Ettitude Sheets Review
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Recently updated on July 21st, 2020 at 05:08 am

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Ettitude sheets are smooth silky bamboo sheets that are breathable and super soft. They are the perfect alternative to silk. If you haven’t tried lyocell bamboo sheets, then you’re missing out, especially if you tend to sleep hot. There are many materials now aside from cotton that are designed to help you sleep more comfortably. Bamboo sheets are probably the closest in feel to silk without all the high maintenance and cost that comes with silk sheets. Aside from sheets, Ettitude also offers duet inserts, pajamas, and towels. I received a free duvet and a summer weight duvet insert so I could see how they compare to other popular bamboo sheet brands.

Ordering Your Ettitude Bedding

You can order these sheets directly through the Ettitude website. When you order these sheets you get free shipping as well as a 30-day trial. Just keep in mind that the 30-day trial is only for bedding and not for any clothing or duvet inserts.

My Ettitude Sheets arrived in a box like the one below.

Ettitude Box

Inside I found the duvet insert which comes in bamboo packaging to keep the duvet clean. You can also use it to store your duvet when not in use which I highly recommend over plastic as the bamboo is breathable and will keep the duvet insert fresh.

Ettitude Packaging

Here it is unzipped.



Ettitude Duvet Insert

This package also has a zipper to make it easy to close.

duvet zipper

How Much Do Ettitude Sheets Cost?

Below are the prices of the sheet sets and the duvet insert

Sheet Set Prices

Twin XL148
Cal King198

Bamboo Whitehaven Comforter (summer weight) prices

SizePrice with 2 premium pillows
King/Cal King$230

My Ettitude Findings

I really enjoy bamboo sheets in the summer months since they are so light and airy but they are also great all year round, especially if you just tend to sleep hot in general. A big mistake is to buy some bamboo sheets and use them with a heavy comforter thinking it will solve your hot sleeping problems. Your best bet is to get the lightweight, Whitehaven comforter so that you still have great, cozy-looking bed without the need to kick the comforter off a few minutes after getting under the covers.

Here’s a picture of the comforter out of the box. As you can see it is thin and won’t trap that much heat but is still something that covers you.

Ettitude Comforter

The comforter has stitched in loops on all four corners so that you can tie your duvet cover to it.

duvet loop

The Ettitude duvet cover also has loops so they can be tied together.

duvet cover loop

The duvet cover also has buttons at the bottom. I usually prefer a zipper but these buttons were easy to snap and didn’t take much time.

duvet cover buttons

Here’s a picture of the comforter with bamboo duvet cover on my sofa bed.

Duvet on bed

My Ettitude Recommendation

Bamboo Sheets are a great choice not only for hot sleepers but for anyone who prefers a super soft and silky feel. I have found that bamboo sheets are more prone to wrinkling than even cotton sheets so make sure you put them on your bed right after taking them out of the dryer. I really don’t mind if they look wrinkled. For me, it’s all about the feel. I like that Ettitude has a whole bedding solution. They are also about the middle of the road in terms of price, not too expensive but not exactly cheap. But they aren’t cheap feeling sheets either and should last longer than the bargain bamboo sheets you can find on Amazon. In addition, you can take advantage of the 30 night trial with the sheets to make sure you absolutely love them.

Learn more about Ettitude

Wharf Sheets
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Eli & Elm Profile

Eli & Elm entered the bedding world in January 2019 with a goal to create high quality bedding for the average sleep enthusiast. Based in New Haven, CT, their name is an homage to Eli Whitney—the inventor of the cotton gin; and Elm City—the home of Whitney before its name was changed to New Haven. Three Connecticut men were inspired by Eli Whitney’s innovation with the plant, so they took to improving the world of cotton bedding, with aspiring dreams to make the bed a better place for sleep. There hasn’t been much innovation in the textile industry, so Eli & Elm made it their mission to create luxurious and durable sheets for affordable prices. Their work with researchers and engineers has paved the way for eco-friendly advancements in the field while also focusing their resources on making fair trade products that are ethically sound.

I received the Eli & Elm Whitney and Wharf collection together in a box that weighed a (figurative) ton. The construction of the product’s box is the same as the Whitney Collection, and similar to Layla’s, but instead it’s white with black edging and “BAMBOO.” printed across the top—split across two lines. As I mentioned in the Whitney Collection review, I’m a big fan of Eli & Elm’s minimalist, sans serif design language, almost as much as I like Layla’s.

The sheets didn’t feel very impressive prior to being washed, but after a cold wash and a low heat tumble dry, they exhibited that signature feel and heft of bamboo sheets.

The pockets shrunk a little, but not enough to cause a problem. For all I’m concerned, the construction looks impressive, clean, and durable, giving the Wharf Collection an early lead.

Wharf Collection Construction

Eli & Elm’s bamboo sheet set is great on so many levels, but the pattern is… not what I expected. Every time I walk into my bedroom in my flannel pants and waffle-weave shirt, I can’t help but feel a bit… out of place. The gray and white pin-striped sheets transport me to a bachelor pad in a Manhattan high rise; the kind where titanium and brushed steel objects outnumber those made of any other material. These look like the sheets you would find on the bed of a yuppie with a suit collection.

There are all kinds of people out there with different bedding preferences, but I don’t know why Eli & Elm chose this as one of three options for their bamboo Wharf Collection. On one had you’ve got the Whitney collection which comes in just white, so it can go with anything. On the other hand, the Wharf Collection features three patterns: white, gray and white pinstripes, and “Window Payne” (big white and blue gingham).

The gray is sure to clash with just about everything that isn’t on a grayscale gradient and looks extremely out of place with wood—it’s more suited for metal tones. The Window Payne design is a great alternative to white, especially if you’re going for a New England theme (aka nautical everything). To me it seems like a very random collection of patterns; while most companies keep it simple and safe with solid colors (with the occasional collection of similar inoffensive patterns), Eli & Elm chose two very different patterns, for two very different kinds of people… and white.

Wharf Collection Findings

I used Layla’s weighted blanket alongside the Wharf Collection and the combination was fantastic. While the bamboo fabric offered a cool, silky-smooth sleeping experience, the weighted blanket was just warm and dense enough that the sheets provided a comfortable and soft pressure that made drifting off to sleep easy. So what makes the Eli & Elm sheets stand out from other bamboo sheets, like those at Layla? Apart from the designs and colors, not much. The Layla bamboo sheets are my favorite sheets so far, which meant that these had a high standard to live up—they did, but they didn’t go much further.

My excitement behind the Layla set may have been partially driven by first impressions with bamboo sheets, but I won’t know for sure until I try another set. When it comes down to it, Eli & Elm’s set costs $120-$150, which makes them some of the best, and least expensive sheets I’ve tried so far. What I really love about these Eli & Elm sheets is that they make accessible the luxurious feel, unbelievably soft texture, and fantastic sleep benefits of a set of sheets $50 more expensive! With that in mind however, the Layla set offers a 120-night trial period, while Eli & Elm only offers 45, and to some that may be a deal-breaker (depending on how picky you are).

Wharf Collection Recommendation

Overall, I think the Wharf Collection is a great set of sheets that comes at a great price, from a great company, but I think it’s a toss up between the two bamboo options—there just isn’t a lot that sets them apart. Eli & Elm’s set may be cheaper, but it’s not by a lot; and Layla offers only solid colors—no patterns. I think they’re both fantastic choices and I don’t think you will regret buying one over the other. When it comes down to the question of “bamboo or not,” I still have concerns regarding material sourcing—you can read all about the environmental impact of viscose bamboo fabrication, here. On Eli & Elm’s website, they say that being “100% Viscose, [their] eco-friendly bamboo sheets are made without any harmful pesticides and woven into a silky-soft finish,” but that’s not the issue with viscose bamboo materials. In general, bamboo grows so quickly and vigorously that it’s not often seen as a pest target, thus not requiring pesticides; but I digress.

Shop the Wharf Collection

layla bamboo sheets
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I received a set of white sheets from Layla, but I thought that I had received a bedside table from a furniture retailer. When my roommates asked me what I could’ve possibly gotten that was so large, we all found ourselves a bit bewildered when the answer was “sheets.”

I opened the box and found… mostly nothing except for some industrial plastic wrap. At the very very bottom of the box, in a distant corner, was a dense box tightly sealed in more plastic. After retrieving the box from the abyss.

I’ve gotten some overzealous packaging from Amazon, but never have I ever received something in a box 12 times the size of the actual object. I think they wanted the box in pristine condition which may explain the bix box. I don’t think this will be the case goine forward.

This is a very new product so as of this writing there isn’t too much information about the product on the website but that will change.

The product box was breathtaking. This was not just any cardboard box, they somehow managed to make this box look like the Mercedes-Benz of boxes. The corners and seams were sturdy and perfect. The clamshell mechanism fit like a dream, and slid over the edge perfectly. All parts of the cardboard box were covered in fancy, smooth, matte gray paper. The box looked like it was made of two pieces, but the hinge was made so well that it opened to only 90°. The graphic design was impeccable—the fonts and colors were perfect, and the inner flap donned a two-tone gray gingham pattern that complemented the whole package so well. The inner flap read “YOUR NEW SHEETS HAVE ARRIVED,” which made the aesthetic experience all the more real. These were my sheets and I was ready to love them.

After opening the clamshell I found yet more plastic wrap, but the dense pile of folded sheets looked so perfect I didn’t want to disturb the chic package. After revelling in its glory, I broke down and opened the inner package.

Layla Bamboo Construction

The sheets were shiny, but not as reflective as the Heavenluxe set. Most of the seams were neat and hidden well, but some of the seams were boldly emblazoned in the very same dark gray that was used on the box.

The sheets were soft and smooth, living up to all the good things I’ve heard about bamboo sheets. I ran the sheets through a cold wash and a tumble dry on low and they came out even softer. There was some minor shrinkage, but nothing too concerning—the pocket depth started at 14.5in (15.25in with the elastic band) and ended at 13in (14.5in with the elastic band).

When I brought the sheets up to my room to make my bed, I noticed they felt abnormally hefty. When I shook them out against my mattress, they made a thunderous noise unlike any sound I’ve heard a fabric make—it sounded like muffled clapping. The fitted sheet fit snugly without any ripples, and the flat sheet sat on top smoothly. By this point it was 3am and I was still awake for some reason, so after making my bed I really needed a perfect set of sheets to help me doze off as fast as possible.

My Layla Bamboo Findings

When those sheets touched my skin, they didn’t even feel like they were made of fabric—they felt so delicate and liquid like in a strange indescribable way. The sheets definitely felt heavier and more durable than the Heavenluxe sheets, but somehow they had a kind of ethereality about them that surpasses every experience I’ve ever had with any fabric. Sometimes all I think about at night is how amazing it will feel to pass out sandwiched between those gentle bamboo sheets. I want to say that I’m in love, but like every product, there are some hangups.

I was really shocked by the shipping waste and I really hope that is not how Layla intends to distribute their products, but I didn’t want that to cloud my judgement of the sheets themselves. I love these sheets, but I find myself wondering if I love Layla’s sheets, or I love bamboo sheets. There are a few more bamboo sheet sets in the pipeline, so I want to make it very clear that this is my first set of sheets made of this fabric and I have no referent.

My Layla Bamboo Recommendation

Since there isn’t much information on Layla’s website, I don’t know how their fabric composition or production differs from any other kind of bamboo sheet, so I don’t feel like I can adequately make a judgement on the company itself. Bamboo is a very promising agricultural alternative to cotton, but like hemp, the miracle textile crop of your dreams isn’t always sustainable. Ultimately whether you buy these sheets or not comes down to how important your carbon footprint is to you. Off the bat, while bamboo and hemp grow quickly and function more efficiently as textile crops, farms are often established on land that was deforested specifically for the cultivation of these crops, which is ironic and dangerous.

Nest Bedding Bamboo Sheets
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Recently updated on February 26th, 2020 at 11:53 pm

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Nest Bedding recently launched their own line of bamboo sheets. These sheets are light, smooth and sleep cool and best of all they will look great on your bed. Bamboo sheets have become popular over the years because of their silky smooth feel, they are easy to care for, more breathable than silk and less expensive. However, there are varying degrees of quality and Nest Bedding has brought some excellent bamboo sheets to market that are well made, feel great and affordable. A queen size set retails for $129.

Overview of the Nest Bamboo Sheets

You can order these sheets direct from the Nest Bedding website. They should arrive in about a week. Your sheets will arrive in a box like the one below. Nest’s packaging is unparalleled. I never expected opening a set of sheets to be akin to opening an iphone.

Nest Bamboo Sheets Box

Here’s what the sheets look like out of the box. You get a nice thank you note from Nest Bedding and the sheets are protected in a thin layer of plastic to keep them pristine.

Nest Bamboo Sheets Packaging

Construction of the Nest Bamboo Sheets

Here are the details of the Nest Bedding bamboo sheets as listed on their website.

300 Thread Count
Rayon from bamboo has anti-microbial properties, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.
Side effects may include sleeping in and waking up surprisingly refreshed.
Sheets fit 8″-14″ tall mattresses.
Carries the Nest Bedding Seal of Approval.


  • 1 Flat Sheet
  • 1 Fitted Sheet
  • 2 Pillow Cases

How Do You Wash Your Bamboo Sheets?

According to the instructions, you should Wash your bamboo sheets in cool to medium and tumble dry on low to medium heat. Do not bleach.

How Much Do The Nest Bamboo Sheets Cost?

Here are the current prices of the sheets

Twin $109
Twin XL $109
Full $119
Queen $129
King $149
Cal King $149

My Nest Bamboo Sheets Findings

Here’s what the “smoke pinstripe” sheets look like. Aside from this pattern, you can also choose from a solid white and window pane.

Window Pane Pattern


Solid White Bamboo Sheets

Solid White Bamboo Sheets


The color and stripes will give your bed a modern, clean look.

These sheets are silky smooth right out of the box. The 300 thread count weave makes them breathable and light. This makes it easier to wash them and take much less time to dry. A 300 thread count sheets with conventional cotton can feel smooth but when you use bamboo they will be even smoother.


Luxury Bamboo Sheets

Here’s an up close look at the sheets where you can get a better view of the stitching. The weaving is tight and neat. I didn’t notice any flaws with my set.

Nest Bamboo Sheets Closeup

My Nest Bamboo Sheets Recommendation

When buying bamboo sheets you want to makes sure you are getting what you pay for. I have tried many bamboo sheets that will start pilling after about 3 washes. This detracts from the entire feel. So far my Nest Bamboo sheets have held up well and look great on my bed.

If you tend to sleep hot, bamboo sheets are a great choice as they will sleep cooler than cotton and have moisture wicking properties.

Learn More about Nest Bamboo Sheets

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Review

Recently updated on January 29th, 2020 at 11:56 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

I received a free set of Cariloha sheets for review.  For years I have slept on cheap sheets from large retail stores. But I have also purchased sheets in excess of $150 from higher end department stores that were made from everything from cotton to silk. I was recently given the opportunity to review some bamboo sheets from Cariloha. Hands down these these are the best sheets my wife and I have ever slept on. They are smooth like silk sheets but not as slippery. They are also much more breathable and easier to clean as they can be washed in a regular washer and dryer, something not always easily done with silk sheets. I have learned that bamboo is also antibacterial so you won’t get that musty smell that cotton sheets usually acquire after a few months. The Cariloha bamboo sheets are also hypoallergenic which is a critical decision point for sheet shoppers. The Cariloha bamboo sheets are a bit more expensive than a traditional sheet set but given how long I usually have sheets, it’s well worth the investment. I don’t see myself ever purchasing anything other than bamboo sheets in the future.


Cariloha bamboo sheets also come with a lifetime quality guarantee so that if you ever have a problem with them, they will replace them for you. Bamboo is a “green” textile which means producing these sheets has a smaller impact on the environment than creating cotton sheets. A big plus if you’re at all concerned about the environment. Cariloha sheets are organically grown and they do not use bleach in the dying process. If that wasn’t enough, they also give back to society.

The sheets come in all sorts of colors to match your bedroom decor and according to their product literature, all their products are softer than any other comparable item in that category. A very high standard they have set for themselves and piece of mind for Cariloha consumers.


Update May 20, 2016

I recently received the Resort Collection sheets from Cariloha. Below is an unboxing video. In the video I said the wrong color, these are actually the graphite color sheets. The feel even silkier than the original. So between the two, if you want something a little softer, go with the original, if you want a more silky feel, go with the resort sheets.

Don’t hesitate to purchase Cariloha Sheets as part of your dream bedroom. You will be hard pressed to do any better!

In 2017 Cariloha came out with their own Bamboo mattress. In keeping with the Cariloha vibe, this mattress is designed to sleep cool and should pair very well with their cool sleeping bamboo sheets.

You can get more information on the Cariloha Mattress Here.

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