hand wash only in cold water
  • Air dry in shade
  • Spot cleaning preferred

Serena & Lily’s Macramé Bedskirt

serena and lily bed skirtYour Boho décor is incomplete without the quintessential bed skirt.  Bed skirts never stand out by themselves but have the important supporting role to make the other décor items in the room shine like the duvet cover.

The Serena & Lily’s Macramé Bedskirt instantly lends a decided boho flair and vibe to the room which makes it a must-have for any bedroom space. It also has the practical edge of covering up the bed legs and hiding the storage boxes under the bed. It is made of premium linen material and is available in five standard bed sizes. You also get to choose between three lovely colors of white, flax, and navy blue. The flax color is the closest to the boho theme but the other two are also great options. The fringed tassels at the hem are the best feature of the bed skirt and lend an upbeat mood to the room.

Product Details

  • 100% premium flax linen
  • 53% linen and 47% cotton for the white and navy color
  • Comes in five standard sizes to fit all bed sizes
  • Available in three colors
  • 100% cotton fringed hem in a similar color
  • 5-inch drop length

Wash and care instructions

  • Machine wash in warm water
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Remove immediately and pull straight to remove wrinkles
  • Do not bleach
  • Don’t wash more than once a month

Coyuchi Morelia Organic Duvet Cover

Coyuchi Duvet CoverThe Coyuchi Morelia Organic Duvet Cover is a great addition to have in your house. It is inspired by the African ikat textile style and is a vintage classic in its own right. Made of 100% organic cotton the material is yarn-dyed and woven on dobby looms. It uses a double beam technique to create a self-pattern of embossed zig-zag lines, diamond patterns, and geometrical outlines.

This duvet cover comes in two colors of ivory and blue. They both have patterns of grey with white and brown sprinkled to create an extremely attractive duvet cover. The cover comes to your doorstep pre-washed to give you a soft and crinkly feel for a perfect texture. You can also use this as a top sheet by itself if you want. The duvet cover has inside ties and organic coconut shell buttons that act as fasteners and is delivered in an organic bag that can also be used as its storage bag.

Product Details

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Yarn-dyed with dobby weave looming
  • Comes in an organic bag for storage
  • GOTS certified
  • Available in two colors and five sizes

Wash and care instructions

  • Machine washable with similar tone colors
  • Use only soft detergents preferably plant-based detergents
  • Do not bleach
  • Fabric softeners are also not recommended
  • Place wool dryers in the drying cycle to soften the cover
  • Warm iron as needed

Decklyn Pillowcase by Johnny Was

One of the easiest ways of infusing new life into your bedroom space or any other space for that matter is by getting on new pillowcases for your pillows. The Decklyn Pillowcase from Johnny Wass is a perfect example of Boho Elegance. A lot of people misinterpret Boho as too loud and maximalist. However, Boho can just as easily be “chic” and “sophisticated” as observed by this pillowcase.

This pillowcase features the signature Johnny Was print in a bold backdrop of indigo and violet. The fabric used is of premium quality and adds to the high quality exuded by this pillowcase. This is a perfect addition to your bedding and will help you sink into a perfect slumber with its rich and silky feel. The flowery design is the perfect Boho style and will easily blend into the theme of your space.

Product Details

  • Made of silk material
  • Features an invisible zipper
  • Size: 20 x 26 inches
  • Indigo and violet backdrop with flowery print in red, yellow, and pink

Wash and care instructions

  • Hand wash only in cold water
  • Air dry in shade
  • Spot cleaning or dry cleaning for stubborn stains

How To Achieve the Perfect Boho Style

If you feel a little out of breath and character thinking about the boho style and don’t know how to go about getting the style right, then these helpful pointers will get you on the fast track to the boho style junction. It is very easy when you get a basic understanding of the concept and work around a few rudimentary principles.

Mix and mix

The best way to get bohemian in your house is to mix as much as you want. This means that you finally have the upper hand in mixing colors, patterns, and textures that might or might not match or compliment each other. Bohemian is a very open style that does not conform to the traditional sense of décor. So, no more worries about styles matching. Just go crazy here.

Try layering

Nothing is more bohemian than throwing textures on top of each other. You can easily put a rug on top of another at a slight angle to create more depth to the room or you can lay a nice chunky throw on the bed for a multi-dimensional vibe.

Experiment with Different Styles

Bohemian style is all about fun and mix-ups. You do not have to stick to a particular style if you are going after a boho look. Jazz things up by mixing mid-century furniture pieces with a modern geometrical design artwork and shaggy rugs to create the balance of traditional and contemporary.

Think Trims, Tassels, and Hems

If you are in doubt about the boho style then opt for décor and accessories that come with surface trims, hemmed edgings, and shaggy tassels at the edges. Look for neutral colors and organic materials with these trappings to get the perfect boho vibe.

Plant Up Your Space

In a bohemian, you can never have enough plants. Make plants your new décor statement and try sprucing up the setting in cloth hangings and macrame planters. You can even add some wicker-style potters to create the perfect setting.

Try Earthy, Organic, and Glamourous Textures Together

The fun part about bohemian style is that it does not conform to any one style or pattern. The boho style is a little all over the place while being understated at the same time. If you are after a sophisticated boho vibe then pair up the rustic earthy tones with your glamourous decors. You can always pair stylish wooden chairs with polished chrome textured leatherette seating to create an inviting ambiance. Bring it up a notch with neutral curtains and a deco wall to tie it all together.

Bottom Line

It is super easy to get on the boho wagon and the style speaks out to the relaxed and casual vibe. It is a mix of random colors, textures, and patterns that somehow all come together to give you a nice inviting ambiance. This list will help you find the best bohemian-style bedroom accessories and pieces to create the perfect boho charm.

Johnny Was for the Best Boho Style

Johnny Was Boho

Johnny Was is a fashion and lifestyle brand that was founded in 1987 in Los Angeles, California. The brand specializes in creating bohemian-inspired clothing and accessories for women, with an emphasis on natural materials, unique patterns, and vintage-inspired designs.

The company was founded by Eli Levite, who had a passion for vintage clothing and a desire to create a brand that incorporated elements of bohemian style. He named the company after his late grandfather, who had a love for colorful and eclectic clothing.

In the early years, Johnny Was primarily focused on creating one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and selling them at local markets and festivals. However, the brand quickly gained a following for its unique and eye-catching designs, and in 1996, Johnny Was opened its first retail store in Santa Monica, California.

Today, Johnny Was has expanded to include a wide range of clothing, accessories, and home decor items, all with a focus on bohemian-inspired style. The brand has also collaborated with a variety of artists and designers to create limited edition pieces, adding to its reputation for offering unique and one-of-a-kind designs.

Overall, the history of Johnny Was is rooted in a love for vintage and bohemian style, and the brand has remained true to its roots by continuing to create beautiful and eclectic pieces that are beloved by fans of bohemian fashion around the world.

Johnny Was is a fashion and lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and home decor items with a focus on bohemian-inspired style. Here are some of the most popular Johnny Was products:

  1. Embroidered Tunics: Johnny Was is perhaps best known for its embroidered tunics, which feature intricate embroidery and unique patterns on lightweight fabrics like cotton and silk. These tunics can be dressed up or down and are a staple of the brand’s bohemian-inspired style.
  2. Printed Dresses: Johnny Was offers a variety of printed dresses in both long and short styles. These dresses often feature bold prints and vibrant colors, adding a playful and free-spirited touch to any wardrobe.
  3. Scarves: Johnny Was scarves are another popular item, often made from luxurious fabrics like silk and cashmere and featuring unique patterns and prints. These scarves can be worn as an accessory to complete any bohemian-inspired outfit.
  4. Kimonos: Johnny Was kimonos are a must-have for any bohemian-inspired wardrobe. These flowy, lightweight pieces often feature embroidery, fringe, and unique prints, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.
  5. Home Decor: In addition to clothing and accessories, Johnny Was also offers a range of home decor items such as bedding, pillows, and throws. These items often feature the brand’s signature prints and embroidery, adding a bohemian touch to any living space.

Overall, Johnny Was offers a wide range of products that appeal to those who love bohemian-inspired style. From embroidered tunics to home decor, the brand’s unique and eclectic designs have made it a favorite among fashion and design enthusiasts around the world.

Rumpl Blanket Review
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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

I recently purchased Rumpl blanket to see what all the fuss was about and it didn’t disappoint. Rumpl started as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2016. It started off as a fleece blanket that was versatile enough for your bed or for camping. Since then, they have come up with other fabrics and designs. Since I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan, I bought a new Vikings-themed Rumpl and gave it a test. Below are my findings and complete Rumpl blanket review.

What is Rumpl?

The Rumpl blanket is a type of outdoor blanket that is designed to be durable, lightweight, and warm. It is made with high-quality materials and features a unique construction that makes it resistant to water, dirt, and odor.

Rumpl blankets are often used for outdoor activities like camping, picnicking, and hiking, but they are also popular for indoor use as well. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, and can be easily packed and transported thanks to their compressible design.

One of the key features of the Rumpl blanket is its insulation, which is made with materials like synthetic fibers, down, or wool. This insulation helps to trap heat and keep you warm in a variety of conditions, from chilly evenings to cold winter nights.

Overall, the Rumpl blanket is a versatile and high-quality outdoor blanket that is designed to meet the needs of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Ordering Your Rumpl Blanket

Rumpl is sold through many retailers now including REI. However, if you order direct through the Rumpl website, there are more options to choose from and shipping is fast. My blanket arrived in about a week in the box below. It is packed like a small sleeping bag which makes it easy to travel with or just throw in your trunk when you need a blanket.

rumpl unboxing

Here’s what it looks like out of the plastic packaging. I just love the Vikings logo and the colors.

rumpl vikings

How Much Does the Rumpl Blanket Cost?

Price varies on the Rumpl depending on what fabric, style or size you go with. Over the years Rumpl has expanded into down and nanoloft fills as well as travel and kids sizes. On average though you are looking to spend around $120. I recommend purchasing directly through Rumpl so that you can take advantage of their 100-night trial. If you don’t like it within the 100 nights, you can initiate a free return through their website.

How Warm is the Rumpl Blanket?

The warmth of the Rumpl blanket depends on which model you choose. They have a variety of materials with varying insulation. The Down Puffy blanket is the warmest with a 600 fill power and will keep you warm in temperatures above 20 degrees.

The Nano Loft blanket is your next best bet where you can sleep in weather above 30 degrees.

The Original Puffy blanket is best used for outdoor sporting events or sitting around a campfire or even an outdoor concert. This will keep you warm in weather about 40 degrees or less depending on how you dress.

Are Rumpl Blankets Durable?

Yes, Rumpl blankets are made with 30D ripstop polyester fabric. This means 30 Denier. It is also coated with water-resistant treatment and is as strong as a fancy tent fabric.

Where Are Rumpl Blankets Made?

Rumpl blankets are made in China and designed in the United States. Hence the NFL and U.S. artist collaborations.

My Rumpl Blanket Findings

The first thing to know about this blanket is that it is made from the same durable material you will find in many camping products. It is made with 100% recyclable 30D ripstop polyester fabric that is stain-resistant and light. Think of a quality sleeping bag in blanket format. Rumpl was the first company I came across to make blankets like this and since then, they have had a cult following. Nowadays they do have generic knockoffs but what they lack is style and other key features. Their partnership with the NFL as well as trending designers have made them a nice piece of art or statement piece.

The Rumpl isn’t my go-to blanket for everything. Often, you will want a softer fabric for movie nights. But if the movie happens to be outdoors or at the campsite, nothing beats a Rumpl. I like that you don’t have to worry about it ripping or staining easily and laying it out on the ground or near the fire is perfectly fine. While not waterproof, they are highly water-resistant and machine washable so they are easy maintenance.

rumpl carbiner

My Rumpl Recommendation

If you like spending time outdoors, the Rumpl is a great choice. It’s one of those blankets you need for each of your cars so that when you have it in an emergency or a spontaneous outing or hike. Yes, it is a lot more than a cheap fleece blanket but after using this for a while, I would never go back to anything else for my outdoor events.

Shop Rumpl

<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/wearable-blanket/" rel="bookmark">Best Wearable Blankets</a></h2>

Recently updated on November 29th, 2020 at 07:53 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Winters remind you of chilly mornings and nippy nights. It brings to mind the sweet memories of wrapping yourself in a blanket with a hot mug of coffee, keeping your hands and insides warm. The delicate sensation of being warm and cozy inside your blanket while gazing at the cold weather outside is one of the best parts of winter.

However, it can be cumbersome to wrap a blanket around you. It is bound to keep slipping away, thereby letting in the cold. It is also not very practical to go about your routine chores with a blanket wrapped around you that keeps getting in the way. The best option for this is a wearable blanket. You put it on just like your sweater, and you are good to go. No more slipping and no more getting in the way with a wearable blanket.

Given the popularity of wearable blankets, you will have no trouble finding plenty of options in the market. You can find one in any size, color, and design you want. You can easily get plushy warm snuggly wearable blankets, soft, thin, and ultra-lightweight ones. You name it, and the market will have it. The flip side to having so many options is that it gets confusing to pick the right one from all that variety. This is where this article will help you. It will not only highlight the benefits of having a wearable blanket and the factors to consider while contemplating buying one but also help you by listing the best wearable blankets in the market.

What Is A Wearable Blanket?

If you have never had a wearable blanket, then you haven’t experienced the best, plushiest, and most deliciously warm comfort you will ever find. A good wearable blanket is one that covers you completely from head to toe. It even features foot sleeves to keep your tootsies all nice and warm.

Just like its name, a wearable blanket is a blanket that is cut and designed like a normal sweater or sweatshirt. It is not tight or figure-hugging but loose and oversized meant for relaxation and lounging at home purpose. The concept is to have a blanket that you can easily wear while going about your home routine. A normal sweater cannot compete with the relaxation and leisure that being wrapped up in a blanket can evoke.

Wearable blankets are also known as blanket sweatshirts or blanket sweaters. They can be only till your knees or be full length to cover your whole body. Regardless of the length, all wearable blankets feature body cocoon coverage. They might or might not have arm sleeves, and some come with hoodies and pockets as well.

Different Types of Wearable Blanket

There are plenty of options in the market. You can differentiate between wearable blankets based on the following features:


Wearable blankets, just like normal blankets, come in a lot of different materials or fabrics. It would help if you opted for the one that best suits your preference.

  • Polyester: Polyester material can be used as the base material of the wearable blanket, or it can be blended with other materials to create the wearable blanket. This is a popular option amongst the manufacturers since polyester is lightweight and cheaper than other more natural fabric options like bamboo or cotton. Further, polyester is also resistant to wrinkles and features high durability.
  • Fleece: Fleece is the preferred option for many looking at wearable blankets. This is because it offers high warmth without the bulkiness. Fleece is a processed form of “Polyethylene Terephthalate,” more popularly known as PET. PET is a form of polyester. Fleece is made after the PET is refined to give a warm, plushy, and soft texture.

The best thing about fleece is that it replicates the warmth and feel of wool without its thickness. Fleece is perfect for those that are looking for a wool-like feeling without the actual wool. It is also a good option for people suffering from wool allergy or people sensitive to wool irritations, especially babies and kids. Cost-wise also fleece is the more economical choice.

  • Microfiber: Another by-product of polyester is microfiber. To be specific, microfiber is produced from the finer strands of polyester. Hence it is known for giving you the extra smoothness and ranks high on the plush and fineness quotient. Unfortunately, being made of fine polyester strands, this material is also not breathable against the skin. You are better off giving this one a miss if you tend to sweat easily.

It mimics the polyester quality of wrinkle resistance and is extremely easy to wash and maintain. It is also the cheapest in the polyester option.

  • Acrylic: If you are looking for an alternative to polyester or its by-products, then acrylic should be your material choice. Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber that looks quite similar to polyester. It sports the luxurious feel of soft cashmere and the rich texture of fur. This makes it a very popular choice for bedding products like throws, blankets, and covers.

You will find a lot of blankets and covers that are made from a blend of polyester and acrylic. Many manufacturers like to use this combination to give an end product that is both silky smooth and durable like polyester and has a rich acrylic quality.

  • Wool: These are the warmest of all wearable blanket material options. Wool is best if you are living in a very cold area. It will warm you from the inside out and might even save you the extra buck in heating costs. However, wool is also known for causing allergies, skin irritations and is not very wash friendly.


Most wearable blankets are designed to cover a major portion of your body. The two prominent designs are:

  • Full arm and leg sleeves: These are akin to full bodysuits. They might have closed leg sleeves like a bunny suit, or they might be only till the ankles.
  • Only arm sleeves: These feature arm sleeves but no leg sleeves. This means that they are open from the bottom. They can be full length till your toes, or they can be half till your knees or calves.
  • Sleeveless: These wearable blankets are without both arm and leg sleeves. They are most convenient to wear since you don’t have to get your arms in, but they are also the ones that provide the least amount of coziness.

If you want a wearable blanket that you can wear while going out, then it’s best to get one that comes to your knees or above your knees. These look like blanket tunics and don’t stand out. Others are more stay at home leisurewear for snuggly warmth. On the other hand, if you are quite susceptible to cold, then a full arm and leg sleeve wearable blanket will be a good option. It will keep your upper and lower body warm and toasty.

Wash and Care

Wearable blankets are a piece of clothing like all other clothing in your wardrobe. And like all the other types of clothing, it also needs to be washed and cleaned regularly. It might be called a blanket, but since you wear it on your person, it requires a lot more maintenance and tends to acquire dirt and grime more than your normal bed blankets.

Typically, wearable blankets are machine washable, especially those made from polyester. However, since they are all made from synthetic materials, they do not deal well with high temperatures for wash and drying. They should be washed in cold water and dried on a low setting. The best would be to air dry them since that limits their exposure to heat.

How to Pick the Best Wearable Blanket for Yourself?

A wearable blanket, just like any other clothing, is a very personal product. As such, your individual preferences rank very high when choosing the best wearable blanket for yourself. There are, however, certain things you might want to keep in mind while shopping for a wearable blanket. This way, you will not end up buying one simply because it looks the prettiest or feels the softest of the lot.

  • Warmth: When deciding which one you like best, try to judge how much warmth you are looking for, and how you want it to feel against your skin. If you want an extra warm, wearable blanket, then fleece is the best option for you, but if you are looking for moderate warmth with extra coziness, then acrylic will work best for you.
  • Weight: Also, keep in mind the bulkiness of the fabric. Some people don’t like a heavy blanket wrapped around their person and prefer a lighter option. Microfiber will work best for those wanting the lightest of all wearable blankets, but you are looking for something more concrete, then acrylic or wool will be better. So, choose one that best suits your needs.
  • Feel and Touch: This is a very important aspect for you to keep in mind. Since wearable blankets by nature will be close to your skin and body, you need to get one that feels very comfortable on you. Wool can be very rough on the skin, and microfibers cause static and cling to the body’s fine hairs. Fleece, on the other hand, feels very soft and smooth on the skin. If you want a luxurious feel, then acrylic, velvet, or fur will work best.
  • Comfort: Above everything else, you should go for a high comfort factor. A wearable blanket is one that is meant to offer high comfort and leisure. The basic purpose is to relax and lounge in the blanket without having the hassle of continuously adjusting it. It is not so much as a fashion statement as a leisure statement.
  • Size: You need to choose a blanket that is not figure-hugging. Wearable blankets should be loose and baggy on the body to give you the cocoon feel. Look for one that is not too loose on you as well; otherwise, the blanket will fall off your shoulders.
  • Budget: It is very important to have a figure in mind before you go shopping. This way, you will not overspend and regret it later on. Since most wearable blankets are made of synthetic materials, they are very pocket friendly as well. Compare across a few products before settling in on one.
  • Exchange and Returns: Most of the manufacturers offer exchange and return options not just for defects but also in case you face sizing issues or if you don’t like the fabric. Make sure you are well aware of these policies before you buy

Top 5 Wearable Blankets

Pavilia Premium Fleece Blanket with Sleeves

Pros Cons
High-quality fleece material Too thin for good warmth
Plenty of design and size options Tends to bunch around the ankles while walking
Wide sleeves for easy movement

If you are looking for a highly comfortable wearable blanket with sleeves, then this fleece blanket from Pavilia is the best option for you. Made in fleece produced from high-quality polyester, this blanket is both lightweight and durable. You will not find any frayed edges or faded color even after several washes on this blanket.

It features a wide arm sleeve, which is highly comfortable and gives you plenty of room to move your arms freely. The kangaroo pocket in front is well sized to accommodate routine things like your cell phone, remotes, headphones, etc. The length of the wearable blanket is a little extra to allow you to tuck in your feet easily in the folds of the wearable blanket while seated.

It comes in various colors and patterns, right from browns and blacks to more bold colors and prints like red and tiger to suit everyone’s palette. Washing this blanket is super easy as well. It can be machine washed in cold water with a normal tumble dry to get it squeaky fresh.

Key Features

  • Made of 260 GSM 100% microfiber polyester
  • 70x 50 inches in dimension
  • Features wide arm sleeves
  • Kangaroo pocket in front
  • Available in 18 different colors and prints
  • Coldwater machine wash and low tumble dry

CozyRosie Wearable Blanket With Sleeves and Buttons

cozy rosie

Pros Cons
Bright and cheerful pattern Only two color options
Sherpa lining on the inside Prone to excessive shedding
Features buttons for ease of wear

If you are on the lookout for a really warm wearable blanket, then this one from CozyRosie is the best bet for you. It has a soft and smooth fleece outlining and sports a sherpa lining on the inside for the added toastiness. Wrapping this wearable blanket is very easy because of the buttons on the backside to secure it in place. There is a button on the sleeves as well for the times you want to roll up your sleeves.

Though it has a bright and cute polka dot pattern, the wearable blanket from CozyRosie only comes in two colors. The red rose is ideal for the ladies of the house, and the ocean blue will suit the men nicely.

Key Features

  • Features 440 GSM Sherpa lining
  • Buttons at the back and on sleeves
  • Roll-up sleeves
  • Hoodie style pockets
  • 65x 50 inches dimension
  • Available in two colors
  • Lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee

Catalonia Wearable Blanket

catalonia blanket

Pros Cons
Variety of color choices No closure for securing the blanket in place
Sherpa lining for extra warmth
Foot sleeves to keep your toes warm

The Catalonia wearable blanket is perfect for those that always tend to have cold feet and icy toes. It features both arm and leg sleeves with attached foot space. In this way, it is more like a full-body blanket suit rather than just a wearable blanket.

The outside of the wearable blanket is made of soft microfiber fleece, and it inside features a plush sherpa lining. The combined effect is amazing insulation that will not disappoint you in its warmth. It has a 20″ feet pocket with a circumference of 16″ to accommodate even the biggest of all feet with ease and comfort. This wide space also gives you plenty of room to move your feet about. There is a front pocket where you can easily store your odds and ends like a TV remote, mobile phone, etc.

Key Features

  • Features micro mink fleece on the outside and sherpa lining on the inside
  • Available in over ten colors
  • Has arm and leg sleeves
  • 75x 53-inch dimension
  • Designed in the USA
  • Machine washable

The Comfy Original Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt

comfy original

Pros Cons
Highly durable A tendency to sell damaged products
Machine washable Discrepancies in the product features and color
Suitable as outdoor wear

Generally, wearable blankets are meant for home use only. They are designed for leisure and relaxation at home and hence not suitable for venturing outdoors. The original wearable blanket from The Comfy brand gives you a wearable blanket that can be worn outside. It is designed to mimic a sweatshirt making it comfortable and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor space.

It has a hoodie attached to keep your ears and head warm and comes equipped with side pockets. There are plenty of color options to choose from, and make yours. The blanket comes with a sherpa lining to keep it warm and soft against your skin.

Key Features

  • Has sherpa lining
  • Available in three sizes of the adult, quarter zip, and kids
  • 13 different colors and patterns
  • The original Shark Tank product
  • Equipped with oversized hood
  • Has front pocket
  • Machine washable in cold water

Tirrinia Poncho Wearable Blanket

tirrinia poncho

Pros Cons
Magnetic button closure Doesn’t feature proper arm sleeves
Can be used as a normal blanket Fabric is prone to fraying
Lightweight and skin-friendly fabric

If you want a wearable blanket that doubles up as a normal blanket, then this wearable poncho blanket by Tirrinia is just the thing for you. It is made of good quality fleece that can be laid out flat on the bed to become a blanket or a throw. The fabric is micro polyester and extremely plush. The finish is excellent, and it feels luxurious against the skin.

The size is large enough to accommodate any sized adult, and it comes with front kangaroo pockets. You can also opt for the sherpa lining option or one with proper arm sleeves.

Key Features

  • Made of micro plush polyester
  • Extremely soft and silky to touch
  • Unique unfold design
  • Magnetic button back closure
  • 50x 80-inch dimension
  • Features kangaroo pocket
  • Available in 9 colors

Quick Question Corner

How Safe Are Wearable Blankets for Babies?

Wearable blankets that are specifically meant for babies also called sleeping sacks for babies, are very safe. They are specifically designed keeping in mind all the important risk considerations for babies. The wearable blankets are meant for adults and older children and are therefore not safe for babies. They might get weighed down by it, or the warmth might be too much for the babies. It is best to keep babies in baby products that are specifically meant for them.

Which Is the Best Wearable Blanket?

The best wearable blanket is one that is most suitable to your needs and preferences. It is subjective to what you want from your wearable blanket. For some, it might be a poncho-style woolen blanket, and others might prefer full arms and legs covered wearable blanket.

Do You Need to Wear Anything Under A Wearable Blanket?

Once again, what you wear or don’t wear under your wearable blanket is entirely your choice. You might find that you are more comfortable just having a cotton t-shirt under your wearable blanket, or you might want to have the wearable blanket with nothing underneath. It is totally up to you. If you are looking for good warm coziness, it is best to have layers under the wearable blanket. This will trap heat under different zones making your warm and snug.

Last Thoughts

Whether you like it thick or whether thin, you will not be disappointed at the wide variety of options that are available to you regarding wearable blankets in the market. They are the most comfortable options for keeping yourself nice and snug during the cold winter chill. You will be doing yourself a favor by getting into one of these extremely cozy products.

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Recently updated on February 21st, 2023 at 10:59 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

There are plenty of ways to keep warm come winter. You can get the heater up and running to chase away the chill, layer yourself up in woolens, start the fire burning in the fireplace, or huddle in front of the bonfire if outdoors, but nothing can compare with the warmth and coziness that wrapping yourself up in a blanket brings. A good warm blanket is a key to chilly weather. You might have plenty of sweaters, jackets, quilts, or throws, but a blanket is a must-have essential on the winter to have shop list. No winter is complete without hot cocoa, warming your hands whilst snuggled in a blanket.

With plenty of different varieties of blankets in the market, right from heavyweight woolen ones to super lightweight microfiber ones, you are bound to find one that suits you perfectly. While heavy blankets are ideal for super chilly winter nights, a light fleece blanket works well for moderate to low chilly weather. It is also the ideal option for wrapping yourself up on the couch or sofa. This article will list the top 7 fleece blankets that are sure to chase the cold away and keep you nestled warm and snug this coming winter.

Things to Look Out for When Shopping for Fleece Blanket

It is easy to get carried away when you have so many different options in the market. You might end up getting the cutest looking or the plushiest fleece blanket you can find. However, though this might not be all that bad, it is best to keep some things in mind before splurging on a product. Some of the factors to take into consideration with fleece blankets are:

Type of Fleece

When you look towards buying a fleece blanket, you want a blanket that is both soft and lightweight, giving you the perfect warmth to ward off the chill in the air. You do not want to get home a lovely looking blanket only to find that it tends to spill and is prone to shedding. For this, you have to choose the type of fleece you are getting. There are two types of fleece blankets available, these are:

  • Cotton Fleece: Cotton fleece is a natural form of fleece that is manufactured from cotton. The construction is similar to your cotton sweatshirts and jackets with the soft pile sown on both sides of the cotton. This is a great alternative for those that are allergic to fleece or don’t like the static energy created by synthetic fleece.

Cotton fleece is more expensive than your regular synthetic fleece, but they are also less prone to pillage and shedding. They are also heavier than the synthetic fleece option, but the heavyweight comes with added warmth as well. For the more environmentally conscious people, it is possible to buy an organic cotton fleece blanket though you might have to shed that much extra for the “organic” label.

  • Synthetic Fleece: This is the more popular version of fleece that people generally buy. It is also known as “polar fleece” or “microfleece.” This is a great substitute for wool. Synthetic fleece is soft, plush, and incredibly warm. It is also lightweight and silky to feel. Synthetic fleece is also less expensive than its more natural counterpart, cotton fleece.

While there are lots of synthetic fleece choices in the market, with certain brands even patenting their synthetic fleece types, you want to look for the “pill-resistant” ones. These synthetic fleece blankets are designed not to spill out of their shape after a few washes. They are resistant to any pillage that might otherwise occur with continued use. You do not want to buy a fleece blanket only to have a mess of fleece on your hands after a few weeks. It is better to spend a little extra on high-quality fleece rather than buy a new one periodically.

Another factor you want to look out for in synthetic fleece is its tendency to become static. Synthetic fleece, unlike cotton fleece, tends to retain a lot of static. This can make using the fleece blanket very uncomfortable, especially since static attracts hair and dust.


One of the primary reasons to opt for a fleece blanket is the lightweight feature associated with it. However, the weight of the fleece blanket also defines the warmth quotient of the blanket. It is, therefore, best to consider the level of warmth you expect from the blanket before purchasing it.

  • Lightweight: If you are looking for the thinnest or the lightest of all fleeces, then you should opt for microfleece. This is the lightest version of polar fleece. The ideal use of microfleece blankets is to lounge by the fireplace wrapped in it or watch TV snuggled in its fold or just go about your daily chores with the blanket around you for warmth. Because of its lightweight, microfleece blankets act like oversized shawls. These blankets do not provide too much warmth and hence need to be used with a warmer blanket for those extra chilly nights
  • Heavy: When you say heavy, it does not necessarily mean a heavy weighted blanket. You might not be able to even tell the difference; it could be so less. You need to look for fleece blankets that are meant for very cold weather or that have tags like 100 or 200 GSM in their names. This means that these fleece blankets give you extra warmth and are thicker than the usual ones. One hundred fleece blankets are thicker than normal microfleece, and 200 ones are generally the thickest.


Another important factor to keep in mind is the size of the blanket you are looking for. You might want to ask yourself where you want to use the blanket. If it is primarily for wrapping yourself up while going about the house, then a medium-sized to small-sized one is perfect. It will keep out of the way while snuggly staying around your body. But if the main purpose is to wear it on the bed or lounge on the sofa, then you had better go for a larger sized one that will cover your entire body. The sizing guide is as follows:


Dimension (Inches)
Throw blanket

50x 60

Twin blanket

90x 65
Full blanket

90x 85

Queen blanket

90x 90
King blanket

90x 110

Color and Prints

With so many different blanket vendors out there, you will be spoilt for color and print options. Pick one that fits the décor of your home. That way, you can easily use it to jazz up your sleeping fashion.

Return and Exchange Policy

Make sure you read the fine print before buying the blanket. Most manufacturers offer return and exchange options for defects, and if you do not like the product for any reason. It is always best to know the policy beforehand.


Blankets can be very pricey, depending on the brand and the quality you opt for. Even though it might be tempting to buy the most expensive one in the aisle, the fact remains that sometimes they are just not worth it, and also, there is no point in bursting your wallet just for a blanket. Look for value for money instead. The best way to go about it is to keep a figure in mind. This way, you will not bring home something that taxes your budget.

Which One Fits You Best?

Apart from the buying guide, you also need to make up your mind about the kind of fleece blanket you want. This will largely depend on your preference and individual inclination. The three popular types of fleece blankets are:

Pure Fleece

Pure fleece blankets are very light weighted blankets and hence make perfect travel companions. They are easily folded, stored, and are compact enough to be carried in your luggage bag. These blankets are moderately warm and feature high breathability making them ideal for all year round.

Weighted Fleece

These are normal fleece blankets that have additional synthetic microfiber beads attached to their lining for the added weight and the subsequent increase in warmth. This aids in giving you a better coziness and snug, but it also makes it unsuitable for traveling around.

Sherpa Fleece

These are the bulkiest of all fleece blankets. They have a mixed fiber substance, which lends it better warmth and more softness. These are the best option for those looking for the warmest of all fleece blanket options.

Top Fleece Blankets

LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket

lomao blanket


Dual side design for greater flexibility

Can be too warm for moderate temperature

Great aesthetic value

Highly durable

This double-sided sherpa fleece blanket is the most luxurious blanket you can get home this winter. Ideal for those nippy nights, you are guaranteed to remain warm and snug within its fold through the winters. It features a simple and lovely plushness on one side with a nice ornate pattern on the other. With a high aesthetic value, you will want to flaunt this blanket in front of friends and relatives.

You get 12 attractive color and design options to choose from, and the blanket comes in 5 different sizes to suit everybody, small and big alike. It is also machine washable and not prone to shedding or pillage. All in all, this is a perfect choice for anyone looking to keep their tips and toes warm.

Key Features

  • Sherpa fleece material
  • High insulation feature
  • Super soft to touch and feel
  • Available in 12 colors and five sizes
  • Resistant to shedding and pillage
  • Machine washable

Bedsure Fleece Blanket

bedsure fleece blanket


Good price point

Prone to static

Very soft and silky to touch

Plenty of color options

If you want a blanket that is neither too warm nor too light, then this fleece blanket from Bedsure is the ideal one for you. Meant for the light winters, it is one fleece blanket that will keep you warm during those cold nights in the not too harsh wintery climate. It is a year-round winner and suitable for the summer nights when there is just a nip in the air to the cold nights when you want to wrap yourself up in a blanket while reading a book.

It ranks very high on the softness factor as well. You will want to just dig into this ball of soft warmth. If it is cocoon cuddliness you want, then this blanket will not disappoint on that front either. Available in 31 different colors, you are sure to find one or even two that suit your palette.

Key Features

  • Made of 100% microfiber polyester
  • Available in 31 colors and five different sizes
  • Double-stitched at seams
  • Anti pillage and shed resistant
  • Machine washable

Kingole Flannel Fleece Microfiber Blanket

kingole blanket


Made of high-quality flannel fleece

Only available in color blocks. No pattern option.

Super soft and high warmth

Colors don’t fade with the use

The flannel fleece blanket from Kingole comes in 4 sizes of throw, twin, queen, and king. It also gives you 19 color options to choose from, making it one of the most varied blankets on the market. The flannel fleece is made of high-quality microfiber, which will keep you warm without compromising on the softness of the blanket.

The colors are all nice and vivid and do not fade with use or after a few washes. The blanket stays true to its original color even after repeated wash cycles. The material it is made of is also high on breathability factor s you can easily use this in all seasons whenever you need the extra warmth. You will love the packaging style that this blanket sports while delivered. It is wrapped up with a neat ribbon to represent a warm winter gift.

Key Features

  • Made of 100% microfiber polyester
  • 35 GSM microfiber
  • High level of softness
  • Low to moderate warmth
  • Lightweight
  • Dual-sided
  • Anti-pilling and wrinkle-free
  • Available in 19 colors and four sizes
  • Machine washable

Nanpiper Reversible Sherpa Fleece Blanket

nanpiper blanker


Sherpa lining for added warmth

Can only be used in winters

Reversible blanket for extra flexibility

Anti shedding and pillage

Nanpiper gives you a perfect winter companion with the reversible Sherpa fleece blanket. You have the fleece cover on one side and the Sherpa cover on the other. The dual side gives you the flexibility to keep changing the look of your blanket. The fleece is well insulating, and the Sherpa is soft with excellent warmth, so both sides are adept at warming you up completely.

To make things even easier, the blanket is machine washable and doesn’t tend to shed. Even the Sherpa lining is made of high-quality Sherpa that is not prone to shedding or shrinkage. Further, the blanket gives you 12 different colors to suit your style perfectly. You will be hard-pressed to keep this blanket down with its velvety soft touch and smooth feel.

Key Features

  • Made of fleece and Sherpa
  • Reversible dual-sided use
  • 220 GSM flannel fleece quality
  • 260 GSM Sherpa quality
  • Available in 12 colors and three sizes
  • Shrink resistant
  • Anti-pillage
  • Machine washable

World’s Best Cozy Soft Micro Fleece Travel Blanket

microfleece blanket


Highly compact

Not suitable for daily use


Prone to shedding
Low price point

World’s Best has done a wonderful job of getting the best traveling blanket for all those jet hoppers out there. This one is small and compact enough to be rolled up and bundled in your hand luggage for a warm and cozy flight time. Apart from flight time, the blanket is also ideal for an office blanket to drape over your legs while working. Another quite ingenious use for the blanket is to use it to protect your furniture from pets. It sits just nicely on the furniture saving it from all that pet hair.

This blanket is made of 100% polyester fleece that gives it the lightweight quotient and makes it very easy to fold and carry along. It is machine washable in warm water and can be simply tossed in with other similar colors. The material is not as soft or smooth as the other pricier options, but then again, this one is meant for outside on the go move more so the focus is on compactness with warmth and ease of cleaning.

Key Features

  • Made of synthetic fleece
  • 50x 60-inch dimension
  • Meant for traveling purpose
  • Small, compact, and lightweight
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Machine washable

Catalonia Wearable Fleece Blanket

catalonia blanket


Features arm and foot sleeves

Cannot be draped on the bed or sofa

Versatile use

Very soft and luxurious to touch

If you are looking for a blanket with a twist, then this wearable blanket from Catalonia will fit your bill perfectly. It takes draping a blanket to a more comfortable level by converting the blanket into a wearable blanket. It has arm and foot sleeves to neatly drape your body from head to toe. You can easily wear this blanket and go about your household chores without tripping on the blanket hem or feeling the chill on your exposed shoulders when the blanket slips a notch.

It comes in a one size fits all size that is oversized enough to accommodate the largest of adults. Made of micro plush fiber, you will find that the Catalonia wearable blanket is soft and velvety warm. It is also machine washable for that extra convenience, and you do not have to worry about faded colors with use.

Key Features

  • Made of 100% micro plush fiber
  • Only available in one size of 75x 50-inch dimension
  • Features arm and leg sleeves
  • Attached foot sleeves
  • Back button style of securing
  • Available in 14 different colors and patterns
  • Unisex style
  • Machine washable

Fairpeak Luxury Fleece Blanket

fairpeak fleece blanket


Suitable for year-round use

No color or size option

Insulated fleece for added warmth

Comes with a carry bag

This luxury fleece blanket from Fairpeak’s collection of blankets comes in a single neutral shade of white that is perfect for blending in with any style and décor that your house might sport. The color gives it’s the perfect versatility. It is lightweight, making it ideal as a traveling blanket as well as a throw for your sofa at home. You can easily drape it over your shoulders for those cozy evenings or use it to cover your legs on the car or bus ride home.

It comes in a single compact size of 60x 80 inches and has a shrink resistant feature. The fleece is super soft and plush, making you want to sink into its folds. The fabric is also breathable enough to make it perfect for year-round use. The insulated fleece gives good warmth but is not hot enough to be discarded during the nippy summer or spring nights. It has high durability owing to the double-stitched seams on the sides and is machine washable for an easy-care routine.

Key Features

  • Made of high-quality fleece
  • Available in 60x 80-inch dimension
  • Lightweight and compact
  • High plush
  • Insulated fleece for good warmth
  • All season usage
  • Machine washable

In Conclusion

Blankets are a necessity during winters. You need heavy ones for sleeping, but these are not comfortable for daytime use or for lounging purposes. For these activities, you require lightweight and moderately warm blankets. Fleece blankets are an ideal choice and a must-have for every individual. There are so many different types, right from dual-sided ones to all-season use ones available in the market, that you are sure to find one that suits your purpose. Pick one from this list and be amazed at how warm and snug it keeps you through the cold winter months.

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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

With winters knocking on the door, it is time to get your blankets out. There is nothing more satisfying than a good blanket to keep you warm and cozy through the winter nights. The difficult part is choosing the best mink blanket for you. Even though most mink blankets look alike, they are far from the same. They differ significantly in quality.

The best mink blankets are soft, lusciously thick with a plush texture. They are either from Korea or China. Vietnam is also not far behind in this competition. Korean mink blankets are considered a better quality since they come with a good acrylic and polyester blend. Chinese mink, on the other hand, is generally 100% polyester.

Amidst all this variety, it can get very confusing to find that right fit for you. This guide will help you sift through this soft and colorful world of mink blankets by listing the top 5 mink blankets to suit every budget and expectations.

Metrics to Look Out For

When you are out shopping for mink blankets, you should be on the lookout for a few standard metrics. This will help you figure out the quality of the blanket, its durability, warmth level, and other things. The top benchmarks are listed below:

  • Material: This is very important. The higher the polyester level in the blanket, the lower the quality. You should ideally be looking for an acrylic polyester blend since the acrylic will give it that plush soft feel, and the polyester will take care of the wrinkling over time.
  • The Ply Level: You get single-ply and double-ply blankets. The double-ply refers to blankets that can be reversed and feature design on both sides. It is also double layered, which provides extra warmth.
  • Design and Pattern: some people prefer an understated look while others like bold and bright patterns. Take care to buy the design you prefer since the blanket will be your constant companion through the winters and will dominate your bedroom look.
  • Price: This is an extremely important factor to pre-decide before you hit the market. You should have a fair estimation of how much you are willing to spend on the blanket so that you can narrow down your search to fit that range.
  • Wash: Most blankets are machine washable in cold water with tumble dry on low settings. However, you should always get the wash instructions and look out for after wash problems like coarseness, lint, and color fade.

Here is a list of the top 5 mink blankets to help you decide. These blankets have been shortlisted, keeping in mind the criterion listed above:

Overall Achiever

JYK Heavy Korean Mink Fleece Blanket

Best Pattern and Design

JML Fleece Blanket

Solid Color

Amazon Basics Micromink Blanket

Top Budget Cut

Catalonia Sherpa Mink Blanket
Most Durable

Solaron Korean Mink Blanket


JYK Heavy Korean Mink Fleece Blanket

jyk blanket



Bright and Colorful Design

Lack of Single Solid Colors

Good Quality Thick Material

Not Wash Friendly

Satin Sheen

Prone to Gathering Lint

Velvety and Fur Touch


The JYK Heavy Korean Mink Fleece Blanket ranks the highest in the list because of its thick, luxurious feel and soft texture that is very addictive. It comes in a 77×87 size, which makes it suitable for the average queen-sized bed. There are plenty of designs to choose from the 15 patterns it offers. All the patterns are nice with bright, splashy colors. The designs vary from animals to flower patterns. They are all vivid enough to cheer you up during the winter gloominess.

The blanket comes as machine washable. However, it has an annoying tendency to pick up lint and to shed too much while in the wash. Tumble dry is only recommended on low settings, and hang dry is best. You will find a little coarseness after the washings, but that is the case with all blankets.

JML Fleece Blanket

jml blanket



Bold Patterns and Design Options

Small Size

High Durability Factor

Heavy for The Average Sleeper

Smooth and Velvety Fabric

Very Warm


If you like nice bold patterns with flair, then you should look no further than the JML Fleece Blanket. It will not only add a splash of color to your bedroom but will instantly lift any winter gloom with its flamboyancy. The blanket gives you 28 bright and colorful options in a variety of patterns, including Giraffes and the Eiffel Tower.

It comes in 85x 93 inches, which makes it small for a king size but appropriate for the queen-sized bed. You can machine wash this blanket, and it is sold in a vacuum pack making for easy transport. Unfortunately, it is 100% polyester, but the richness camouflages that completely.

Amazon Basics Soft Micromink Sherpa Blanket

amazon basics micromink



Good Solid Colors

Needs to Be Aired Before Use

Soft Cuddly Texture

Prone to Snags

Sherpa Lining Makes It soft On the Inside

Not Machine Washable Friendly

Suitable For Heavy Use


It is very difficult to find a solid colored mink blanket in the market. Most come in patterns and designs or with faded and dull solids. AmazonBasics Micromink Sherpa is your best bet if you want a good solid colored blanket. This is a soft, luxurious blanket that is available in king, queen, and twin size. You can also choose between 9 different color options, which include plum and cream colors.

This blanket is machine washable; however, the face of the blanket tends to snag in the wash. The tumble dry is recommended in the low settings only.

Catalonia Sherpa Micromink Blanket

catalonia blanket



Classic Colors and Plaid Design

No Patterns or Design Option
Attractive Price Point

Light Weight and On the Flimsy side

Durable Softness


Catalonia Sherpa Micromink Blanket gives you a good blanket to snuggle at a budget price point. It gives you nice cuddly warmth in a lightweight wrap that is affordable without much compromise on the quality. This blanket keeps the softness intact even after a few washes. You get 15 different color choices and the standard three sizes of the king, queen, and twin. It is also machine washable.

Solaron Korean Mink Blanket

solaron blanket



Highly Durable

Twin Size Not Available
Attractive Design

A Bit on The Heavy side

Plenty of Choices in Color and Patterns


Solaron Korean Mink Blanket is a very good choice for those that are looking at plenty of colors, design, and pattern to choose from. It is a heavy-duty blanket that will easily go for 20 years and requires minimal care. You can choose between the King and the Queen sizes.

Helpful Buying Tips

When you are looking at making a purchase, you should bear in mind certain pointers that will help you make an intelligent purchase. Some of these are:

  • Keep in mind your usage and purpose
  • Be aware of the return policy
  • Get the right size
  • Make sure it fits in with your décor
  • Be functional and practical. A white blanket is not a good choice for a kid’s bedroom

Wrapping Up

Mink blankets are an amazing way to beat the cold and redo your living or sleeping space. You can use them as a blanket to beat the chill or as a throw or even an accent for the living area. They are available in all sizes, colors, designs, and textures to satisfy your every requirement. So, choose one to warm you while gratifying your interior décor.

helix weighted blanket
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/helix-weighted-blanket/" rel="bookmark">Helix Weighted Blanket</a></h2>

Recently updated on March 6th, 2023 at 01:36 pm

Overview of The Helix Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are known to mimic deep pressure touch stimulation, which allows the body and mind to feel more at ease, significantly reducing anxiety. This is possible thanks to an increase in serotonin and melatonin. The Helix Weighted blanket however isn’t just “another” weighted blanket on the market. Rather, it offers some nice changes that are unique to it, one of those being it’s unbelievably reasonable price without having to compromise on quality.

Construction + Warranty Information of The Helix Weighted Blanket

The Helix Blanket has a one-year limited warranty, along with a 100-day trial. It’s available in three different weights: 10 lbs, 15 lbs and 20 lbs however the size of the blanket, the dimensions, don’t ever change. You can find the pricing, measurements and other product details below:

10 lbs = $99
15 lbs = $105
20 lbs = $115

Blanket dimensions: 72” x 48”
Outer Cover: Fleece and sheared microfiber.
Inner Blanket: 100% cotton cover filled with fine-glass beads.

helix weighted blanket carry case

My Findings on the Helix Weighted Blanket

Before you even dive into this review, one thing worth noting is that when you’re looking to jump on the purchase of a weighted blanket, you want to be super mindful of the actual weight component. The most recommended calculation to help you determine what weight is most suitable for you, you’re supposed to calculate 10% of your body weight and if you’re not sure how to plug that formula into a calculator, Google will even do it for you. You can literally just Google, “10% of 135” for example. You get the idea. Whatever number results, you want to round down, rather than round up. If it’s too heavy, you might not be entirely pleased with it so I advise individuals to round down to play it safe.

Weighted blankets have evolved since they were first introduced to the market. In the beginning, the most common thing consumers could expect would be a blanket that was composed on tiny beds inside of it. That’s what contributed to its weight. The weight was also known to shift easily, sometimes leaving people to feel like the weight distribution wasn’t even. Very rarely will the distribution be “perfect” but in some ways, companies have gotten a little more clever and made some improvements.

helix weighted blanket carry case 2

In this case of the Helix weighted blanket, whatever material has been used to add the weight to the blanket, they’re much smaller than what I’ve experienced in the past. With previous blankets, I’ve seen people even refer to some of them as “noisy” because the individual would shift, so would the pellets, making this almost rolling sound. That’s not the case here. The sound of the blanket when it’s moved sounds more like shifting sand than anything else. It’s much more subtle than what I’ve experienced in the past, which is a nice change.

helix weighted blanket duvet loops

The competitive thing about this blanket is definitely its price. Since the release of this product, other blankets have come onto the market at lower cost but how low can you go until companies need to reduce the quality of the product in order to meet budget-minded consumers halfway? In my experience, this product does not skimp on quality due to its price. Being that Helix relies on other products for their revenue, this blanket does not make or break their brand. For companies that only produce this single product, that’s surely a very different story.

helix weighted blanket sheared fabric

What are some other pluses? In terms of the blanket itself, the quality of the weight that makes it heavy is probably its strongest asset because it is so free of noise however, it’s appearance with the sheared fabric cover is definitely a nice touch that I haven’t yet seen on any other weighted blanket in the sleep marketplace. In addition to that, there are duvet ties inside the cover that attach to duvet loops on the blanket itself. This keeps the corners of the blanket in place, which helps to avoid the blanket from shifting or bunching. It also comes with a super nice carry case that can serve as exactly that or at least as a dust cover for when in storage.

helix weighted blanket ziggy

My Helix Weighted Blanket

I think weighted blankets are something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. More than anything, they’re just fun because they’re so unusual. Luckily when it comes to sleep products, they will almost always find a home so if you’re willing to buy this blanket just to try it, there’s no need to be reluctant. I’m sure a family member or good friend would be happy to adopt it if you’re finding it’s not exactly for you. What more? Well, their ability and effectiveness at reducing anxiety is pleasantly surprising. If you’re looking to ease your anxious tendencies, this is a very natural way to do so.

Medical Disclaimer:
The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only.

Shop the Helix Weighted Blanket

curfew cbd blanket review
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/curfew-review-the-worlds-first-cbd-blanket-does-it-work/" rel="bookmark">Curfew Review – The World’s First CBD Blanket. Does it Work?</a></h2>

Recently updated on May 14th, 2020 at 06:53 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

CBD is exploding in popularity and we are just beginning to learn about its benefits. It seems every week a new CBD oil company pops up online and so there’s no shortage of choices for oils and balms. But sometimes you want an even more passive approach to CBD. Recently I reviewed the CBD Pillow which is a pillow that has CBD infused into the cover. The CBD Blanket by Curfew is similar in that you don’t need to ingest anything, you simply put the blanket on and start reaping the benefits.

Overview of the Curfew Dream Blanket

Right now the Dream Blanket retails for $295 but you also get the Dream Salve which is 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD that normally retails for $75 on its own. For this review, I received all of these for free plus the Evening Tincture which is also 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD and also retails for $75.

Your blanket and salve will arrive in a box like this.

curfew box

I was really impressed with the packaging and care they put into it. It would make a great gift for someone going through a stressful time.

curfew box open

Curfew Blanket Specifications

Here are the specifications of the blanket as listed on their website.

  • Color: Charcoal Gray
  • Size: 50 x 60 in.
  • Materials: 80% Polyester, 13% Cotton, 7% Rayon, CBD infused
  • 100% USA grown Hemp
  • Third-party tested for safety and quality
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry Only, Do Not Place in Dryer

How Does Curfew Dream Blanket Work?

This blanket works just like any other blanket you just put it over your body and relax! I would say that the blanket is on the thinner side and that was probably intentional because you want to be able to use the blanket even if you aren’t that cold so you can get the CBD benefits. You can always put another layer on top of it.

Here’s a picture of the blanket and products outside of the box.

cbd blanket

The Dream Blanket works by coming into contact with your skin, so it’s best used with a short sleeve shirt to maximize contact. The blanket is infused with micro-encapsulated beads that are released with friction and then go into your skin. The Curfew website explains how it works as follows:

CBD is infused into the Dream Blanket fibers using micro-encapsulation technology. Tiny droplets of CBD are wrapped in a protective coating. This patented technology protects the CBD droplets from evaporation, oxidation and contamination.

The micro-encapsulated CBD is then bonded to yarn, which is then knit into the Dream Blanket. The friction that is created when using the blanket will break the walls of the CBD capsule where it is released onto your skin.

This blankets is supposed to last 20 wash cycles, or an estimated 2 years if you follow the wash instructions which ask you to machine wash on cold and air dry, do not place in the dryer.

My Curfew Dream Blanket Findings and Recommendation

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this blanket did not reek of CBD. I appreciate that there was no overwhelming smell and it’s nice to know that it is washable.

Here’s a video of me with the Dream Blanket

In conclusion, I recommend a CBD blanket for people that are averse to taking tinctures or pills and still want to experience the benefits of CBD with milder effects. If you consistently use CBD and happen to use blankets often, then this will actually end up saving you money in the long run.

Shop Curfew

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Best Weighted blanket reviews
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/weighted-blanket-reviews/" rel="bookmark">Best Weighted Blankets 2020</a></h2>

Recently updated on February 26th, 2020 at 10:02 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Today, the number of people suffering from various sleep disorders is increasing. Innovative product companies are always introducing products to help people get better sleep. One such sleep product that has become wildly popular in recent years is the weighted blanket. Unlike a regular blanket, weighted blankets are much heavier, ranging from anywhere between 5 and 30 pounds. It has become a common sleep accessory for many adults and children because it 20supposed to help with several sleep-related disorders.

Weighted blankets usually have a filling inside made of glass or plastic beads. Some weighted blankets also have extra padding off polyester fibers to provide maximum comfort. The outer portion of the blanket is usually made of cotton, flannel or wool. Weighted blankets look much like regular blankets but feel a lot heavier. The reasoning behind weighted blankets is that the weight helps release happiness hormones that help with sleep disorders and mental disorders such as autism and depression.

A lot of mental and behavioral problems cause restlessness and make it hard to fall asleep. Weighted blankets are supposed to calm down restlessness and induce relaxation and sleep. But weight is the most important consideration when choosing weighted blankets. If the blanket is too heavy, it can cause discomfort and disrupt sleep, especially in children. Not all weighted blankets have the same weight, so you must always try to feel and hold the blanket before purchase.

How a Weighted Blanket Works?

Weighted blankets work by providing a sensation called ‘grounding’ that involves applying moderate pressure to the body and pushing them deeper into the sleep surface. Grounding is also said to trigger the release of calming hormones that soothe the nerves and aid in sleep.

The key to making a weighted blanket work for you is the weight. This is why weighted blankets should always be customized according to individual users because no two people will be comfortable using the same weight.  Most adults are usually comfortable with a blanket weighing around 5 to 10 percent of their own body weight. Weighted blankets are also safe for older children, with the optimal comfort level being 10 percent of their body weight. But children under the age of eight should not be using weighted blankets unless prescribed by a physician, because they pose health and safety risks.

Weighted blankets aren’t for everyone. There are people who should avoid using them or consult with their doctor about the use of weighted blankets. These people include those with respiratory or circulatory disorders and those with claustrophobia and fear of confined spaces or being trapped. Weighted blankets can cause distress and complications to such people and make their problems worse. Particularly heavy blankets can cause significant distress to the user in case of respiratory and circulatory problems. People with claustrophobia should also avoid using weighted blankets because the heavyweight can trigger the phobia.

Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Despite the health risks that come with using weighted blankets, they have been found to be useful in aiding with proper sleep for certain people. Some of the advantages of using a weighted blanket are:

Reduced nighttime cortisol levels: After a stressful day, cortisol remains in your blood even when you go to sleep. Excess cortisol impacts the production of melatonin and hinders sleep. The use of weighted blankets has been found to lower cortisol levels, bringing about calmness and relaxation and helping the person fall and stay asleep.

Increased production of serotonin: Using weighted blankets has been found to increase the production of Serotonin, the hormone that is responsible for keeping us awake and alert throughout the day and preventing daytime sleepiness. Weighted blankets also help in the production of other hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin, which are called happiness hormones.

Reduced instances of sleepwalking: Children who walk in their sleep benefit from the use of a weighted blanket, because the heavyweight isn’t easy to quickly get out of in the middle of the night. Besides, weighted blankets are also known to promote calmness and relaxation, reducing the instance of somnambulism.

Weighted blankets also help calm down children with autism and ADHD, because they have significantly low levels of melatonin and are hard to put to sleep. Weighted blanket calms down restlessness, increase the production of melatonin and also improve memory and cognition to some extent.

Best Weighted Blankets of 2020

With weighted blankets so popular, bedding manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and producing their own versions of the blanket. But not all of them are capable of providing you with the benefits of weighted blankets. We have listed the top weighted blankets today that are on the forefront for being the best.

Bearaby Weighted Blanket

Bearaby 2019

The Bearaby weighted is the best looking and best feeling weighted blanket on the market today. While it isn’t cheap, starting at $249, it will look great in your bedroom or living room. You can choose either the Classic Napper made of organic cotton or the Tree Napper made of ultra-breathable Tencel fiber. Its also machine washable, just throw it in the wash and you’re done. Not need to unzip an outer shell.

Shop Bearaby

Layla Weighted Blanket

Layla Weighted Blanket

Layla is best known for their popular foam mattress, they now have a super soft and cozy weighted blanket that feels like mink. The sophisticated black and gray cover is washable and goes with any decor. What is especially nice about this blanket is that it comes with a 120-night trial and a 5-year warranty putting it at the head of the pack. You can try it for 120 nights and if you don’t like it, it’s a free return so you have nothing to lose by giving a try.

Shop Layla


Mosaic Weighted Blanket

Mosaic Weighted Blanket


  • Fun, colorful weighted blankets made of nontoxic materials and BPA-free pellets
  • Made for year-round use
  • 100 % customizable
  • 5 lbs to the 25 lbs weight range

Mosaic has been one of the most beloved weighted blanket manufacturers in the US, founded by Laura LeMond as a way to help people get relief from disorders like panic, anxiety and ADD by cuddling up with a blanket. Mosaic weighted blankets are made in Austin, Texas, and are 100 percent customizable. In fact, you can even send in your own materials and pellets to have a blanket made just for you.

Mosaic offers a huge range of weights, colors, and styles, outnumbering most other weighted blanket manufacturers. Mosaic blankets begin from 5 pounds are available in one-pound increments. They also come in different sizes, and 100 percent customizable to suit your exact preferences. You can have a Star Wars themed blanket for your boy, a pink polka dot blanket for your daughter, a plaid 20-pound blanket for yourself, or 25-lbs queen size for the master bed.

While Mosaic does offer reasonably priced weighted blankets that have been tried and tested by consumers over the last eight years, the company does lack some of the user-friendly features offered by newer weighted blankets. For instance, the plastic pellets can be felt through the cotton cover and they also noisily move around inside the pockets. But if you don’t do much tossing and turning during the night, and also find the sound of the pellets soothing, you shouldn’t have a problem with the Mosaic weighted blankets. As far as grounding and calming are concerned, the blankets perform an excellent job.

Good for:

  • Both adults and children
  • Those who love body-hugging blankets
  • Interested in customizing options and variety

Shop the Mosaic Weighted Blanket

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket

cmfrt weighted blanket


  • Scientifically proven to improve sleep, reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Dual-sided, for summer and winter use
  • Evenly distributed weight

Not all weighted blankets are machine washable, but the one by CMFRT is. You can easily remove the cover and wash the blanket, just like all your other clothing. Another advantage of the CMFRT Cozy weighted blanket is the dual side. One side has a minky microfiber cover for use in winter while the other side has a soft cotton cover for use in summer. Inside there are beads stitched uniformly into individual pockets that add weight to the blanket. Because these beads don’t heat up, you can easily use this blanket throughout the year, switching sides to your preferences.

The weighted blankets by CMFRT are available in small and queen sizes. The smaller sizes – 5 lb, 7 lb, and 12 lb – are great to cover your body, and the larger queen sizes – 16 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb – are great to cover the bed. Although they don’t offer many customization options, CMFRT Cozy weighted blankets do come in a number of color options. The beads are made with premium glass and are nontoxic and hypoallergenic. The blankets are made entirely in the US and have a satisfaction guarantee. A 22 lb queen size blanket retails for $179.

Good for:

  • Those who want a user-friendly, innovative weighted blanket
  • Those who want size and weight options
  • Those who want to machine wash the blanket

Shop the CMFRT Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted Blanket


  • Reasonably priced, compared to competitors
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 3-year warranty
  • Seven-layer construction

Given the variation in children’s weights, it can be hard to find the right weighted blanket for them. The YnM weighted blanket seems to be just right for both kids and adults, because of the variety of sizes they offer. Children are usually comfortable with weighted blankets that are 10 percent of their body weight. Usually, weighted blankets that weigh 5 to 7 pounds are ideal for children. YnM offers that, and there are additional options that are fit adults.

The blanket has a seven-layer construction, at the center of which is the layer of glass beads. The additional layers are made of soft fabrics that do not heat up and help keep the sleep cool.  Because there is little to no microfiber content, the blanket is great for the summers. Sleepers will also be comfortable without feeling the beads through the layers. There are five weighted inserts for evenly distributing the beads and allow the blanket to adapt to the shape of the sleeper.

Good for:

  • Children as well as adults
  • Those who prefer a blanket that adapts to their shape
  • Hot sleepers

Shop the YnM Weighted Blanket

Density Comfort Weighted Blanket

Density Comfort Weighted Blanket


  • Machine washable
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Three weight options to choose from

The Density Comfort weighted blanket has only three weight options to choose from, and they are all pretty heavy at 15 lbs, 20 lbs, and 25 lbs. Needless to say, this isn’t a blanket that’s ideal for children. Only heavy adults will be able to use it comfortably. Many adults who prefer something lighter have said that the blanket is too heavy to sleep with. If you’re above 150 pounds and would love something really heavy pinning you down through the night, this is the blanket for you.

The outer cover is plush fleece, and the inner layer is made cotton. The outer cover can be removed and thrown in the wash.

Good for:

  • Heavyweight people
  • Those who sleep cold
  • Those who love really heavy blankets

Shop Density Comfort

Zzzhen Weighted Blanket

zzzhen weighted blanket


  • Soft and breathable materials
  • Responsive customer service
  • 30-day return/replacement and 3-year warranty

The Zzzhen weighted blanket is made of cotton, which means it’s breathable and also sleeps cool. It’s touted as the ideal blanket for those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety and other pressures of life. The gentle weight of the blanket helps remove stress and fatigue and creates a calming sleeping experience. The blanket is constructed with high-quality Egyptian cotton through well-proportioned sewing that evenly distributed the weight through the blanket.

Good for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Those who love premium cotton
  • Those who want dependable customer service and longer than average warranty

Shop Zzzhen

Sensadream Cooling Weighted Blanket



  • Dual-sided removable cover
  • Evenly distributed weight
  • Only one size of 15 lbs

Although Sensadream offers only one size and weight – queen 15 lbs – the company claims that it can be used for all people. However, the ideal weight range is 130-lbs to 180 lbs. the blanket has two sides to the cover, the minky side for winters and the 100 percent natural bamboo side for summer. The cover can also be removed for washing. The tiny glass sand beads are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and do not make any noise.

Good for:

  • Those looking for attention to detail
  • Ideal weight
  • Those who want reasonable pricing

Degrees of Comfort Weighted blanket


  • Weight options 5 lbs to 30 lbs
  • Two covers for summer and winter
  • Affordable

Available exclusively on Amazon, the weighted blanket from Degrees of Comfort comes with two separate covers- one for the summer and the other for the colder months. Strict attention to detail is paid during construction, using only the highest quality materials that are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Suitable for both children and adults, the weighted blanket comes in a wide range of weight options and is priced under $60.

Good for:

  • Those looking for value for money
  • Use in both summer and winter
  • Wide weight options

Shop Sensadream

Although weighted blankets claim to offer a number of health and sleep benefits, remember to consult with your doctor before you start using it if you have any health problem that requires attention.


weighting comforts
<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/weighting-comforts-weighted-blanket-review/" rel="bookmark">Weighting Comforts Weighted Blanket Review</a></h2>

Recently updated on July 16th, 2018 at 10:15 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

If you or someone you know has anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, SPD, or even autism, you’ll be happy to know that there may be a better way to put yourself to bed for a more restful sleep. Introducing the Weighting Comforts blanket. 

weighted comforts weighted blanket cotton

When I first heard of the Weighting Comforts Weighted Blanket, I thought the idea couldn’t be more bizarre. “Wouldn’t a weighted blanket make one feel constricted?,” I pondered, but when I surfed the web to further investigate, it turned out that my assumption was incorrect. It’s true, weighted blankets may not be for everyone but from what I’ve read thus far, they could be for almost anyone.

Overview of the Weighting Comforts Weighted Blanket


weighted comforts weighted blankets for anxiety

Weighting Comforts creates weighted blankets to help people overcome anxiety and sleeplessness. The Weighted Blanket by Weighting Comforts starts at $195. While the price may be steep for the majority, the company’s 30 Day Better Sleep Guarantee is more than comforting.

Construction of the Weighted Blanket by Weighting Comforts

What I really like about this company, in particular, is the variety of their sleep product. They offer their blanket in a range of weights, different colors as well as variety in the fabric used to create it. The blanket can be ordered in the weight of 10 lbs, 15 lbs or 20 lbs. It’s recommended that a weighted blanket be approximately 10% of your body weight to acquire the optimal effect.

As far as fabric options are considered, Weighting Comforts has quilted cotton and flannel, for those who prefer to stay warm, and for those who are against the idea, they furnish blankets made with CoolMax® fabrics, that ensure you can comfortably sleep cool through the night.

Coolmax is the brand name for an array of moisture-wicking textiles. These are technical fabrics straight out of the 80’s. DuPont Textiles and Interiors, now known as Invista, developed them in 1986. In contrast to natural made fibers like cotton, CoolMax is made of specially engineered polyester fibers that are exclusively meant to enhance breathability. Also known as wick away fabrics, they’re engineered to pull moisture away from the body, by way of capillary motion and a higher rate of evaporation.

Capillary motion is defined by Wikipedia as “the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of, or even in opposition to, external forces like gravity.”

Who knew sleep cool technology was so methodically thought out?

My Weighting Comforts Weighted Blanket Findings

Upon opening the package I was immediately reminded of the fact that this was no ordinary blanket, being that it weighed 15 lbs! It’s easy to forget about the weight associated with the product because I feel like we all have a certain image and feel in mind when we think of the word “blanket.” The blanket itself was made of a cotton fabric which I think felt great and breathable. While it felt like a very strong fabric, it wasn’t thick where it’d be difficult to sleep with during the warmer months. The material felt perfect to the touch. The pellets inside, which make up the weight, felt and looked interesting but overall I really ended up liking the concept. I found the pellets to be very soothing, as the sound they make when the blanket is being moved around, is rather calming.

inside the weighted comforts weighted blanket

One thing I would like to point out is that there is a pale colored line you might find on your blanket. This is noted in the manual/guide that comes with the package. It’s said that this is from their manufacturing process and that it washes out in about 5 washes or so. I found this to be a bit odd but after sleeping with the blanket, it’s amazing how easily I let it go. Just be mindful of this when ordering or when purchasing it as a gift for someone else.

weighted blanket by weighing comforts

Pricing Table for the Weighted Blanket by Weighting Comforts


Cotton Quilting Weighted Blanket

size small medium large
weight 10 lbs 15 lbs 20 lbs
dimensions 40” x 74” 40” x 74” 40” x 74”
price $195 $225 $245


Charcoal Flannel Weighted Blanket

size small medium large
weight 10 lbs 15 lbs 20 lbs
dimensions 42” x 74” 42” x 74” 42” x 74”
price $195 $225 $245


COOLMAX® Weighted Blanket

size small medium large
weight 10 lbs 15 lbs 20 lbs
dimensions 55” x 74” 55” x 74” 55” x 74”
price $269 $289 $299

Benefits of The Weighting Comforts Weighted Blanket

The magic behind Weighted Blankets is actually quite scientific. Blankets of this sort are effective by way of Deep Pressure Touch (DPT), also referred to as Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS). Deep Pressure Touch is able to take the body from what’s known as “fight or fight” to “rest and digest,” as explained by Applied Behavior Analysis Edu. This is done by increasing serotonin in the body, some of which is turned into melatonin, and by also simultaneously decreasing cortisol levels, often referred to as the stress hormone.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, known to regulate mood, appetite and sleep. It also has some cognitive functions as well, specifically pertaining to memory and learning. Low levels of serotonin are connected to depression so an increase in this chemical is a huge benefit. Serotonin is also the precursor to melatonin. Serotonin goes through the process of acetylation and methylation in the pineal gland to create melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for the regulation of sleep and wakefulness.

In the mainstream, cortisol is often referred to as the stress hormone but this chemical is responsible for a lot more than that. Both low and high levels of cortisol are undesirable and both come with their own list of symptoms. At healthy levels, this hormone helps to control blood pressure and blood sugar levels, while also regulating metabolism, reducing inflammation and assisting with memory formulation.

weighted blanket for insomnia

My Weighting Comforts Weighted Blanket Recommendation

I really like this blanket. It’s officially become a part of my sleeping station. I can’t believe how quickly I’m able to fall asleep with this blanket, my nights are not usually that simple so this is a more than welcome change. Also considering all of the science behind it, I feel like it’d be a waste to not give it a genuine try for at least a few weeks to see whether or not there is a shift in the quality of sleep. I do already feel like I can acquire deeper sleep by way of this blanket but the long-term results will really help decipher it’s effectiveness. And if you aren’t already captivated by the idea, check this out: These blankets are actually sewn by refugees. Weighing Comforts has partnered with a non-profit organization, based out of Middle Tennessee, known as Sew For Hope. Refugees are provided with sewing machines and sewing classes, which has afforded them the ability to earn a living with both their artistry and skill. Isn’t that cool?

Studies referenced:

🔹 Exploring the Safety and Therapeutic Effects of Deep Pressure Stimulation Using a Weighted Blanket

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🔹 The Effects of Deep Pressure Touch on Anxiety


Shop Weighting Comforts

<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="https://sleepsherpa.com/celliant-blanket/" rel="bookmark">Yaasa Infinity Blanket</a></h2>

Recently updated on February 10th, 2019 at 04:30 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Sherpa DealGet 20% off your Infinity Blanket purchase with coupon code sherpablanket,  Activate Here

Yaasa just introduced an awesome new blanket called the Infinity Blanket that is made with Celliant and I received a free one for review. This blanket is great for all seasons and would make a great accessory for your bedroom or living room. What makes this blanket unique is that it is made with organic cotton and celliant fibers woven in that have a therapeutic effect.

Overview of the Yaasa  Celliant Blanket

Here’s a picture of the blanket right out of the packaging. As you can see there’s a little brochure that has more information.

Celliant Blanket

I did a quick video overview of the blanket while sitting on the new Yaasa mattress. To my right is a candle, also by Yaasa.

My Yaasa InfinityBlanket Findings

The blanket comes in two sizes, a throw and travel size

Throw 57″ x 77″ $230
Travel Size 41″ x 55″ $149

Here’s a picture of the throw that I received. As you can see it almost completely covers a queen size mattress. This size is perfect for your couch.

This blanket has a dark size with a light border like below…

yaasa studios infinity blanket side 1

And a light side with dark border…

yaasa studios infinity blanket side 2

What are the Benefits of Celliant?

Celliant technology aside, this is a good looking blanket with neutral colors that go with just about anything. The blanket it made with organic cotton which is a great feature but that alone wouldn’t get me to pay over $200 for it. Instead, the real value is in the promised benefits of the celliant fibers.

Here’s a close up of the blanket so you can see it in more detail.


Infinity Blanket Close Up

I have been using this blanket for over a month now while watching TV and reading. It doesn’t feel any different than a regular blanket with similar construction and I certainly didn’t feel the Celliant technology working while using it, it did give me peace of mind knowing that I may be receiving some benefit while using the blanket.

I think that’s the best part of this blanket. We spend so much of our times sleeping and a lot of time resting given our sedentary lifestyles. Why not maximize that time with something as simple as a blanket that can promote recovery and improve sleep?

I expect more technological advances like this in the future that are passive upgrades to everyday items that cumulatively will lead to better well being.

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How the FDA Changed the Gravity Blanket Story

It is a tempting offer for anyone suffering from insomnia, anxiety, or similar conditions: buy a blanket and be free from your troubles.

If only it was that easy.

There was never any long-term, solid evidence of the benefits of weighted blankets, but they have existed for a while, thanks to the marketing gurus promoting the wellness product as a miracle cure for severe medical conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. The most popular among them was Gravity, which even managed to raise $3 million online promoting the blanket as a treatment for several health conditions.

The campaign went bust, and the bold claims disappeared when it was found that the company behind Gravity not only violated the policy of the crowdfunding site Kickstarter but also went against the FDA guidelines.

Instead of claiming to be a cure, Gravity now markets itself as a wellness product that may or may not have medical benefits.

What is a Gravity blanket?

Weighted blankets have been around for quite some time, and several people have also claimed to have benefited from them. Basically, these blankets use a kind of cozy pressure to mimic the feeling of being hugged. This has a placebo effect on conditions like anxiety and insomnia, among others. The weight of the blanket is 10 percent of the weight of the user. Weighted blankets are custom-made, and are several times more expensive than ordinary blankets.

Gravity blanket was touted as a “premium-grade, therapeutic weighted blanket” that could treat mental and emotional illnesses. The biggest sign of the campaign’s success was the number of people who donated to the campaign: more than 15,000.

Gravity created quite a stir with its big promises. It played on the psychology of people suffering from mental and emotional conditions and claimed to be an alternative to medical treatment. It went on to state that weighted blankets are used by hospitals and other healthcare facilities to treat patients suffering from anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and attention deficit disorders, and that the science behind Gravity blanket could treat disorders of this kind without the need of a qualified doctor or healthcare expert.

Who wouldn’t want to be free from anxiety, depression, OCD, and insomnia without the huge medical bills? People trusted a blanket to be the cure for their misery.

What went wrong?

The company was charged both by Kickstarter and the FDA with violation of policy and guidelines. Although the FDA does not regulate wellness products like weighted blankets, there is a clear guideline that states that these products can be marketed as ‘supporting people with certain conditions’ but not ‘as a treatment or cure.’

Gravity was also found to violate Kickstarter’s rules. The site forbids campaigns for “any item claiming to cure, treat, or prevent illness or condition.”

Kickstarter has confirmed that it asked Gravity to change the language used to promote the blanket since it could mislead consumers. Gravity first modified its claims, and then completely removed them, without any explanation.

The science behind Gravity

Even though weighted blankets have existed for some years, there wasn’t much hype around them until Gravity’s bold claims. No matter what language Gravity uses to market the product, evidence to support the science behind it is almost nonexistent.

Senior doctors and researchers say that deep touch pressure stimulation- the technology used by Gravity blanket- has been used for people with autism and dementia to calm the nerves and promote rest. But Gravity went all out with claims to treat and cure psychiatric conditions.

Studies have found that weighted blankets alone aren’t capable of minimizing symptoms of mental and emotional ailments. They could support a healthy lifestyle, but evidence for even that is scarce.

Since insomnia, anxiety, and other psychiatric ailments usually have a deeper cause and accompanying lifestyle disorders, treating the symptoms instead of the root isn’t going to show positive results. Researchers said it wasn’t clear whom the blanket was targeted at.

Gravity hasn’t responded to any of the comments, even though it intended to start shipping from October 2017.

Bottom line

Weighted blankets are comfortable and provide a coziness that helps relieve day-to-day stress. However, you don’t need to spend $300 for a blanket that makes you feel hugged. Weighted blankets are available at a lot of stores at much lower prices. If you want to try it out to see what the hype is all about, feel free to go ahead. But remember that no miracle cure for any disease has yet been discovered. Use common sense before trusting a blanket to make doctors go out of business.

weighted blanket
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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Understanding Gravity Weighted Blankets

Anxiety is a common problem among people with high-tension lifestyles. For some people, it may be a normal part of everyday life, while for others it is a chronic problem that needs medical intervention. Research has found that with the increase in work demands and decrease in time for relaxation, anxiety is on the rise among millennials. While it may not always be a serious medical issue, it does tend to interfere with normal life.

There are several treatments for anxiety, including prescription drugs, aromatherapy, yoga, and other alternative medicines. But wouldn’t it be great if stress and anxiety could be relieved without ever having to resort to medical treatment?

There’s reason for stress and anxiety sufferers to rejoice. Relax and rejuvenate without any kind of medicines, simply by choosing a Gravity Weighted Blanket.

What is Gravity Weighted Blanket?

Gravity Weighted Blankets are a specially designed blanket that is customized to weigh 10 percent of the user. This weight provides a gentle pressure, mimicking the sensations of being held or hugged, and is believed to offer relief from stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

The company states that the blanket can be used for sleeping and much more. Watching TV, reading, resting, or simply sitting around wrapped in the blanket will provide relief from stress and stimulate relaxation and rest.

How Does It Work?

Gravity Weighted Blankets work on a system called Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. Modern lives are busy and hectic, and the overload of sensory input in the brain often causes stress and anxiety. Gravity Weighted Blankets aim to offer a solution to this by providing gentle stimulation to the pressure points that help in relaxing the nervous system, reducing cortisol production, and increasing serotonin levels.

Gravity has been described as made from breathable materials to prevent overheating while you sleep. The inner shell is made from cotton and is stuffed with high-density plastic poly pellets. HDPE is a food-grade non-toxic material that is both heavy and soft, providing the right balance of weight and texture.

Gravity Weighted Blankets are customized according to body types, and comes in three weight options: 15 lbs for people in the weight range 100 to 150 lbs, 20 lbs for those in the weight range 150 to 200 lbs, and 25 lbs for people weighing more than 200 lbs.

The outer cover is made from plush fleece, with the grid-like pattern evenly distributing the weight through the blanket and stimulating the pressure points. This ultra soft blanket looks and feels luxurious, and is designed to provide you with the best kind of rest and relaxation.


Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Even before Gravity came into being, the benefits of weighted blankets had been much talked about in medical science. There are many ways to relieve stress and anxiety, and stimulating the pressure points is one such way. It’s a lot similar to acupressure in the way it provides gentle pressure to soothe the nervous system and induce relaxation.

Weighted blankets have existed for some years now. Besides sleep, it also aids relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, nervous system disorders, and autism. In fact, parents of children with autism have always loved the calming effects of weighted blankets. Anyone who has ever loved the way a hug makes them feel will love the feeling of a weighted blanket.

Four important benefits of a weighted blanket are:

It Promotes Sleep

Weighted blankets have been found to help with sleep disorders. By increasing the levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body, stress is reduced, and sleep is promoted. The brain has been found to calm under the weight of something heavy, and a weighted blanket makes use of this for soothing the nerves and promoting better sleep.

It Improves Focus

Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation has been found to reduce sensory overload, thereby reducing self-stimulatory behaviors and improving concentration and focus. This measure is highly beneficial in autistic children who tend to lack attention and engage in behaviors like fidgeting.

It Reduces Anxiety

Weighted blankets can effectively calm the sympathetic nervous system, reduce anxiety and nervous behaviors. Along with the calming of anxiety, weighted blankets have also been found to be useful in taming obsessive-compulsive disorders.

It Relieves Depression

With the decrease in cortisol and increase in melatonin, stress and anxiety drop, resulting in the effective control of depressive symptoms. Weighted blankets improve mood and focus, and help in providing relief to people with depression. Additionally, people with mania, paranoia, and trauma have also been found to improve when using a weighted blanket.

Harmful Effects of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are harmless, and have no side effects. However, caution must be exercised when using the blankets on children, and the right weight must be maintained. Blankets that are too heavy may stifle or suffocate the child.


Gravity weighted blanket is a breakthrough product that redefines the use of the clinically-backed deep touch pressure stimulation. Whether you or someone you know suffer from anxiety, stress, or sleep-related disorders, Gravity may be the solution that provides relief without having to visit the doctor. Gravity blankets are large, offer a variety of weight options, and the HDPE is a material not usually found in other weighted blankets. For a solution to beat sleep and anxiety disorders without popping a pill, a Gravity weighted blanket is worth a try. One of my favorites can be found on Amazon Here